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Santa Rosa teachers appeal for support

Piner High School teachers John Wehdy, left, and Robert Lopez hold signs in Courthouse Square in downtown Santa Rosa during a teachers' rally on Saturday. (CRISTA JEREMIASON/The Press Democrat)


Hundreds of teachers and their supporters gathered Saturday in Santa Rosa’s Old Courthouse Square, seeking support for public education in the face of looming budget cuts again this year.

With the theme “Public Education Strengthens our Community,” about 200 people held signs aloft for drivers, listened to speakers and collected classroom supplies in the event sponsored by the Santa Rosa Teachers Association.

Susan Feige, a teacher at Procter Terrace elementary school, spent part of Saturday afternoon at the rally instead of completing report cards and grades for her students, which have to be posted Monday.

“Everyone is busy. It’s easy to find reasons not to come, but it’s important to show solidarity,” she said. “I’m not a political person, but I want to be out here as long as I can.”

She rallied with friend Tammy Finck, a kindergarten teacher at Biella elementary school, who also spent part of her day off preparing her classroom for the week’s classes.

The teachers union staged the “Day of Action” rally to increase awareness of likely budget reductions again this year.

Santa Rosa City Schools officials last month decided to explore putting a tax measure before voters in November to offset a potential $8.3 million in cuts for the upcoming school year.

11 Responses to “Santa Rosa teachers appeal for support”

  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Wonder what it’ll take to get citizens involved…
    something tells me we’re gonna find out.

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  2. Money Grubber says:

    James Todd:

    You no doubt are one of many and perhaps thousands who are simply determined to refuse to pay higher taxes.

    And with good reason.

    A UN-needed new court house to keep the public employees cozy while the roads of Sonoma County go cracked and uneven.

    Brand new vehicles for all the fire, police, and even park “rangers” while streets lights are being turned off for lack of enough money to keep them lighted.

    Public pensions for public employees 17 years before the rest of us can claim social security. And when the pensions are short on cash, they steal that needed cash from the taxpayers to keep themselves in that criminally excessive public pension.

    The examples of criminal governmental abuse of the public is a long one.

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  3. Money Grubber says:

    Political Scientist:

    You are not trained as a PS person, for sure, because if you had been you would know that the higher taxes are raised, the greater the cheating among taxpayers.

    When someone says he will refuse to pay, he echos the sentiments of hundreds and perhaps thousands thinking like he does.

    With a growing population of taxpayers refusing to pay by hiding income or fudging the tax return numbers in small amounts, the government loses its ability to audit the troubles out of existence. Too many people cheating on taxes overwhelms the tax system.

    So much for your comment, “good luck with that one” because a tax payers refusal to pay higher taxes carries great weight. Government people know that but speak quietly about it.

    Tax cheating is on the rise already. You seem to be the only one unaware of that.

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  4. Jim says:

    @James Todd…

    I recommend finding a CPA to help you lower your tax exposure. there are many, many ways to defer taxes and shelter income in the 75,000 page tax code. I do this, and I’m able to sleep better at night knowing that I barely feed the Beast’s insatiable appetite for stealing money from the hard workers, bleeding the economy dry and pushing businesses (and jobs) to other states.

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  5. joe says:

    This speech helps one understand whats happening in our schools.

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  6. Political Scientist says:

    Ha, James Todd, that’s called tax evasion. “I REFUSE to pay any additional taxes”. Good luck with that one.

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  7. James Todd says:

    I refuse to pay ANY additional taxes until the schools and our government address the WASTE that is inherent in the system. Why throw good money after bad?

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  8. Grapevines says:

    Before I support voting for higher taxes to support schools I would like to see several things happen.

    First of all is for someone to explain why we have 40 school districts in the county? 40 administrators, office staff, custodians, bus drivers, etc, etc.

    Second is pension reform. We cannot just go on pretending this is something that we can address later. It is not sustainable now.

    And last, is to guarantee that if we vote in more taxation for school funding, that is all it is able to go for. And that the politicians will not raid the general fund on the back side cutting off the flow of funds to schools because of this new revenue source. Remember how allowing the lottery to come in would guarantee school funding for generations to come? And slowly that has been siphoned off for this pet project and that pet project. Can’t be allowed to occur again, and again, and again.

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  9. Follower says:

    They don’t need our support. That’s what their UNION is for!

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  10. Money Grubber says:

    Right you are, GAJ.

    What Sonoma County bureaucrats and the various city bureaucrats all intentionally refuse to address is the FACT that the annual FBI Crime Report has demonstrated that serious crime has fallen each year for 7 years.

    The FBI Annual Crime Report is compiled from statistics submitted by police agencies throughout the State of California and across the country so it is as accurate as anything local police claim.

    The FBI Annual Crime Report covers 7 serious crimes including murder, forced rape, armed robbery, and four other felony crimes. ALL seven have fallen year after year.

    Yet the bureaucrats and politicians feel more comfy with an army of cops standing between them and the untrustworthy criminal elements of society known as voter-taxpayers. So they fund the police without actual need rather than fund the programs that benefit the community in the here and now like education.

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  11. GAJ says:

    Why weren’t they picketing on the sidewalk in front of the Police and Fire Departments?

    That’s where all the money is going.

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