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Protest disrupts regional planning meeting in Santa Rosa

ABAG planning map showing focused growth areas


Tensions flared Monday evening during discussions about a long-range plan for land use as well as roads, trains and other transportation systems in Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

Representatives of the Association of Bay Area Governments and Metropolitan Transportation Commission held the meeting at Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Center to discuss what the region could look like in 2040 and to get input on transportation, housing and other land uses.

A vocal group of about 20 tea party activists interrupted the speakers and audience with charges that the government can’t be trusted.

A woman pushed a sign that read “protect property rights” close to Santa Rosa Councilman Gary Wysocky, who was in audience.

“Get out of my face,” Wysocky said.

“Get out of my council,” she said.

The meeting nearly came to a halt when a group of people began talking out of turn.

“I would characterize it as yelling,” Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Terry Anderson.

Police were called to the West College Avenue center after reports that someone had been struck with a chair at the 5:45 p.m. meeting. The report proved unfounded, Anderson said.

Anderson helped facilitate the meeting for a while and took people into the hall when they refused to let others speak.

Two other officers also were on hand.

“We’re here to try to keep people from violating the law that says you can’t disrupt a public meeting,” Anderson said.

The activists appeared to oppose public transportation and to hold a general mistrust of government.

“We’re tired of being pushed around,” said Mary Anne Black of Petaluma. “They want to force us, but I don’t want a bike path in front of my property.”

During the discussion a woman raised her hand and said: “When do you stop planning and just let people survive?”

She declined to give her name.

Outside the meeting, Steve Birdlebough of Santa Rosa, a retired lawyer and Friends of SMART member, said he supports a regional plan for transportation.

“It’s hard to get an idea in edgewise when you’re working with that mentality,” he said.

Sandra Lupien, outreach director with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, said she wants the plan to support alternate forms of transportation, such as bicycle trails that connect rural communities with towns.

“We want to see potholes filled, too,” Lupien said.

Organizers shortened their presentation about the plan at the start of the meeting after people protested that there wasn’t enough time for public comment, said Joan Chaplick, principal with MIG, a Berkeley-based planning firm involved in the project.

“It’s been lively,” Chaplick said.

Many comments show people don’t understand who holds power over land use decisions, said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

“I’m glad it’s generated this level of interest, but it’s unfortunate that there’s clearly a great deal of misinformation about the plan,” Goodwin said.


Watch a video of the meeting posted by the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition

40 Responses to “Protest disrupts regional planning meeting in Santa Rosa”

  1. Dave says:

    Would the lady behind the camera please stop talking. Either be a part of the discussion or be the camera person. Because holding the camera and screaming out to the audience over the mic is Freaking Annoying!
    You are obviously part of the problem if you don’t know how to speak in turn. I’d like to hear this video you shot, but cannot because your so Freaking Loud and Annoying. Geez where are your parents that I hope taught you manners.

  2. Western Cluebird says:

    @ Tea drinker- nice try, but
    I was fortunate to hear Rosa Koire speak at an event, and also to meet Kay.
    I could not put down Rosa’s book “behind the green mask”.
    She did not hide anything about the way she earns a living, it seemed to lend even more credibility and expertise to her accounts.
    I was not sure what to expect and was really impressed by her ability to clearly articulate her position,to speak about complex issues and quote facts and figures without using notes.
    I did not ask her about her lifestyle choices, because I really couldn’t care less,and it is not my business.
    I went to hear her opinion and left inspired by her courage and clarity, and energized by her spirit.
    Thanks, Rosa and Kay-
    keep up the good work.

  3. Mr Rogers says:

    Welcome to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

    Today we’re going to talk about tyranny,
    can you say tyranny boys and girls?
    Sure, thought you could, um hum.
    In the old neighborhood, everyone was special, they made their own decisions, now we’re all the same.
    All the neighborhoods are the same.
    We used to be individuals with unalienable rights, and freedoms, but we didn’t stick up for ourselves back in 2012, so now it’s all like a socialist redevelopment area, sure, um hum.

    Can you say stacked ‘n packed?

  4. ROSA KOIRE says:

    The comments from Lisa Maldonado/Tea Drinker/Bruno/John Reed/Bruce/Tamara are typical of the kind of attacks that we have come to expect from the local mafia.

    I was a union member (CWA and SEIU) for over 35 years but if I had known that my dues were going to pay for this kind of abuse I would have withheld them.

    You are mis-using union dues to attack workers, to obscure the truth about candidates, to attack citizen activists exercising their right to free speech, to defame citizens, and to spew hate. You have exhibited homophobic behavior in your continual need to ‘out’ me, maligned my profession, and defamed my character.

    Your bullying is only serving to expose you, Lisa. The spotlight is on you. On the vicious manipulation of the political games going on here in Sonoma County. Keep up your abuse and it will all come out.

    Rosa Koire, ASA

  5. GAJ says:


    Simply google “occupy protesters disrupt meeting” and you’ll find many answers.

    To pretend occupy protesters have not been disruptive is disingenuous.

  6. Juvenal says:


    “While this kind of disruption is not all that helpful, I can see how some on the right might figure, “heck, if the Occupy folks can do it, with tacit approval from the left, why can’t we?”

    If the Occupy folks can do what? When did Occupy ever stop a public meeting?

  7. Tea Drinker says:

    @Rose Koire? Is it true that you work for the State of California’s Department of Transportation? I think those of us who have invited you to our Tea Party groups to speak deserve to know if you are making money from our speaking fees as well as the state government that you bash repeatedly while drawing a paycheck from them at the same time. It’s pretty to be attacking public workers and government while spending a lifetime drawing a paycheck from our taxes and suckling off the public teat. Full disclosure please.

  8. Social Dis-Ease says:

    The day that our City Council goes along with this tyranny is the day the recall efforts begin.

    So when the day comes for them to vote, I hope they regard that green button as ‘the recall button’.

    More tyranny that prompts The Question…

  9. Not A Chance says:

    @Kay and Rosa (AKA the Dream Team)

    Remember that one time Michael Allen got elected to the Assembly despite your having failed to take him out? Good Times. Really effective politics, really effective.

    Kay, the whole you being a Democrat thing is great, we’re a big tent party and don’t discriminate against any of our members, even those who actively work against the party and its goals. Bravo. And the TEA party always talks about its democratic membership, so maybe you should just make it official and join the coup.

    Rosa- I love when you guys talk about Agenda 21, it makes your argument out to be crazy and destroys your credibility! You have no ground to stand on with this argument, none, but please keep your focus on this dead end argument. pretty please with sugar on top.

  10. Social Dis-Ease says:

    For the City to go along with this plan, in light of the public’s input at a meeting that was billed as a forum to do just that (get public input, garner support) would put them in the same catagory as the Smart board.


    They took the public’s temperature…
    and it was hot.

  11. Canthisbe says:

    I thought this was germane to the on-going battle between the Governing Class who seems to be obsessed with playing real life Sim City with our lives and tax money and those who want to live and let live:

    Posted 1/10/2002 09:26:56 AM by Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit:

    “IN THE MIDST OF DEFENDING URBAN LANDSCAPES, James Lileks offers the kind of observation that makes him, well, James Lileks:

    Everyone I know who lives in the suburbs [read Sonoma County] loves where they live. That’s why they live there. The government did not put a gun to people’s heads and demand that they pack up, head out on these new-fangled freeways [read 101] and get out of Dodge [read San Francisco]. If people leave a city, there’s a reason, and it behooves the city to find out what it was. Bad schools; small lots; taxes; crime; stupid civic leaders more interested in patronage and extortion than governing – that’s why people leave. And they,re not going to come back because a light-rail line [read Smart commuter train] passes 15 blocks [read 15 miles] from their house. They’re certainly not going to be impressed by urban theorists who want them to walk to the corner store every day and schlep home the groceries [read in their little cloth Whole Foods bag]instead of driving to a big store and buying a week’s worth of foodstuffs. I did that for four years. I dreamed of a day when I could buy those big 24-roll packs of toilet paper instead buying a single roll every other day because I also had to carry beer, meat and milk.
    Beer, meat and milk. I also admire a guy who’s got his priorities in order.
    Seriously, though, people like the suburbs because they give them what they want (including easy navigation by car, which they do — my driving commute to work is shorter than my walk to work was when I was a hip urbanite). People who want people to live in cities should focus on trying to offer the amenities that people want, rather than trying to make people live without them.”

    Maybe the Governing Class should try to figure out how to use the government to give people more of what they want instead of what the Governing Class wants for the people (but not for themselves – they are not going to live 50 feet away from a train that rumbles by and rattles their dishes and their not worried about their carbon footprint – just yours).

  12. Don Baldi says:

    Government entities like the MTC are only responsive to the people and views which they agree with. All others are shut out, shined on, blown off, and generally ignored. Looks like this local group of Tea Partiers are not putting up with that. Good. Very good.

  13. Juvenal says:

    Would the lady who objects to a bike path past her property be more comfortable with a 24 hour porn shop, a drop forge? “Land use” is just zoning.

  14. Joyce Garcia says:

    Why are these Occupiers aka “Campers”, generalizing everyone who disagree with them “Tea Party?”

  15. Kay Tokerud says:

    Lisa M is still mad that we caught Michael Allen and reported him to the FPPC for serious ethical violations. He was found guilty and fined $3,000. He lasted only a year on the Santa Rosa Planning Commission before he resigned. Besides the FPPC violations, he was also the subject of a Grand Jury report in which he was seriously chastised for his role in the lobbying by the Accountable Development Coalition. He headed that group at the same time he was voting on the very same issue before the Planning Commission.

    Michael Allen and Lisa Maldonado are both AFL-CIO Union representatives and worked together for the North Bay Labor Council. Birds of a feather. Unfortunately the FPPC worked too slow and didn’t nail Michael until after he was elected to the State Assembly.

    Lisa Maldonado says she supports union workers but then she is paid with dues taken from their earnings. It seems like Lisa spends a large percentage of her time on Watch Sonoma making slanderous remarks against people who don’t like corruption no matter who in government is doing it.

    One Bay Area is a travesty. It uses $200 billion to incentivize cities to “decide” where new development should be built. This is a top down federal government program to implement smartgrowth all over the United States. If your piece of developable land inside the urban growth boundary is not located in a few very small “Priority Development Areas” it will be very unlikely that you will be able to develop your property for the next 25 years. The value of that property will drop precipitously if this plan is approved.

    The point of protesting the One Bay Area meetings is to let the manipulators know that we don’t want it. These very controlled “Delphi” meetings are designed to silence people. Dissent is allowed in the United States. We have the right to be heard. This is our country and we must resist when our government attempts to impose unconstitutional land use controls on the people. I thought the City of Santa Rosa gave their blessings to the occupy protesters so they should certainly be supportive of our rights to defend and support the Constitution. Occupiers, move over.

  16. Social Dis-Ease says:

    A pivitol time in our Ongoing,
    yours too Ted.
    Don’t go along to get along Ted,
    we ALL have a lot to lose.

  17. Social Dis-Ease says:

    With the benefit of a big picture prospective, as I tried to explain to my wife why I was carrying on, objecting resisting the way I was.
    I realized just how wild/tyrannical/unbelievable this whole OneBayArea thing is.
    It’s wilder than fiction.
    It outlines a complete game changer for ALL of the land use in the bay area!

    Owners, renters, business, commercial.

    What about all those American dreams?
    What about the Constitution?

    If you’re in a Priority Development Area;
    you’re screwed.

    If you live rural life/country life; you’re screwed.

    The whole foundation for a modern day rerun of Adolf’s ‘urban planning’ 101.

    Containment, trains, propaganda, non-sensical oppressive laws, regulations. Making us sick any way they can. Trying to take away property rights any way they can. Trying to take away jobs any way they can. Trying to take away freedoms any way they can.
    All this ‘collective’, ‘social justice’,
    ‘consensus’, ‘share holders’, ‘public-private partnerships’, ‘sustainable’.

    I smell something, and it ‘aint apple pie.

    We need to let our public officials know that we oppose this tyranny with all our resolve. That we hold them accountable for being complicit, and not standing up for their constituants, the Constitution, or their oath during this pivotal time in our ingoing.

    Write to them, generate a paper trail of accountability.

    Let’s be very clear about our stance.

    These times require our involvement.

  18. Rosa Koire says:

    Well, Lisa/John Reed/Bruno/Tamara, you really seem to be working overtime on the union dime to trash us. I find it amusing that you took the name ‘John Reed’–he, of course, was the American Communist journalist who went to Russia in 1917 to take part in the Communist Revolution. He died of typhus because he followed Communist Party orders to get onto a train that was contaminated with the disease. Is he your hero? You, Lisa, say on your twitter page that you’re ‘waiting for the Great Leap Forward’ (Chairman Mao’s slogan) and working for the revolution. I can’t imagine what your life must be like.

    The truth is a hard thing for people like you to deal with. One Bay Area is a plan that regionalizes the entire Bay Area and destroys property rights and property value. You have some strange fantasy about me, Lisa, but the bottom line is that I am a property rights advocate. An American. No matter what article you reference, no matter what lies the PD prints, no matter how you slander or libel us, we will still tell the truth.

    Rosa Koire, ASA

  19. Bruce Slaughter says:


    A little digging on Rose Koire shows that she and her partner Kay Tokerud make money off of commercial real estate speculating and professional anti government attacks. I guess they are adding a sideline of “Agenda 21″ Tea Party Wing Nuttery. Rose’s own website shows her speaking (for A FEE of course) at every wack a doo Tea Party Meeting and radio show in the state. According to a story in the Bohemian she also works for the State Department of Transportation. I guess she is one of those union public pensioners that her Tea Party friends are always complaining about. It must be nice to be making money off both sides of the debate…The more I read about this group the more they smell bad. And yes, this is my real name.

  20. Fiscal Conservative says:

    “One bay area”…Ha! No thanks!

    I don’t care what label the media gives them. I see this group as patriot’s of American freedom and liberty.

    Give them hell, live free.

  21. Skippy says:

    Congratulations protesters!
    Finally we/you have learned to fearlessly adopt the tactics of the left.
    Bullying and shouting has been how the leftist mob has rammed most of their freedom-choking agenda down the throats of polite civil American adults since the 60′s.
    Now that we are prepared to do battle in the trenches the left has dug for us, let our resolve be firm.
    Shrink Big Govt; eliminate strangling regulations; free America!

  22. John Reed says:

    One of the local residents who attended this meeting said, “This is what it must have felt like when the brown-shirts started breaking up public meetings during the rise of fascism in Europe”. The video of the event will clearly show a determined group of provocateurs who hi-jacked the meeting for the purpose of denying others their free speech rights.

    They started the catcalls from every section of the room as soon as Jake McKenzie stepped up to greet the audience. Anyone who was not part of their group was shouted down repeatedly. They had these thuggy characters roaming around the room carrying signs, trying to intimidate and dominate. They made it their purpose to make sure that no one else had the right to speak. It was straight up thuggery, which revealed their contempt for their fellow citizens and for the hard work that many committed environmentalists and transit advocates have put in for many years to put in place a rational regional plan.

    These fascists have decided that only their point of view gets to be heard. I do hope that the organizers of the One Bay Area events have finally learned from this event, and that we will have adequate security so that those of us who want to learn and participate don’t get stomped on by the jack-boots.

  23. Social Dis-Ease says:

    Delphi gone awry.

  24. Missy says:

    Thank you James and Rosa for being there.

    @Lisa/Bruno/Tamara – shame on you for pretending to be 3 different people on WSC.

    James & Rosa, thank you for looking out for us.

  25. Bruno Fahey says:

    Ms Koire I have read your posts (and your self-parody of a website) and I know you are as obsessed with Lisa Maldonado as you are with your Agenda 21 malarkey, but I can assure you I am not she. Your constant references to yourself as a “democrat” as well as the cheesy website “Democrats Against Agenda 21″ is not fooling anyone. Your writings, followers, videos and speeches show you for who you really are: a Tea Party fanatic who is making money off of creating fear and panic with this whole ridiculous conspiracy theory. I understand that while you campaign virulently against the government, you cynically and selfishly make your money off of the State Government at the Dept of Transportation. Do all your Tea Party friends know you are robbbing the same hand you bite?

  26. James Bennett says:

    I was at the meeting.
    As I said last night (with the benefit of a bull horn, before the meeting started), EVERYONE should know about this property rights violation.
    Look, this OneBayArea ‘plan’ will COMPLTETELY CHANGE THE LAND USE OF 7.2 MILLION PEOPLE from now on!
    Oppression. I am still uncomfortable associating this word with our Country and current state of affairs.
    However I can’t think of a better way to describe what is being imposed on us at this time.
    Although not in my character to be rude to anyone, at any time.
    It was important for the citizens (50-60 folks were there objecting) to make it very clear that we were not in agreement. Otherwise we would get placated and steam rolled just like the people did at the last ‘visioning’ meeting. Where the facilitators tell us ‘we’ll get to questions later’, but later never comes.
    Let it be said that there is no way to remotely construede that the citizens were going along with this ‘plan’.
    THAT’S the point, that’s why many of us acted out.
    We don’t want the City to show pictures of people there and say that the citizens had input, and agreed with this tyranny.
    I am proud to associate with people bright enough, attentive enough to recognize the gravity of these times.
    Have the courage to put themselves at risk, and stand up for what we know is right.
    You should be too.
    Our Coalition is YOUR Coalition.
    The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition.
    SOMEONE has to look out for our interest.

  27. Dave Madigan says:

    How do we know it was Tea Party people who did this?

    During the Occupy protests, there were attempts by some to pretend to be Tea Party protestors to discredit the Tea Party.

    I just wonder…

  28. Rosa Koire says:

    Lisa Maldonado has yet another alias (Tamara, Bruno) and gets it all wrong, again. As a life-long Democrat I am amused to see that I’m supposed to ‘go along to get along’ or I can expect to be attacked by my own party. I guess it’s pretty hard to swallow that a Democrat would have the guts to speak out against the new progressive party-line. I’m not a Tea Party member but I can appreciate anyone who doesn’t drink the kool-aid. Whether you drink tea or coffee doesn’t matter to me.

    Lisa-Bruno-Tamara attended a meeting in an alternate reality, I guess, since no one at the meeting I attended said anything about ‘commies’ or the rest of her blather. We spoke the truth and refused to be shamed or shouted down.

    ONE BAY AREA is social engineering paid for with our federal and state transportation tax dollars. The meetings are Delphi meetings: using a technique developed by the RAND Corporation in the 1960′s to direct a group of people to think that something is their idea when in fact it is pre-designed and pre-approved. This technique uses social pressure and shaming to get you to go along with the crowd even when you know something is wrong.

    Gary Wysocky, Susan Gorin, Debra Fudge, Jake Mackenzie, city staffers, toadies, yes-men and women, all dutifully showed up to pretend to be ‘the public’ supporting this plan but we outnumbered them. Yes, the people won this one.

    Thanks for the plug for our website, Lisa. We appreciate the thousands of people every day who check Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition dot com and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com. If you’re looking for the truth take a look at these sites. We will post video of this meeting later today.

    Rosa Koire, ASA
    Post Sustainability Institute

  29. Steve Klausner says:

    When did the world turn upside down? In olden times a conference like this would have had environmentalists shouting down proposals for growth, transportation and development.

    You want to live like this…move to San Jose.

  30. Kirstin says:

    I attended the One Bay Area workshop last night. The PD’s coverage is seriously lacking in both substance and accuracy. Listening to the impromptu Q&A session when the group divided, unfortunately very little useful information was imparted by the moderator. He did somewhat answer my question about the OBA population figures, admitting they were wrong — too high. I hope the cities will demand that on that basis, the projections be pared. On the whole, he resorted to the usual “calm them at all costs” patter and at the smae time admitted he couldn’t answer a number of the questions. It wasn’t very productive and showed clearly that any deviation from the original agenda (which *was* oriented to lead the participants along certain set paths and to pre-planned conclusions, no matter what the OBA officials claimed) left the workshop leaders at a loss. Unless they could stick to their pre-programmed talking points, they were at sea. And uncovering that was a good thing because it revealed their unpreparedness to answer the real, hard questions that need to be asked. Perhaps this wake-up call will spur these faciliators to get educated themselves about what they are really doing and will, next time (if there must be a next time), allow them to really respond to legitimate and necessary questions. I hope so.

    Voters should educate themselves about the labyrinthine path THEIR tax money is taking through agencies such as MTC, SCTA, etc. Dick Spotswood wrote a column worth reading on this subject yesterday: http://www.marinij.com/opinion/ci_19691993.

    Voters also should research ABAG, One Bay Area, and other similar bureaucracies that should not even exist, let alone try to dictate what our future should look like (the language in the video they showed was, at times, very condescending, politically incorrect and authoritarian — totally inappropriate). Those decisions properly lie with city and counties where the voters select their representatives directly, not with a nebulous regional behemoth created by state law adn run by unelected people.

    The fact is the legislation that brought these organizations and mandates into being can and must be overturned with new laws declaring them null and void. If we are to have control over our own, local destiny, this must be done. So, please, demand this from your assemblyperson and your state senator.

  31. Skippy says:

    As usual, the best way to garner support is to call your opponents stupid(or anti-smart). How’s that Dale Carnegie course going?
    We taxpayers are through rubberstamping botomless boondoggles in the name of a hoax.
    We’re not gonna ride the 19th century answer to a 21st century issue.
    We like our cars. Unlike SMART, they actually take us where we want to go on the same day.
    Wanna see how SMART looks when fully implemented?
    Take a gander at the empty trains hurtling past Doheny Beach all day and night.
    Four tracks; endless trains; all of them practically riderless.
    The crew, however, is well-paid and has excellent benefits and retirement.

  32. Bruno Fahey says:

    Well they have fnially outed themselves as tin foil nut-jobs (from what I saw last night they were afraid of everything from SMART Trains to SMART Meters-basically anything smart makes them cry) And they are completely clueless about how their rudeness and paranoia plays out in the real world. Calling city planners and volunteers and bicyclists “commies” does not make a good case for your sanity. Professional Crank and Minstrel George Barich was there with the rest of the Tea Partiers (they run like hell from that name) and Rose and Kay have even put together a phoney “Democrats Against Agenda 21″ page where you can purchase all their crazy “literature”. They want to get rich off of their tin foil hat antics. It was amusing to watch them but I felt very sorry for the poor people who had signed up to do actual work on public policy and planning and who gave up their personal family time only t be jeered at and called “communitarian’ by Tea Party paranoiacs. The PD has to take some of the blame since they have allowed their childish and ridiculous obsession with “Agenda 21″ to flourish on these pages until any sane person has left…no wonder the newspaper business is waning…

  33. Kay Tokerud says:

    There were 50 or 60 protesters there last night. Maybe 20 were in the Tea Party, I don’t know, I’m a Democrat. Anyway, it was incredible as person after person spoke out against the plan. Not one person in the audience said anything good about the plan. I had signs so that my voice would be heard. The last one of these meetings was so controlled that practically no one was allowed to ask questions or make comments. Yes, it was chaotic but what were our options? If we behaved normally we would just be railroaded by their paid facillitators.

    Several people were making videos of the meeting and will be posted on you-tube shortly. Then you will see and hear what really happened.

    The only documented aggression was by a progressive that repeatedly kicked a woman he was sitting next to. The shills were the ones behaving badly, not the people protesting.

    The police came on the request of a city councilmember but they didn’t ask anyone to leave. That speaks for itself. In the United States we have the right to dissent and dissent we did. All within the law. Hopefully the recordings made of this meeting will serve as a template for citizens to use whenever they feel that their voices are not being heard.

    Compared with the Occupy people we were like church goers. The citizens won a round. Stop One Bay Area now!

  34. Reality Check says:

    Regrettably, it was inevitable that the political right would see the light. The way one gets media attention these days is by copying the rude and disruptive behavior long practiced successfully by the left. Would the PD reported the way it has had it not been loud & disruptive?

    In general, I oppose the coarsening of America, but neither can I expect one side of the political divide to play by the rules when the other side doesn’t.

  35. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop says:

    I think they should camp out and block the “Smart” train survey crews or just go out there with mirrors so they can’t get a bead on any straight lines. After all, reflecting sunlight is a form of free speech not unlike burning the flag. They should start burning City of Santa Rosa flags as a protest. That will get the media coming.

    If confronted by a reporter, calmly look into the camera or speak into the microphone and say, “We support gay marriage, free contraception for all, and abortion on demand.” That will completely throw them for a loop and they won’t know you were screwing with them. How can they spin the story to make you look bad when you say something like that in a liberal town like this?

  36. Missy says:

    Wish I could have been there! These people sound like my kind of people!!

  37. My, my, my… conservatives behaving badly. How refreshing. I have been to a number of these bogus “visioning” meetings where the game show hosts who moderate them pretend to be interested in all points of view, then cheerfully ignore all comments that don’t fit their predetermined conclusions. I have watched concerned citizens sit politely and seethe, then walk away thinking their opinions will never be acknowledged. I wasn’t there last night, but wish I had been.

    That does not make me an Agenda 21 paranoid, or a believer in dark global conspiracies. I do believe that local planners are intellectually lazy, so they find it easy to adopt the cookie-cutter template that passes for Smart Growth, and its one-size-fits-all solution for future development everywhere.

    I also believe there are scores of meddling bureaucrats who have never been elected to any office, but have been given far too much control over our daily lives. So it makes me glad to see a group of citizens who are fiscally conservative, business-friendly, and tired of being regulated to death, finally speaking out.

    I’m even glad it got a little rowdy. That appears to be the only tone that progressives understand.

  38. GAJ says:

    While this kind of disruption is not all that helpful, I can see how some on the right might figure, “heck, if the Occupy folks can do it, with tacit approval from the left, why can’t we?”

    But again, this kind of disruption, and the even worse disruption done by the Occupy protesters, (shutting down port, really???), is a distraction.

    Peaceful protest?

    Sure, have at it.

  39. Skippy says:

    You go guys!
    BTW, which of the citizens identified themselves as Tea Partiers?
    Or did Ms. Johnson assume that, because they object to another appointed Board of unaccountable elites determining every aspect of their lives, they must be slope-headed mouth-breathing Tea-types quaintly clinging to their vanishing freedoms?
    The tone is set; the battle joined.
    From now on, it is we the people against the Big Govt machine.
    The bullies of Big Govt abuse us just as much as we allow.
    Our goal is to shrink Big Govt in all its forms, and return liberty to its rightful place as our #1 national treasure.
    This movement is a steamroller on steroids.
    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

  40. Tamara Villanueva says:

    I guess the PD’s exploitation of these poor crazy people’s obsession with “Agenda 21″ and ICLEI has finally reached a new low point. These Tea Party thugs who constantly attack and sling vitriol on these very boards have now gone public (although they still insist on not giving their names) Their same ridiculous and nonsensical messages- (“What about housing for the wealthy?” was a question that one of them asked last night.)The same hatred and paranoia and fear of any government. The same vicious refusal to let anyone else speak without disruption. All of this was on display and it was truly an ugly vision of what the Tea Party has in store for our country. Last night I saw 20 rude and angry people(I’m being generous here) disrupting and ruining the efforts of over a hundred people to work together and create solutions for our community.Thanks for showing your true faces at last Rose and Kay. I’m glad people can see your divisive and hateful behavior in action.
    PS. I noticed that all your government hating anti-tax followers ate up every crumb of the free food provided by our tax dollars- typical!