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The Last Word: Week of Dec. 18

Come up with your own caption …

Every week, we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

PD staff will select several winners and publish them every Tuesday on the Forum page in the Empire News section. Want a shot? Leave your real name and your email address for verification.

The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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34 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of Dec. 18”

  1. Mary Kelly says:

    I said the mirrors on these small cars don’t let you see whats behind you.I can’t see—————bleep!!!!!

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  2. NOTUTOO says:

    Where were those D.U.I.checkpoints again?It was right here a minute ago on the online Press Democrat…

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  3. Mike Hawk says:

    I’m practicing so I can get my drivers license next month!

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  4. lauren lehmann says:

    Are you sure this is the truck with the Air-Jordans?

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  5. Mike Hawk says:

    “You have arrived at destination: Home.”

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  6. Turner Johnson says:


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  7. Richard Smith says:

    O.K…follow me down this next driveway, and we’ll unload the booze for the Press Democrats Xmas party!

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  8. Mark Bowman says:

    Don’t worry, Mom—I can’t be driving—the GPS says I’m still in the parking lot.

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  9. Michael Sheehan says:

    Being chased by truck driven by Dennis Weaver… what should I do..El?

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  10. John Sharp says:

    mom, don’t wait up. i won’t b home for dinner.

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  11. AL COHEN says:

    “I can win this scrabble game if this is a word?” “wreckless”.

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  12. Mark Owyang says:

    My resolution: only one-handed texting next year. Much safer!

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  13. Mark Bowman says:

    G2G—can’t text right now—playing Words with Friends with a truck driver.

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  14. lauren lehmann says:

    This iphone4 is to die fore!

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  15. Susan Lynn says:

    ok Mom last text promise please back off scaring me

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  16. John Gianfermi says:

    I love my new sterring wheel APP!

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  17. Richard Smith says:

    Dude…no more occupy movement for me! This trucker has been chasing me all the way from the Port of Oakland!

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  18. AL COHEN says:

    “I just had the brakes checked on this old baby,it always pays to
    Play it safe.”

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  19. Social Dis-Ease says:

    Hey dude, what’s that that thing on a fence post in your front yard?

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  20. Kellie Ambrose says:

    I don’t know why everybody thinks texting and driving is so dangerous,I can’t see what possibly could go wrong!

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  21. Rex D says:

    Hey good buddy, drop that cb and join todays world.

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  22. AL COHEN says:

    “Sure Jan,I’ll be your Facebook friend.Leave it up to me and we will be friends for life.”

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  23. Trey Dunia says:

    I’m gonna stop and get the snail mail. I’ll be home in about 10 seconds :)

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  24. Kellie Ambrose says:

    This grand theft auto game is how I learned to drive.

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  25. Richard Smith says:

    Here’s a picture of that truck that’s not driving very safely behind me!

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  26. John Claeys says:

    Honey,they’re going to all lengths, you wouldn’t believe what an unmarked police car looks like now.

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  27. Will Lee says:

    “OMG!… Of course I’m driving safely- I put my seatbelt on!…”

    Will Lee
    Fort Bragg

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  28. Richard Smith says:

    Gotta go…some speed demon behind me actually wants to drive the speed limit!

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  29. susan says:

    A REALLY smart phone would know via the gps that you were driving and block the text function as long as the car is moving Oh… that would actually be A SMARTER THEN YOU PHONE ! NOW PUT ME THE HELL DOWN !

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  30. Mark Berube says:

    Hey, how r u doin i’m goin home from school where we saw some stupid police and fire demo where some dumb teens die in a car wreck every 15 minutes….can u imagine that /’:>,#@*(_+>:”…………………….:(

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  31. Valarie Norris says:

    Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m driving!

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  32. Brian Narelle says:

    I finally bought the smart phone I’ve been dying to get.

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  33. Julie Ambrose says:

    Dad! Stop following me to try and catch me texting and driving.

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  34. Al COHEN says:

    “Sweet of you Hon, texting me to make sure I have my seat belt on.”

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