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Sebastopol refuses to consider Occupy permit application

Jack Griffin


City officials on Wednesday refused to consider an application for a special events permit by Occupy Sebastopol protesters because it was not signed.

The City Council had given the protesters until Tuesday to submit an application. A last-minute submission by Sebastopol attorney David Bush contained the letters “n/a” — short for “not applicable” — in the space for the applicant’s printed name and signature.

“At 11:11 Tuesday night we sent an email to Bush that the application was unsigned and we could not accept an unsigned application,” said City Manager Jack Griffin. “We waited through the course of the day and didn’t hear anything. At 5:11 p.m. we decided there has not been a valid submission.”

The Occupy Sebastopol camp has been set up at the town plaza since Nov. 5, in violation of the city’s ordinance against camping without a permit.

However, the City Council refrained from enforcing the ordinance while it decided how to handle the situation.

Bush could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

The issue of the protest will be considered at a special council meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Youth Annex.

4 Responses to “Sebastopol refuses to consider Occupy permit application”

  1. JacLake says:

    Ok, now what exactly in Sebastopol are you fine folks protesting? No great power or money brokers there. No major policy making going on. Why not go to Sacremento or San Fran… at least there you are in the heart of what you are supposedly protesting against. Why are you occuping a space that mostly holds kids durning their enjoyment of Screaming Memes???

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  2. Bystander says:

    After reading the police blotter, one would think Sebastopol has more than it’s share of animal problem- chickens, dogs, cats and now jackasses in the Plaza.

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  3. Western Cluebird says:

    The invading campers keep trying to yank the chain of City Council, saying they will cooperate, then not doing it.
    Everything is on their terms, or else.
    There was never any intention of diplomacy or cooperation on their part, only lying about their cause and intentions to stall for time.
    They disregard the law, the needs of the community and even the Council that was initially supportive of them and tried to give them options and accommodate them.

    They really enjoy biting the hand that feeds them and offer nothing of value or benefit to any community they disgrace with their bullying, boorish, and delinquent behavior.

    This is a good time to throw the bums out, Council members. They have been shown far too much leniency already.

    Downtown business owners-prepare to guard your shops. This lawless mob will cause destruction wherever they are able to.
    Parents, keep your children away from the Town Square. This mob is dangerous. You may even want to keep them home from school until this is resolved.

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  4. Jim Flatow says:

    Now its time to power wash the plaza and clean up the trash. Anarchists by definition will not meet demands. It would be totally out of character. Even little progressive Sebastopol needs to hitch up its pants and get the job done.

    You cannot allow the inmates to run the asylum. It called law and order.

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