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Cities closing for more days over Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is often a quiet time for local governments, and the quietest will be Santa Rosa and Windsor, which will shutter their offices for the entire week.

Assistant Santa Rosa City Manager Jennifer Phillips works late into the afternoon on Friday, a day that city offices are closed. Thanksgiving week, all employees will be taking a forced furlough, effectively closing city hall. (KENT PORTER/The Press Democrat)

For the first time,the two cities  will have most of their employees combine furlough days with holidays. As a result, departments will be closed for 10 straight days, starting Friday and lasting until Nov. 28.

The furlough days are part of ongoing budget cuts.

“It’s unpaid leave for the employees,” said Windsor Mayor Steve Allen, who coincidentally works as a supervising engineer in the Santa Rosa utilities department.

Key services such as police, fire and utilities will continue to be staffed as needed.

Many city governments already close on Fridays throughout the year.

One such city is Petaluma. Mayor David Glass said the workers there will receive two holidays Thanksgiving. With Friday already a day off, city offices also will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Sebastopol also will close most city offices Wednesday through Friday.

Closed on Thursday and Friday will be offices at the county of Sonoma and the cities of Rohnert Park, Cloverdale, Cotati, Sonoma and Healdsburg.

Allen said Santa Rosa previously had workers select the dates they wanted to take off as furlough days. The current approach offers the advantage of closing down during a traditionally slow time and then having more workers on hand for the rest of the year.

“It’s nice to have all of us gone at once,” he said.


Santa Rosa: Monday-Friday
Windsor: Monday-Friday
Petaluma: Wednesday-Friday
Sebastopol: Wednesday-Friday
Rohnert Park: Thursday-Friday
Cloverdale: Thursday-Friday
Cotati: Thursday-Friday
Sonoma, City: Thursday-Friday
Healdsburg: Thursday-Friday
Sonoma, County: Thursday-Friday

3 Responses to “Cities closing for more days over Thanksgiving”

  1. Comments From The Street says:

    Don’t we all feel better when the Santa Rosa City Council is on a long hiatus?

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  2. Just Asking says:

    Any chance this shut down could be extended between Thanksgiving and July 4 next year? It would give the city council time to regroup and reconsider their options.

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  3. Social Dis-Ease says:

    We’ll be giving thanks that you won’t be able to damage us further for a week.

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