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Petaluma chiropractor to seek Assembly seat

H. Christian Gunderson


H. Christian Gunderson, a Petaluma chiropractor and counselor, is running for an open seat in the state Assembly representing Marin County and a segment of Sonoma County including about half of Santa Rosa.

Gunderson, 53, a political newcomer and a Democrat, is competing for the 10th Assembly District seat, newly created by California’s statewide redistricting. The district includes Petaluma, Sonoma, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa south of College Avenue.

The incumbent Sonoma-Marin assemblyman, Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, is termed out of office and is running for the North Coast seat in Congress.

“I’m at a point in my life where I’m ticked off enough to want change,” Gunderson said, regarding his decision to step into elective politics.

A Sonoma County resident for 20 years, Gunderson said he is campaigning at this point largely through YouTube videos posted on his web site, www.drhchristiangunderson.com.

Gunderson said he has limited connection with Marin County and intends to introduce himself to the mayors and other city officials there, as well as in Sonoma County.

“California needs healing,” Gunderson said, asserting that “doctors would make better politicians.” The state’s problems are “fixable,” Gunderson said, offering the following proposals:

– A state health insurance brokerage that would offer affordable plans for employees of small businesses. The federal health care law has such a provision, but Gunderson said it is unclear how it will be implemented.

– A requirement that large banks apply 25 percent of their deposits to small business loans in California.

– A ban on palm oil, which is used in cosmetics and as a food additive and involves the clearing of rain forests, he said.

– A severance tax on oil and natural gas extracted from state land and waters.

– A requirement that 25 percent of credit card finance charges collected by banks go to the state for education or other purposes.

3 Responses to “Petaluma chiropractor to seek Assembly seat”

  1. Throw the Bum (Allen) Out says:

    Gunderson’s right. Doctors at least do no harm. Let’s have some citizens represent us.

    As “Demosthenes” says Michael Allen is going to claim he’s an incumbent even did not represent the new district in the past and is moving to San Rafael soon. If there was ever a time for Marin and Sonoma County voters to throw the incumbents out, this is it. Allen belongs in jail.

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  2. Frank says:

    25 percent of credit card finance charges
    ban on palm oil
    severance tax on oil and natural gas
    health insurance but unclear how it will be implemented
    just like a democrat, more taxes and garble

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  3. Demosthenes says:

    Does it even really count as an “open” seat given that Assemblymen Michael Allen is going to be in it? He already represented a portion of the district so I believe he gets the (Incumbent) next to his name on the ballot.

    Either way, Allen’s proven to be an advocate for Democratic causes. I doubt another Democrat can come in and knock him off.

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