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New law helps local government create power agencies


Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation to ease the path for local governments — including the Sonoma County Water Agency — seeking to establish their own power agencies.

SB 790, by state Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, strengthens existing law requiring privately owned utilities to cooperate with public power efforts.

Among other provisions, the legislation also expanded the range of government entities that can take on so-called “community choice aggregation” projects.

The new list includes the county water agency, which is studying the feasibility of getting into the power business following orders earlier this year from county supervisors.

Agency officials said that a report due out later this week will conclude that a government power effort would result in a trade-off: more local jobs and increased greenhouse gas reductions in exchange for higher rates than those currently paid by PG&E customers.

The Board of Supervisors, which oversees the water agency, is set to decide next Tuesday whether to authorize more work on a power project.

6 Responses to “New law helps local government create power agencies”

  1. brown act jack says:

    Why people believe the output of news releases by anyone is beyond my comprehension.

    If I want to put solar systems on all of the homes in Santa Rosa, do you think I would put out a news release that said it was a poor idea that would increase the cost of living?

    Get real , folks, they are spinning a web of words to trap you.

    Does any salesman ever tell you that you don’t need something he is selling?

    If SCWA wants to get into the power business it is because there will be a financial benefit to SCWA and not to the public.

    And the same goes for all of this sort of stuff.

  2. Canthisbe says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

    October 12, 2011 (Bloomberg) — The city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, facing a state takeover of its finances, filed for bankruptcy protection following a vote by City Council, according to a lawyer for the council.

    Mark D. Schwartz, a Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania-based lawyer and former head of municipal bonds for Prudential Financial Inc.’s mid-Atlantic region, said he filed the documents by fax to a federal bankruptcy court last night. The filing couldn’t be confirmed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Harrisburg.

    The state capital of 49,500 faces a debt burden five times its general-fund budget because of an overhaul and expansion of a trash-to-energy incinerator that doesn’t generate enough revenue.

    “This was a last resort,” Schwartz said in an interview after the council voted 4-3 to seek bankruptcy protection. “They’re at their wits end.”

    Oh. Well don’t worry the Water Board won’t make any mistakes. And if it does, they’ll bill you.

  3. Social Dis-Ease says:

    How do you boil a frog? You turn the heat up slowly, incrementalism.
    THAT’S how they plan to get you out of your home, and contained in their oppressive stacked ‘n packed soviet utopia. So many regs, so expensive, it’ll start to look good. That’s the plan. The plan OUR TOWN IS SIGNED UP WITH, AND WE PAY FOR IT’S IMPLEMENTATION!
    Right around now all us frogs are lookin’ at each other goin’…
    is it hot in here?

  4. Kay Tokerud says:

    The Water Agency paid Michael Allen to lobby the City of Santa Rosa for a zoning change while he was on the Planning Commission. The FPPC fined Michael Allen $3,000 for his conflict of interest. The FPPC looked the other way for the Water Agency’s part in this transaction. This Agency is a rogue Agency that was going to be the lead agency for SB 730, a Pat Wiggins bill while Michael Allen worked for her. Who do you think wrote the bill? Not Pat Wiggins.

    SB 730 was to get 200,000 solar water heating systems installed in Sonoma county under a pilot program. The plan was to ‘raise utility rates high enough to get everyone to do it’. When Michael Allen was reported to the FPPC the bill was pulled. Coincidence? If allowed, the Sonoma County Water Agency will be used to raise utility rates so high that we will be forced to cooperate with their plan that incentivizes putting up solar panels on our houses. Be very suspicious of anything the Water agency is being put in charge of.

    Sonoma County just rewarded themselves for reaching ICLEI’s fifth milestone. There are only 5. Valerie Brown, ICLEI USA board member, has already put all the framework in place to reduce greenhouse gases in’full compliance with ICLEI’s directives’. Since when is a NGO directing our county government? Complying with directives with an International group is prohibited by the tenth amendment to the Constitution and needs to be stopped. Kick ICLEI Out, investigate the Sonoma County Water Agency and do not agree to let them run any program that could adversely affect our ability to buy and use energy.

  5. Non Violent says:

    What a surprise.

    A “new” law. And one that further expands government authority over your lives.

    But wait. Isn’t the government unable to even balance its budget every year? Yep. Wait until they mess with something as complex as the power grid. Prepare for blackouts, brownouts, and higher utility costs to support the coming army of government workers in that arena.

  6. Social Dis-Ease says:

    Community choice aggregation? More…
    more ‘public-private partnerships’.
    More tenticles to financially strangle the citizens. Rhetorical question.
    When a community’s local government is no longer responsible for it’s water or energy that should lower taxes since it is no longer burdoned with that expense, right? NOT!
    That municipality is basicly stealing.
    The citizen;(serf,ratepayer,sucker,victim,oppressed-
    whatever we are these days) Gets double dipped, double screwed. Actually more than double because the privatized agency will crank up the cost. The municipality skirts the liability
    (in most citizen’s eyes),exposure, and expense and later can make it a finger pointing fiasco.
    “A tradeoff: more local jobs and increased greenhouse gas reduction in exchange for higher rates”…
    a)More jobs? No, simular jobs, different employer.
    b)Greenhouse gas reduction?
    Man induced global warming is the biggest lie in history.
    Which means that the largest oppression in history is based on a lie.
    Agenda 21.
    SB 790 provides opportunity for unions to inadvertantly extort money from the ratepayer. Another widening of the gap, because only 20% in construction industry are union. The ‘California Utility Ratepayers Fund’ will provide an anaccountable massive union ‘slush fund’ to steer political(fascist/A21)interests.
    Political union interests will be driving our bus. Picking winners and losers, making it too expensive to heat, cool, provide water for our home. Everything Agenda 21 longs for.