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Brown vetoes bill to ban school fees on activities


A bill that would have prohibited schools from charging fees for class registration as a condition for participation or extracurricular activity has been vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The bill, AB165, would have required an auditing procedure for proving that fees are not being charged and that no students are precluded from activities.

Sonoma County schools ask for donations to support activities such as music and band, but local educators said that no students are prevented from participating if they do not pay.

Brown said the bill asks too much of schools, especially where fees have not been an issue.

“The bill would mandate that every single classroom in California post a detailed notice and that all 1,042 school districts and over 1,200 charter schools follow specific complaint, hearing and audit procedures, even where there are have been no complaints, let alone evidence of any violation,” Brown wrote. “This goes too far.”

The veto means a lawsuit filed last year by the ACLU over what it called “pay to learn” policies will move forward. The group had temporarily stalled the suit pending the outcome of AB165.

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  1. SP says:

    Thank you Governor Brown! I’m not sure how the ACLU thinks this programs get funded, but they cost money. Foundations and non-profits can provide scholarships. We’re not asking people to pay for a math class, and that is what the ACLU tries to suggest.

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