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‘Occupy Santa Rosa’ protesters vow to stay at City Hall

Danuta Dabrowska, left, and Morgan Vicedomini joined a group of about 50 "Occupy Santa Rosa" protesters outside Santa Rosa City Hall on Sunday. BETH SCHLANKER/PD


The “Occupy Santa Rosa” protest moved into its second day Sunday as demonstrators spent the night outside City Hall and vowed to stay there indefinitely.

About 50 protesters remained clustered outside City Hall on Sunday morning, discussing economics in circles on the lawn and waving signs on the corner that decried corporate greed.

No one was arrested for spending the night on city property, Santa Rosa police said.

“The cops were very friendly,” said Frank Anderson, 19, a Santa Rosa Junior College business student. “We had a plan and are acting on it.”

The uneventful night came after the city manager’s office declined a request by the group for a permit to camp at City Hall. Police Chief Tom Schwedhelm said Friday that violators could be cited and arrested if they set up camps on city property.

Protesters said they were careful to not sleep, roll out sleeping bags or otherwise appear to be camping to comply with city laws.

Protesters may remain in the area overnight as long as they comply with city ordinances that forbid them from “sleeping, cooking or setting up household items,” Schwedhelm said Sunday.

Many said they planned to stay indefinitely.

“There is no end date,” said Brice Davis, a demonstrator on the steps of City Hall.

On Sunday night, in a community discussion, protesters agreed they would be careful not to interfere Monday with city employees or anyone doing business at City Hall.

At the same time, they also discussed appearing at Tuesday’s Santa Rosa City Council meeting for the public comment portion, where anyone can address the council on matters not on the agenda.

One proposal that appeared to meet with consensus from the occupiers Sunday night was to ask the city and the County of Sonoma governments to “immediately remove all local government funds — our money — from the criminal banking cartels such as but not limited to Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, JP Morgan, and deposit them in locally based Sonoma County banks and credit unions …”

The demonstration began Saturday, when more than 2,500 people marched through downtown Santa Rosa in support of the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York.

Mid-morning Sunday, about 45 people ate donated oatmeal and sipped coffee outside Santa Rosa City Hall, gathering into a circle to make a plan for the day. Cardboard signs surrounded the group with handwritten slogans such as “Occupy Earth” and “Stop Corporate Welfare.”

Anderson led a meeting to plan discussion groups to educate each other about economics and come up with unified messages.

They used hand gestures to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with the speaker, a technique often used with a consensus-based cooperative planning.

SRJC anthropology student Francisco Diaz, 25, sat under a tree to brainstorm with Eduardo Wolbert, 25, an unemployed recent graduate, about whether they should hold another march or organize another kind of activity.

At the curb, Jerzy Bomberger, 29, a software developer from Santa Rosa, stood among a row of people waving signs.

Many motorists honked and flashed peace signs as they drove by.

Banks hold too much power, said Bomberger, echoing a sentiment shared among many on the City Hall steps.

Retired physician Sage Keaten, 55, said she was frustrated with the Obama administration’s inability to curb the recession.

“The stories defy description,” she said of foreclosures and unending unemployment among people she knows. “I feel morally compelled to be here. I cannot just stand by.”

Police officers reported that 50 people were on City Hall steps at 9 p.m. Saturday. The crowd dwindled to 40 people by midnight and 20 people by 6 a.m., Schwedhelm said.

By Sunday night it had grown again to about 75 people.

Schwedhelm said he updated the city manager’s office staff Sunday on the protest, and officers would continue to make sure the demonstrators comply with the law.

However, so far officers had not observed illegal behavior, Schwedhelm said. “Arresting them for being at City Hall would mean their mere presence would be against the law, and that’s not the case.”

Protesters said police had been cordial.

“One officer who showed up, we called him ‘Officer Happy,’” said Brice. “He didn’t take any actions. I guess we’re in compliance.”

At least two overnight protesters did catch a few winks.

Jasmine Averill, 5, and her 3-year-old sister, Liliana, slept in blankets under the watchful eye of their mother, Karyl Averill, 34, of Santa Rosa.

“This protest is for their future,” said Averill, whose husband is unemployed.

Averill helped each of her daughters create signs for a cause of their choosing, she said.

Her younger daughter, in head-to-toe pink, colored in a heart with a pink crayon on green construction paper and asked her mother to tape it to a stick.

“I’m making a love heart because I love my mom,” said Liliana. “And my dad.”

Her older sister stood with a row of protesters waving signs at Santa Rosa motorists.

Her sign read simply: “Be good.”



Watch a video of the Oct. 15, 2011 General Assembly by Occupy Santa Rosa, where demonstrators voted to set up camp at City Hall. Video posted to YouTube by WaccoBB.

38 Responses to “‘Occupy Santa Rosa’ protesters vow to stay at City Hall”

  1. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Commonsense, Reality. I was thinking of something else when I said the 27% – that was actually the average increase in CEO pay last year. Sorry about that. Here is a nice link that shows what has been happening to income over 30 years between 1979 and 2007. Over that period, the Top 1% have seen their after-tax income rise 281% (in constant 2007 dollars), while the middle 20% saw only a 25% increase.

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  2. Commonsense says:

    “You can talk about the fairness of it. Or may be how having the largest divide in wealth since 1929 might lead to unrest.” Again, where are you getting this stat? I really do want to determine if what you are saying is accurate or not? I believe having facts and being well informed and educated in a broad manner is one of the best ways to have effective debates and come up with commonsense feasible plans for fixing our current situation. I believe the focus on “corporate greed” is more of a media driven 15 second sound bite then a real cause of our situation, but I also like to educate myself on all aspects of the issues/facts.
    @Reality Check
    Thanks, I wasn’t accusing LBR of making up a stat, I really just wanted to verify it and find out more about where it came from and how it was calculated. I agree with you, to blanket blame one portion of our population is both sterotyping, divisive and not at all a real solution. After looking at the links you provided and doing some additional research via the IRS stats, I’ve come to my own conclusions. BTW, if you look at wage stats from both IRS, Labor, and other private companies, all wages for professional service type jobs have been increasing. So, an increase in wealth by 27% (while I think is a little high) isn’t out of the question for the richest, given the general trend in professional areas.
    The number of super wealthy in our society isn’t as big as people think it is, and wealth distribution is actually not as stagnate as people are claiming.
    Wages for labor and other portions of our society are stagnate and we are increasing our population of poor, but it’s unclear how much of that is due to businesses who illegally import or at a minimum employ out of country labor, the effect of worldwide competition for manufacturing jobs, the changes in technology that greatly effect many areas of commerce, and other factors too numerous to list.
    One interesting stat I came across while reviewing some IRS information was that the amount of deductions taken on individual returns is in the high billions, quickly approaching the trillion mark, of dollars, so it looks like we all try and keep as much of our money as possible, not just the big bad corporations.

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  3. Reality Check says:


    Taking out the blame is a good start.

    Ought not we understand why the standard of living for the bottom tiers of America has stagnated? If it’s for reasons other than the rich taking an unfair percentage of income, then might you think that’s where we should focus of efforts? Not on divisive and unproductive scapegoating.

    The truth is that redistributing wealth from top to bottom will not likely solve the problem, a fact people demagoging this issue for political gain refuse to face.

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  4. Joyce Garcia says:

    @ “Non Violent”

    “This posting board is not a blog. This is a comment board. Read the media poll below and learn.”

    Potato – Potaato

    You copied and pasted rather than using your words to respond to what I stated in my comment to you…I stand by what I said…and I guess I’ll never know what your response was.

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  5. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Reality – “Blaming the rich is easy . . . . and superficial”
    You can take out all of the blame, but the fact remains that the wealthiest have reaped most of the gains over the last decade. You can talk about the fairness of it. Or may be how having the largest divide in wealth since 1929 might lead to unrest. The fact remains that they are the ones most able to cut back some. Instead of blaming anyone, lets just change the capital gains tax to something around 21%. Those that have a mixture of wages and capital gains will still see some benefit, but those that get most of their income from capital gains would still be paying an effective tax rate around what their secretary might pay. Then take that extra revenue to do something to create jobs. Would lowering the corporate tax create jobs? How about infrastructure?

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  6. Josh Stevens says:

    I stand in solidarity with Gerry Rafferty!

    And I intend to do my part to…



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  7. LiberalLady says:

    Check out the live audio/video: http://www.occupysantarosa.org . There’s lots of talk about organization [when to dispose of trash and whether to allow drugs and alcohol (they voted "no)], but none about the PURPOSE of this occupation and protest.

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  8. Reality Check says:


    LBR’s 27%, depending on what population percent you pick and timeline, is believable. See:




    Keep in mind though, that doesn’t necessarily justify the conclusion LBR implies. Have the poor stagnated, and they have, because the rich are richer or because of something else.

    The flood of cheap immigrant labor into this country has had significant affect on keeping entry-level wages low. And the increasing number of single women having babies has been a disaster for childhood poverty rates. Blaming the rich is easy . . . . and superficial.

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  9. Lets be Reasonable says:

    I wonder what the more conservative members of this forum would think of this proposal.
    There’s a current push to tax those millionaires who pay an effective tax at a rate below what their secretaries have to pay. There is also a push to lower corporate taxes, the argument being that we’re scaring business away.
    How about we lower the corporate rate equally and opposite to the capital gains rate? Instead of demonizing the rich, raising the capital gains rate achieves the same result. It could be tax neutral, or it could be used to help narrow the deficit gap.
    What about the more liberal folks on the blog? Thumbs up or down?

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  10. Graeme Wellington says:

    We have revolutions every 2 years – we call them elections. Why has Sonoma County voted Lynn Wollsey into office for 20 years. Revolution! Throw her out at the ballot box. Revolution! Occupation has another meaning people: job. Get a job!

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  11. Non Violent says:

    Joyce Garcia:

    This posting board is not a blog. This is a comment board. Read the media poll below and learn.


    Poll: Washington To Blame More Than Wall Street For Economy

    By Rick Hampson, USA TODAY

    “”Americans blame the federal government more for the nation’s economic plight than they do the primary target of the Occupy Wall Street protests — big financial institutions.

    By Brynn Anderson, AP

    STORY: Demonstrations grow around USA, world

    Asked whom they blame more for the economic situation, 64% named Washington, and only 30% named Wall Street.



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  12. bear says:

    I;m amused by the GOP candidates. They can’t seem to remember past 3 years ago. Does this mean they are 3-year-olds? If so, it’s clear that none of these clowns are qualified to run for president under the Constitution.

    I think few see the whole of the GOP strategy. Get majorities in statehouses wherever you can. Adopt incendiary laws – how about the one in Louisiana that outlows all birth control? How about Florida laws that require taxpayers to pay for drug tests for all state employees and welfare recipients, but not elected offficials?

    Then use unlimited corporate funding to take down Obama – your number one priority.

    Oh, and replace him with another black guy who says “if you’re unemployed it’s YOUR fault?”

    These are among the reasons for people going to the street. If you don’t like people in the street, you should consider how your views incite them.

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  13. Commonsense says:

    Where did you get the 27% figure you quote regarding the increase in wages for the richest? I have been trying to verify, but have not yet found any similar statistic? I’ve checked numerous govern’t sits, IRS, Labor and Industrial Relations to name a few. Thanks

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  14. Steve Klausner says:

    Just got off the phone with a fund raiser for Senator Feinstein. He tried to go on about attacks from the Tea Party and I shut him down. I’m a 99 percenter and Feinstein, the fifth-wealthiest senator, is Wall Street.

    As far as I am concerned, this protest is as much about her and Obama as it is about Wall Street. Wars without end, corporate bailouts for the elite. This is not the change I voted for.

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  15. Graeme Wellington says:

    If this is an anti-poverty protest, how can it possibly succeed when they are motivated by envy rather than charity? Why is the target the top 1% who have been so successful? Why aren’t all these people organizing to help the bottom 5% instead? There’s just no chance of success with this strategy which is at its core completely insincere and hypocritical.

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  16. Anderson says:

    If the OWS protesters and certain posters here were intellectually honest, they would be waving banners about “Government Greed” and how politicians have run this country financially into the ground, all so they could bring pork home to their districts and pay for pet projects.

    For great insight into who the OWS people are in New York, read Michael Labash’s first-hand, humorous, eye-opening account titled “Eyewitness to History: Hanging out with Spooky the anarchist, Amy the gender-bender and Sid the Nazi” in the October 17th issue of The Weekly Standard.

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  17. Kirstin says:

    Lets Be Reasonable and Chief Schedhelm, the rest of us will be sure to remember this permission to hang around City Hall indefinitely as long there is no sleeping, cooking, etc. going on. Good to know. Other groups may decide to take up the chief’s largesse and do the same.

    Did you think of that, Chief? And don’t tell us this is a one-time exception for this group. Nope. That won’t work. What is good for one group is good for all.

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  18. RICHARD says:

    Neither the City Manager nor the Chief of Police have broken their word. Sometimes some people read into statements what they want to read. The manager and chief spoke about camping.

    They are upholding the people’s constitutional right to peaceably assemble. The constitution is the highest, the supreme law of the land. Postings right here in WSC tried to explain that.

    SRPD has conducted it self with honor on this issue. The buzz at 100 SANTA ROSA AV is that some members of the council may try to pressure SRPD to harass the people peaceably assembled.

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  19. Juvenal says:

    Here it is in a nutshell. There is “free speech” and there is free speech with, effectively, bold, italic and underline selected–it’s called “getting arrested.”

    And why wouldn’t the cops be cordial? They, as public employees, are under attack by the same forces that pervert Wall Street.

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  20. Non Violent says:

    For those of you who complain of “weak leaders” in Santa Rosa, you seem to misunderstand the big picture.

    The big picture is that government is only able to play the bully when it outnumbers the public and particularly with club and pepper spray and gun carrying cops.

    But when the public is angry enough, at everything, then the government sits back and hopes for the best. They gotta protect their public pensions. Thats the only issue they have in mind.

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  21. GAJ says:

    Just remember that many of those marching in the streets are laid off government employees sacrificed at the altar of maintaining benefits for the “chosen,” (ie. Public Safety and management).

    A lot of other marchers are students who have seen huge increases in fees and subsequent loans as the State has chosen to spend an ever increasing amount on on prisons and prison guards than on higher education.

    SMART will be another money pit locally that will divert money away from services for the 99% that won’t be using it.

    Wall Street, under pressure from “what can I do to get re elected” politicians, was certainly complicit in the economic meltdown, but there are villains closer to home as well!

    At some point these marchers should wake up and figure that out.

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  22. Commonsense says:

    I think Joyce has a good point, it’s really easy to use the very general term of “top 1%”, as greedy and evil, but when you begin to ask, just who they are you get more general terms, “the ceo’s of corporate america”. Well, who specifically are you referring to? All of them? Some of them?
    There are many in the top 1% who have earned it, pay their taxes, and are very active in the community, both locally and nationally. There is nothing greedy or irresponsible about them or their company. While, there are some who are greedy. Just like there are some in the middle and lower economic brackets who are equally greedy, but less successful at it.
    We all need to educate ourselves, and not via just the media, but with some real research and fact finding. The right to voice ones opinion is absolute, but there’s a difference between voicing ones opinion and creating a real debate of facts and solving issues (real ones)…

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  23. Joyce Garcia says:

    @ Non Violent
    Again you are using this blog to vent your misguided mission to deem cops as evil. Again, your irresponsible reports will continue to be dangerous as long as you continue to report on the evils of a percentage of our law enforcement as though it were the whole and as long as you ignore reporting the criminal element which places these men and women in uniform in life and death situations each day. You choose to pit people against our Police for your own personal illogical reasons.
    @ Let’s Be Reasonable
    “they are making a change in the public dialog, people are talking about the unfairness of wages for most going down, while the richest see theirs go up by 27%.”
    How can there be a change in public dialog if there are only partial truths in the dialog at hand? I only see a dialog of blame…kinda the same thing we have been seeing in this Administration! Blame and categorize all wealthy people as greedy evil people who won’t give me my right to their money! It’s only the wealthy who caused the state of our Nation…no…they caused the problems of the world! These are premeditated lies that specifically targets a group and refuses take on any common sense or factual evidence….the other targets are the young people who are being used and lied to in order to fulfill some old hippies dream….Socialism for all!
    Saturday, there were tons of old hippies reliving their moment in the sun of the 60’s! I’ve heard these people say that they are happy to see these young people take up where they left off in the 60’s. As history will show, it ended up in violence, drug and sexual addiction, disease and immoral behavior all because “The Man” wouldn’t prescribe to their illogical lawlessness…it didn’t work so they became “The Man”, well some of them who decided to join the working class.
    Unfair? You betcha! But it’s leading people to believe only part of the truth to promote your mindset and agenda…which would make you no different from the evil of greed and unfairness!

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  24. Graeme Wellington says:

    Can’t occupy today. Too much work to do. I have to take my son to soccer and I have a small ill daughter to take care of. If only I had the money and time to be a lefty.

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  25. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @JR – “there’s kind of a naivete about it, as if you can change the world by squatting in a park” – they are making a change in the public dialog, people are talking about the unfairness of wages for most going down, while the richest see theirs go up by 27%.
    @Kirstin – “The City and the police department look VERY wishy-washy.” I think the City and Police have shown smart restraint. The protesters figured a way around the law, and as long as they can continue to stay within the law, then the Police should leave them be.

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  26. Non Violent says:



    “”Border Agency’s Rapid Growth Accompanied by Rise In Corruption

    Since October 2004, 132 U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees have been indicted or convicted on corruption-related charges.

    L.A. Times & Center For Investigative Reporting.


    The Press Democrat needs to earn its subscription rates and actually report the news which includes our corrupt local, state, and federal governments.

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  27. Jim says:

    I agree, protest City Hall! There are far too many employees working in the government and it needs to be slashed by 50%! It is the over employed, over paid, union-backed government machine that is causing the problems.

    The “Big Banks” employ hundreds of thousands of people, paid for via corporate generated income. The government employs hundreds of thousands of people, paid for by TAX MONEY STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE!!!! Do you “occupy Wall Street” jokers understand this??

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  28. RICHARD says:

    People, including children, are camping out in Santa Rosa, under bridges, under bushes – out of sight.

    “… no law … abridging … right of the people peaceably to assemble …” – US Constitution

    Are the hours of operation of the US Constitution limited, maybe de facto but not de jure.

    Fifteen thumbs down [so far] on the US Constitution of the United of America, that’s unAmerican.

    Yes, there is an axis of evil between WALL ST and PENNSYLVANIA AV. 100 Santa Rosa AV [city hall] has joined that axis.

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  29. Bill me says:

    @John Lennon- thx for being “spot on”. How ironic that folks are listening to speakers that negotiated the fat defined benefits packages that are costing us so much money we are getting services and jobs cut in the public sector! The real protest should be at the ballot box. That is where you can change the system.

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  30. Steve Peavy says:

    Hopefully cold weather, rain and possibly snow is in the forecast.

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  31. Reality Check says:

    What do you think Santa Rosa’s response would be if pro-life protesters, with appropriate signs, camped in front of an abortion clinic?

    Federal marshals would arrive within hours, the illegal encampment cleared and protestors arrested, pronto.

    Nothing undermines respect for the law more than the spectacle of this kind of double standard. That it happened after city officials vowed not to allow it to happen reveals how pathetically weak are the leaders we elected.

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  32. Joyce Garcia says:

    @ Tom Hakanson you say, “It allows the protesters the opportunity to express in a big way the intense anger they feel about how morally repugnant they find the evil greed of the 1% and their control of Washington to be at the expense of the middle class and the poor.”

    Would it be fair to say all poor people are lazy and moochers? NO! The majority of poor people are hard working just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food in their belly…right? So what is so fair and accurate about finding “how morally repugnant they find the evil greed of the 1% and their control of Washington….”? Yes, there are some greedy, crooked rich people, but what about those who’s corporations are employing millions of people? What about those who are responsible for creating opportunity for things like cancer research, or who open hospitals for those who are unable to afford the medical bills? What about those who create and fund charities? Just as it is irresponsible to label the poor as lazy drug addicts and criminals,it’s just as irresponsible and even dangerous to label the wealthiest 1% as all evil and greedy. You can not blame the wealthiest 1% without blaming the lobbyist and the politicians who play the take and I owe you game so they can keep their title for another term in office. You can not blame the 1% for making enough to pay income taxes while more than 40% don’t pay a cent, yet get a return come February. It’s irresponsible and quite frankly stupid to believe the problems of our Nation is because of 1% and promote it to others without getting the truth out there! It’s called trust and verify…you may discover you are not getting all the facts!

    You also said, “In the face of the huge,impenetrable, immovable power of the corporate elite and their stranglehold of our democracy, desperate, big, serious measures are required.”

    Although we should treasure our gift of the democratic process, people have forgotten we are a REPUBLIC and our Republic is in danger along with our Liberties and Freedoms! The corporate elite are not the only ones who have a “stranglehold” on all of the above mentioned, as well as our democratic process is not only, it is irresponsible to point that out without pointing out the greed, corruption and power hungry politicians as well. We have a system which is the greatest on this earth, we have three powers of government for a reason…to keep each in check….we the people have dropped the ball decades ago and we are to blame as well. We must hold their feet to the fire, but get ALL the facts, be fair if you are to place blame…you can’t blame one without blaming all…and always remember, history does repeat itself, so learn real history because the history that is being taught today has been re-written. Propaganda is here and we are all being lied to! Question everything and wrong is wrong for all.

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  33. Dave Madigan says:

    To show my solidarity with Occupy Santa Rosa and to show my support of Noreen Evans, I will be involved in another effort:

    #Occupy Hooters!

    Join us at the Hooters restaurant near you!

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  34. john Lennon says:

    Let them protest city hall. City Hall are the ones that let the corrupt Unions take over. Local Union leader actually jumped into this protest WTF?? YOU PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

    The sad thing is all the protesters here are morons, unlike some of the people NY protesters at Wall Street.

    Most of these people dont even know what a Union is let alone were Wall Street is.

    Here’s a guy that gets it


    Heres a Union Lib that doesnt.
    The idiot protesters out here don’t even know that message and are liberal puppets.
    Here’s the typical Santa Rosa protester


    Why are you protesting in Liberal SR? You ruin the message by doing this. Of course, people out here are Basically out party, drink beer , and smoke weed. Sad

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  35. Tom Hakanson says:

    There are several reasons for “occupying”:

    It keeps the issues and their seriousness alive and constantly present in the minds of the people. The effect of a march, even one as big as yesterday’s, soon dissipates

    It allows the protesters the opportunity to express in a big way the intense anger they feel about how morally repugnant they find the evil greed of the 1% and their control of Washington to be at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

    In the face of the huge,impenetrable, immovable power of the corporate elite and their stranglehold of our democracy, desperate, big, serious measures are required.

    That is why the “occupying” is happening all over the world.

    I will be supporting them as much as I can.

    Tom Hakanson

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  36. Kirstin says:

    My, how the bar moves. In the previous story, it stated that people WOULD be cited/arrested if they stayed overnight. Now this story says they COULD be. Give me a break.

    The City and the police department look VERY wishy-washy.

    What, is there one set of rules for just about everybody and another set of rules for a few Occupy people?

    Chief Schedhelm, by going back on your word, you have increased the potential for greater confrontation in the future. What don’t you get about the word “occupy”? It isn’t there for decoration. That is what they want to do!

    This is NOT what I expect from my police.

    By the way, thanks PD for getting a story up. Took a while, lol, but it’s here.

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  37. Joyce Garcia says:

    These protesters were well aware of City Ordinance regarding protesting and because there was another “event” happening Saturday, they did agree to leave by 4:00. I got this from a reliable source.

    Why occupy anything? Why isn’t protesting, exercising their right to free speech, getting their “message” out, enough? Go home and come back another day…or each day if they choose? Why do they find it necessary to break the ordinances of the city?

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

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  38. J.R. Wirth says:

    It must be nice to take the kids out to City Hall and squat with them. At least they won’t need day care.

    Everyone has a right to protest, but there’s something some empty and hollow about this occupy movement. First, there’s kind of a naivete about it, as if you can change the world by squatting in a park. Second, there is a narcissism about it, as if the world should notice that you’re squatting in a park (It won’t). Third, they’re occupying Santa Rosa, they may as well be occupying Redding, it’s kind of funny.

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