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Mexican consulate card set for ID status


Local law enforcement officials are expected to announce today a countywide policy of accepting Mexican consular ID cards as a valid form of identification.

Such a move would could keep some illegal immigrants from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials. Police officers in California have the authority to arrest drivers who cannot provide valid identification.

The announcement is to be made at a meeting in Santa Rosa of the North Bay Organizing Project, a group that has lobbied for the policy change since the beginning of the year.

Omar Gallardo, president of the group’s leadership council, said that representatives from the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association, the Sheriff’s Office and the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco are expected to attend.

However, he would not give details about the policy change.

In early September, Sebastopol Police Chief Jeff Weaver said that officers in his department would begin honoring the consular ID card, known in Spanish as matricula consular. Weaver said then that the policy was being considered for adoption by the local chiefs’ association.

Santa Rosa Chief Tom Schwedhelm said Friday that the association had voted at its last meeting to “add language to one of our policies so that it covers Mexican consular cards.”

The policy is currently being circulated for signatures from association members.

The policy change, which is an addition to the association’s protocol’s for dealing with illegal immigrants, says:

–Law enforcement personnel should accept matricular identification (ID) cards issued by the Mexican Consulate as valid ID unless they have probable cause to believe that the ID has been tampered with and/or the person presenting the ID is not in fact the person listed on the ID.

–If law enforcement personnel believe the ID is fraudulent, or is being used fraudulently, then they should contact the Mexican Consulate.

In an email, Schwedhelm said Friday that it is “up to each department to give direction to their officers regarding acceptance of the cards.”

Gallardo said he expected about 700 people to attend Sunday’s meeting of the North Bay Organizing Project, which will be held at 3 p.m. at the Santa Rosa High School auditorium. The group is made up of local progressive organizations, including The Living Wage Coalition, Graton Day Labor Center, Sonoma State MeChA, Latino Democratic Club, North Bay Labor Council and others.

At a meeting last February, the group held an “issues assembly” in Santa Rosa City Hall chambers and identified local law enforcement acceptance of matricula cards as one of the group’s main objectives.

Organizers then met for months with local law enforcement leaders asking them to consider such a policy.

Advocates say that illegal immigrants who are sent to jail because they cannot produce valid ID often face deportation, effectively making local law enforcement officers an arm of the federal immigration service.

Under a federal immigration enforcement program known as Secure Communities, the fingerprints of anyone booked into Sonoma County jail are electronically checked against both FBI and Department of Homeland Security databases. The system is effective at flagging possible illegal immigrants.

A team of local law enforcement leaders visited the Mexican Consulate office in San Francisco this summer to take a closer look at security issues.

Local law enforcement officials said that the consular cards are far more secure than they were when they were first issued in the 1990s.

44 Responses to “Mexican consulate card set for ID status”

  1. Social Dis-Ease says:

    More deliberate sabotage.

  2. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Ricardo Sorentino-maybe you don’t know California history but the Mexicans were here first and the Spanish and the American Indians. Mexico “handed” it over to us.

  3. David Stubblebine says:

    @Jim – post of 10/26/2011 9:13 AM. See http://www.chron.com/news/article/Farmers-say-Ala-immigration-law-could-cost-crops-2178408.php.

    I do not subscribe to Mockingbird’s argument, but the story about Alabama crops rotting in fields seems to have some support. A few examples do not a Truth make and I still am not sure the situation in Alabama represents any larger Truth.

  4. Rosa Koire says:

    Who elected these groups to make policy for our county? Lisa Maldonado (North Bay Labor Council) is advising our law enforcement agencies?

    The Sheriff and Police Chief should be removed if they agree to this.

    If someone were here legally they would not have the need to show a matricula consular.

    What is to stop Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, etc from issuing similar cards? In fact some of the have just begun to do so.

    You, as an American, can’t work for 5 minutes in Mexico without your FM 2 or 3.

    Why would we accept a matricula consular for identification when the banks in Mexico don’t accept them as ID when you want to open a bank account?

    Is Sonoma County making foreign policy for itself? Is Santa Rosa making foreign policy?

    We need immigration reform, but this isn’t it. The old argument that no one would do the job if they weren’t impoverished from another country would have kept slavery intact. This foolish, inadequate ‘argument’ can be answered by a statement that the children of undocumented immigrants will not want to pick grapes so we’ll always need new people from the rancho to come and do the job.

    The conclusion that one draws from all of this is that our country is purposely destroying its middle class through overloading the educational system, straining services, exhausting resources, and artificially glutting the housing market with low-income government subsidized housing.

    This is UN Agenda 21. People like Lisa Maldonado representing the AFL-CIO and Norman Soloman are agents of this ‘change.’ They and their cohort of ‘Progressive Democrats’ have hijacked the Democratic Party. If you are a Democrat I urge you to go to the Democratic Socialists of America website and look at their pdf called What is Democratic Socialism. They say that they work through the left wing of the Democratic Party, and that they started the Progressive Legislative Caucus. Those of us who are Democrats need to expose this.

    Stand up. Speak out. Stop UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. It is the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. It is destroying your country.

    For more information please see our website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com or click on my name above.

  5. Jim says:

    If the Federal government would enforce the laws, the states wouldn’t have to take it upon themselves to try to do it.

    The trade off of higher crop prices (typical argument) is more than offset by the MASSIVE cost burden absorbed by the hospitals and schools, paid for by taxpayers.

  6. Jim says:


    Please provide links to stories of fruit rotting in fields. Please provide facts supporting these claims.

    I don’t expect a response.

  7. FedUp says:

    @Mockingbird – the farm worker problem is easily solved. What you don’t mention is the 20% drop in school enrollment (more than 50% in some districts). What does that tell about how much tax payers are footing the bill to educate the illegals? Been to a construction job site lately? What about those jobs, the ones that used to provide a career path to the trades for _our_ kids? Now even the skilled workers are illegals who’ve been here for ten and twenty years. Wake up. You’re putting feel-good political correctness above your children’s future.

  8. FedUp says:

    Since the vast majority of these cases are the result of traffic stops, are these bozos saying they are no longer going to enforce the requirement that drivers have a valid driver’s license (and proof of insurance) to operate a motor vehicle on public byways?? Doesn’t that make you feel are warm and fuzzy. So much for protect and serve.

  9. Where is the Justice says:

    With county law enforcement attitudes toward illegal alien Mexican ID cards, why do any of us have to waste our time standing in line at the DMV trying to cooperate with the law to get a valid California drivers license?

  10. Chris J Seamans says:

    To be a US Citizen in the US doesn’t matter anymore. We are burdened with having to take care of the world here and abroad.
    I’ve come to the point, if I am hit by an undocumented, uninsured and unlicensed immigrant or any of my family members are killed by one, I will sue the State of California, Sonoma County, Michael Allen, Alicia Roman, and all the immigrant rights groups in the Northbay.
    If you want to support them, then by all means, be ready to pay out of your own pocket.
    And to Mockingbird, at this point if a farmer was to pay me $15 an hour plus benefits to pick fruit, I would!

  11. Coastal Jim says:

    Lovely… Send in Asst. Sheriff Duenas to pander to the illegal masses. What a joke.

    I’m waiting for someone to sue the county when they are injured or a family member is killed by unlicensed driver here illegally that was stopped two days prior and not arrested and the car impounded.

    People get all worked up about “activist judges”. How about activist cops deciding what laws to enforce? I feel for the average deputy or officer on patrol who’s leadership is this screwed up.

    Who is going to run for Sheriff who will change the direction?

    I’m going to use my Disney Park Hopper Pass as ID. Mickey has better control of his land than Mexico!

  12. Jim says:

    Someone please explain the benefit of being a citizen rather than an illegal alien?

    A citizen must pay taxes, must follow the law, must pay to feed their kids, must pay exorbitant medical premiums (to pay for those illegals who use the ER are primary care), must pay for uninsured motorist insurance (to pay for the damage caused by unlicensed drivers), pay DMV fees to drive, pay towing fees if we’re pulled over, etc, etc.

    An illegal alien files fake tax returns (I see this every year, first-hand) so they can get a $4,400 REFUND above ALL taxes ‘paid’. Thus, making the IRS another welfare system. They drive illegally with no insurance without risk. They get free medical insurance. Free breakfast and lunch all year round from taxpayer funded public schools. They get discounted housing paid for by citizens. They get free money from programs meant for citizens by exploiting the mis-interpreted 14th Amendment. Under the table money earned is happily shipped out of the country by the banks that were bailed out by the Federal government (e.g. Wells Fargo), thus not spent in the state providing NO benefit to the economy.

    Is it any wonder why this state is bankrupt? Hospitals are being bled dry. The public school system is a joke because children are taught in a foreign language. ALL government forms are translated into a foreign language. Where is the great “melting pot”? The US has become a fractured society and accepting a foreign ID just continues this.

  13. When Will There Be Protests says:

    Local law enforcement fails again.

    Another excellent example of how local law enforcement is not doing their job in portecting our community and enforcing the laws.

    Illegal immigration is a major problem in Sonoma County and in California. It is way out of hand. With illegals comes crime and criminals. Look at how many illegals are in our state prisions.

    By letting illegals drive with no license or insurance, the cops are singling them out for favoritism of one group over the legal residents who actually live here paying taxes and obeying the laws.

    This madness has got to stop. Sonoma County is a magnet for illegals with rules like this.

    First it was free tuition and now no license, no insurance, no harm, no foul.

    This isn’t good law enforcement, this very bad social policy.

  14. Now we are consulting the Mexican Consulate. Give me a break. We need a new Sherrif in town — one that understands the law and is bold enough to enforce it regardless of political correctness.

  15. David Stubblebine says:

    I think this is a wrong-headed policy, but it is the process here that bothers me the most. A socially unpopular law is addressed not by changing the law, but by pushing through a policy to not enforce it. We saw this same thing with the weakening of the 30-day impound law for the benefit of – again – illegals. If there is no support to change a law, then guess what? It’s a good law! In America, that’s almost the definition of a good law.

    The particularly troubling part of the Consular ID issue is that the question is being decided city by city by the police chief. For the people in the various jurisdictions, this creates unequal protection under the law (see 14th Amendment) and hearkens back to the days of feudal fiefdoms. This is precisely what professional law enforcement is supposed to be against.

    As I see it, the burden rests with the Mexican government. Either they verify the identity of the people they issue these cards to or they don’t. Their process and their criteria should be transparent and open to outside scrutiny, like every DMV in the US. Then the overall issue should be resolved in an opinion from the Attorney General. This would clear up the matter for law enforcement across the board, rather than piecemeal.

    When the Chief’s Association agrees to supersede the law or interpret the law, they are acting either as the legislative or judicial body respectively. Either way, they are acting beyond their scope. When they enter into a conspiracy to not enforce the law or apply the law only to some and not others, at best this is unprofessional dereliction of duty and impeachable conduct at worst.

  16. Alicia Roman says:

    Thank you Asst. Sheriff Duenas and Capt. Schreeder.

  17. The Hammer says:

    I hope the Feds cut funds to California as a punishment for this.

  18. TT says:

    “Such a move would keep some illegal immigrants from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials.”

    Let me get this straight, they are here illegally, so let’s help them evade the immigration officials.

    Enforce the law, they are here illegals & sponging off of our system. Illegal immigrants has gotten way out of hand that we have to resort to stupid moves like this.

  19. Graeme Wellington says:

    I’d prefer that the local cops stick with the current standard of identification, such as it is. Most illegals when stopped nearly universally produce a check cashing card as their identification. Some have a picture on this “ID.”

    Maybe our local leaders can pass an ordinance and require the thumb print when they sign up for a check cashing card and start compiling some kind of useful database where we can “reliably” identify someone?

    It would work a heck of a lot better that relying on the Mexican consulate and expecting all our illegals to travel to San Francisco and make an appointment with a consulate officer to get the useless card they want to accept.

    Don’t say I never propose solutions. My stupid idea would actually work better. I’m not kidding.

  20. 2182 says:

    Ok folks it is NOW rightfully time to pull the “race card” out of the deck. Did any law enforcement official go to a Philippine consulate? No! How about a Canadian consulate? No! How about a Iranian or Indian consulate? NO! ONLY ONE consulate….Mexican. Not even any consulates from other predominently hispanic countries south of our border.

    If this doesn’t raise the ire of many a law biding citizen, I don’t know what will. Perhaps, just maybe, now voters will take a good look at the people running for elected office. Instead of voting a straight democrat ticket maybe we can get someone in office that will abide by the oath of office. No worries, I’m not going to hold my breath.

  21. Really Big Fish says:

    Again clear evidence that the entire Democratic political machine in Sonoma County is corrupt. They are all part of the same club with no intregrity whatesoever. You will not find a post from any police officer,firefighter and, god forbid, a public official in response to this situation. They created, endorse and what the taxpayers to pay more in taxes to support it.

    The big picture is to defeat Obama and slowly the local hacks will fall away over the years.

  22. Joe Public says:

    “Advocates say that illegal immigrants who are sent to jail because they cannot produce valid ID often face deportation, effectively making local law enforcement officers an arm of the federal immigration service.”

    Isn’t it nice how ILLEGAL is just glossed over in this statement?

    Illegal immigrants are deported for being here illegally, why is that so hard for some to understand. It has nothing to do with which country they come from, the US has “LEGAL” immigration and immigration laws to go by.

    There are mainly two types of people who are for illegal immigration, the first type are those benefitting by it somehow, whether it be cheap labor or building a future voting block. The other type are the idiotic pawns used by the first type.

    The overwhelming vast majority of us that are against “illegal” immigration are that way because we have to pay for it.

    There should be nothing, I’m sorry that should be capitalized, NOTHING that benefits people who are hear illegally over those who are citizens.

    “Local law enforcement officials said that the consular cards are far more secure than they were when they were first issued in the 1990s.”

    Doesn’t the above statement make you feel everything’s going to be safe, secure and just alright?

    I’m sure it will be practically impossible to forge these “state of the art” I.D.s. And everyone who has one that does not “appear to be” tampered with will be a great addition to our (well it used to be) country.

    @ Jon Bixler… Nice attempted spin, oh and hold your sign up high.

    @ J.R. Wirth… Of course these new I.D. cards won’t come with all of the U.S. citizen paid freebies you mention, those who broke U.S. law to get here have been getting them for years already.

  23. truth in news says:

    This action should surprise no one. Our rights as “legal” citizens have been eroded to the point where we simply pay for everyone except our own. Look at the wars we have been engaged in abroad while the cartels run amok right next door. It is time to bring our troops home to defend their homeland. It is time to demand accountability from our elected officials through a recall vote…before they give illegals the right to vote.

  24. Kay Tokerud says:

    Remember when the people talking about the planned North American Union were laughed at? Are they still laughing? Europe already merged into a region. Borders are being dissolved so that the United States will be merged with lawless and corrupt Mexico and socialist Canada. Our Constitution will be abandoned and we will be a region controlled by the United Nations. I can’t wait for the new treaty to be signed onto at the 20 year anniversary in Rio next year, the follow up to United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. The new plan is going to be called something like the Ark of the Covenant, I can’t remember right now but the name is something that is sure to rile up Christians. The One World Government that is planned will be anti-religion because they don’t want anyone thinking that their rights are granted by the creator. Rights, if there are any, will be solely granted by the State. Religious freedom will be on the chopping block in favor of some ‘all one planet’ solution to the world’s ills. The new God will be mother earth, what a joke.

    It’s funny, after 20 years of implementing UN Agenda 21, the public is just starting to become aware of it. Now, they will change the name of the agreement into something else. I wonder how many years after the next ‘soft law’ treaty is signed onto will it be before the people figure out what is being done to them? Trying to catch up to them is like trying to catch up with a speeding train. UN Agenda 21 policies based on the premise that humans are destroying the planet are being used to usher in total control of all human activities. The Carbon trading scheme is the vehicle they will use to accomplish this.

    I’m an older American and it breaks my heart that the next generations of Americans will have to suffer under tyranny that our predecessors fought and died in order to protect us from. That’s why I am committed to doing everything in my power to fight those who wish to impose their Imperialist agenda onto us. Let’s not go down without a fight.

  25. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Of you all posting here, how many of you will take farm jobs? Alabama passed a strict immigration law and the farmers can’t find workers to take the jobs. Produce is rotting in the fields right now. That means higher food prices for us all so we get it in the end anyway. How many of you are willing to work in a slaughter house?

    It would behoove the federal government to set up a legal program for farm workers where they get a green card to work, get a decent GUARANTEED income and other worker protections.

    The people taking your higher paying jobs are LEGAL immigrants being brought in by corporations because they are willing to work in those higher paying jobs for less.

  26. sarkyfish says:

    “Such a move would could keep some illegal immigrants from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials.” Yes, according to our thinking here at the Press Dumkopf enforcing federal, immigration laws are an outrage! Yes, an outrage!

  27. Alex says:

    And the drug cartel thanks you!

  28. Commonsense says:

    “Local law enforcement officials are expected to announce today a countywide policy of accepting Mexican consular ID cards as a valid form of identification.”

    So, are they also going to be accepting consular ID cards from all other countries??? Because, if they aren’t then this is unequal treatment under the law, giving one non-citizen national different, and quite frankly, better treatment then it gives other non-citizen nationals, that may be driving in the county/country.
    This is political pandering pure and simple and does nothing but create divides and animosity between people.
    I can say with confidence, that I know truly believe that citizens are now being treated much differently then illegal aliens. If a U.S. citizen is pulled over without a license on their person, are LE now going to accept a work ID, or a credit card as ID??? NO, instead you will receive the consequence and the illegal alien with a consular ID will not. Instead of Occupy Wallstreet, we need to start a Occupy Our Street protest and take back our history, heritage, rule of law and country…

  29. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    California was handed over to the Mexicans a long time ago; they rest of us are just in denial. Read todays story of Obama making a sweep of California and Nevada…

    “The states on Obama’s tour were chosen deliberately.

    Each has large populations of Hispanics, a voting bloc Obama’s campaign is eager to win over. Nevada and Colorado are “swing states” that alternate allegiance between Republicans and Democrats, making them valuable political prizes in presidential elections. Both could prove critical to Obama’s chances in the November 2012 election.”

    Any one who has a family member killed by an unlicensed / uninsured / undocumented immigrant should sue every top official that helped pass this legislation. (And I mean ‘personally’, not the office or government agency.) Might as well, since you won’t get a dime from the illegal immigrant.

  30. Unfounded Speculation says:

    Set the stage to export manufacturing, with the WTO. Now this.
    Thousands of regulations, fees, all designed to impoverish, sabotage our economy and way of life.
    It’s not what is Agenda 21…
    it’s what isn’t.

  31. John bly says:

    I must be old fashioned and not “progressive enough” to think that it is a good thing to deport illegal immigrants. Why not just “get legal” if you want to live here?

  32. Frank says:

    When the people fear their government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

  33. Frank says:

    yuuuuuup i have had a lot of comments never to see the light of day

    Nicky Diaz Santillan the poster child

    There are a lot of things the sheep don’t understand.

    As long as the hay keeps coming, they just stand and chew.

  34. Scott says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease. We are headed for bankruptcy and anarchy if these idiots continue to make the rules in government.

  35. The Hammer says:

    This will be a sad day for our state and country. This is just further proof that our county has gone to hell. It’s time for the silent majority to stand up. The next downturn in the economy is just around the corner and these worthless officials are blind to it. We need some big changes in the way this county does business and we need it soon. I’ve got some ideas but if I write them here none of this will be posted. I totally agree with the comments posted by john Lennon below.

  36. Joseph says:

    A non photo id from a foreign nation, I think Nafta has gone too far and this is going to lead to a huge influx of persons now that they can be trucked in by the thousands. Sad day for the security of our borders.

  37. doodles says:

    Interesting that the “public officials” did not see fit to have a public discussion of these potential policy changes, but decided behind closed doors with a special interest group that represents a small fraction of the population, THEN make an announcement. What were they afraid of? If the policy is so rock-solid, why not post meetings and get public input before making a final decision. The Sheriff is elected….he may have to answer to voters on this one next time around.

  38. Donna Windgate says:

    Does this mean I can use my Costco card in Mexico as proof of Costco citizenship in old Mexico?

    It makes about as much sense as this nonsense. Where is the repeal petition?

  39. J.R. Wirth says:

    “The announcement is to be made at a meeting in Santa Rosa of the North Bay Organizing Project, a group that has lobbied for the policy change since the beginning of the year.”

    Really? An official announcement is to be made at an “organizing project?” Did the county provide catering services too? Door prizes? It may as well have.

    So do these Matricula cards come with AAA memberships? Is that part of the package? Do they come with towing and roadside assistance as well? Do our hospitals accept them as insurance cards and bill the Mexican govt?

  40. Dogs Rule says:

    This is unreal. I’m sure it makes sense to some genius in the government.

  41. Graeme Wellington says:

    Accept whatever document you want. Just make sure to get a clear thumbprint too.

    If our local law enforcement leaders really did travel to the Mexican consulate, how is it they missed the part about how they don’t track and have no database of the cards they issue? How is it our top law enforcement didn’t find out how you just go in there and represent your name with no supporting documents and you walk out with a “valid” identification?

    Come on now. Our top law enforcement people really found out the true skinny on this… AND they agree and approve that these ID cards are legitimate? I don’t believe that for a single second and any law enforcement leader who does needs to lose their job or be demoted because that is absurd.

    This is political pandering plain and simple. Our top law enforcement officials blatantly telling lies to the public for the sake of politics?

    No wonder the world is spiraling down the toilet bowl. I can’t believe it’s come to this where police leadership is willing to compromise to this level.

    If one of their officers lied about even the smallest detail and got caught — they’d be fired immediately.

    But our top law enforcement leaders here are deliberately and knowingly foisting a big lie on all of us and most of Sonoma County seems to approve.

    This is unacceptable. Why are the police surprised people don’t respect them any more? Why are officers no longer the heroes and role models we used to believe? It’s because the leaders have feet of clay. What has happened to us in the USA? We’re really done aren’t we. The great experiment is over and we’ve failed the test.

    Police leaders. Give me a break. Enablers! Liars! Ethically challenged! Contemptible. I’m getting my patchouli oil and going back out to the Occupy thing.

  42. Jon Bixler says:

    Secure Communities notwithstanding, this is an idea that is long overdue.

    Our officers cannot issue a citation if the offender doesn’t have an accepted form of photo ID. This means that people who commit public offenses (minor infractions and non-violent misdemeanors) cannot be issued a citation and released with a future court date like the rest of us.

    Absent a recognized form of photo ID, the offender has to be booked at county jail wasting both the officer’s time and taxpayer money spent in unnecessary incarceration.

  43. RAW says:

    Of course they are. All good sanctuary counties will. Come one, come all.

  44. john Lennon says:

    Occupy wall Streeters. Do you really want to know why your quality of life has declined in the last 20 years?

    Stuff like this.

    Amazing. Any form of identification is dependent on the trust of the issuing authority, Mexico is probably the most corrupt nation in the world. You can buy anything with enough money. I wonder which drug Kingpin made this happen in the US?

    This action is a direct slap in the face to the well being of law abiding Americans.

    The people that approve this should be locked up and sued for failing to protect the American people.