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Feedback sought on plan to redesign Petaluma Boulevard


A community meeting about a plan to reconfigure Petaluma Boulevard South will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Graziano’s Italian restaurant in downtown Petaluma.

City staff members will be available to answer questions and take feedback on the plan.

The City Council has committed spending $200,000 on the $900,000 plan, which would reduce the number of traffic lanes through the heart of the downtown shopping district.

The so-called “road diet” would reduce the main thoroughfare from two lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction, with a continuous turn-lane in between. The reconfiguration would widen all lanes, leave more space for parallel parking and bicycles, and cut down the distance pedestrians would be vulnerable to cars, the city said.

But downtown merchants asked the city to hold off on committing to the project until their input was sought and their concerns could be resolved. Many merchants believe the reduction in lanes could throttle the flow so much as to make motorists, and therefore shoppers, avoid the area altogether.

Graziano’s is at 170 Petaluma Blvd. South.

11 Responses to “Feedback sought on plan to redesign Petaluma Boulevard”

  1. Social Dis-Ease says:

    How do you explain to people that their own government is complicit in an Agenda DESIGNED to orchestrate their decline?
    Such is the task of an active resister of Agenda 21. The first time I’ve ever felt shame for telling the truth.
    Fact: ICLEI is the local implementation arm of UN Agenda 21.
    Fact: A21′s stated goal is to ‘de-industrialize’ of the US.
    Fact: Petaluma is a member, as is all of Sonoma Co..
    Sometimes the truth hurts.

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  2. 0 Representation says:

    I think given the choice of a “road diet” vs fixing the pot holes the choice would be clear.

    Unfortunately it’s not. The plan is to screw up the boulevard even more than it is now.

    What a complete waste of time to discuss this really lousy idea and of money wasted when it could be used much more thoughtfully.


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  3. Steven says:

    What exactly is the point of a lane dedicated to left turns on a stretch of road without any driveways to turn into?

    That said, the lanes are so narrow as it is that plenty of people seem to treat it like a one-lane road already. Personally I almost never drive through downtown because I know it’s a bottleneck.

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  4. Tony McCoy says:

    The road diet idea is a good one with the unfortunate ramification of construction caused problems for the downtown area. As a citizen and driver I avoid the downtown area almost altogether unless it is by bike or motorcycle. The town is small enough that parking on the fringe only requires a short walk (the only exercise for most of you car-bound cagers)and less hassle. With single lane traffic maybe the OVERSIZED monster-trucks with trailers and camper buses will finally get a clue and not drive down the Blvd. People are still going to make the trip into downtown if there is a draw, it is the inherent laziness of drivers who find walking too strenuous that is the real issue here. Lose the lanes, lose the blight of cars everywhere, lose the risk of accidents and for goodness’ sake lose the lazy.

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  5. Social Dis-Ease says:

    As soon as I saw the article I said to myself there they go again.
    Create the illusion of citizen buy in while meeting ICLEI goals to get that MTC money.
    It’s like a municipal cancer.
    Or a bad version of ‘Ground Hog Day’
    A ‘Gateway’ redevelopment project. Sabotage the downtown business’ by reducing access through a ‘cyclist straw’. Mess with parking as much as possible. Nazi code enforcement.
    Fascist favors abound. Ring a bell?
    Just like Cotati, just like ICLEI towns across the Nation. Call ‘em on it.

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  6. Jim says:

    Brilliant idea to eliminate one lane each way in downtown Petaluma. Given traffic barely rolls through now, this will create a virtual parking lot through the main business district and “drivers” will be forced to get out of their non-moving vehicles and buy food during their hour-long trek through the 1/2 mile area. This would generate massive amounts of sales tax.

    This is a brilliant as the wasted money on the construction of the carpool lane through the county. The majority (if not all) of the users are moms with their kids, not commuters. Thus, we have massive traffic backups on northbound 101 starting, shockingly, at highway 12 (the same exact spot it was BEFORE the carpool lane went in). Money well spent.

    I agree with “driver”. They need to spend that money on fixing potholes. Petaluma roads are awful. The construction would cause delays. The end result will cause delays. Are they wanting to create a pool of idling cars in downtown?

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  7. Petaluma Dave says:

    Petaluma should close the street entirely to vehicle traffic. Petaluma Boulevard could be a fine example of how green a city can really become. All of the SMART commuters can be dropped off in Petaluma and walk the streets getting back on the train and returning to Cloverdale for dinner.

    Oh, I forget there is no SMART train and Cloverdale had to be crossed off the list of stops.

    On second thought keep Petaluma Boulevard the way it is so shop owners might maintain some business traffic. Just in time. Another SMART train disaster avoided.

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  8. Eastsider says:

    This passed on a 4-3 vote…I wonder if there is still time to get one of the 4 to vote the other way.

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  9. David J. Spencer says:

    I cannot believe that the Good Folks who run Petaluma hadn’t already noticed that current traffic flow through downtown Petaluma is already so throttled that shoppers, right now, are “avoiding the area and going elsewhere.”

    Downtown merchants are right–the proposed reconfiguration will not improve an already bad situation.

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  10. driver says:

    I have a better idea to help traffic. Take the money and fix pot holes. The city leaders and planners have nothing to do so lets do a study.

    Class A stupidity!!!

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  11. Rock says:

    So you need to attend a meeting in a very small, astronomically expensive eatery in town to voice your concerns. Who are the “staff” really asking info. from? Only a few, Petaluma politics at its finest.

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