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Thompson, Woolsey split on debt vote


The North Coast’s Democratic representatives, Mike Thompson of St. Helena and Lynn Woolsey of Petaluma, split Monday in their votes on the federal debt limit, with Thompson voting yes and Woolsey no.

Thompson, a senior member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, said in a brief statement issued after the vote that the country had run out of time.

“I voted for the compromise legislation to avoid defaulting on our nation’s debt,” he said. “Given that our nation was hours away from defaulting on its obligations, I felt a responsibility to vote yes.”

But Woolsey, who is retiring next year, said the compromise didn’t go far enough. “This is not a balanced approach to controlling spending,” she said during a news conference before the vote with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

“It doesn’t ask for shared sacrifice,” she said. “It puts virtually the entire burden on working families and the middle class while asking nothing, and I mean nothing, from billionaires, millionaires, and companies that send jobs overseas.”

Woolsey also said the compromise did not create jobs.

Bart Acocella, Woolsey’s communications director, said the call volume at Woolsey’s office has been significantly higher as Congress wrangled with the legislation, with the majority of the sentiment against the compromise.

Woolsey, who last spring voted for a “clean debt ceiling” increase, called the current compromise an effort to “extort $2.4 trillion in cuts from investments that the American people need.”

9 Responses to “Thompson, Woolsey split on debt vote”

  1. Alex says:

    Dumb and Dumber…enough said

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  2. Jimmy Pera says:

    “I voted for the compromise legislation to avoid defaulting on our nation’s debt,” he said. “Given that our nation was hours away from defaulting on its obligations, I felt a responsibility to vote yes.”- Rep Thompson
    That’s just fine and dandy…The Stock Market Plunged regardless…..Cloward–Piven…..Cloward–Piven……Cloward–Piven
    Hope the Birthday BBQ was good for the POTUS yesterday……
    The country hasn’t seen this type of Fiscal irresponsibility since President Carter. The Democrats held Cappitol hill since 2006. They lied about the War and the American public bought the lie. They were Voted in and made the economy worse.
    1. Economic Failure (Jeff Jones the co-founder of the domestic terror group Weather Underground co-authored the stimulis package)
    2. Gitmo still open
    3. The Wars continue (Now a third front in Libya)
    4. Tripled the deficit
    5. Has had more vacations in 2 1/2 years then President Bush in 8 (Bush’s fault though)…..Golf games played are more in number then the deficit.
    After Jan 20 2013, President Obama will be able go back to Chicago, be able to retire and possibly have a Summer Bithday BBQ at the home of where he started his Political career…the home of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn…..

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  3. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Thinking Back – “The national debt now matches the GNP. What does that mean if it happens to your family income”
    So tell me, how many folks owe more on their mortgage than they make in a year? Our Deficit is not the biggest concern right now. It is jobs. The deficit number means little – it is more important to look at what it costs over time to pay it off. We can borrow at 3% for 10 years, so we have at least that long to fix it. The best way to fix a deficit is to grow the economy. The stimulus helped get us out of free fall and we were actually growing the economy there for a bit, but now that is ending, end we are stagnant – wall Street has figured that out, and it is down 7% from its high. If you really wanted to kick start the economy, you need to get more money into the hands of those who spend it. The Fed should require all banks with underwater loans to adjust the interest rates down to current levels. That would add $500-$1,000 a month to the 35% (?) of folks who’ve not been able to refinance their homes, even if they are current on their loans.

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  4. mike o says:

    Actually nothing was really gained except that the govt can now spend more money it doesn’t have but one day soon will be required to be repaid. What happens then? Print more money! Raise the debt ceiling again! The day of reckoning will arrive and then what? Interest rates have to really jump to attrach foreign money but soon USA and Greece will be one and the same. Trouble is the US doesn’t have the Euro union to bail them out or should I say buy a little more time, at best.

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  5. Thinking Back says:

    This big charade we just witnessed in Washington has done nothing of any substance for this country. The national debt now matches the GNP. What does that mean if it happens to your family income. You are bankrupt.

    The stock market certainly doesn’t believe anything good just happened. It is dropping like a rock and continuing to slide downward.

    When a democrat takes about “shared sacrifice” watch out. What they really mean is stealing money from your pocket and putting in one of their supporters pocket.

    What we are witnessing now has not happened since World War II in this country. The debt now equals the Gross National Product. After WW II the war time spending decreased and the debt dropped. How will it be turned around this time? Not with the democrats in power. And not with the likes of Woolsey in Congress.

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  6. Beef King says:

    So Mike claims he voted to prevent default.
    Default was never on the table. It was another of Obamas’ urgent emergencies where we must act quickly without thinking.
    Well, that what Mike did, and now we have Putin calling the US a parasite, and China looking for other currencies to buy.
    Good work Obama.
    I agree with the ‘Progressive’ caucus of California, Obama must go.

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  7. Dwimby says:

    I almost fell down in convulsions. Woolsey actually got this one right! The “debt bill” is pure junk. A sharp high school class could have done a much better job of dealing with our out of control spending. Ten years this and ten years that adds up to junk. What about tomorrow? Relief is needed NOW. We gotta put our government on “methadone” (spending caps) to get them off “heroin” (just print the money if it isn’t there). The country is a razor’s width from bankruptcy, if not already in de facto BK. This recent debt bill was just another GIANT CON. More of the same from a fully broken government. NEW: China downgraded our debt today. It will now cost us more borrow from our biggest ideological foe. And borrow we will. The White House and the Congress are worthless. They are lost in space.

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  8. Steve Klausner says:

    The only rational vote on this one would have been to abstain. They raised the debt limit, but the rest of this bill is an empty shell. Spending cuts are safely pushed out to 2016. The super committee to identify additional revenue and spending cuts will be selected by the same clowns in congressional leadership that dithered to the last hour over how to raise the debt limit. Expect more of the same between now and Thanksgiving.

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  9. New Blood Needed says:

    Actually, I don’t really care about either of these two lifer politicians.

    They’ve both had their day in the sun & its time for them to fade away gracefully.

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