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Sean Penn takes role in Solomon campaign


Hollywood stardust, rarely seen in North Coast politics, will be sprinkled on congressional candidate Norman Solomon’s campaign on Tuesday in Petaluma.

Norman Solomon

Sean Penn, the Oscar-winning actor and political activist, will lend his A-list celebrity aura to Solomon at a $10-at-the-door campaign event at the Mystic Theatre, followed by a “private evening” at a Corte Madera home at $250 a pop.

For details on both events, check the solomonforcongress.com website.

Solomon and Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, are considered the leading contenders for retiring Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s seat.

The Solomon-Penn link is more than a fleeting embrace for publicity’s sake, dating to long before the current campaign.

“We share basic humanitarian values,” Solomon said, noting Penn’s well-publicized record of anti-war protest and social action, including operation of a tent camp in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Solomon, a West Marin political activist and author, recruited Penn — whom he had not previously met — for the second of Solomon’s three trips to Iraq prior to the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

No sooner had their arrival in Baghdad in December 2002 been revealed than reporters started calling.

“We were deluged,” Solomon said, admitting that the media magnet was not him but the actor who was described by his former wife, Madonna, as “the coolest guy in the universe.”

Solomon subsequently visited Penn’s former Marin home, and the two also traveled to Iran and joined the protest against Stanley Tookie Williams’ execution at San Quentin Prison, both in 2005.

They are fellow travelers in a broader sense. Solomon, who identifies himself as a Woolsey-like progressive, said he considers Penn, who had politically charged roles in “Dead Man Walking” and “Milk,” in the same leftist fold.

But it’s up to Penn to classify himself: “I never speak for him,” Solomon said.

You can reach Staff Writer Guy Kovner at 521-5457 or guy.kovner@pressdemocrat.com.

63 Responses to “Sean Penn takes role in Solomon campaign”

  1. arcadia11 says:

    the green party is a united nations ngo. time to move on….

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  2. homegirl says:

    @Jen Renteria. I am “homegirl” and I am not Victoria Hogan. I have used “homegirl” as my email address and id on publications and chat boards for many years.

    Lisa and Laura can be identified, as we all can, by their avatars which remain constant from the first posting.

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  3. @Jamie Santos says:

    Solomon represents the crazy extremist wing of the Democratic Party called the “PDA” which is trying to become the Democratic Party’s answer to the Tea Party.

    That club has a few local members assigned to write letters to the editor and post on Watch Sonoma County. That’s their whole gig.

    But instead of working to convince Dems to join them they launch a thousand feuds. Not a winning strategy.

    If Maldonado wants to pick a fight, she’ll find one and it will cost her and her candidate.

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  4. Jimmy Pera says:

    It’s Hugo Chavez…..not Sanchez…..
    Solomon is a Fabian Socialist and a panderer to Sean Penn who friends enemies of America.
    Another Libunist who is uninformed…..

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  5. Jamie Santos says:

    Juvenal. Of course they are crazy on this website. Did you read the posts about Agenda 21 and Hugo Sanchez and Fidel Castro? The whole team of dittoheads on this website is not playing with a full deck. This page has denigrated to a Tea Party Cheerleader site and no one with any rational mind even bothers to try to “reason” or have a logical discussion after one post anymore.The same angry negative voices post over and over about how much they hate taxes, unions, politicians, environmentalists, redevelopment, public schools, taxes…etc ad nauseum.

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  6. Juvenal says:

    Lets be Reasonable backs up his/her claim regarding a matter of fact–the number of people deported under the Obama administration, with cites, EVIDENCE, and receives more down votes than up. Are you people crazy?

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  7. Jen Renteria says:

    @Lily See how Victoria Hogan has already responded with hate and attacks? As soon as the links were posted about the Press Democrat’s investigation of her character assasination she began frothing at the mouth and attacking Michael Allen and Lisa Maldanado. She does this constantly on the listserves as well. You may notice that she will never actually argue with the facts that I explained about her instead her tactic is to distract by attacking others, to call names and get as dirty as she can. She and Kay and Rosa are all pretty good people to avoid. This is why although many of us on the SRex listserve find her hateful and sick, everyone is very nice too her and tries to pretend they are friends. Otherwise she will turn on you.The funny thing I have noticed is that no matter who posts on this web site she will always accuse them of being either Lisa Maldanado or Laura Gonzalez. I guess she is most comfortable hating Hispanic women.

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  8. Brenda says:

    @Lisa and Laura

    Wow! Victoria Hogan must be really powerful! Got Allen convicted of conflict of interest and made him the assemblymember without a district. All without spending any money.

    She’s apparently better at her job than you are at yours.

    Instead of villifying her, you should recruit her.

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  9. Allen Busted, Maldonado Smears says:


    Here is what the FPPC said in their press release on the Michael Allen matter:

    “Conflicts of Interest Violation

    California law states that, absent an exception, a public official may not make, participate in making or in any way attempt to use his or her official position to influence a governmental decision in which he or she knows or has reason to know he or she has a financial interest. The following official participated in a governmental decision in which he had a financial interest:

    Michael Allen, as a planning commissioner for the City of Santa Rosa, violated the Political Reform Act by failing to disqualify himself from two governmental decisions in which he had a financial interest. $3,000 fine.”

    Here is what the FPPC said on their agenda for February on the Allen matter:

    “In the Matter of Michael Allen FPPC No. 10/123. Senior Commission Counsel Luisa Menchaca and Senior Special Investigator Sandra Buckner. As Planning Commissioner for the City of Santa Rosa, Respondent Michael Allen violated the Political Reform Act by failing to disqualify himself from two governmental decisions in which he had a financial interest, in violation of Section 87100 of the Government Code (1 count). Total Proposed Penalty: $3,000. Decision and Order Exhibit ”

    Attached to the agenda are stipulation signed by Michael Allen in which he stated he agreed with the facts laid out by the state’s investigator and a copy of the detailed investigation.

    The people who repeatedly lied for months here on Watch Sonoma County and attempted to cover it up for Allen through intimidation and smearing are Lisa Maldonado and Laura Gonzales who now hide behind made up names. Even Allen has admitted he was wrong and admitted to the facts first brought to light by a brave whistleblower, Rosa Koire. The State of California agreed with Ms. Koire. Michael Allen eventually admitted she was right and he was wrong. The Press Democrat reported the story so everyone understands the facts except Lisa Maldonado and Laura Gonzales who now apparently are involved in the Solomon campaign.http://www.greennewdeal.info/
    The number of jobs produced by thephony “Green New Deal” organization so far: O

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  10. @ Jen Rentenia says:

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

    The anonymous posters here are Lisa Maldonado and Laura Gonzales who use a variety of different names.

    I guess the earlier posters were right about Maldonado running Solomon’s campaign unless he’s already fired her.

    A quick review of the comments would suggest that Solomon needs the support of Victoria Hogan, Rosa Koire, Kay Tokerud and other independant voices more than he needs a radical actor. After all, those ladies did Santa Rosa and Sonoma County a big favor: they managed to get rid of the corrupt Michael Allen and his operatives like Maldonado with nothing but the truth.

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  11. Anyone who is interested in learning what Sean Penn and Norman Solomon said can watch the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzBOK1owUo4

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  12. Lily says:

    @Jen-Thank you..I knew when I asked the questions that Kay and her girlfriend Rose would not answer my questions,let alone honestly.They are great at the criticizing of others but never of themselves. Basically cowards. I’ll take Norm Solomon, Sean Penn, Noreen Evens, Gary Wysocky and Gary Allen over the two members of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition any day!! At least they do more to better this world than their enemies here on this rag papers comment section..Thanks again Jen

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  13. Jen Renteria says:

    Lily Here’s some info on Kay and Rose and their “shell group” Coalition. Neither of them will ever answer your questions honestly.


    Another link to Victoria Hogan who’s a big Michael Allen attacker and has now turned her sights on Norman Soloman. She posts here anonymously all the time as “homegirl” and “Jason Valez” and other fake names. She was chased out of the local DEM club and after running Lee Pierce’s campaign has been concentrating on bitter behind the scenes attacks on Progressive Dems like Norman Soloman, Michael Allen and Lisa Maldanado. If you see anonymous attacks on Michael Allen, Lisa , Norman Soloman et al, it’s usually one of these crazies. Kay and Rose (who are partners) tried to destroy and hijack the neighborhood association before being booted out because of their right wing crazy Agenda 21 ravings. They started their own group and I believe they are now persecuting Valerie Brown with a Fair Political Practices Complaint regarding Agenda 21.(which by the way I can not for the life of me understand as a concept, but they are obsessed with it)
    All of them are pretty bad news and can get extremely dirty and put their big noses in every one else’s business, but if you ask them any pointed questions they get indignant and lash out (read the news articles)
    I hope this helps in answering your questions, but don’t ever expect any of them to post honestly or give you a straight answer. I know them because I lurk in their groups but I am not political and just watch from the sidelines…

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  14. Not A Chance says:

    @ Lisa MW

    LOL can anyone say delusional? So, tell me, when Michael Allen lost were the unicorns flying around high-fiving each other?

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  15. @ Lily says:

    Understood but all you have to do to satisfy your curiosity is to go to the Sonoma County Admin Center and check their public computer. Does your question have anything to do with Norman Solomon?

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  16. Jonathan says:

    Anyone know who is running the Solomon campaign? I don’t see it on his website.

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  17. Lily says:

    @Lisa-In case you are not clear on what I wrote maybe this will help. I asked Kay the questions that she has yet to answer. I do not care now nor have I ever cared if anyone named Maldanado is or is not working on a campaign. Since my message was to Kay, I do not understand why you have a vested interest if Kay is vindicated or not. My only concern is that she answer my questions honestly.Since you do not have the answers I an seeking,please do not respond to something that is not directed at you.

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  18. Jaime Santos says:

    Madness Takes its Toll! Lisa Maldonado is NOT running Norman Solomon’s campaign. Check his website: She isn’t even on his endorsers list. Secondly Herb Williams WOULD NEVER RUN Michael Allen’s Campaign they are on opposite sides. Thirdly Michael Allen WON his election and has been doing a great job. Fourth: You people are crazy! Fifth There is nothing sadder, cornier or more juvenile than making fun of someones NAME. What are you in 2nd Grade?? Please get a grip.

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  19. Lisa Moldy Words says:

    @ Lily

    The writers below say Lisa Maldonado supports Solomon. Great! That connection deserves some publicity. Maldonado will lose Solomon hundreds of votes.

    Lisa Maldonado spent all last year making excuses for Michael Allen and lying to the readers here over and over while posting snarky personal attacks on the citizens who busted Allen.

    But ultimately, Maldonado and Allen lost. The citizens took his district away and Kay was vindicated for getting the truth out.

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  20. Lily says:

    @ Kay How many times have you sued the city of Santa Rosa? What for? Why did you leave the SR Jr College Neighborhood Association to form the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Association? Also how many members do you have compared the the SRJC Neighborhood Association?

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  21. Anyone who is interested in knowing what Norman Solomon and Sean Penn said at this event can watch the following video footage from Petaluma Patch:


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  22. Not A Chance says:

    LOL, THOUSANDS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WOW, that changes everything! Look out Google, Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition is the next big internet sensation.

    Are these the meetings where you guys decide to crash other meetings and be completely disrespectful?

    Great job at moving the conversation forward; sack up, get off the sidelines and get in the game–make a difference if that truly is your goal. If you think you’re so powerful put one of your members from your super-big membership (well over 100 I’m sure, maybe even THOUSANDS) as a candidate and see how the people of Santa Rosa actually feel about your brand of politics, they seem to like Michael Allen’s and Noreen Evans’ style just fine, likely because there are no lap dogs/puppets involved in their politics.

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  23. Foe or Faux says:

    @ Not A Chance: our ‘faux’ web sites get THOUSANDS of hits a week, last meeting- over a hundred faux folks. It seems people are concerned about the erosion of our Property, Civil and Unalienable rights. The Constitution is their ‘lap dog’.

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  24. Commonsense says:

    Got it, agreed it’s bad on either side of the aisle.

    My point regarding the numbers is that overall there is no huge difference in them, as many have indicated. They tended to be pretty close in numbers overall and if you look at the years during heavy campaign fund raising both tended to be much lower for both categories(2007 and 2011) which is interesting, but both administrations have done a relatively poor job of deporting violators, or maybe I should say of enforcing the immigrations laws.

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  25. Not A Chance says:


    A.) I’m not Lisa, thats the truth, you should try it sometime.

    B.) being a supporter and a donor doesn’t mean you run any thing, by that logic I’m “running” the Obama re-election camp.

    C.) Your faux group and the PD ran stories about the FPPC investigation over and over leading up to the election and he still beat the tea party candidate by a hefty margin. A verdict before the election would have done less damage than you’d think, Gentry didn’t even bother putting signs up.

    D.) Your role with the Pierce campaign was pulling the strings of your lap dog Victoria Hogan, so maybe you weren’t on staff but your faux group certainly had connections.

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  26. Brenda says:

    Great, we have the wife beater campaigning for the high school dropout.

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  27. Jimmy Pera says:

    Lisa Maldonado is running Solomon’s Campaign. That’s funny to hear. This coupled with Sean Penn makes for an ironic combination. Penn, the Communist panderer and Fascists appeaser who undermines American interests around the world in Iraq (comforting Saddam and his Terror Rape Regime 2002), Iran (comforting the Hitler, Holocaust denier of the middle east, Mamoud Amadinejad the supplier of IEDs and EFPs to Iraq and Afghanistan) and traveling to Venezuela to aid the dictator Pineapple Headed Communist, Hugo Chavez. Chavez is a huge human rights violator, Terrorist ally of Iran and outspoken supporter of soon to be erased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. What’s more disturbing is the plane loads of Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen and QUDs forces flying daily from Tehran to Caracas to train the Drug Cartels in Islamic Terror Tactics. After which these Narco, Islamic Trained terrorists come to the border of the Southwest to exploit and Human Traffic migrants coming over the border into America with Drugs. Maldonado should question the Fabian Socialist Penn tonight about these facts when they have their gathering in Petaluma.
    Maldonado is the campaign head of a Socialist campaign, which uses a Hollywood clown that panders to the worse of the worse. That worse is being Human rights violators of Latin migrants. The cartels threaten to kill these people if they don’t traffic their drugs across the American border with on the spot executions and beheadings. District 6 needs to not vote for Solomon. It would be great to debate this Leftist Solomon and his stagehand Sean Pencil (at the same time) about these facts. Maldonado needs to show openly her dismay with the Chavez regime to Sean Penn, that supports the wholesale slaughter of Hispanics or she threatens to lose credibility with the Hispanic community.

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  28. Jim M says:

    It is interesting that despite the fact that I tend to disagree with Kay on most things that are discussed here, it sounds like we both ended up voting for Lee Pierce. Granted he didn’t get many votes, but it would be good to see a candidate more like him in this race either in the primaries or as a third party candidate in the general election.

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  29. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Commonsense – I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek. I personally don’t think it really matters one way or the other. Both sides use celebs to attract attention…
    For deportation, 2011 is incomplete, so it makes more sense to look at 2010, where a total of 392,862 were deported, with almost half being criminal. So far this year, slightly more criminals than non-criminals are being deported. Compare this to 2008 where criminals were less than 1/3 of the total. Here is the link for anyone else who’s interested:

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  30. No more change please! says:

    I think what the mockingpoints means is obama has ruined the economy so bad even the illegals are leaving.

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  31. Kay Tokerud says:

    I wondered how long it would take for Lisa Maldonado to get on here. Not a Chance is what Norman Soloman has since he has you helping him. If Michael Allen’s FPPC ruling had come out before the election he would have lost. Michael Wilson almost beat him anyway. I suspect the reason Michael Allen got put on the ethics committee was to help put a lid on any other ethics investigations since so many of them may have their own conflicts of interest.

    I didn’t work on Lee Piece’s campaign at all so I’m not sure what Lisa is talking about. I did think he was an honest politician though and I hoped he would win.

    I watched the video of the Green New Deal meeting in San Raphael. It appeared that no one was there except the board. Rue Furch, Norman Soloman Lisa and a couple of others. Remember that loan Rue Furch got from Dennis Hunter to pay 5 years of back taxes? This is quite a group. These people are all connected in some interesting ways. They all support imposing mandatory regulations for energy retrofits that our group, the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition brought down in Santa Rosa. Check out Solar Sonoma County, The Climate Protection Campaign and the Green Loan program.

    Michael Allen was investigated and found guilty of serious conflicts of interest and fined $3,000 for taking money from the Sonoma County Water Agency to lobby the City of Santa Rosa for a zoning change they wanted while he was sitting on the Planning Commission. Lisa Maldonado was running his campaign during that time period and now she is running Norman Soloman’s campaign. Norman Soloman donated money to Allen’s campaign too. Now you know.

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  32. Social Dis-Ease says:

    Lee Pierce is a decent man. The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition may have endorsed Howdy Dooty if he was running against Michael Allen. S.R.N.C. HAS NO POLITICAL AGENDA OR AFFILIATION-
    other than government transperancy, and preserving our freedoms.
    The framework in which our leaders should be judged is: on board with Agenda 21 or not. If they come up dumb, ignorance should be considered equally agregious. Socialism is a close relative of communitarianism-which is being employed by Agenda 21 (all from past oppressor’s play books)
    Been to a ‘neighborhood summit’ lately?
    Based on the company he keeps, he is probably on board with A21. Allen’s campaign was handled by Herb Williams(the Carl Rove of No. Bay politics), he out spent everyone else.
    If you can connect any dots as to Kay’s political motivations, bring it on, now’s as good a time as any. I’d love to learn. You can’t ’cause there aren’t any.
    Betcha a couple folks on here have roses on their business cards though.

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  33. Kim says:

    Mockingbird, you wrote “Obama has sent more illegals home than ANY previous President!”. Sorry, but you used the word “ANY” and capitalized it to boot. To me, it means back to George Washington. When you paint with such a large brush its hard to control all the bristles……….

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  34. John says:

    Aren’t there any Republicans on School Boards or anything that could at least make this a race? The Dem would probably still win, but at least we could have a race.

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  35. Commonsense says:

    @LBR, thanks for the agreement (I think), but my comment wasn’t specific to Reagan and I wanted to make that clear. My comment was specific to more recent events and people.

    I find the discussion regarding immigration enforcement off point, but interesting. According to Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s own webpage, the amount of deporation over the last 3 years hasn’t risen that sharply and in fact declined drastically this year (2008 – 369,221 for both non-criminal and criminal vs. as of May 2011 243,821). So, I must disagree with those who indicate this administration has deported more overall then the prior Bush Administration. If the current trend continues, the numbers aren’t far apart at all and overall, both administrations have been less then aggressive at deportation, although interestly according to their own numbers they both have deported more non-criminal violaters then criminal violaters. Up until this year the numbers remained between 360,000 and 390,000, except for 2007. Given the estimated illegal population is somewhere between 7 and 12 million any given year over the last 10 years(depending upon the source), the amount of yearly deportation’s don’t seem that high at all. Maybe they should be focusing more on employers.

    Until we take our borders and laws seriously, no one else will either.

    As this relates to Mr. Solomon, my guess given his prior comments, are that he would grant amnesty from here on out. Another reason I won’t be voting for Mr. Solomon. We’ve had both direct and indirect amnesty before and I don’t think it’s worked out very well at all.

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  36. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Commonsense – “Actors and Politicians = a bad combinations in my opinion.” I quite agree…Reagan…

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  37. Not A Chance says:

    @Kay Tokerud

    Once again it seems you need to be called out on your half truths. You were closely aligned with the Lee Pierce campaign for Assembly, ya know, the one where Lee Pierce got smashed by Michael Allen and Michael Wilson in the primary. So lets not sit here and pretend you went digging for dirt on Michael Allen out of the goodness of your heart. You did it because you and Victoria Hogan both knew that you were going to be beat by a better candidate so you got desperate and you went and found a conflict of interest, I frankly find that to be lazy campaigning. I guarantee you that similar evidence can be found on just about any candidate, you just have to dig deep enough. No person, no candidate, no politician is perfect.

    FYI to all:

    Michael Allen was appointed to leadership in the Assembly and was also hand picked by the speaker to be part of the Ethics Committee, you really think they would have granted him all of this if they, through their own vetting process, found him to be unethical?

    :( <—– Kay. You could be :) if you told the truth in its entirety.

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  38. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Jason – Of course you can Google almost any Democrat with socialism and get a hit – that’s because right-wing conservatives call anyone they don’t like a socialist. Maybe you should look up the definition of socialism:
    1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
    No serious Democrat believes in socialism.

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  39. Lets be Reasonable says:

    @Kim – “the Obama administration is deporting RECORD numbers of illegal immigrants”
    . http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/25/AR2010072501790.html?sid=ST2010082704452
    Where is your citation to back up your claim?
    It also turns out that many deported during the depression were actually American citizens…

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  40. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Kim, dear, I meant in recent history. I thought it was a given. It’s been all over the media, how families are being separated, illegals being deported for minor things like traffic violations and so on. He also added funds to strengthen the border (the Republicans had a cut in border security listed in that $63B they wanted cut during the negotiations on the tax cut extensions for the rich). Maybe you didn’t notice.

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  41. Commonsense says:

    Actors and Politicians = a bad combinations in my opinion. Quite frankly, any politician who needs a actor to assist with his fundraising, is a big red flag to me, regardless of party affiliation. I find too often, that politician is more concerned with image and form, rather then substance. Knowing what I do about Sean Penn and my limited knowledge of Mr. Solomon, equates to vote for one of the other candidates, one focusing on the issues at hand, not the biggest fund raiser he/she can get.

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  42. Mike says:

    This guy makes Tiffany Renee look like she almost makes sense. If the voters want this district and this country to continue to fall into a deeper recession and bankruptacy, Norm is your man.

    Remember, countries, like people always have a choice and voters in Marin and Sonoma have made some bad choices in the past congressional elections. Woolsey was a do nothing but a leftest mouthpiece. Norm is made of the same stuff only left of Woolsey if that is possible.

    The people of this country will decide if it goes the way of Greece and Italy or will common sense prevail and we turn the economy around and begin to dig out of this socialist hole that has been dug while we stood by and watched.

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  43. Kim says:

    Mockingbird, Obama has NOT sent home more illegals than any previous president. Probably happened before you were born but back during the Great Depression many were sent packing. Please check you facts!

    As for the illegal alian who killed the four year old in the cross walk in Santa Rosa….did ya notice that the Press Democrat didn’t put up the article in Watch Sonoma County for comment? Way to go PD, how can you stand tall without a spine?

    As for Sean Penn…..anyone he endorses or most any cause he advocates for makes me want to turn and run in the opposite direction, such as in this case.

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  44. Joyce Garcia says:

    So if Sean Penn supports Norm, does Norm support Castro and Communism as well? If not, why would he want to be associated with Penn? There is something to be said about who you surround yourself by….Sean Penn….bad for freedom.

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  45. Western Cluebird says:

    Here’s a campaign slogan for Norm, free of charge-

    “Let’s Lurch Left”.
    Try saying it 10 times real fast.

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  46. Kay Tokerud says:

    Norman Soloman, Lisa ‘union boss’ Maldonado and scofflaw Assemblyman Michael Allen are working together and created the Green New Deal. That’s all the information I need to not vote for Solomon. Michael Allen was found guilty of conflicts of interest and fined $3,000 by the Fair Political Practices Commission. Maldonado was his campaign chairperson I believe. Birds of a feather…

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  47. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Greedyselfishlibs- oh, and Obama has sent more illegals home than ANY previous President!

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  48. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Greedyselfishlibs-there are lots and lots of WHITE AMERICAN people out there driving with no license and drunk are skunks. Sending all the illegals back to their country of origin WILL NOT SOLVE LITTLE CHILDREN BEING RUN OVER. Only if everyone keeps their eyes on the road, not drive high, and not play with their electronic toys, put on makeup, adjust their pantyhose, eat and smoke, and so on while driving.

    I want to say more about your posts but I’m much too polite.

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  49. Not A Chance says:

    @ Fiscal Con

    “I hope Jim Judd runs again”

    2010 Congressional Race results:

    Woolsey 67%
    Judd 30%

    And before you start going on and on about how Lynn isn’t running and its a new race, Lynn lost popularity over the years and still steam rolled every candidate by a mile. Sonoma County is a LIBERAL county, Jim Judd would get smashed by Huffman or Solomon, so keep dreaming or at least hope someone big switches parties.

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  50. Jason Valez says:

    @Jim M Norman Soloman is free to deny that he is a socialist on this site. If it’s true, it’s not mudslinging. Remember, if elected, he will be representing us in the United States Congress so he needs to respond to this. The Progressive Caucus members in the Congress, more than 80 of them, are allegedly representing the Democratic Socialist Party of America. Would Mr. Soloman join that caucus? Of course he would, he actively supports them in his writings. I also want to know what his position is on UN Agenda 21? I wonder if he plans to attend the 20th anniversary of UN Agenda 21 in Rio? What is his position on ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainibility? Let’s get the answers before deciding who to vote for.

    Read what he is saying, it’s enlightening and clearly shows what he will stand for if elected. Don’t vote for Norman Soloman for Congress.

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  51. Chief Looking Left says:

    Who is running for the seat, Penn or what’s his name? The PD article sounds like Penn is the candidate from the left corner of the ring.

    The candidate believes Obama compromises too much. He has given away to much and that only the government can provide the “good jobs” like Roosevelt did in the New Deal.

    His heros are Chavez, Castro, Marxism and of course, Penn.

    This guy is a fringe candidate with fringe ideas. He is a political writer and media critic. He has not held political office and has been a political street theater protester.

    Hopefully the demos will come up with a real candidate with some real ideas instead of an ideologue. But this is Sonoma County where anything can pass for political reality.

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  52. Jim M says:

    @Jason Valez
    What makes someone a socialist is if they promote socialist policies, not if their name and socialist come up together in google.

    I am not a supporter of Norman Soloman, but the truth is he does not believe the majority of businesses should be operated by the government, therefore he is not a socialist.

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  53. Jason Valez says:

    I’m sure Norman Soloman is a Socialist. A quick Google search will clearly demonstrate this. Just put in Socialism and Norman Soloman. He’s their guy. Sorry if some people don’t like that. It’s not illegal to be a socialist. Just look at the Democratic Socialist Party website. According to them all Progressives in Congress are Democratic Socialists. Are they lying? No, but the candidates are. They never say, as far as I know that they belong to this Party. Progressive is just another word for Socialist. Soloman is a big, big socialist.

    I like our Constitution, it’s incredible. The reason everything is so bad right now is because our laws have been broken. Corruption is rampant in both parties and the change we can believe in, should be enforcing the laws and locking the bad guys up. Rounding up all the white collar theives would boost the economy and raise our morale too. Obama doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing that, does he?

    People that want to ‘transform’ the government like Soloman have not made their case or shown that there’s another form of government that’s better than ours. Ours is the best, hands down. If our system is broken, let’s fix it not throw it away and open the floodgates to something else far worse. If capitalism goes away, what else could take its place other than Socialism or Communism? Norman should get on here and tell us himself if he supports the Constitution or not. I don’t think he does.

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  54. Greedyselfishlibs says:

    Ok mr soloman,what do you think about the child that was hit and left to die by the illegal alien that had no license,insurance and fled the scene??
    Are you if favor of the sanctuary city? Look at all the other regulations that liberals implement with the caveat “if it saves just one child” So whats your answer?
    No fair blaming Bush either,he’s not President anymore

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  55. Greedyselfishlibs says:

    Are the voters of this district that dumb?
    You deserve to loose everything if you vote for …this

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  56. Truth Teller says:

    Hey Guy, there are FOUR declared candidates for the 2nd Congressional District.

    The other two are Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams and Petaluma Citycouncilwoman Tiffany Renee.

    Who gives you the authority to decide who the two “front-runners” are and ignore the fact of the other two? Do you have a poll that we haven’t heard about?

    You display very bad journalism and do a disservice to readers.

    Also curious you ignore the two women in the race and promote the two men.

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  57. beaer says:

    I could care less about Sean Penn.

    But I have issues with folks throwing around the label “socialist” like they labelled people “communist” in the 1950s. I’m always willing to debate policy and results. But there is no point in bashing people with labels.

    If the opposite of pure “socialism” is pure “capitalism” I’d suggest that neither produces good results. That’s why the US has generally tried to balance the two since the 1930s.

    I think our economic crisis is half chance and half manufactured by folks who profit from it. Sorry about everyone’s 401Ks, I’m in a fixed income retirement system, but we’re just as vulnerable as everyone else, and I think we’re all about to get scr****d some more.

    Seriously, who profits from our pain? Lets ignore labels and vote for people who best represent our interests.

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  58. Dogs Rule says:

    Maybe Sean Penn can come up here again and overthrow the unholy alliance between John Brown and Dan Fish which is oppressive to Petalumans and sickening, too. The City Council won’t do it so we need outside help. Now that would be mighty humanitarian.

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  59. Fiscal Conservative says:

    I hope Jim Judd runs again. Jim operates a family owned small business, he is one of us hardworking taxpayers.

    This clown Soloman is a Marin County political activist.I doubt he has ever had a blister on his hands.

    In my opinion, my family needs to be represented by someone who has been in our shoes, Not some elitist smile-clown Woolsey wanna-be, who rubs shoulders with an actor we could care less about.

    This is not news, this is political propaganda “Sean Penn takes supporting role in north coast congressional campaign”. Print unworthy of the bird cage floor.

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  60. Jason Valez says:

    Don’t vote for a socialist. Anyone else would be better. Too bad about Sean Penn, I guess he drank the kool-aid. I like Madonna but I don’t see the relevance of her in the article about Norman Soloman. Are we supposed to associate him with her and think it would be cool to vote for him? Who wrote this tripe? This shouldn’t be a popularity contest, this is about who will be representing us in the US Congress, do we want a socialist? I certainly don’t.

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  61. Juvenal says:


    Given that Lynn Woolsey is the incumbent, it seems illogical to suppose that the district should have to “go” anything to elect a replacement with her views. Sean Penn lives in the District. Are you saying he has no right to participate in the political process? At least he is an actual person, not a corporation. By the way, there is nothing to stop you and your buddies from having a fund raiser channeling the ghosts of Hitler, Pinocet, Attilla the Hun…

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  62. SP says:


    I don’t totally disagree with you, however, in Penn’s defense, he did more for the victims of the Haiti earthquake than any government did. I’ve got o give him some credit for that.

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  63. Anderson says:

    Perhaps Penn can get his leftist dictator buddies Hugo Chavez and Fidel to show for Solomon too, or get the ghost of Karl Marx to join in.

    Has Sonoma County gone so looney tunes extremist that this type of ” Woolsey-like” candidate can be taken seriously?

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