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Solomon surpasses $100,000 in donations

Norman Solomon


Norman Solomon, a Marin County political activist and author, announced Tuesday that he has raised more than $100,000 for a potential run for Congress in what is now a Marin-Sonoma district.

“We’re gaining the kind of traction that a grassroots campaign needs in order to win,” Solomon said. “The groundswell of support is very encouraging.”

Solomon said he received donations from more than 650 people.

Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, the other announced potential candidate, reported in April that he had raised more than $120,000 in donations.

Both men say they will run if Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, retires at the end of her 10th term in 2012. And both have said that it could cost more than $1 million to win a wide-open congressional race.

Woolsey, 73, is expected to announce her retirement on Monday at her home in Petaluma.

Solomon, well known in the ranks of progressive Democrats, is likely to position himself as more liberal than Huffman, analysts say.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Solomon said he will advocate for “guaranteed health care, full employment, green sustainability, full funding for public education, fundamental changes in federal spending priorities and an end to perennial war.”

He is now in his third consecutive term as an elected member of the California Democratic Party’s state central committee.

Federal Election Commission records show that Huffman reported $123,079 in campaign donations through the period ending March 31. Solomon, who did not have a report on file, said that his first financial report is due July 15.

Woolsey reported $39,214 in donations.

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, the incumbent North Coast congressman and a prolific fund-raiser, reported nearly $193,000 in donations.

The North Bay political landscape appears headed for major change in 2012, as the first draft of new congressional district maps released by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission includes a coastal district running from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border, including both Huffman’s and Solomon’s homes but excluding Santa Rosa.

The adjacent district, which includes Thompson’s home and political base in Napa County, runs inland from Santa Rosa to Yuba County, including Lake, Glenn, Colusa and Sutter counties and part of Yolo County.

Thompson has declined to discuss his plans pending final adoption of the new districts, scheduled on Aug. 15.

18 Responses to “Solomon surpasses $100,000 in donations”

  1. dan roberts says:

    One thing going for Norm as he campaigns for the new 2nd congressional seat is the fact that he has extensive business experience in the private sector. Jerred lacks this real world background. as with Norm, my candidacy for this seat brings many years of professional real world experience(in financial management) to the table. Now more than ever, a strong measure of executive,hands on business success is needed to balance national goals both social and monitary. Both Norm and myself offer this important background. Jerred does not. Dan Roberts also will be a candidate for this open seat.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Tom Lynch, I believe that War Made Easy can still be viewed for free here:

    It is a very powerful film that everyone should see at least once.

  3. Sam Christopher says:

    Norman Soloman is a serious threat to the people of Northern California. Most Democrats, rank and file, who call themselves ‘progressive’ have no idea what that means. If you want to restrict your free movement in a private vehicle, wash your clothes by hand and hang them out to dry, ride a bike everywhere, live in a small apartment with no outdoor space, and amuse yourself with the fantasy of free everything for everyone then vote for Norm. We’re not playing games here, folks. You’ll be mocked if you call him what he is: a socialist. It’s not illegal to be a socialist but it’s misleading to pretend to be something else–a ‘progressive’democrat.

    Huffman is the man to elect.

  4. Dan Monte says:

    With a military budget that has double over the last ten years to nearly 60 percent of the total budget I think someone who opposes wars of choice and aggression is the realist.

  5. Tom Lynch says:

    Hi Michael,

    Could you please tell us where to find “War Made Easy” available free online. Saw the trailer on netflix…looks good.

  6. It’s exciting to think the north coast may elect Norman Solomon. He’s devoted his life to promoting a principled, democratic politics (in an age when cliche’, personal attacks, and opportunism too often overshadow our democratic principles); and he’s had the courage to address difficult issues like our nation’s spending priorities and foreign policies. I hope readers don’t get distracted by cliched personal attacks like “Ultra Liberal.” Go to his web sites, read his commentaries and books (Some can be found free online), watch his movie “War Made Easy” (It’s also free online), and read about what he’s done. I wish he was running for President. I’m thankful he’s at least running for Congress.

  7. GAJ says:

    Oh yeah, that’s what we need, a uber left wing “political activist” as opposed to a fiscal realist.

  8. Liz says:

    So far I am not happy with any of the candidates stepping forward.
    Also why are they all stepping forward saying they are going to run for Lynn’s seat when her seat no longer exists. With the new redistricting maps the 6th district is gone.
    Will the Lynn people take the costal district? and Thompson take the SR east to Napa district or what. I think they better talk with Thompson and see what his plans are as to where he plans to run.
    With the new redistricting everything changes, and it’s about time!

  9. Susan Harman says:

    Norman will more than carry on Woolsey’s legacy; he will improve on it. He is the candidate to fully represent this district.

  10. Article failed to mention a very strong local candidate: Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams – http://www.susanadamsforcongress.comy

  11. DEAD ECONOMY says:

    Vote for an equivalent liberal, keep Californians on welfare and run the remaining business out of state, promote more water agency flunkies to $120,000 /year jobs figuring out how to fleece the public, employeee a woolsey clone in county government (already at the SCWA circus).

  12. Who cares says:

    Soloman is a progressive, period. Huffman is more balanced. My vote goes to Huffman, no matter how much money is raised by the two candidates.

  13. Chris says:

    I think Woolsey has been a good representative. I am not sure either Huffman or Solomon would be good replacements. I want to see a representative emerge that understands how to make congress work for their district, is locally focused, but progressively brilliant in national issues, will know when to be pragmatic and when to stick to their guns.

    Thompson has done this well in the neighboring district (although he is technically a blue dog, he is pragmatic and progressive on all the important matters). Huffman has shown a lack of ability to hold important ground for the district, specifically in the water bond fiasco a couple years ago where he sold the North Bay down the river.

    Solomon is an accomplished author and has a good position on national and international issues, but he has no experience in making government work for a district and only a limited history, mostly Marin centric, on local issues.

    I’m still waiting for a candidate…

  14. County Worker says:

    Run Norman Run!!

  15. Skippy says:

    Thankfully, there is in Mr. Solomon a man wise enough to lead us out of the bitter inequities of liberty into the Promised Land of Socialism.
    All will be equal!
    Gwine be no mo’ limousines(except his, of course).
    Gaia be praised!

  16. Reality Check says:

    Is there an elected Republican within 100 miles of here? That’s just the way it is. Any Republican who runs has either a martyr complex or just enjoys getting out and meeting people.

  17. Alex says:

    Sad…just more of the same