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Former county chief helps give Forbes a ‘collective raspberry’

Bob Deis, the former chief administrator for Sonoma County, is probably not missing his old job these days, given the county’s budgetary issues and struggles to remove Agricultural Commissioner Cathy Neville.

But Deis, who shortly after leaving Sonoma County took the job as city manager in Stockton, has his own issues to deal with. Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Stockton as the “Most Miserable Large Town in America.”

“The population of the Stockton metro area soared 28 percent over the past 10 years as people looked for affordable options to the pricey Bay Area,” the magazine wrote. “The population flow helped home prices jump 158 percent between 2000 and 2005, but they have fallen the past two years, as Stockton has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.”

The city rated high in the “misery measure’ for its rates in violent crime, unemployment, commute times, superfund sites and income tax rates.

“Stockton has issues that it needs to address, but an article like this is the equivalent of bayoneting the wounded,” Deis was quoted in Forbes. “I find it unfair, and it does everybody a disservice.”

On the positive side, it sounds as if the story has helped pull the community together.

Recently, a few thousand Stockton residents gathered on a section of town known as the “Miracle Mile” for a festival in response to the coverage. In an editorial this week, the Stockton Record said the city came together “to give the Forbes magazine publisher what amounted to a collective raspberry.”

- Paul Gullixson


16 Responses to “Former county chief helps give Forbes a ‘collective raspberry’”

  1. Juvenal says:

    Maybe Deis will solve Stockton’s problems by making employee healthcare benefits pensionable, like he did here.

  2. TheObserver says:

    @ opENG 39:

    I don’t care if you saw a pregnant 15 year old collect a check. That wasn’t a fiscal problem when California (and the nation) was rolling in money due to low borrowing and high tax receipts due to a killer economy.

    Let me simply restate: If you borrow and spend, as Republicans do (rather than tax and spend) you go broke. Not rocket science. End of story.

  3. “Members believe in creating better communities and just societies”

    Is this for all, some or the few?

    Becouse right now we are all paying for the unfunded liabilities of the few.

    I personally don’t see this creating a better community. I see that parting our community and lowering our basic services we have paid for.

    I also do not see taxing everyone and giving the pension to a few a just society.

    I think taking mandatory political contributions from members and then funding polititions is not just either.

    I am a union supporter but think it is time for them to reform to adapt to a new century and a new economy.

    I agree with the Op Eng. that the socialist agenda has created some huge problems.

    How do we fix therse problems Bro?

    You represent the union on this forum,
    what are your suggestions on the unfunded liabilities and the drastic cuts our municipal governments are forced to contend with?

  4. OpENG 39 says:

    Hey Union Bro, your lack of understanding of the socialist agenda of the liberal party is outstanding! Do you comprehend the anti-police, anti-military, anti-religious, anti-self determination that your bro’s stand for? Do you attempt to cover up the “no white man or moderate family” will ever be promoted agenda of the AFL-CIO? The Tea party candidates won on an 85% sucess ratio in the last election! California and the sister socialist states of NY etc are a laughing stock to moderate Americans. Save your breath, youv’e fooled no one.

  5. Union Bro says:

    At OpENG39…
    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t your name insinuate that you belong to Local 39 of the Operating Engineers? Last time I looked they were a union and I thought unions and their members believed in creating better communities and just societies? I don’t see that belief in what I read in your post.

  6. OpENG 39 says:

    Hey Observer! I watched pregnant 15 year olds get out of cadillac Escalades to collect county support checks, while we sat in negotiations to give our family based benefits away. And its a Republican caused problem? Easy to see why this liberal lead, disfunctional state is in such trouble…..and you all elected Noreen Evans??

  7. cmm says:

    Why even bring this article up??
    Is the PD still infatuated with Bob

    He was terminated in Sonoma County for
    various discrepancies. Then he moves
    on and former Bos says its a misunderstanding..

    Stockton if your not miserable now, you
    will be , this is from someone who
    knew the inner workings of the County…

    Hush, hush……..

  8. TheObserver says:

    @ still waters:

    It is amazing what a trailer park California has turned into. Eight California cities listed in the top 20 “most miserable” and four of them made the top five (Forbes magazine ranking).

    This is the natural result of a borrow and spend policy that republicans have lived by since Ronald Reagan. Even the stupidist individual knows that regardless of income, if you continue to borrow and spend, you’ll end up broke.

    Our nation expects us to stay out of debt and pay our taxes, while it parties on a dime supplied by CHINA. We’re idiots…we deserve whatever misery comes our way.

  9. bm says:

    Glad Mr. Deis has moved on, he left
    Sonoma County a freakin mess…

    Decimated the Retiree Health Care Plan,
    had an HR Director who had an
    incompetent Department…

    Oh yes, we still are feeling the
    bad mojo from various left overs who
    have no compassion for workers, layoff
    people without proper notifcation and
    what else… The list goes on and on….

  10. truth in news says:

    If there is a pit in hell reserved for the lowest scum of the earth Bob Dias will be at the bottom of it. His tactic of feathering his nest with the very benifits he was stripping away from Sonoma County employees will not be forgotten.

  11. Still Waters says:

    Maybe Mr. Bob Deis should hire Ms. Cathy Neville as a consultant for Stockton. He hired her for the Sonoma Ag Commission and look how that turned out. If he had so much faith in her abilities, he should take her off Sonoma County’s hands along with a number of other Department Heads he hand-picked who are still decimating the budget with their poor judgement.

  12. ODB414 says:

    I can’t think of a city and administrator more deserving of each other.

  13. joseph donegan says:

    Interesting way to retire?

  14. TheObserver says:

    Deis inherited a dying city. I’m hoping he took the job to make real improvements and help its residents out. Stockton has been a troubled place for a lot more than 10 years…

  15. Sarky Fish says:

    Gee, unemployment in Santa Rosa remains high; gang life flourishes; the homeless stalk the streets like the Night of the Living Dead; stores are boarded up, and a progressive PD editor gets sniffy and high and mighty about Stockton. Editor: look down at your feet.

  16. Fiscal Conservative says:

    Now thats too funny”

    Collective rasberry…as in the Red Collective.

    Good one!…..