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County to make public Neville report

The veil of secrecy surrounding the dismissal of Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner Cathy Neville  is about to be lifted. And with it, the public may get an idea of why Amy Cooper, the head of animal control services, was fired last July only to be rehired for the same position earlier this month.

We’ve received word that the county has been given permission from Judge Patrick Broderick to make public the 35-page internal investigation report on Neville that led to her dismissal. County spokesman Jim Leddy says the documents likely will be filed later today. We’ll get a copy soon after.

As I noted in my Sunday column, Staff Writer Derek Moore has submitted a state Public Records Act request seeking  documents related to the dismissal of Neville. In particular, he asked for the investigation report of  Neville, who was placed on paid leave on Jan. 12 and finally fired on March 22.

The county  refused that request on the grounds of privacy and attorney-client privilege. But at the same time, county attorneys appealed to Broderick to allow those very documents to be included in the public record as part of Neville’s lawsuit over her firing. She claims her termination was arbitrary and political. The county wants to prove otherwise, and, presumably, the investigation report helps the county make its case.

We’ll find out soon enough. As I noted, we would have preferred to access these documents through our California Public Records Act request, but at least the documents will see the light of day. It will be interesting to see how much o the information is redacted.

- Paul Gullixson

11 Responses to “County to make public Neville report”

  1. TheObserver says:

    How about just making the ACC a “no-kill” facility? They do exist.

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  2. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Please stop this about the kill rate. We all know it’s a problem. But that isn’t related to issue of Neville, the county, and Cooper.

    If you all can come up with reasonable changes that can be implemented, willing to volunteer and adopt more animals, take in animals that are sick or violent, pay into a donation fund for adoptions and spaying and neutering of animals then call the Animal control. The workers and Amy Cooper don’t really want to put all those animals down.

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  3. Common Sense says:

    @UC Ed’ed;
    I’ve been to the shelter and the vast majority of animals there are not “wild” or “dangerous”, but domestic cats and dogs and other domestic pets that have been either abondoned, neglected or given up to the shelter by people. While, the shelter is not to blame for the high number of animals, that responsibility lies with all of us who buy or adopt animals we are uncapable of caring for, they are responsible for how those animals are treated and cared for while in their custody. I believe that the point Dog Rules was trying to make is that the care being given and the effort being made to locate homes is less then adequate, but that is just my interpetation of his comment.

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  4. Just Me says:

    @Dogs Rule…are you just as disgusted with the Humane Society’s kill rate? Or are they your best buddys?

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  5. UC ED'ed says:

    @ dogs rule, every time an article is posted regarding the Ag commissioner, you attempt to use the “SCACC kills too many animals” card, could it be possible that the reason the PD does not run the article you so desperately want them to because they understand where the euthanasia numbers come from? ie, Wild, dangerous, and feral animals. Just an idea.

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  6. Dogs Rule says:

    How come the PD cannot stomach going into that shelter and doing a real story on what those animals endure under every regime since 1981. Just why? I will never understand your thirst for gossip and mania over one government job versus the real story sitting in your back yard for decades. Go there. Ask for the kill reports, look around, be journalists. You don’t have to go to a war zone to see death and failure – we got SCACC.

    This horrible shelter operates as a tax payer funded death camp and no matter what happens- the PD doesn’t care.

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  7. On To Truth & Justice says:

    Lets see. Three wars in the Middle East this country is involved in. Several countries in the Middle East in revolt. Oil prices which affects everything rising like an Iranian rocket. The national debt out of control and the government printing money like there is no tomorrow. A county government deficit out of control.

    Oh, we are suppose to be concerned about a little old ag commissioner who was fired for obvious reasons.

    Some might say this is a distraction by the left wing press. Or as the late South Vietnamese Madame Ngo Dihn Nhu might have said, “let them eat cake.”

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  8. Sarky Fish says:

    Wow! Heady stuff; as big as Watergate. Finally, the PD gets into investigative journalism…concerning a dog catcher. Think Pulitzer. The north coast is riveted to this story.

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  9. NOTUTOO says:

    Is this what Amy Cooper wants?

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  10. Steele says:

    “Nothing up my sleeve…..presto”

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  11. Dave Smith says:

    It’s about time… Should be interesting!

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