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Immigration attorney on hunger strike


In the first days he felt more energy than usual. Then came weariness. Then he was lightheaded.

Immigration attorney Richard Coshnear prepares juices for the day at home. He has been on a juice and water hunger strike since March 31 to protest the cooperation between county law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. (Jeff Kan Lee / PD)

But Santa Rosa immigration attorney Richard Coshnear has persisted in a hunger strike which today reaches its 11th day.

In refusing to eat, the 53-year-old activist has become an extreme example of the passions over illegal immigration issues.

Coshnear, who is drinking water and fruit juice, said he is trying to force Sonoma County supervisors to look into and stop local cooperation with federal immigration authorities, raise public awareness, and energize immigrants to pressure the board.

“I want to see that the county actually does something, that the supervisors take up the issue and address it fully,” he said.

Specifically, Coshnear wants supervisors to act on a recommendation made in February by the county’s Commission on Human Rights.

The commission urged the board to adopt a County of Family Unity ordinance prohibiting local resources from being used to help enforce federal immigration laws except in cases involving human trafficking or people convicted of serious or violent felonies.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a branch of the Homeland Security Department, “is a federal operation and we are expected to comply with that,” said First District Supervisor Valerie Brown.

“There would be no reason to bring a resolution before the board that we couldn’t support,” she said. “I certainly appreciate the passion Mr. Coshnear has for this issue, but we know what we can do by law and what we can’t,” she said.

Board Chairman Efren Carrillo criticized Coshnear’s arguments and said the commission report contained errors that need to be fixed and that had made it “divisive to an extent.”

He also noted that in summer 2010, when the federal Secure Communities program took effect, he wrote state legislators urging them to halt its deployment at the local level until there was a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws.

“It’s irresponsible to say that we’ve been unresponsive,” he said.

News about Coshnear’s hunger strike has spread quickly among immigration rights activists.

“He’s ignited a spark in us,” said Evelina Molina of Santa Rosa, an organizer with Alianza de Las Madres Activas por Justicia, or the Alliance of the Mothers Active for Justice.

Molina said activists are planning actions to support Coshnear — including 24-hour fasts — and that his strike has raised the bar for their efforts.

“It’s kind of like a wake-up call to us, that we have to step up our game,” said Molina, who is also a member of the Human Rights Commission, but said she is not speaking on its behalf.

Asked how far he intends to take his hunger strike, Coshnear, who stands 5-foot-11 and weighs about 180 pounds, said, “That’s a tough question.”

He said he is prepared to stop his strike if his physical condition interferes with his ability to represent clients in several important cases in late April. Otherwise, he plans to maintain it until he accomplishes his goal.

“I’m going to maintain it until I hear from a supervisor that the board is going to take up the issue and take it up seriously,” he said.

Asked what would happen if Coshnear were to fall seriously ill, Brown said: “I really hope he takes care of himself. I think he’s of no use to anybody if he doesn’t, and he does have important issues that he has take care of.”

You can reach Staff Writer Jeremy Hay at 521-5212 or jeremy.hay@pressdemocrat.com.

46 Responses to “Immigration attorney on hunger strike”

  1. Jean Anderson says:


    Illegals can and do vote if they have a fake ID and registration.

    Wise up.

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  2. Skippy says:

    This sincere knucklehead must be getting pretty hungry by now.
    He gave up his hunger strike?
    So much for commitment.

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  3. Wendy says:

    Hey people of Sonoma County. Learn your laws before you open your mouths!!!

    1. Illegals can’t vote (swaying the illegal vote is not possible)

    2. Who is going to pick fruits, vegetables and cut meat so you all can buy it cheap. (Hello when have you seen a white person picking grapes?)

    3. You can’t just apply for a green card it’s only given to a selected few (Come on 1/2 of the county yes white people are currently on welfare and don’t even know how to adequately type a resume)


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  4. Joseph says:

    This man, in the company of Daven Cardenas and Alicia Sanchez organized a protest of 200 illegal immigrants on October 31, 2009.
    This led to meetings with our police chief Tom Schwedhelm. As a result a man who was previous cited and convicted of driving with our a license was cited a second time: However his car was not impounded as required by the California on the second offense.
    Five days later this man failed to stop at a crosswalk where other drivers had stopped to allow a family to cross and killed a four year old boy.
    An accident that would not of happened if the car had been impounded as a matter of law.
    Sad, very sad that the inconvience of a criminal takes presidence over the life of a child, or any one for that matter.

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  5. Johnmac says:

    Actually, this state needs less lawyers. Maybe more attorneys need to start this practice. The illegals are breaking the law just like robbers and tax evaders. Send them back and let them apply for a green card like other immigrants throughout the world that want legal entrance into America. We have laws for a reason. If you don’t like the laws, pack your bags and try to get into Canada.

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  6. Vote watcher says:

    5,000 votes. Sorry for the typo.

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  7. Vote watcher says:

    San Mateo county counted up close to 5,000 cotes cast by illega immigrants in the 2008 election. That’s one county. You do the math. It does matter.

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  8. Really Big Fish says:


    Your response presents no substantive foundation for a rebuttal.

    Have you seen the Gieco commercal where the sarcastic suit and tie guy swaggers up to the camera and asks ” Have you been living under a rock?” Absolutely and with out a doubt Sonoma County Supervisors ( as well as the President of the United States)are slobbering in their Burkenstocks for the illegal immigrant vote.

    You can Google “United States Constitution” for your reading enjoyment.

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  9. GreedBreeds says:


    This is what a REAL hunger strike looks like. Just a thought, not asking you to agree with the politics of this article, but merely the method and the true rammifications this woman is facing.

    So Really Big Fish, you are implying that the supervisors support illegal immigration in order to get a vote.

    Now, as it stands, current US law does dictate that not having US or US supported documentation while being in the US is against the law, I won’t argue that. Crossing the border illegally as well, right?

    So by this logic, most people in this country are law-abiding citizens and of course would oppose this. I don;t blame them, so then how can this be logistic if the supervisors would openly support law-breaking just to get a vote. That would not work.

    So I think this concept is blurry since if most people dont support the law being broken, then the supes would have to act accordingly.
    The people who recieve this label are people who understand that our current (anti)immigration system and want something to be done.
    You also need to understand how our government behaves on a global scale.

    We outsource our jobs to other countries and those are the jobs taken from Americans not the ones that are trully backbreaking and pay below the standard of living. So how can your statement “Stopping illegal immigration will create jobs and housing, balance the budget and provide for safer community living” hold any real weight?

    It is very obvious that our contry has fallen in near 3rd-world status because of other reasons.

    BigFish, you are transferring blame for our economic woes on other people, which is exactly what those who you cannot see want to happen.

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  10. Really Big Fish says:

    How pathetic! Only a Sonoma county haphazard intellectually -challenged attorney would think a “Juice and water” health diet regime could be argued as a”hunger strike.” Someone contact America’s funniest videos!
    Remember to vote no for the supervors who politically support illegal immigration just to get a vote. All supervisors should be using this person as an example to demonstrate how incompetent attorneys can be and what political corruption actually looks like. I’ll bet not one supervisor will step forward to say illegal immigration must stop now so that we honor our laws and taxpaying citizens. Stopping illegal immigration will create jobs and housing, balance the budget and provide for safer community living. That’s what supervisors are supposed to be doing. What about the civil and human rights of the taxpaying citizens!!!!

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  11. GreedBreeds says:

    @ GAJ

    Good for you. I am glad things work out for you.
    Still does not take away from the BIG things in our society that have happened where our government has failed us.

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  12. GAJ says:

    Wiped out your 401k?


    Only if you were dumb enough to sell at the bottom.

    If you’d held on you’d be about even now.

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  13. GreedBreeds says:

    I think it’s beautiful that so much energy is spent on this issue. To see all these thumbs up and downs.

    YOU ARE AMERICA! This is why our nation is beautiful. We can debate, yes, we will not always agree, but some of the comments I see from folks (please do read them all) give me a good chuckle.

    We have been put to sleep. This whole fasting fiasco has brought back to the table many heated discussions. Many of which serve to further divide an already pacified and subservient population.
    This is all the proof I need:

    Certain corporations that wish to remain nameless (I bet many of you already know specifically who or by now you can decide whether or not to do the research)crippled the stock market, wiped out half of our 401Ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, and paid no taxes. WHAT DID WE DO ABOUT THAT? Nothing is what, and to top off the energy going into matters which by comparison are trivial and lesser of a priority.
    Happy days America…Happy days…

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  14. Chris says:

    Jon D:

    However, if he was REALLY was on a hunger strike…it would just be water and not juices. This is a publicity stunt to get noticed, nothing heroic.

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  15. Juice master says:

    He’s juicing. Big deal. The manufacturer of the juicer he is using will tell you it is fine to juice and drink water… Very healthy. Hunger stricke? No.

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  16. Jon D says:

    @Chris Well good for you for having a job. I have to work to support my family too. If someone is willing to put their health on the line for something he believes in then Good for him and should be commend it. Take a look in our history. Enough said.! Good day!

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  17. Chris says:

    @Jon D

    Actually, I have a job that I work very hard at to make sure my family is taken care of. If I had a job like this guy, I’d have time to stand up and fast, however, I’m like the other normal people who actually have to work.

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  18. Jon D says:

    All I have to say is “ACTION speaks louder than words”. If you are passionate about it then than stand up!

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  19. Skippy says:

    If this concerned fellow wants to act like he is risking his health to highlight a perceived injustice, swell.
    Of course this should have no influence on policy, as all the folks he defends are criminals by definition.
    Perhaps he could join them in Mexico after the mass deportations.
    Actually, if he encouraged the Mexicans to rise up Egypt/Libya style, they could throw off the oppressive racist oligarchy that enslaves them at home and forces them across the border.
    Of course that would involve some actual physical risk to Mr. Coshnear, rather than the meaningless narcissistic exhibition in which he is currently engaged.
    Now that would really be speaking truth to power!

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  20. Chris says:

    @Jon D.

    The problem is that a Hunger Strike doesn’t work. What will he accomplish? NOTHING. What will we accomplish? nothing, adding that if we went on a hunger strike against illegal immigration, we’d be dubbed RACIST.

    To make this work, one man isn’t enough. Now I could see if the “whole” latino population in Sonoma County did a hunger strike in front of the the Sonoma County Supervisors office for a week, then ya…that might do something. Just like it would take all of us who are against illegal immigration to do the same.

    So no, we’re not going to shut up.

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  21. Reality Check says:


    What has a hunger strike to do with the issue of immigration? What we have here is a good old-fashioned publicity stunt. And it got the attention of the PD.

    Now, it may be that Mr. Coshnear is willing to suffer in behave of his beliefs. If so, good for him. He’s willing to do more than most in behalf of a cause.

    But that willingness, however admirable, is not an argument one way or the other on the merits of anything. It is does nothing more than measure the intensity of his feelings . . and savvy for generating publicity.

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  22. Jon D. says:

    Richard Coshnear believes in this issue so he is going on a hunger strike and I commend him on that. Seems like some of you are passionate about illegal immigration so why don’t you go on a hunger strike on that. Put up or shut up!

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  23. Josh Stevens says:

    Just curious,

    Has there ever been a successful hunger strike?

    Do any of you know?

    Perhaps Mr.Coshnear should eat his humble pie.

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  24. Dave Madigan says:

    @Steve said:

    There is nothing keeping these illegal immigrants from taking their families and going home either! Life is about choices. Let them make the choice to either follow our laws and customs or get the hell out. Maybe we can send them to live with you and you can feed, cloth and get them on your health plan so people like me don’t have to foot the bill.”

    Steve, you might want to re-read my post. You and I are in total agreement!

    Let me be very clear:

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  25. Steve says:

    There is nothing keeping these illegal immigrants from taking their families and going home either! Life is about choices. Let them make the choice to either follow our laws and customs or get the hell out. Maybe we can send them to live with you and you can feed, cloth and get them on your health plan so people like me don’t have to foot the bill.

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  26. Steve says:

    Richard Coshnear is a product of our liberal society and the entitlement class.
    It all comes down to two things, legality and responsibility.
    First and foremost is the legality issue. Illegal immigrants are just that “Illegal” and it speaks to the integrity of our legal system when an attorney may actually have the ability to affect law enforcements duty to enforce the laws that we the people have voted into place with out proper and due course. If we are allowed as a society to choose which of our rules we wish to enforce upon some of the people and which can be ignored by others we will eventually divide the classes into the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”. And you can be sure of one thing. Those like Mr. Coshnear will be on the side of the “Haves” and you and I will become the “Have Nots”.
    The second issue is responsibility. There are far too many people like Mr. Coshnear telling me and everyone else what is good for us with out taking responsibility for their actions. If he feels illegal aliens have right in this country, I say let him and everyone who agrees with him have them and pay for them. Just get out that check book and write a very large check the the state of California to help pay for the strain on our infrastructure.
    So, Mr Coshnear and those like you either man up or shut up! You are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem.
    You as an attorney should be disbarred for not knowing the definition of “illegal”.

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  27. Dave Madigan says:

    @Mary Norman said:

    “I want to repeat that innocent people are being affected and there is a lot of suffering by the tearing apart of families.”

    Yes Mary, innocent people ARE being affected. The citizens and taxpayers of the United States are being affected big time by the invasion of illgal aliens.

    The tearing apart of families need not occur. The illegal aliens that are deported can bring their families with them as they leave the United States.

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  28. Common Sense says:

    @Mary Norman,
    I agree that name calling is the sign of a weak argument, so I will point out that few of the posted comments call anyone names and the ones that do we are free ignore, but they have every right to their opinion.
    I would also point out that you are actually wrong in regards to the law, it is a crime to “enter” the U.S. illegally, please see Title 8 of the U.S. Code, sections 1325 et al. Also, in and of itself, something that is a misdemeanor is a crime, just punished at a lower degree then others.
    More importantly, in what way are those of us who support our laws, as we are a nation of laws, to blame for families that are separated? In what way do we somehow now deserve the label of “mean” or cruel that you seem to be inferring upon us? I say, don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. We must be responsible for our actions and/or sometimes our failure to act. Our motivations for the action may be good or just, but we should still suffer the consequence, whether good or bad. This isn’t about social justice within the U.S., it’s about the lack of it elsewhere and we don’t always have the ability or resources to deal with every other Nation’s lack of social justice.

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  29. Chris says:

    Misdemeanor isn’t a crime? When did this happen?
    Being here illegally is a crime. Albeit be that it’s a MISDEMEANOR, still doesn’t make it OK for them to be here.
    Also, please tell me how people are being mean spirited. The one thing I know is that Ted Appel and the PD staff does not tolerate any kind of meanness on here. They try to make this place a forum for people to make arguments and not to belittle people. I know this because I had tried to compare one of the posters to historical figures and my post did not make it. I got a response from Ted in regards to this.
    Ultimately Mary, we have laws here. If it was a felony, we’d have 12 million more prisoners in our system.
    So please, let the county law enforcement do their job as well as ICE.

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  30. Mary Norman says:

    It has been interesting to read the comments.

    I do hear people’s concern about the fiscal crisis. And I understand that local budgets are strained. I believe that we need to listen to each other to stop the polarization. This debate really brings out the meanness the people. I want to repeat that innocent people are being affected and there is a lot of suffering by the tearing apart of families.

    I would hope that bloggers would be careful to try and say constructive things and to be civil.

    I think that rude comments– wishing others harm– actually have the effect of helping discredit the rude person’s point of view.

    I think that what Rick is doing is
    similar to what Henry David Thoreau wrote about in his book on Civil Disobedience.

    If there is an unjust law, Thoreau suggests that a person can do an act of civil disobedience and break the law and go to jail and suffer the consequences– in order to call attention to the unjust law.

    Martin Luther King and Ghandhi taught people how to engage in civil disobedience as a way of coping with unjust laws. And they achieved some great changes. The key was, they were ready to suffer themselves. Sometimes sacrifice is needed to achieve

    Fasting is a legitimate, non-violent tactic to call attention to a social injustice.

    Mary Norman
    Faith Based Communities

    Our country is so deeply divided.
    Our government is very corrupt. Why do so few have all the money. Why do the poor have to be the targets of hatred?

    The means do not justify the ends.
    By the way it is not a crime to be here illegally, it is a mis demenor.

    People deserve human rights no matter where they are.

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  31. Tip Open says:

    Illegal Immigration Costs California Over Ten Billion Annually.

    That’s a bill of nearly $1,200 a year per LEGAL RESIDENT.



    “Nineteen ninety-four was the same year that California voters rebelled and overwhelmingly passed Proposition 187, which sought to limit liability for mass illegal immigration. Since then, state and local governments have blatantly ignored the wishes of the voters and continued to shell out publicly financed benefits on illegal aliens,” said Stein. “Predictably, the costs of illegal immigration have grown geometrically, while the state has spiraled into a fiscal crisis that has brought it near bankruptcy.

    I say we start the force-feeding now.

    Why does California have the most lawyers and New Jersey the most toxic waste dumps?
    . . . New Jersey had first choice!

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  32. Chris says:

    @Mary: Keep believing in what ever you want…you still didn’t sway me. I feel sorry the Legal Resident Immigrant who waits to get themselves and their families here to the US LEGALLY, to only be slapped in the face by these “CRIMINALS”. There is nothing wrong about immigrants coming here, as long as they’re legal. And before you even say I don’t know how it is, one of my parents is a legal resident immigrant. EIGHT YEARS and a few thousand dollars (which in 1950′s standard, that was a lot of money), it took for my grandparents to get the Legal Resident Visa. They had to sign a paper that they would not be a burden to the US or they’d be deported. But it’s ok for these PEOPLE to walk over, be a burden on our Social Services and put it in our face like it’s a joke. And please, Imperialism stopped YEARS AGO.

    Here’s my take on this whole, trying to pass resolutions and bits to stop something. AB1070 in Arizona, isn’t the US Government or Department of Homeland Security to be exact suing Arizona for overstepping it’s bounds based on who is suppose to enforce the laws or make immigration policy? So, if the Sonoma County Supervisors pass a resolution of sorts like you stated, this in turn would be against US Immigration law, hence maybe the US could sue Sonoma County? I don’t know, Santuary Cities also over step immigration laws.

    @Cosnear: Just because your a lawyer and because you have a cause, you’re not a great man. You’re creating a chaotic society along with Alicia Roman. Again, it must be nice like the other poster put, using your $150 juicer in your magazine looking kitchen. Because I can be human, I hope you don’t hurt yourself, what you’re doing could kill you.

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  33. American Citizen says:

    So because someone feels their human rights were abused in their country, by the USA, that gives them a Kings-X to break our laws? Really? They certainly have your support, but not mine.

    I could really care less what the contact is for with law enforcement, if they are discovered to be a criminal alien, they should be deported. This always amazes me when people get blantantly racist is support of criminals and immediately claim people are racists for deporting criminals back to their own country.

    If you came here through other than the legal immigration process, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL… C-R-I-M-N-A-L …

    Now that we all understand that, back to the weather, Bob….

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  34. bw says:

    @Mary Norman,

    The rudeness you are reading is not because we Americans feel
    “a sense of priviledge” while others suffer. We American’s are tired
    of floating the the damn bills for everything (ie free education, healthcare and etc.). ALL immigrants are not the scapegoats. It’s the illegal immigrants that are breaking the law. If you want to live here follow the rules.

    Santa Rosa immigration attorney Richard Coshnear has a right to put himself on a self-imposed hunger strike. And anybody that reads this article has the same right to agree or disagree with his decision. I frankly don’t agree with what he’s doing. Disagreeing with the way Richard Coshnear is going about trying to get his message out does not make any reader uneducated.

    I am truly sorry for the people of foreign countries that are hungry. But you know what Mary Norman? There are more and more Americans that are going hungry right here and right now needing help. Charity should start at home. We need to take care of our own first.

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  35. John Hudson says:

    Dear Mary Norman:

    I stand with the poor. The poor Americans who are forced to compete with illegal aliens for jobs, that is. These Americans are also forced to compete with illegal aliens for attention in emergency rooms; on the freeways; in the public schools; and for any other service provided by government. Illegal aliens make the American poor even poorer. Why don’t you stand with your own countrymen instead of criminals who sneak in to take advantage of the generosity of legitimate Americans?

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  36. Dave Madigan says:

    @Mary Norman said:
    “they seem to think the people deported had done some crime and were criminals but this is not the case.”

    Excuse me…but, *ILLEGAL* immigration *IS* a crime.

    Tell me Mary, what happens to those poor souls that *ILLEGALLY* immigrate *INTO* Mexico?

    The criminal punishment for *ILLEGAL* immigration is much more severe than it is in this country.

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  37. Mary Norman says:

    I am shocked by the multitude of rude comments made about Rick. Some of the comments are based on misunderstanding as they seem to think the people deported had done some crime and were criminals but this is not the case.

    These comments lead me to think that they really don’t know the extensive research and legal work that Rick has done to document serious human rights abuses that result from the INS collaborating with the Police.

    The rudeness also reminds me of an inflated sense of PRIVILEDGE that many Americans feel and how ignorant they are of the suffering that immigrants go through. If the shoe were on the other foot and these people got deported for having committed no crime but maybe had a tail light out in their car, then they would be hiring Civil Rights attorney and suing.

    US Foreign Policy which supports fascism in Latin America countries is the main cause of immigration.

    I am not proud of the of genocide done by the United States in Latin America.
    Has anybody studied what the US did to Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua or Guatemala, Massive human rights abuses.
    Or have they studied the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The US broke all its treaties repeatedly.

    Americans need to study and learn about what our government does to the indigenous people of Latin America. These are massive crimes against humanity that cry out for justice.

    I think the meanness expressed in these letters shows how much lack of education there is about the real facts of what causes immigration. Also, there is need for compassion for the real people and families whose lives have been thrown into chaos by these draconian policies.

    After NAFTA was passed, 70,000 people came north because they could no longer make a living in Mexico.

    I believe in the right NOT TO IMMIGRATE.
    People from Mexico and Latin America are forced to immigrate due to drastic conditions like HUNGER and Human Rights Abuses in their own country. United States Imperialism causes immigration and then exploits the labor of these desperate workers once they have immigrated. But first, it controls the media, and scapegoats the immigrants. This is called divide and conquer.

    I denounce the human rights abuses of the INS. I am grateful to Rick for his tireless work.

    When you stand with the poor you need to know that you will be attacked and ridiculed. It comes with the territory.

    Stop US Imperialism
    Mary Norman
    Voices for Social Justice

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  38. On To Truth & Justice says:

    How stupid is this? A guy with a $300 food processor making his fruit juice on a hunger strike to support illegal aliens. And he is doing this in his sunset magazine kitchen in his own home.

    I bet he is watching TV on his 50 inch LCD. Nothing too good for a good old fashion hunger strike.

    Sonoma County is not a sanctuary county and will not become one because of one eccentric.

    This is not a news story it’s a bored weathy attorney trying to get more clients. Business must be slow. Why does the PD even indulge this guy?

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  39. Alicia Roman says:

    Supervisor Efren Carrillo:

    It is true that you have not been responsive at the local level as a supervisor.

    Why have you not put the Family Unity ordinance on the agenda even after amendments were made?

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  40. Kevin says:

    Would it be too much to hope that Mr. Coshnear adheres to his principles no matter how unsuccessful they turn out to be?

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  41. Dave Madigan says:

    As long as illegal aliens keep sneaking into the country, I vow to continue to eat at Cattlemen’s restaurant and Baskin Robbins and Round Table Pizza…..don’t forget Traverso’s!

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  42. John Hudson says:

    The Hammer: “And did you check with your doctor? This hunger strike will most likely cause brain damage.”

    I think that he’s been on a hunger strike before.

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  43. The Hammer says:

    Come on. If your going on a hunger strike, then no juice and no water. Otherwise, your just playing with us.

    Oh, by the way, I couldn’t care less that your on a hunger strike.

    And did you check with your doctor. This hunger strike will most likely cause brain damage.

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  44. Code of Conduct says:

    It’s hard to take Coshnear and these immigration groups seriously when they refuse acknowledge that not all illegals are good, honest, hard-working people. The community has been seriously impacted by the crimes that have come with many illegals.

    Most Americans are good people who want to be fair. We also want to enjoy a civil society made possible by obeying the laws.

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  45. Reality Check says:

    Three cheers for Valerie Brown and other supervisors who honor their oath to uphold the law. Public officials accept responsibility that goes beyond their personal views on many subjects.

    To have an attorney demand county officials do something else is a sad comment on the times we live in.

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  46. TheObserver says:

    As we all know, I am not in support of hassling these undocumented workers. However, if they get caught fair and square and the law does not permit them to be here, how can someone protest or go on a hunger strike when they are properly deported? I mean come on, if they snuck into the country, they know every day that they can be caught and sent home, just like any other country. Ironically, if an AMERICAN does the same thing into Mexico, they face jail time. so let’s follow the rules and quit fighting the system here folks. You get caught- you go back – simple.

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