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Rohnert Park freeway sign to double in size


A highly visible electronic advertising sign on Highway 101 will get more so, the result of Rohnert Park City Council’s approval Tuesday of a private company’s bid to lease it, raze it and build a bigger one.

Petaluma-based N2 Holdings, Inc., plans to sell advertising to nationwide clients as part of a digital advertising campaign.

The city now spends about $50,000 a year to operate the sign. It will assume no costs related to building, maintaining or operating the new one. N2 will pay the city $6,000 a month and 10 percent of monthly gross revenues.

“This is a a great opportunity,” said Councilwoman Pam Stafford said.

The N2 bid won over a proposal by Veale Investment Properties, led by Kirk Veale, a Sonoma County businessman with broad outdoor advertising experience.

The new sign will be 50-feet high, lower than the 60-feet originally proposed, The screen will be 15-feet high and 28 feet, six-inches wide.

It will be smaller than the Petaluma Auto Plaza electronic sign but roughly twice the size of the current sign, which was installed in 2003 and paid for by the Dorothy Spreckels Performing Arts Center endowment.

Santa Rosa resident Robert Jacobson spoke against the sign, saying studies show that billboards double the rate of accidents.

“This is a dangerous thing you’re doing here,” Jacobson said, adding that he would monitor the roadway’s statistics “and I will sue you” if accidents increase.

8 Responses to “Rohnert Park freeway sign to double in size”

  1. Don't kill the messenger says:

    “This is a great opportunity” for exactly what, mayor? Oh, I see, you mean that it’s a great way to slow down traffic to a crawl. The drivers will then exit the freeway looking for alternate routes but of course will feel the need to shop in our stores instead!

  2. John Hudson says:

    The City of Rohnert Park has published two financial statements in the last two years that it now says are false because the city now says they make it appear that the city is financially better off than it is. I refer to the statements published in The Community Voice on October 30, 2009 and in The Community Voice on November 12, 2010. You can see the November 12, 2010 statement and a two page letter about the October 30, 2009 statement here:

    If what the City of Rohnert Park now says about its finances is true (and the statements it published are false as the city now says) the city council can look in the mirror for who to blame. For example, the city council squandered $8.5 million on a new city hall that nobody outside of city government wanted and have retained an interim city manager at a salary of $15,000 a month to raise our sewer rates and cancel the Measure L election result the city council does not like. Thew city council also gave about $1 million in redevelopment money to Codding instead of making physical improvements to the neighborhoods declared to be “blighted” in order to create the redevelopment agency. The Rohnert Park slogan should e changed from “The Friendly City” to “The Public Be Damned”.

  3. anderson says:

    “This is a a great opportunity,” said Councilwoman Pam Stafford said.

    Perhaps what Stafford meant to say was, “Yes, this is irresponsible, could distract drivers and even lead to more accidents, is a huge eyesore, and makes Rohnert Park look silly, but WE GET $6,000 A MONTH and 10 PERCENT OF THE GROSS REVENUES, so who cares about responsible government or accountability.”

    As the song goes, “Money, money, money, money.”

  4. Steele says:


    The RP city council should be ashamed of themselves. They single handedly have made RP the laughingstock of the county. I would rather admit to living in Sebastopol and driving a Prius.

    I can only hope some other government agency will stop this. N2 holdings must be run by hucksters and circus clowns to think they are actually providing a service to the community. Carey Daly N2′s President should be tarred.

  5. GAJ says:

    Yippee, more distractions for drivers.

    What could possibly be wrong with that!


  6. Gary Cline says:

    The sign is visual vomit and now the projectile is going to be bigger.

  7. Dan Delgado says:

    At least I’ll have something to watch as I drive by now that I can’t text or use my cell phone any longer.

  8. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    Hey, just what Rohnert Park needs, a bigger electronic sign for all the commuters. Is this for the upcoming casino, and will read: THIS WAY TO BANKRUPTCY… or maybe the city can use it to ask for donations to repair the roads, keep the schools out of bankruptcy and help pay for all that unfunded retirement costs.

    As a bonus, the city could also use it to announce water-usage cut-backs and sewer fee increases.