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Santa Rosa sales tax hits 9.5 percent April 1


The sales tax in Santa Rosa will bump up a quarter-percent on April 1 for a total 9.5 percent on all purchases of taxable goods.

The increase will add $75 in taxes to the purchase of a $30,000 automobile and will boost revenue to the city’s general fund by $6 million a year for the next eight years.

City voters approved the 0.025 percent sales tax increase in November, giving Measure P a 57 percent “yes” vote.

All other sales tax rates in Sonoma County remain unchanged, the state Board of Equalization reported.

Effective April 1, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Cotati sales taxes will be 9.5 percent. Sebastopol’s is 9.25 percent and the other five cities and the unincorporated area are at 9 percent.

A dozen other California cities boosted their sales tax rates and 10 will have rates exceeding 10 percent. Pico Rivera and South Gate, both in Los Angeles County, will be tops at 10.75 percent.

20 Responses to “Santa Rosa sales tax hits 9.5 percent April 1”

  1. Sharon says:

    San Francisco is also 9.5%
    No way do we compare with San Francisco, so how did we get up that high???

    Lesson 1: Learn to question authority.

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  2. Ray M. says:

    @duckster, your beliefs must include tax, spend and re-distribute wealth.

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  3. Greg Karraker says:

    P.T. Barnum said it best: “There’s a voter born every minute.”

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  4. James Bennett says:

    I would gladly pay 10% sales tax if I thought it was making our community a better place.If a bona fide genuine effort was taking place, for all of us.If it was, we would’nt need the increase.Contrived/engineered shortages,deliberate decline.Welcome to agenda21.

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  5. Duckster says:

    Didn’t we vote for individuals to stand up for our rights and beliefs? They can’t even get a budget in on time! Where are we going Sonoma? Count the people leaving, look at the tags on your clothes, how many say MADE IN AMERICA. Water bills going through the roof, and we send the profits to Voorhees, NJ! Where are you CA? Help the Gov bring us back, or is he gone to Guerneville.

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  6. Just Me says:

    Todd johnson says: March 16, 2011 at 7:13 pm I buy all my stuff off the internet or in Oregon

    Todd, are you aware that you are required to pay a State Use tax if you buy something and no sales tax is collected? This is for all purchases made over the internet or by going out of State and transporting it back yourself. Hope no one from State Franchise Tax Board reads your post and tracks you down!

    Common Sense says: March 17, 2011 at 6:35 am The Santa Rosa City residents voted for this now they can pay it themselves. I chose not to spend my money in their city.

    To Common Sense and everyone else. I am a Santa Rosa resident and I DID NOT vote for this tax! In fact, I believe we should be repealing it and the Smart Train tax and the public art tax. I’m still appalled at the $25,000 “artwork” outside the County Administration building…that should be in front of an ice cream store!

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  7. Round_up_to_ten says:

    Just round it up to 10%. That way it’s easier to calculate the amount you’ll need at the register.

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  8. Common Sense says:

    The Santa Rosa City residents voted for this now they can pay it themselves. I chose not to spend my money in their city.

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  9. John bly says:

    Time for the economic task force to look at the obvious-if you want to attract businesses, you must give them a reason to open shop here. Lower taxes than other communities would do that. We voters should roll back sales tax to about 7% and see what happens for a jump start to our local businesses. Combine that with lowering development fees for about three or four years and we have created local jobs that will more than replace those fees and taxes over the next 20 years. Let’s start with cutting out the 1% tax on projects for public art. We can buy some public art after our unemployment drops below 6%. Or, just go the other way and take sales tax to 20% and quit joking around with namby pamby 1/4% increases.

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  10. The Hammer says:

    The only way they will learn how to spend your tax money is when they don’t have it to spend. !!Vote No on any and all tax extension!! Force them to spend wisely.

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  11. Hussein says:

    Rumor has it there is a Joseph Goebbels working here as the moderator.? What are you afraid of? the truth?

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  12. Todd johnson says:

    I buy all my stuff off the internet or in Oregon.
    Oregon HAS NO SALES TAX.
    Nevada has sales tax but NO STATE INCOME TAX
    California has SALES TAX AND STATE TAX and is in far worse fiscal shape than ORE or NEV.
    Time to put an end to PUBLIC sector unions.

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  13. Dan Delgado says:

    “The increase will add $75 in taxes to the purchase of a $30,000 automobile”

    Oh please. How misleading can you be?! The real issue is that the 9.5% tax adds $2,850 to the cost of that same automobile. Now add to that all the other taxes and excises imposed on automobile purchases and the true picture comes into focus. Death by a thousand cuts is still death.

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  14. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    Joke of the Day:

    “The increase will add $75 in taxes to the purchase of a $30,000 automobile and will boost revenue to the city’s general fund by $6 million a year for the next eight years.”

    …for ‘the next eight years’, or until the next tax extension, whichever comes first.

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  15. tdawg says:

    Proof that Tax loving Liberals and the Unions ONLY care about looting the public funds on “the backs of working families”.. Misguided progressives voting for the Ponzi scams like the SMART rail or “another quarter of a percent for schools”, etc.. This is what happens when the Pipe Dream of “Taxing the Rich” is proposed, EVERYONE is forced to pay to feed the union beasts and bureaucrats!

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  16. Stop the insanity...Vote "NO" says:

    Vote “NO” on any new tax or the continuation of existing taxes that are set to expire. When we have $2.3 million of redevelopment money (our tax money) to loan to the Simon Group for Coddingtown and we have about 40 school districts in Sonoma County each with their own bueracracy then we don’t need more taxation, we need more accountability.

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  17. Dave Madigan says:

    I will not spend one cent in Santa Rosa that would contribute sales tax money to the City Council.

    The City Council will simply blow this tax income on their pet projects.

    We don’t give drugs to drug addicts.
    Why give money to politicians?

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  18. SRK says:

    Don’t matter, no one is buying anything anyway.

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  19. Gross says:

    To be compared to “Pico Rivera and South Gate” Gross. Much good a 10.75 percent sales tax brought them.

    Don’t believe me drive down there.

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  20. Suckers! says:

    So clueless. You want to attract business not chase it away.

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