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Petaluma council formally appoints Kearney

Gabe Kearney


Gabe Kearney was formally appointed as Petaluma’s seventh City Council member on Monday, as the other six members passed a unanimous resolution installing him before the meeting’s closed session.

On Feb. 28, the council informally voted 4-2 to appoint Kearney to fill the remaining two years of David Glass’ council seat, left vacant in January when he was seated as mayor. Petaluma is the only city in the county to separately elect its mayor and councilmembers.

A formal resolution was necessary Monday to officially install Kearney.

Kearney became the apparent compromise candidate among 19 applicants for the seat, which could be a swing vote on controversial proposals that come before the notoriously split council.

Kearney, a liberal Democrat, drew support from the progressive-backed Tiffany Renee and business-backed Mike Healy, Mike Harris and Chris Albertson. Glass and Barrett, also in the progressive bloc, supported other candidates. After the 4-2 vote, Barrett and Glass joined in to make the symbolic vote unanimous.

Kearney, 29, lost in November in his second bid for a council seat. He is active in the Young Democrats and statewide Democratic party politics.

Members of the business-backed coalition said they felt Kearney will have an open mind when development proposals come before the city.

Kearney will have an opportunity to show his political style when the Deer Creek Village project, anchored by a Lowe’s home improvement store, comes before the council for approval as early as this summer.

4 Responses to “Petaluma council formally appoints Kearney”

  1. for the yahoo centrals says:

    Thank you, Stop the Bashing –

    What’s almost humorous about reading these forum postings and especially the person calling himself or herself “Kim,” is these are clearly people poised to sign on and make bashing, bashing, bashing and sometimes hateful comments about David Glass.

    There used to be posts on the yahoo petaluma360.com forum that were entitled things like “I hate David Glass” and “Anyone but David Glass.”

    I can only conclude that being able to exercise 1st amendment rights via these forums is some kind of sick happiness these people get and they think others who read or post on the forums are conspirators and surely there couldn’t be truthful posts or real information.

    That’s why people like you are important. I hope you show up more often in these posts. The type of bashing you describe are aligned with the kind of politics some of these people exhibit and the do-anything-at-any-cost to try and win elections or appointments to seats.

    They are desperate. And that is where their entire motivation is, aside from not being very smart.

  2. Stop the bashing says:

    Come on, It’s like you have a “bash Glass” lens with which you view everything, legitimate or not. He’s imperfect as are we all, but he’s smart, extremely knowledgable, and truly cares about the public interest being served. He was a good Mayor before and, with the additional knowledge he’s gained, should be even better one this time. The constant bashing needs to stop. Not only is it disrespectful to him and his family, but to the voters of Petaluma who voted him in.

  3. Kim says:

    Perhaps Glass was trying to avoid swearing in Kearney, subconsciously of course……

  4. Not all there says:

    I watched this on Granicus and could not believe what I observed. David Glass is really losing it. He said, “we’re about to go into closed session.” Then Teresa Barrett had to remind him of Gabe’s appointment. Glass said “let me put on my glasses”, “oh, there are people here.”

    How forgetful can you be? There are a room full of people for Gabe and Glass is oblivious to it all!