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Glass apologizes for confronting union leader

David Glass


Petaluma Mayor David Glass, shortly before being elected to the city’s top public office in November 2010, angrily confronted a female city employee and high-ranking union official in City Hall about her union’s role in the election. The confrontation prompted the employee to file a harassment complaint with the city about the distress Glass had caused her, and the incident was subsequently investigated by human resources officials, according to public records recently obtained by the Argus-Courier.

Deborah Padovan

The incident occurred on Oct. 29, the Friday before the Nov. 2 election. Glass, who was vice mayor at the time, said he came to City Hall that morning to turn in campaign finance reports required in his bid for mayor. Although City Hall was mostly empty that day due to ongoing furloughs, one witness reported that Glass “appeared angry” as he headed to the office of the union member.

The employee’s name was redacted in human resources documents provided by the city, but multiple sources have identified her as Deborah Padovan, assistant city clerk and then-vice president of the largest union for non-public safety city workers.

Padovan reported that Glass came into her office at 11:50 a.m. and began speaking to her in an “angry tone.”

“This campaign is not going well. It is not going well out there. And I blame you and the unions for making it ugly,” Glass told Padovan, according to her testimony in city documents. “You are allowed to do things during the campaign and I don’t like it. I am very disappointed in all the city employees for acting this way and I am telling you so you can get the word out. I do not like how this election is going, and it is your fault.”

Padovan reported that Glass’ tone and demeanor made her feel unsafe and anxious. Soon after the encounter, which lasted less than five minutes, Padovan and Katie Crump, an executive assistant to the city manager who was also working that day, both sent e-mails to city and union officials reporting the incident.

“I felt threatened and vulnerable, especially knowing that I was in a building that was officially closed and there were no other employees around within earshot to help me if I needed it,” Padovan explained in the e-mail. “I began to shake uncontrollably afterward due to the anger and vehemence that was directed toward me.”

Padovan went on to say that she “started experiencing stomach cramps for the remainder of the afternoon” and made an appointment to see an employee counselor. “On Saturday, I was still physically and emotionally upset at what occurred and received calls of support from my AFSCME and COPE board members,” she wrote.

Padovan became president of AFSCME Local 675 in December, and was in line for the position at the time of the incident. AFSCME, short for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, represents city administrative workers.

Padovan’s union, along with police and fire unions, were active during and prior to the November elections under the title Coalition of Petaluma Employees. In an unprecedented campaign, they went door-to-door and bought ads and billboards supporting Jeff Mayne, Glass’ opponent in the mayor’s race, as well as other candidates seen as more business-oriented. The unions argued that the council had failed to quickly approve development projects to build revenue and protect their jobs.

Padovan later told human resources officials that she feared that Glass could become angry and recommend elimination of her position or “retaliate” in other ways. The City Council is set to vote on cost-cutting measures soon, and rumors of layoffs have circulated due to the city’s budget situation.

After meeting with human resources officials, Padovan said that she would accept a written apology from Glass as a way to resolve the matter. She received a letter from Glass dated Dec. 13, and in a Jan. 6 e-mail human resources officials stated that matter had been handled internally and was considered closed.

Padovan and Crump declined to comment when reached Tuesday, while City Manager John Brown did not return calls for comment.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Glass apologized for the incident and the distress that he had caused Padovan.

“I am truly sorry. I am human and I make mistakes and I am not perfect,” he said.

Glass explained that he had sought to speak to Padovan in order to set up a meeting with union members, but that his frustration with the election came to a head.

“I’m a human. Do I get angry? Yeah, I get angry sometimes,” he said.

Glass said that he was “scared” by the political rhetoric of the election season, especially following the controversial mailer linking supervisor candidate Pam Torliatt’s “sanctuary” stance to a murder by an illegal immigrant.

“On a personal basis, was I churning with what was going on in this town? Absolutely. I was actually scared that we were on the tip of what did transpire in Tucson,” he said, referring to the Jan. 8 shooting of a congresswoman and 18 others in Arizona.

“On that particular day, it reached a crescendo,” he said about his frustration.

Glass had met with city unions earlier in his campaign, and although he did not receive their endorsement, he said he approached Padovan to meet them again after learning that police and fire unions had listed city phone lines on contact forms for their organizations. Glass waited until after the election to broach the topic in public, which he claimed was an ethical issue. Union leaders said the phone listings were a mistake and a later state ethics board investigation found no violations by the unions.

Glass said that the phone listings and other campaign issues were “playing inside my mind” when he went to see Padovan.

“I wanted to let (unions) know where I was coming from (and) talk with them. I wish I’d have done it differently, obviously,” he said.

Glass said that his comments were not meant to address or limit city employees’ rights to campaign and endorse candidates — in this case, his opponent. “It has nothing to do with (their endorsement of) Jeff Mayne,” he said.

Glass said he did not feel that he acted overly hostile and dismissed claims from some employees that he has a hot temper or has clashed with city employees extensively.

“I’ve had people say that I’m ‘angry,’” he said. “I’m not ‘angry.’”

“I like the employees that are in that building. They may not like me. I like them,” said Glass, who added that he may have appeared more upset than he was because he was talking loudly and was not wearing his hearing aid.

Soon after the incident, union members decided not to bring the confrontation to light, partly out of fear of retribution.

“Could we have pushed to make this a big spectacle? Absolutely, but it wasn’t in the best interest of the POA,” said Paul Gilman, president of the Peace Officers Association of Petaluma.

“It was up to the individual (involved) on what was going to happen,” said an AFSCME member who wished to remain anonymous.

However, among some union members, “it was felt that something (more) should have been done, because the best indicator of an individual’s future behavior is their past behavior,” said the AFSCME member. “It was just looked at as ‘how much trouble do we want to make for ourselves down the line?’”

The member added that the news “will cause trouble for us. It will definitely affect his judgment.”

“If Deborah had anything to say on the matter, we definitely would have listened and tried to assist her in any way,” said Gilman. “We want this to move beyond a bitter election season,” he added.

Both Glass and union members said that they now consider the issue closed and are willing to work together.

“I personally feel that his comments were inappropriate, but he’s human and everyone makes mistakes,” said Martin Learn, president of the Petaluma Firefighters Local 1415 union.

Learn said that unless similar incidents arise, “We’re not interested in any way in exploiting a mistake.”

“We’ve had a good working relationship all along,” Glass said about Padovan. “I think that we do now. I think that we will continue to have a good working relationship.”


Dig Deeper

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the complaint filed by Deborah Padovan, the city’s response and the written apology from David Glass. Documents obtained by the Petaluma Argus-Courier.

40 Responses to “Glass apologizes for confronting union leader”

  1. BigDogatPlay says:

    If this is such a big conspiracy by the Argus to discredit Mayor Glass, why wasn’t the story run before the election? So it happened the Friday before… this is the modern age and news can be published instantly.

    Those who are portraying this as the Argus trying to “get” Mayor Glass, like they tried for years to “get” Pam Torliatt, need to get their heads out of the progressive sands, get a dose of reality, and come to the understanding that the Mayor is not a leader and seems to have issues with being passive aggresive.

    Oh, goes the argument, but he’s Green!!!!


  2. Richard Gozina says:

    Well, again it seems to me that time to tell the truth is who we had believed it to be. The comments are far too jaded to be a rational person. The comments about city personnel using telephones to campaign, false. An issue raised by Glass for his own personal gain, proven to be not what Glass wanted everyone to think it was. The issue about employee groups “advocating” for candidates. Is there evidence you have @time to

  3. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    RE: time to tell the truth – “I have never read anything so ridiculous in my entire life.”

    When you read this thread, from start to finish, many of the responses sure come across as more sour grapes that Glass won, and this is just a venting thread.

    I still think that the crux of her complaint and ‘fear’ is more about Deborah Padovan trying to leverage/secure her own job at a time when additional employee-staff cuts are inevitable.

  4. time to tell the truth says:

    I just clicked on and read the official complaint.

    I have never read anything so ridiculous in my entire life.

    Where were Deborah Padovcan and Claire, her supervisor, when Mike Bierman, the former manager would rant and rave – including yelling and intimidating the staff?

    This is a dragged up by the Argus Courier incident, reported months after it occurred and is now closed, reported by a woman who is President now of the Union of employees – who are trying to hold onto every benefit and job available – in the middle of an economic recession – with pensions that are too high and need reform – and this was nothing but an escalation of a comment by the Vice Mayor at that time – on a day when he has disclosed he had seen the racist hit piece by the Rabbitt campaign against Pam Torliatt (for those who asked, what does the Rabbitt campaign have to do with this? get real) and when discoveries of the unions using City telephone numbers for campaigning had been made.

    It’s well known certain employees at City Hall align themselves with certain elected officials and this time they openly endorsed candidates and advocated for them.

    I think the City Management should do something like offer golden handshakes to people like Crump and Padovan.

    And then be sure to ask them about former City Manager Mike Bierman’s rants – which were really threatening communication – when people were too scared to speak up for fear of losing their job.

    Instead of trying to portray a man like David Glass who has the highest respect for women – and everyone knows it – and would never knowingly threaten anyone as something he is not.

    Let’s wait until Chris Albertson jumps over the dais in a fit of anger.

  5. Kim says:

    Glass hurts Petaluma;

    Thank you for an outstanding post.

    Was it the reason that Glass got reelected Mayor that he had name recognition? Or was it that his opponent didn’t get his name out there? There is a small percentage of Petalumans that are engaged in city politics. Mayor Glass did a pretty good job as Mayor the first time around and I don’t think the voters were watching him during the past two years on the City Council. They thought that they were getting (or going to get) the same Mayor. Guess NOT.

  6. Glass hurts Petaluma says:

    As I read this, Glass got after this employee during the height of the campaign. She filed a private complaint against him and did not go to the press. She is still declining to make any comment on the matter. The newspaper got this information with a public informaton act request, long after the election, and not from the union she heads.

    To me, that lends a great deal of credibility to her complaint. It would seem the perfect opportunity for political gain, but it was not used that way.

    Glass’ outbursts, unfounded accusations against the unions, poor leadership, and refusal to compromise on a 7th member begin to add up to someone that should not be in office much less the Mayor of a city. Nice job electing him Petaluma. Maybe next time you should dig a little deaper before casting your vote for someone.

  7. Kim says:

    Just what does the Rabbitt campaign have to do with this? If one has sour grapes in their mouth, they should be smart enough by now to spit them out. Guess not.

  8. Us not You says:

    There are two stories all over the media for David Glass.

    1) He was caught off guard with a majority vote for Kearney.

    2) An incident happened back in late October where he lost his temper.

    Okay, we have acknowledged this. Now let us move forward and get our city back on track, back in the green and not the red. We need revenue and until this council can come up with revenue-generating ideas layoffs are a certain. Will we all agree how to accomplish this? I will be optimistic here.

    This council needs to think about the 60,000 residents and STOP with the progressive, conservative, majority, minority way of thinking. It is time to work together for the ENTIRE Petaluma community. This will benefit the city employees too.

  9. time to tell the truth says:

    For “He’s a Walking Lawsuit,”

    Your post is interesting in a variety of ways.

    You sound like someone who worked on the Rabbitt campaign, or worse. If there is a worse.

    And how do you determine the gender of persons who post with a pseudonym?

    Interesting assumptions you are making…

  10. Kim says:

    Ricardo wrote: “And lastly, to Kim, why did the title of this story change from ‘harassing’, to ‘confronting’? Just askin’…” I have no idea Ricardo…’twas not I who did so. ;-)

    Alic, I think just described the human race! LOL

  11. Villager With Pitchfork says:

    This is so classic. The employee was ‘scared’? She filed a harassment claim? You can’t go talk with someone without them claiming to be threatened?

    Did you read in the PD about the middle school girl in Atherton who called 911 because her math teacher was shaking a desk to wake someone up and it scared her?

    I don’t know Glass or the employee and I find the whole thing overblown, ridiculous and an insult to taxpayers.

    The Union ARE influencing elections, using union dues without members’ input and sending out absolutely vicious flyers.

    The tactics in this campaign were disgusting.

  12. Dan W says:

    Someone should check what is in the water in Petaluma. Where else could you get a bad tempered mayor and a quaking union president clashing over who supports who in an election?

    The mayor has things on his mind and didn’t have his hearing aid. The union president suffered uncontrollable shaking and sought refuge with an employee consular.

    End result, Petaluma city government looks as looney as ever. Can’t we all just get along?

  13. He's a walking lawsuit says:

    Oh yes, the old “dug up a story and sensationalized it” canard from defenders of david glass. As if you would be silent if some non-progressive did the same thing; then it would be all about the “chauvinistic woman-bashing boy’s club” that Be Smart and her various alter-egos have obsessed about instead of blaming Torliatt for just not being good off-script – thus the “sanctuary” comment.

    Even in the same posting saying this isn’t a story, “puh-leeze ” suggests Albertson getting upset at the podium is worse?! How about David Keller and his “I’ve got a half-dozen speakers cards given to me so I can rant and pretend I still matter” performance at every council meeting? Talk about a ticking time bomb.

    This is going to happen again with Glass; just like the Congressman in Oregon, the bizarre behavior will likely continue until something more serious happens. In two more years the unions will be just as active and he’ll be sure to take it upon himself to confront them. If he bumps or manhandles someone during one of his rants, it will be restraining order time and perhaps he won’t be allowed in the building.

    PS – I love how the enviros are blaming “union activity” for harming their candidates – where is Lisa Maldonado on this?

  14. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    “For anyone to put down the city clerk, who was working on her own time on a Friday furlough day, works very hard on a daily basis…”

    It’s typical of union contracts to have a specific clause regrading non-salaried employees to NOT being able to come in on your own time on unpaid holidays and furlough days. While I don’t know the specifics of her contract, seems that both the union and her supervisors should be looking into that aspect.

    If I was a Petaluma city employee, I would be offended that in the press, Deborah Padovan claims “…later told human resources officials that she feared that Glass could become angry and recommend elimination of her position or “retaliate” in other ways. The City Council is set to vote on cost-cutting measures soon, and rumors of layoffs have circulated due to the city’s budget situation.” To me, it comes across as trying to use the ‘confrontation’ to secure her own employment at the expense of others.

    And lastly, to Kim, why did the title of this story change from ‘harassing’, to ‘confronting’? Just askin’…

    There’s a lot more to this story then what’s been printed so far…

  15. Grey Whitmore says:

    I always find it confusion when men yell at women and it becomes a problem.

    Men yell at men, women yell at men and women yell at women and no one seems afraid, nor does it get reported.

    But god forbid a man should yell at a women, suddenly all heck breaks loose.

  16. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    RE: Kim – “If David Glass was not in the wrong, why has he apologized? Just askin’…….”

    I’m not taking issue with whether David Glass was right or wrong; I wasn’t there, and of course, no one but him knows why he apologized. Maybe he truly feels he made a mistake, maybe it’s just a way to move on with the whole issue.

    My comments that the PD wouldn’t allow had to to with my opinion of Deborah Padovan overall behavior. Sure, anyone of us could be a moderator, but the point isn’t for a moderator to ‘disallow’ what THEY don’t want to read, but rather allow everyone’s view, irrespective of the majority, that everyone gets a say on the issue at hand. Seems rather unfair that David Glass can be scrutinized, but Deborah Padovan gets a free pass. I feel that she gave up that right when she filed a complaint and then made remarks about ‘possible retaliation’ in the press.

    Reading ALL the ‘allowed’ responses, and knowing what I initially wrote, it’s pretty one-sided.

  17. time to tell the truth says:

    For puh-leeze.

    Thanks for these truths.

    The Argus-Courier needs to drum up an issue, misrepresent it, and go after David Glass now – just like they did go after Pam Torliatt all those years.

    There was a good interview today on KSRO 1350 AM radio with the Mayor. He spoke to these issues, as well as the disgusting campaign tactics in the last election cycle with the 2nd District Supervisor’s race and the unions and employees endorsing candidates.

    Glass isn’t the one with the anger management problem or the problem telling the truth.

  18. Alic says:

    Glass has a narcissistic personality disorder. A person with narcissistic personality disorder may:

    React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation

    Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals

    Have excessive feelings of self-importance

    Exaggerate achievements and talents

    Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love

    Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment

    Need constant attention and admiration

    Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy

    Have obsessive self-interest

    Pursue mainly selfish goals

    It is hardly ever treatable as the person exhibiting this behavior doesn’t see it as a problem.

  19. Truth says:

    It is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of David Glass. If you attended or watched the city council meetings the past two years, you will understand his strange and ever-changing personality. I have seen him lose his temper quite often, yell many times on the Dais, and even bump a city council member or two he did not agree with.

    For anyone to put down the city clerk, who was working on her own time on a Friday furlough day, works very hard on a daily basis, and only wants to be respected as much as she respects others, is nothing but a can’t-see-through-the-GLASS ignoramus.

  20. Kim says:

    puh-leeze, there’s difference in a personal confrontation, face to face, than making comments from the dias. Heck, they do it all the time up on Capitol Hill in DC, day in and day out. Hopefully you can see the difference.

    Ricardo, perhaps you didn’t read the post by “time to tell the truth” or “joyce”. I think they are clearly for David Glass. I believe the moderator lets in ALL sides of the issue. Perhaps you’d like to be the moderator so that you could disallow what you didn’t want to read. If David Glass was not in the wrong, why has he apologized? Just askin’…….

  21. puh-leeze says:

    This happened over 4 months ago. Why the big deal now? This is water long under the bridge. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    The tactics that unions representing the various City of Petaluma employees employed in the last election were questionable and really out of line. But most don’t know that because the PD never reported on it. Almost anybody other than Dave Glass would have reacted far worse in this situation. And Ms. Padovan knows Mayor Glass and knows his personality. I don’t believe her story for a second other than her fear for her job which I was told she doesn’t do all that well. This looks like a stunt she pulled to save her sorry self.

    If you want to see mean and dangerous, check out Councilmember Chris Albertson (after being elected, before being sworn in) during public comment on the budget at an early December 2010 meeting. He ripped into then Vice-Mayor Glass for questioning the bleeding that is firefighters overtime pay. It looked like he was going to leap over the poduim and go after somebody.

  22. Dan Delgado says:

    So just what is Glass’ problem? Sounds like a little anger management therapy is in order.

    Joyce, my thoughts too on the overexagerated stress reaction of Ms. Padovan.

  23. john bly says:

    In this business climate, where businesses can pick and choose where they wish to open shop, the Mayor of Petaluma needs be a promoter, not a detractor. Is the Glass half full, or half empty?

    This Glass is completely full—of himself.

  24. bear says:

    The MAJORITY of elected officials act just like this when they think no one is watching.

    Why was this employee working on a “furlough day?” Possibly to serve the needs of elected officials? Or is it possible that 5 days of work really can’t happend in 4?

    So what we have is a despised public employee – AND a union leader – working for free on her mandatory day off and taking political abuse for it?

    Oh, just think about it.

  25. David Glass might want to (re?) read Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” :)

    Some of Carnegie’s suggestions:

    * Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.
    * The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.
    *Show respect for the other person’s opinions. Never say “You’re Wrong.”.
    * If you’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
    * Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.
    * Be sympathetic with the other person’s ideas and desires.
    * Appeal to the nobler motives.

  26. Truth or Harassment says:

    So, -time to tell the truth-
    She was asking for it right?
    She is just too sensitive, but everyone else is scared? Which is it?

    Me thinks the truth is not what it appears to be….

  27. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    Looks like the only ‘opinions’ that the PD will allow in this thread are ones that bash Glass.

  28. BigDogatPlay says:

    Solution…. end collective bargaining and mandatory union dues collection for public employees.

    Let’s be honest, civil servants are nearly impossible to discipline or terminate already. I know because I was one. They do not need the “job protection” that union membership affords.

    And we can see clearly, across California and the nation, just how deeply into the fiscal abyss public employee unions have taken us. After all… they negotiate with politicians over their contracts who’ve been put into office, to varying degrees, by union political contributions paid for by union dues that the employees themselves are required to pay… whether they choose to belong to the union or not.

    Mayor Glass is a buffoon, and maybe he needs a stint in anger management. But the era of the all powerful public employee union has to come to an end. And soon at that.

  29. bats555 says:

    @time to tell the truth:
    Question – Is this your alias? Are we talking to David Glass right now?

  30. I’m not saying it was right for him to take his frustrations out on her, but it happens. For the over exaggerated emotional stress…typical Union ploy!

  31. notablef says:

    @time to tell the truth, huh? Are you for real. It seems you would get along with Glass on this one. You seem to have no problem personally attacking the same city employee Glass did. Although you seem to think it is ok to do so in a public forum while hiding behind a fake name. If you call people who are vocally opposed to this behavior, “Glass Bashers” what should we call you? Oh I know! How about Pam?

  32. Susan Sinclair says:

    While it is fortunate this came out after the election for Glass, it is unfortunate for the people of Petaluma. It is too bad the voters didn’t pay attention to his complete lack of suitability for mayor prior to voting him into the position. It’s going to be a long four years!

  33. time to tell the truth says:

    The Glass bashers love this story. The timing of publicaton by the Argus-Courier is no mistake and using the term “harassment,” which David Glass expressing frustration clearly was not, is just another example of how, now, the Argus-Courier will go after David Glass the way they went after Pam Torliatt.

    I suggest the City of Petaluma offer golden handshakes to both Katie Crump and Deborah Padovan.

    And isn’t Deborah Padovan married to the PRMD Staffer, Steve Padovan, who did the exceptionally awful staff review of the Dutra asphalt plant project, recommending that project to the County Board of Supervisors?

    The unions negotiating for the City’s employees are scared. This article will help bolster false impressions about David Glass, an honest, intelligent man who rightfully was distressed – as were many – by the tactics of the David Rabbitt campaign during the last election – and the advocacy by city employees for candidates running for election.

    The only thing unfortunate about this is that real harassment – where inappropriate comments and persistent undesired behavior, most often from a man to a woman, is denigrated. And the Argus-Courier headline tries to make that cross over in a false and malicious manner. If any of the story is true, Glass made comments and was frustrated.

    We don’t know if Padovan has a history of being predisposed to sensitivity when receiving comments filled with emotion from a man. If she does, that is her business. But, she should be apologizing to Glass for helping to create this debacle now, and Katie Crump should apologize for her part in it, also.

    Then, give Deborah and Katie golden handshakes and let those trying to work for the community get on with the City’s business.

  34. Jim says:

    David Glass is very fortunate this story came out after the election.

  35. bats555 says:

    @Lori I totally agree with your statement. As the Basketball Coach John Wooden once said: “Reputation is what you appear to be, character is who you really are.”
    For a Public servant this Mayor I believe is lacking in Character.

  36. Lori says:

    “the best indicator of an individual’s future behavior is their past behavior,” said the AFSCME member.

    I hope management reminds AFSCME of this the next time they try to get rid of a poor performing union member!

  37. Eastside Mom says:

    Well, I’m sure that Glass will now send in another complaint to the paper on their “biased” reporting. His version never seems to jive with reality. Yes, @notablef – that’s manure you smell for sure and it’s not spraying season yet!

    He’s nothing short of a bully who pitches a fit when he doesn’t get his way. I’m not sure how you can “take this the wrong way”, his actions speak volumes and we’re in for a rocky road with him at the helm for the next 4 years. And I thought Pam was a joke!

  38. Kim says:

    No Richard its not just you. Many of us who watch the city council meetings have observed such agressive behavior before. Those of us that know David are not surprised. Too bad the incident happened so close to the election that it didn’t have time to see the light of day and given the voters some additional insight into David Glass.

    Thank you Argus Courier for digging into this and bringing it to light. This is exactly the kind of journalism that the progressives get mad at and attack the Argus and the PD for printing the truth. Not to worry though, the voters will forget about this in four years.

  39. notablef says:

    “We were on the tip of what did transpire in Tuscon.” WOW. On October 29th the mayor knew what was going to happen in Tuscon on January 8th. It bothered him so much he voiced his displeasure about it to a union official. Was he really thinking that? More than two months before the shootings, Glass’ was “churning” about what was going to occur. REALLY! I mean, REALLY! Did they spray the fields west of town, or is that manure smell coming from City Hall.

  40. Richard Gozina says:

    Is it just me that thinks maybe there is something wrong with this man? He yells at an employee and “she took it the wrong way.” He makes statements to show he had his mind set on only two candidates for the vacancy, the paper “took it the wrong way.” He tries to tell the city unions about things he didn’t like and, “they took it the wrong way.” It seems to me that there is a problem with the delivery. When he told the voters he had experience and he needed our vote, maybe we took it the wrong way.