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See your share of the U.S. budget

Do you know your share of defense spending under the federal budget proposal unveiled Monday by President Barack Obama? For routine operations, the per-household cost is $2,595. Add $1,127 per household for procurement. There’s still more after that.

The figures are even bigger for Medicare and Medicaid, the biggest piece of the budget. The household cost is $9,727.

The National Park Service? It gets $25 per household. Congress? A little less than $20 per household.

You can find these figures and others in an interactive graphic, created by the New York Times, that breaks down spending in the president’s budget on an agency-by-agency basis and also shows the proposed change from the 2010 budget. You can see it here.

A similar graphic from the Washington Post tracks changes in federal spending and major sources of revenue since 1982. Check it out here.

– Jim Sweeney

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  1. Steveguy says:

    Statistics. yawn