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Santa Rosa task force to examine constraints on economy

Jake Ours


It has yet to hold a meeting, but the city’s Economic Development Task Force this week announced its first formal action – it’s changing its name.

Vice Mayor Jake Ours said he and co-chairman John Sawyer, also a councilman, will rebrand the group as the Economic Competitiveness Task Force.

“Because we really are talking about how Santa Rosa can be more competitive economically,” Ours said.

Two months after Ours was named chairman, the makeup and mission of the group remains a work in progress.

John Sawyer

At the Feb. 1 city council meeting, Ours said he and Sawyer were going to take a couple months interviewing people in Sonoma County, the Bay Area and even Southern California, trying to understand the “constraints” on the city’s economic vitality.

After that, they planned to turn their attention to naming the members of the task force.

But this week Ours moved up that timetable, announcing the appointment of seven members of the public to the renamed task force.

The panel will work in two phases. First, it will identify the problems it will attempt to solve. Ours and Sawyer have reached out to people who have tried to do business in Santa Rosa for their insights on what worked and what didn’t, Ours said.

To help with this effort, the first phase of the task force will have 10 people. In addition to Ours and Sawyer, members of the group are: Jonathan Coe, president of the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce; Cynthia Murray, president of the North Bay Leadership Council; Paul Schwartz, senior vice president of commercial real estate firm Cassidy Turley BT Commercial; Jane Bender, former city council member; Bill Silver, dean of the school of business and economics at Sonoma State University; Tanya Narath, chairwoman of the city’s Community Advisory Board; and Stephen Gale, vice chairman of the city’s Board of Public Utilities.

Ours said he is working with Keith Woods, head of the North Coast Builders Exchange, to identify a member of the building community to serve.

Bender said she’d like to see people on the task force who are “innovative, big thinkers” who will “push the envelope” and come from outside the city and “maybe even have little regard for the city.”

Local government by its nature is regulatory and “tells you what you can’t do and why you can’t do it,” Bender said.

“What we’ve got to do is say this is what we should do and here’s why we should do it and here’s how we should do it,” she said.

For years the city has been “resting on our laurels” as a place that would naturally draw businesses because of the quality of life here, but it can’t afford to do that anymore, Bender said.

“There are places that are hungry and they are out there working for it and we’ve got to be competitive with them,” Bender said.

After the challenges are identified, the task force will be expanded into a larger group that will identify solutions in the second phase of its mission, Ours said.

Unlike the city’s pension task force, with is supposed to wrap up its work by April, Ours said he envisions the economic competitiveness task force will take years to finish its job.

35 Responses to “Santa Rosa task force to examine constraints on economy”

  1. It is time to kick I.C.L.E.I.out(or ‘Local Governments for Sustainability’ as this horror movie now calls itself). We know of 6-8 counties and cities that have(the Spokane Patriots are an admirable example). As it is now I believe part(most,all?)of the reason these political sheep go along is they figure it’s so pervasive. That by being the ‘black sheep’ they will lose their job. Actually I’m sure that your training in/compliance with this crap is the most important feature on a resume(like being a ‘good German’)with local municipalities.So once they ‘come out’, they will be unemployable U.N.(I.C.L.E.I.)does the same carrot and stick thing with local Government as other countries. A hungry man(city,country)will go along more than someone with a full stomach. Don’t play/no money.Impoverish,then enrich I.C.L.E.I. directives with grant money,which won’t be available if you don’t play ball. You see not only is most of Calif.signed up. We’re the ‘poster children’,cutting edge ‘model’ for this crap. We have to let these officials know that if they step up to protect humanity(yeah,it’s like that)we will identify them as good. Not only will we vote for them, they will be HEROES’. It is encumbent on us to stand up against this tyranny. I’m scared, but I’m more scared to do nothing. Please contact Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition.

  2. Many of these responses really hit home with me.The inequitable,abusive business climate is much of the catalyst to my involvement and activism.Doing business here reminds me of getting beaten up and having your lunch money taken.Like many of us,I have extortion/bullying stories.Bought a blighted(real blight,not ‘Redevelopment Blight’)building that had been a school for decades.I wanted to create a community center/school for the arts/dance center.Code enforcement came and ‘red tagged’,as there was no permit to paint,replace doors and windows.The abatement beating lasted 4 years!The only one that got dance lessons there was me.Long tale of woe includes my wife’s nervous breakdown,an imposed scope work in the hundreds of thousands.The highest use got reduced to a residence with an M.U.P. that will never pencil( ‘downzoning ‘is a trick that makes the piece ‘non-conforming’).
    Someone suggested I contact a ‘business friendly’ council member.I e-malled,slipped notes,begged.Got ignored.At my emotional and financial breaking point.I went to the City Managers office.Told them if someone didn’t help me,I would U-Tube a documentary of my story and go viral.That did it.Exposing what’s really going on.Paying close attention.The best thing about neighbors is they PULL TOGETHER in an emergency.The threat that Agenda21 represents is an emergency.Anyway,now I have a new hobbie…and it ‘aint golf.


    ‘Economic Competitiveness Task Force’ need look no further than the City of Santa Rosa itself.

    Council Members Ours, Sawyer, Bartley and Olivares voted to give a business friendly [low interest, forgiveness provision] loan to Coddingtown. The same Coddingtown that evicted Narsi’s Hof-brau, a locally owned business. Why should other businesses try to compete?

    The city waived requirements for the redevelopment of the AT&T building for a developer. Why should other developers try to compete?

    The city subsidized the Hyatt hotel while local hotels where struggling. Why should other hotels try to compete?

    Redevelopment is involved in all of these examples!

    Hey hey ho ho redevelopment has got to go!

  4. The Hammer says:

    Get with the times! Set up a link on the City web site where anyone can respond with suggestions about constraints on the economy. Just be prepared for a lot of negative comments.

    A task force is old school. In a short time on the web you will have all the info. that you will need to change how the City does business.

    And don’t forget to call Intel and ask them why they won’t build in California.

  5. Don Cobb says:

    I wonder how much these men are being paid over the usual City Council stipend + awesome city health benefits, and if either of them have business relationships in this town which make their involvement a conflict of interest. I’m just wondering out loud. That’s all. Aren’t you?

    What do you mean “Most people don’t use their real name here”?

  6. Dogs Rule says:

    The only businesses able survive in California, and especially in Sonoma county are huge national corporations. There. Now you know. That did not take me several years to figure out. Just drive down the street.

  7. John says:

    At this point businesses need incentives to come here not just easing the process.

    Probably an un-popular idea but give them a tax rebate for the first few years to get them established then raise taxes to normal. It will provide jobs faster which helps the citizens and those rebates could be partially slated for environmentally friendly business practices. Businesses are driven by the dollar not the initial ease/difficulty of permitting.

    Ease up on the parking restrictions. If the parking lots are too small the only people who suffer are the businesses whose customers go elseware. Besides some would say less cars would be better anyway.

    Finally, run the city like a business and establish priorities that get accomplished as the budget recovers. Keep in mind the overall vision/mission statement for the city while making decisions but don’t be driven by it at any cost.

  8. Steveguy says:

    Fees and permit refusals for petty reasons. That is a start, and they know it. Nothing to this fake ‘Task Force’ , other than being able to enrich their buddies like usual.

    First in line with cash and can stand the abuse of the city wins. Small entrepreneurs need not apply. The deck is stacked. They will keep it that way until we go Egypt on them.

  9. Steveguy says:

    Years it will take Mr. Ours ?

    Excuse me sir, but we need jobs NOW.

    Or don’t you get it sir ?

    Are you a fool or what ?

  10. Billy C says:

    I have owned and operated a small biz in Santa Rosa for 22 years. I have not operated A business elsewhere so I have nothing to compare it to. I can say that I never ceased to be amazed at how determined the city seems to be in running business out of town. I deal with over 25 government agencies/regulators and it is a constant challenge to stay on top of all there demands. The Santa Rosa Fire Department is probably the most irksome and some Advanced planning department the most damaging.
    I would love to tell stories of what the
    City has put me through but few would ever believe it. I have a hard time believing things will change.
    Maybe if things get bad enough they will.
    If I was going to suggest something I would suggest that business could have some on to turn to with in the city that
    would actually protect and defend businesses. In the past few years it seems that every city agency delights in making things tough on businesses.

  11. Phil Maher says:

    I can at least tell you this- since the cities of Cotati, Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa increased their sales taxes, I take my business elsewhere. Given, Santa Rosa is a bit more difficult to get around (but still, entirely doable with practice and habit), but the other two…not a penny. So, for every $0.0025 or $0.0050 you projected you were going to make, I’ve withdrawn $1.00 from your city’s economy. Run the numbers and figure it out from there. Sales tax is actually regressive in other ways than than taking a disproportionate % of income from the poor…you chase a fraction of a number, but your merchants lose a whole number and pay less taxes in the long run. My principles trump your desperation. I win, you lose, and your businesses lose even more. As with so much you do, you chase your tails and wonder why you can’t move forward. We really are run by some stupid people.

  12. verne williams says:

    long ago expat… I am one of the few that are still clinging to my small business unable , unwilling or just too stupid to give up.
    As my savings, my business ,my home…circles the drain I reach out trying desperatly to cling to the side so I don’t get sucked down EVERY time the government takes a stick and prys me off.
    YOUR LETTER is by far the most truthful and to the point I have EVERY seen on a PD comment site.
    Good Luck to you where ever you are.

  13. Beef King says:

    ….”Unlike the city’s pension task force, with is supposed to wrap up its work by April, Jake Ours said he envisions the economic competitiveness task force will take years to finish its job.”
    It didn’t take him very long to say something ridiculous.
    If it takes years, the work will be irrelevant.
    Thanks Jake.

  14. Originalist says:

    Taxes, taxes,lack of services and corruption in our courts!

    What does the average person or business get for an almost 10% sales tax? Other than knowing he is overpaying every city and county worker, and money is wasted on one committee after another, not much!

    As to the board above, which of the people on the board started a business from scratch in the past 10 years that hires more than 50 people and provides or makes something we have heard about?

    The problem seems to be that the city council decides what is wants to do, and right or wrong it does it. Even if what they do is a disaster and a total waste of taxpayer money!

    Our courts are still on the “good ole boy” system. This means the facts and law and traditions of this country mean less than who the parties are = good ole boys always win, could there be bribes?

  15. RICHARD CANINI says:

    “The literally shocking truth about the quality of solar arrays By George Musser | Feb 14, 2011 08:00 AM | 2011

    … poor workmanship … improperly installed … a wave of breakdowns coming … system failures … unsafe and potentially lethal situations says Corey Asbill of New Mexico State University.

    Installers complain about the costly and seemingly arbitrary requirements cities … and counties impose. But … local officials have the important responsibility … over installers. A fire or electrocution could zap public enthusiasm for photovoltaic power and jack up insurance premiums for all solar homeowners…

    Asbill is an electrical engineer …. He tells me about a talk he gave in November 2009 to a meeting of installers and inspectors in Sonoma County, Calif. His team had spent several days scrutinizing a sample of 15 nearby solar arrays and finding safety hazards in every one.

    … he put up photos of incorrectly installed equipment and asked the audience to spot what’s wrong.

    PHOTO … the red wires should be white. … wire is hot, or not ….

    PHOTO Circuit breaker without safety label This double circuit breaker should have a warning label on it, indicating that the electricity is flowing into the service panel (from the solar array) rather than out (to an appliance or lamp).

    PHOTO Not the right terminal strip Here, the installer used a nonstandard part. … will probably wear out prematurely.

    PHOTO Missing chassis ground is more serious. The terminal at the upper right should have a ground wire in it. Grounding protects you if one of the live wires ever becomes frayed and makes contact with the metal box. Without it, someone touching the box could be electrocuted.

    PHOTO Indoor-rated screws and lugs used outside… The installer used grounding connectors meant for indoor use and they’re already corroded.

    PHOTO Frayed electrical connection It doesn’t take an experienced inspector to see that a dangling conductor can’t be good, either.

    PHOTO Inverters missing shutoff switches Now this is a real doozy. The installer never put in AC emergency cutoff switches! So there’s no easy way to shut off the equipment … to work on it.

    Sue Kateley, the executive director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association, raves about his presentation to this day. She has her own litany of complaints, such as a cracked electrical conduit that lets water in or is overstuffed with wires, causing mechanical wear. Greg Sellers, president of Burnham Energy, adds that many installers fail to check whether the general household wiring is up to snuff.”

    For article and photos see http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=the-literally-shocking-truth-about-2011-02-14&WT.mc_id=SA_syn_huffpo

  16. Kay Tokerud says:

    Too much red tape and exorbitant fees is what you will hear from small business owners around here. Great analysis, Expat. You should be on the task force. The WTO with their international trade agreements made it profitable to ship our factories and jobs overseas so it is the fault of the federal government that voted for this.

    The only way out is to start manufacturing here again. The costs for doing this must be reduced enough to make it happen. We need to use our own natural resources instead of importing them. We need to stop locking up the land for ‘conservation’ and use the land in as productive way as possible. The enormous problem of cheap Chinese goods flooding in must be addressed. Any ideas out there?

    In the past, nations were separate and could impose ‘protectionist’ tariffs on imports to insure that they would not hurt our own markets. The global marketplace without controls is not working for the United States. Large corporations take full advantage of the global market, shopping for the best places to do business. Until Sonoma County becomes a good place to do business, it’s not going to happen. Lowering fees and reducing regulations is a good place to start. We have been regulating ourselves to death.

    No Green New Deal is going to help. That new deal is a union backed plan that is trying to get a lock on all the new contracts awarded for green projects. The progressives with all their socialist talk aren’t helping matters–only driving a wedge between union workers and non-union workers who must compete for the same jobs. Let’s open up our markets to anyone wishing to do business and give them a chance on a level playing field. Playing favorites is still a big problem and drives up costs whenever there is no competitive bidding.

    The free market served our country well until the giant multinational corporations became too powerful. What can stop them? I wish I knew. What I do know is that we cannot allow them to destroy all that is good about our open and free society which enables people to work hard and prosper. When the opportunity to succeed no longer exists because doing business is not profitable, people lose hope and become less productive. All people should be encouraged to work to their full potential which can only happen in a free market society where hard work and resourcefulness are rewarded.

  17. Long Gone Expat says:

    I spent 20 years in Santa Rosa Area, built up a solid business with associates, to be slowly cost and efficiency strangled by illogical and unproductive local and state mandates. It really accelerated after 9-11 which became open season for general paranoia and over regulation of anyone not working in government.

    Sold out and shut down 100 or more well paying jobs, most of whom had families. It was a difficult emotional choice but an exceedingly easy economic one. Sonoma County, Santa Rosa and California simply did’t not want us here. So we went. But so did your tax base and what stayed was your welfare payments and atrophied local economic vitality.

    Most new rules were reactionary and over reaching and basically brow beat owners and their investors that
    a) we couldn’t be trusted
    b) we needed to pay for our pre-crime potential as possible future polluters, slave-laborers, past gender balance crimes, of our collective actions and
    c) we were exploiters of everyone else, (i.e.workers, customers, civil servants and anyone else who had a perceived claim against our creative output.

    Over 100 jobs left the Petaluma/Santa Rosa area, never to come back. They mostly went to low cost and low regulated midwest states and offshore. We did the math and concluded that government(s) did hate prosperity … even though they taxed us each step of the way.

    California is a very big fish, and it has been sick for a very long time and it is now rotting from the head on down for at least decade or more. It is not reversible. A great systemic crash will occur first. Maybe the state will reinvent itself after that collapse but not in the near future

    No local Santa Rosa committee is going to invent new prosperity when your federal Government is bankrupt and printing money wildly along with your on insane unfunded mandates. They alone will assure you own state bankruptcy by 2012. You are ungovernable, unable to make the hard decisions and your local cities and towns cannot pay for their own up keep. Real state is loosing half it value with no change in past debt obligations on an inflated and unwanted asset. A long term hangover you will now endure that has killed earlier empires with 1/10th of the problems you have. Only an idiot would start a new growth business in California now let alone dillusional and elitist Sonoma County.

    Maybe Silicon Valley is still there but the make everything in China. Facebook maybe worth 50 billion but it has less than 500 US employees. Growth only occurs by off-shore arbitrage, but no new California jobs. Mom and pop manufacturing have been outlawed in California through arbitrary and almost fascist by-law fiat.

    Reality check. You chased away the cultural and risk raking creatives and it will take at least another risk taking generation possibly fifty years from now to change that. Your poverty problem is based on an attitude problem. Even poor Mexico is doing better economically than you now, despite a vicious drug war. Canadians up north have stronger dollar and lower employment than you and enough oil, gold and food production that they can’t go bankrupt. You state guys stopped a 1/3 rd of Central Valley farmers because of a few small fish nobody ever heard about. You can eat them when the dust bowl shows up again

    The problem is that the next generation of wealth builders all mostly speak Chinese now. You blew your once in a generation chance and California now will resemble feeble Europe now more than muscular Asia.

    It did not haver to be this way but you deserve what you got. Arrogance and stupidity pays very poor dividends.

    Your check is in the mail.

  18. The constraint on our economy that needs to be examined is:I.C.L.E.I.(International Coalition on Local Environmental Initiatives). We could have a big ‘town hall’ meeting at Wells Fargo Center for the performing arts. We’ll examine all of it’s effects on our economy. Make sure the public can ask questions, I’m sure they have many.
    That’s a performance I’d like to see. Tip:make sure you have really good security!

  19. bill says:

    Former federal bureaucrats like Jake Ours are going to find out what is wrong with the local economy?

    Well, for starters, how about stop bankrolling millionaires? How about stop handing out pensions to government employees that exceed what taxpayers get and can afford to subsidize? How about stop treating local businesses as a compliance liability?

    Jake Ours needs to realize we need less interference, more freedom as our Constitution meant for us to have, and government whose chief responsibility is to the welfare of all of its citizens.

  20. john bly says:

    @ cassandra–I have read the survey and see no refernce, as you posted that you did, as to the term “burdensome regulations”. That term, as well as your opinion as to how I would respond to the survey, is nothing other than biased conjecture on your part. It is true that I do not feel the City of SR has been “in step” with businesses in the past, or in the present (although that seems to be changing).
    The link you object to is a survey for business owners to respond to in order for the State get feedback so they can better understand what business owners feel they need to thrive and grow their business.
    It is high time that businesses are heard from in order to understand the complex problems we all face in pulling ourselves out of this economic downturn.

  21. chris says:

    @ Eric Newman

    You do understand that the free market exists in every decision you make, and that the study of economics is a social science; i.e. the study of human behavior. I assume not.

    Furthermore the hostile business environment of California has driven off thousands of businesses effectively decreasing competition and damaging the consumer. If you would be so diligent as to look at the effective tax rates of other states and how they have fared the economic recession you would be faced with a hard truth and a rude awakening.

  22. Cassandra Veo says:

    @Jon Bly Thanks for outing yourself with that survey Jon! I checked your link and the first four questions were about the “burdensome regulations” of fair wages, rest and meal breaks and complying with the Family Medical Leave Act. I guess if the contractors belonging to your Engineering Contractors groups have to pay decent wages and comply with the federal Family Leave Act as well as allow their employees breaks and lunch hours, it would really cut into your construction profits. I am sure that having to observe safety laws are burdensome to employers too. Too bad they don’t let you guys build like the developers in Haiti with no regs at all. Who cares when the short cuts you take in construction cause others their lives or health? After all the profit of your engineering contractors is more important right? And why comply with the burdensome minimum wage requirements? Especially if you can get illegal immigrants to work for cheaper? No wonder the highest rate of illegal workers are in construction!! Thanks for finally showing your agenda Mr Bly. Now we know where your Engineering Contractors Association stands on obeying the laws!

  23. Steveguy says:


    All of these extra expenses for “plan checks” re-check of all plans by everyone, etc etc.

    Do you actually think that someone would build a new business and make it unsafe ? Or that the contractors will build something unsafe ? Nope, we have to have traffic studies, over and over because people might actually be producing something, instead of sucking us dry from the pig trough that is the swill of the City. Santa Rosa, the City of Fines, Fees, and Discouragement at every step. ( Unless you are connected through the ‘Redevelopment Agencies’ , or ‘Smart Growth’, or ‘ Dumb Train’ or anything ‘Green’ )… really

    They think that they rule every aspect of our lives, and they are getting close.

  24. Phil Maher says:

    Oh my poor, misguided Comrade Newman, how wrong and delightfully idealistic you are. Make some more money….you’ll feel better in no time.

  25. Steveguy says:

    Does anyone actually think that the City Government is going to give up any power or fees ? Or the County or the State or the Feds ?

    As a former business owner in Santa Rosa for years that even did work for the City, I see that all of the hoops and delays one has to go through makes it not so attractive to go from 7 employees to 15 or 20.

    Even when someone jumps through bureaucratic hoops and navigated the abyss that is regulatory agencies, there is always the inevitable lawsuit to discourage business even more. Examples : the asphalt plant and quarry.

    What we end up with is no better than the original plan, but it can take years and countless dollars wasted instead of right now jobs.

    The City will never give up on high fees and red tape, so all of this ‘puppet theater’ is probably useless.

    Oh well, the lunatics are running the asylum, for ‘our own good’..

  26. Eric Newman says:

    “Zombie Economic Myths Must Die”

    The only reason the grotesque and bankrupt “free market” ideology is still in currency is that our corporate overlords have spent a trillion dollars on propaganda to persuade the working class of this country that their interests are aligned with the corporate oligarchy, and its relentless drive to reduce us to Second World labor standards to boost their profitability.

    There are a couple of good people on this Task Force, like Tanya Narath and Stephen Gale, who I hope will hold the line and defend a high road economic growth strategy. That means sensible environmental and land-use regulations, living wage jobs, respect for the right to organize unions to raise living standards for working people, and a fair share tax reform that will provide the revenues to develop this strategy.

    Our future prosperity will come from a ‘Green New Deal’ that will create full employment as a direct policy goal, and put us to work rebuilding our physical and social infra-structure through public works projects and a strengthened social safety net.

    We don’t need another dose of the same snake oil that just nearly killed us.

  27. Eric Newman says:

    “Competitiveness” =
    Lowest Common Denominator”

    This task force bears close scrutiny. The very premise belies adherence to a discredited ideology, the conservative mantra of de-regulation and privatization. This false theory, which should have died in the collapse of the economy in the Great Recession due to the Wall Street pirates, tells us that the problem with jobs and economic growth is a matter of “competitiveness”.

    What “competitiveness” breaks down to in practice is lowering labor and environmental standards to the lowest common denominator, and offering tax-payer funded subsidies to businesses with no metrics for ascertaining whether they are actually creating jobs, or to evaluate the quality of those jobs.

    We cannot work our way to prosperity by taking the low road of cutting taxes, breaking public sector unions, and lifting prudent environmental and land-use regulatory standards. I do hope that there are members of this Task Force who are prepared to offer a counter-narrative to the failed “free market” fundamentalist ideology.

  28. @Pearl Alquileres says:

    Tasks forces generally cost nothing or very little.

  29. john bly says:

    I applaud this step by the City officials. Even when we had a “pro-business” City Council, the culture was still one that looked at businesses as compliance problems rather than business partners. This effort looks like a good first step to changing that culture. If you want to look at a survey at a State level that is trying to do the same thing, try this:


    This is an easy survey and well thought out. Maybe we can make a difference!

  30. Jim says:

    Why does this group consist of a bunch of political hacks and re-treads?

    Where are the real business people? Why doesn’t Ours call up 101MFG since they represent dozens of manufacturers in the area producing real goods and jobs.

  31. Steve says:

    There is very little local governments do to appease big business. Large manufactures are leaving because it is easier to do business in totalitarian countries like China or Malaysia. There are no taxes or environmental regulation. Workers are docile and the supply chain is cheap. Goods can be shipped back to the US on US owned foreign flagged ships and sold at good profit. There is nothing but profit, profits that avoid taxes by off shore banking.

    This may all change when gas hits $5 a gallon and it starts making sense to manufacture shovels locally again.

  32. Pearl Alquileres says:

    The city’s Economic Development Task Force released it’s study today showing that the city has wasted millions on forming “Task Forces” to study GOVERNMENT waste. The study recommends that a new Task Force be formed to study a reduction in Task Forces.

  33. Mike says:

    This is too easy. Too much regulation, too much taxation, too much cost of living and an atmosphere which has been anti-business for too long.

    Small minds have created a no, slow growth policy. If the city is serious about encouraging business to locate in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, incentives most be created that will encourage jobs not deter jobs.

    The basics are here, a university, infrastructure and an educated workforce. What is lacking is a liberal, big government attitude in the liberal local governments.

    If the Santa Rosa City Council wants change they need to look no further than at their bureaucracy and their attitudes toward business.

  34. cyclist says:

    As a previous business owner / operator / chief bottle washer. I can sum it up with this comment. Make it a one-stop shop for all the necessary applications for permits, tax form, environmental health etc. etc. It is really impractical to run accross town to get a piece of paper to submit and then back to the other side of town. All the city and county departments should be centralized in 1 building.

  35. The Hammer says:

    Call Intel and ask them why they aren’t building in California. They will tell you everything you need to know about constraints on the economy.