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Solomon prepares bid for Woolsey’s seat in Congress

Norman Solomon


Norman Solomon, a Marin County political activist and author, said Wednesday he will run for the Sonoma-Marin congressional seat in 2012 if Rep. Lynn Woolsey retires.

Solomon, an Inverness resident and self-described progressive Democrat, said he would “extend the Woolsey legacy” by opposing war in Afghanistan and backing green jobs, clean energy, civil liberties, gender equality, health care, education and balanced spending priorities.

“True leadership means standing up for the well-being of the vast majority of Americans, even when — especially when — the powerful push back,” Solomon said.

Solomon serves on the California Democratic Party Central Committee and was an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

He said he has formed a federally registered exploratory committee, the same step state Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, took in December with an intent to run for Congress if Woolsey steps down.

Woolsey, 73, is serving her 10th term in Congress. Last month, she said she is considering retirement in 2012 and will make a decision in June.

Democrats dominate voter registration in the 6th Congressional District and a crowded primary field is expected if Woolsey retires.

10 Responses to “Solomon prepares bid for Woolsey’s seat in Congress”

  1. Brian Brown says:

    Ok. Wow. I say “Let’s get tech and manufacturing back in Northern California!” and someone clicks a “thumbs down” ? I understand that you don’t like me and Norman Solomon seems like a nice enough guy but getting tech and manufacturing back in Northern California is bad? Mr. Solomon’s focus is on things we can only do later when jobs and the economy are back on track.

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  2. Brian Brown says:

    No! no! no! I don’t want another person who plants a flower garden when the building’s burning!

    Let’s get tech and manufacturing back in Northern California!

    JFK Democrats! Where are you?!

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  3. Pearl Alquileres says:

    That’s CLASSIC! “opposing war in Afghanistan”!! lol
    Didn’t the Dems PROMIS to end the war in Afghanistan if we gave them the house & senate in 2006?
    Since then over 1,200 American sons & daughters have been slaughtered in that sand trap. Over 800 since we gave them the White House!
    Some “legacy”…

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  4. James Bennett says:

    The important perspective that we should judge our leaders by is a willingness to go along with I.C.L.E.I..We are not meant to know what it means. It will take away our property rights. It will take away our civil rights. It will take away everything we hold dear. It is a big secret. It should be the subject of our time. It should be the subject of our study.and our resistance. Google:FreedomAdvocates,DemocratesAgainstUNAgenda21, Agenda21fordummies, SB1619. This tyranny has hijacked the ‘green’ movement. In fact it stands for:InternationalCoalitionforLocalEnvironmentalInitiatives. It stands for total repressive control of your life…inch by inch. When there is a preoccupation with ‘Smart’ this or that, bicycle resolve like it’s a religion,Sustainable Development,’Redevelopment’…it is at work. Behold the ultimate betrayal, the ultimate in elitism.

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  5. Really Big Fish says:

    Condescending liberals have already destroyed the great state of California. In Sonoma we are past the point of diminshing returns on the downward spiral. However, with common sense and good leadership we could stop the downward creep and recover but with bottoms up Woolsey and the save the kitty cat crowd the intelligent gene pool is empty. Vote these people out.

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  6. Go Norman! says:

    Here’s a guy with absolute integrity and a consistent ethical vision for a sustainable future. Always standing up for the people against powerful special interests. He was right about Afganistan and Iraq. He has consistently supported a universal healthcare. He’s advocated for reductions in military spending and finally leaders are catching up. He’s stood up at times with unpopular views only to be widely vindicated time after time.

    We need someone who stands for what they believe in and has a moral compass that isn’t subject to corporate manipulation. Norma Soloman is the perfect candidate to succeed Lynn Woolsey and if you have any doubt, you should contact him yourself. He’s very approachable, humble, and transparent.

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  7. Jack Ryan says:

    Good Luck. These are tough times.

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  8. Bye Bye Jobs says:

    Condescending liberal elitists WILL destroy California; the no talent you folks allow in to county government management positions is unbelievable; where is the FBI when you need them!

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  9. Skippy says:

    Mr. Solomon will be happy to pick up where Lynn left off.
    Destroying all things uniquely American and pushing for our unilateral surrender to whomever is a threat at the time.
    Not too much of an elitist, eh?

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  10. John says:

    Just what we need, another ineffective progressive Woolsey clone.

    Will the 6th District ever wise up and vote in a moderate Democrat?

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