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Windsor planners survey residents


As the youngest city in Sonoma County with the newest downtown, Windsor may seem like the last place that needs help in planning development in its central core.

But Windsor residents are being asked to share their ideas on what they’d like to see in their downtown.

Planners have sent out a 17-question survey to almost 10,000 households to find out how residents use their downtown and what they’d like to see there in the next 25 years.

It focuses on the half-mile radius around the town’s downtown transit station, located next to the Town Green Village. The information will be incorporated into a $300,000 “Station Area Plan,” funded mainly by a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

“Frankly it’s to help intensify the land uses in the downtown to help support the train and busineses already in there,” said Windsor Planner Kevin Thompson. “It’s trying to get a feel for what people want downtown.”

Although funding shortfalls are predicted to delay the commuter train service in Windsor beyond the original target date of 2014, planners are moving ahead with integrating new development, the train and other public transit.

The plan’s goals are to advance “Smart Growth” principles by creating pedestrian-friendly environments, replace an outdated 1997 downtown plan and create development that reduces greenhouse gases.

The survey, which asks general questions about income levels and other demographics, also is intended to gather data for an economic analysis to determine what can succeed in downtown.

The survey touches on land use issues, including building height, pedestrian connections and public amenities, as well as business opportunities.

5 Responses to “Windsor planners survey residents”

  1. Sue says:

    Who ordered this survey to be done? What a waste of money at a time that they are talking about budget problems in the future. The town needs to get their hands out of running business in Windsor! They have gone out of their way to restrict certain types of stores from opening,restricted tasting rooms, and gave all the power to Orrin to set up the perfect little “Mayberry”town. The homeowners in downtown have all the power to restrict who opens stores in the downtown core(thank our council for that). When Starbucks requested to open early in the downtown the homeowners voted it down. People talking and closing their car doors would make too much noise at that hour. The bar has to close at 12 because of the noise that the poor homeowners have to listen to! The owners of the bar business have been beat up by the whineing that goes on. The downtown will never have a healthy mix of stores because someone that lives upstairs will protest. Its the “urban core” Windsor you can’t have it both ways. Do you want noise and people or a sleepy little town?

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  2. A Future for Windsor says:

    @Grey Whitmore

    Hey, You choose to live in Windsor and Windsor is more to raise a family. Why not try living in Healsburg or Petaluma. Great bar scene there. Now Santa Rosa is a boring place.

    @ODB414 What Windsor needs are places people are willing to buy from no matter the time of season. Look at Starbucks, great product so people buy. Some of the affordable restaurants in Windsor are poor to average quality in food and ambiance . Look at the restaurant in Healdsburg they are packed with people because great food and great atmosphere.

    Do know that Windsor is well know in the Bay Area because of the World Mark Resort? People come from all over California to stay here and they love it and that should be one of things Windsor should build on. I think a few classy bar/restaurant could help. because all we have now is a pub and few wine tasting places.

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  3. A Future for Windsor says:

    Windsor has come along ways from the little town I grew up in and it has bright future with proper leadership. I am not sure if the new Planning & Building Director James Bergman is capable of leading Windsor in direction that would benefit the community. Why would a 17-question survey be sent out if they town hall had confidence in where they are take Windsor? Does 10,000 residence of Windsor have some kind of background in city Planning (this is a stall tactic and waste of tax payers money). What the the residence of Windsor will tell you is that they’re tired of driving to other towns for their jobs and purchases.

    Planning for a city is not a easy job and you have to make very tough choices in what to approve to benefit the whole community. The Town of Windsor knows what it needs to do and have their agenda already drawn out(Swim center, Costco, trader-Joes) it’s the funding that is lacking.

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  4. ODB414 says:

    How about instead of putting in businesses whose goal is to gouge tourists with overpriced goods, they let in a couple that locals could frequent without breaking the bank? They could have business year-round rahter than just the summer.

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  5. Grey Whitmore says:

    So bloody boring in downtown Windsor that no one can think of anything to write.

    How about bulldoze the whole thing and start again?

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