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Rohnert Park considers revamping building fees


Rohnert Park’s City Council will consider a proposal Tuesday night to adjust the building fees it charges.

The fees have not been altered since 2001 and the council last year asked city staff to review them as part of a plan to streamline economic development efforts.

The fees are based on the project’s estimated value. That’s how they are calculated in Sonoma County and by cities including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor and Novato.

Under the proposal to be considered Tuesday, fees charged to residential projects would perhaps rise while some of those levied on commercial projects may drop.

That’s because fees would be calculated based on the goal of recovering the total costs of the plan check and inspection services provided by the staff in relation to the project.

City Manager Gabe Gonzalez said that a study of the fee schedule found that the city’s cost of staff services for commercial projects tended to be lower than the fees charged.

At the same time, he said, fees charged for residential projects recovered less than the cost of services provided.

If the city adopts a fee system to recover 100 percent of the cost of the building-related services it provides, commercial building fees would drop but overall revenue would climb by nearly $70,000, Gonzalez said.

However, he noted, higher fees might discourage people pursuing residential projects from going through the permit process at all.

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  1. Peal Alquiler says:

    Finally some sanity in GOVERNMENT! Attract businesses (jobs) so people can afford to live here. What a concept!?

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