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Petaluma seeks applicants for City Council vacancy


Petaluma residents looking to step into the breach of the Petaluma City Council have until Jan. 20 to apply.

The six-person council is seeking a seventh member to fill the remaining two years of David Glass’ council seat, which was left vacant after he was sworn in as mayor on Monday.

Council members will review the applications and question applicants before they vote on an appointment at a Jan. 31 special council meeting.

Applications must be received by 5 p.m. at City Hall, 11 English St. The Jan. 31 meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Applicants are asked to complete six questions related to Petaluma’s budget, how to attract new business, how flexible development requirements should be, infrastructure priorities and cooperation on the famously divided council.

The eight-page application can be accessed online at www.cityofpetaluma.net/cclerk/pdf/ApplicationCouncil2011.pdf

Applicants must be Petaluma residents and registered voters. For information, call 778-4360.


Want to take a crack at the questions? Offer your answers below:

1) What economic development programs and incentives do you believe are necessary to retain and support the growth of existing businesses, and to attract the kinds of new business contemplated in the city’s Economic Development Strategy?

2) The General Plan is the guiding document and vision for the City. Under what circumstances would you be comfortable in approving uses that are inconsistent with the Plan, and under what circumstances would you be comfortable not approving uses specifically allowed in the plan?

3) What infill policies do you think should be adopted in light of the Urban Growth Boundary established by the voters in 1998 and extended to 2025 by the voters in 2010? What policies and programs would you promote to protect Petaluma’s historic, cultural and physical assets?

4) Within existing budget constraints, how would you address infrastructure needs including street maintenance, flood control, park development and traffic congestion?

5) What would you do to assure that as Councilmember you contribute to building a cohesive team comprised of the Mayor and Council, City Manager and Staff that works together with mutual trust and respect to provide vital public services and protects the public’s interests?

6) Petaluma has grappled with fiscal decline for the last three budget cycles. Briefly discuss your knowledge of Petaluma’s budget situation. Please further discuss the priorities and policies you believe the Council should adopt to restore short term fiscal stability, and the priorities and policies you believe the Council should adopt to foster long term fiscal sustainability.

4 Responses to “Petaluma seeks applicants for City Council vacancy”

  1. Glad to live elsewhere says:

    Dear Mr. Clarke, are you kidding me. You are either a close friend of the Mayors, a true blue progressive or you simply have no understanding of Petaluma Politics. Simply appointing Davies to the council would only provide us with another 4 years of zero construction, tax revenue and decaying public services. And please have some dignity when describing the Mayors understanding of Petaluma Politics. Mayor Glass is by no means an uneducated man however he is fairly shortsighted when it comes to the financial future of Petaluma.

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  2. Answer to Wayne Clark says:

    Wayne Clark asks – “How the h..l would JEFF MAYNE handle this controversy “Right Out Of The Gate”

    That is a very simple answer. He would not have to! If he was there then Glass would be in his Council seat and there would be no vacancy on Council! This is all happening because Glass chose to vacate his seat for the mayor-ship. I’m not blaming Glass for this mess, that would be ridiculous, I’m simply pointing out a fact. So, to question Jeff Mayne’s ability in this matter is just as ridiculous. Come on Wayne Clark, don’t be so biased as to abandon all reason. You are aware that there is a City Charter right? The City Manager made a recommendation to follow Charter. You are suggesting that the Council deny the recommendation and do something else? Follow the Charter and the recommendation of the City Manager, go through the appointment process. Davies can go through that process along with anyone else that chooses, THAT is the Charter!

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  3. Glass failed to show leadership says:

    It happened because Glass did not pull any of his “proven leadership” out of his toolbag.

    Please listen to you inner voice more often. We would all appreciate it.

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  4. Wayne Clarke says:

    Give me a break here!

    We would not be doing this Application Thing, if it was not for the actions of our very own “Local Party of No”, last Monday night at the very long Petaluma City Council meeting.

    I told myself; to just stay out of this potential “Dog and Pony Show” for selecting the 7th City Council member.

    The Charter Members of this “Local Party of No” are as follows: Mike Harris(R), Mike Healy(d) and newcomer Chris Albertson(d). I could not believe how WEAK KNEED and PREDICTABLE their reasoning was for rejecting Jason Davies as the natural choice for the 7th City Council seat.

    I don’t know who’s “Talking Points” they were reading from, but they were very sophomoric and reminded me of something that Jeff Mayne (unsuccessful Mayoral candidate) could have written. I ended up watching the remainder of the City Council meeting the next day on my laptop. I observed David Glass’s verbal dialog; his give and take, back and forth discussions with the “Party of No” members. David’s grasp of all the facts regarding this very difficult quagmire and his knowledge of the Duties of the Mayor, speaks volumes for his abilities.

    My question here is this: How the h..l would JEFF MAYNE handle this controversy “Right Out Of The Gate” with absolutely no government experience? Thank you, Petaluma, for not electing Jeff Mayne for Mayor of Dutraluma!

    Wayne Clarke

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