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Petaluma parts ways with another city department head


Petaluma’s public works director has been terminated, making him the second department head to part ways with the city in the past few weeks.

Vince Marengo was terminated on Jan. 12, City Manager John Brown confirmed. He declined to be more specific, citing personnel confidentiality laws.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss the terms of his separation,” he said.

Marengo, who had been with the city for more than six years, couldn’t be reached for comment. He was paid about $147,000 annually and supervised a public works budget of more than $22 million, including large-scale roads projects.

Brown said he looking at combining the public works job with the director of the city’s water and wastewater department, a position currently being filled on an interim basis.

The city is also seeking a replacement for Marc Puckett, who served as the finance director for about two months.

Puckett was hired in late 2010, about a year after he resigned as finance director of the Orange County city of Costa Mesa. He was previous placed on leave with Costa Mesa, but the reason was never publicly disclosed.

He left earlier this month after delivering a dreary five-year budget outlook to the City Council. City Hall sources said Puckett had family matters that required him to be closer to Southern California.

Puckett was recently hired as the finance director for the town of Apple Valley in San Bernardino County.

Brown is recruiting for a new finance director at a salary of about $140,000.

Susan Mahoney was hired as interim finance director after previous jobs with Indio and Citrus Heights.

8 Responses to “Petaluma parts ways with another city department head”

  1. .... says:

    So because Vince rented from Pam Torliatt, he didn’t deserve to work there? People’s opinions on Pam shouldn’t influence opinions with Vince.
    Vince was great with what he did, and I believe John Brown is completely incompetent, and was infact intimidated by Vince’s and his knowledge. Brown came in and fired every department head, Vince was the last to go. What was this reason for that? Brown has done nothing but ruin this city.

  2. Petaluma Dysfunctional says:

    Petaluma City Hall is completely dysfunctional.

  3. Kim says:

    Evidently Paul you too had dealings with Vince, I share your elation that he is gone!

    There was no mistake when one had dealings with this man. There was no middle ground, it was his way or the highway. He was a heartless, individual. I witnessed the man reduce another man to tears. He reminded me of a drill instructor at a Marine Corps boot camp.

    Bye bye Vince…now, where’s the party?

  4. Move forward says:

    I am not a fan of John Brown or Vince Marengo. However, business needs to be taken care of and this was the first step of many to begin fixing the mess at city hall.

  5. BigDogatPlay says:

    There is considerable backstory in the current churn in the city’s staff management team. I’d wager that some of it will eventually sneak out.

    That aside, the city is in a considerable pickle as relates to it’s finances. We may well see some additional consolidation in the reporting structure over the next few weeks and months.

  6. Go firgure says:

    It sounds like Brown only wants “YES PEOPLE” working for him. Surrounding yourself with those that agree with you will ruin the city.

    Brown needs to stop fiddling around as Petaluma burns.

    Putting City activities under the Water dept. why not? That is where the money is when measure L was defeated.

  7. Paul Hewse says:

    It’s well known the Brown wanted to get rid of the incompetent Marengo long ago, but couldn’t because VM rented from Mayor Torliatt. Now that she’s off the council, Brown is free to get rid of this guy, who a few years ago was in charge of keeping Cisco buildings clean and is suddenly qualified to manage roads, buildings and big public projects in a town of 60,000?!

  8. Wilson says:

    I don’t get it.

    A long-term (and by most accounts dedicated) city employee gets fired so that a temp can run two departments? Is the city manager running things on his own since there is no city council majority to direct him? This stinks of political maneuvering. Well mike healy is on the council after all.

    Unfortunately the real truth of this matter is unlikely to ever see the light of day and the people will suffer for it. Thank you PD for keeping us in the dark.