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If I was appointed to the Petaluma City Council …


Full applications submitted by 19 applicants for a vacancy on the Petaluma City Council are now available on the Petaluma city website.

One candidate, Rob McGaughey Jr., was disqualified because the city didn’t receive a signed copy of his application by the deadline last Friday, City Clerk Claire Cooper said. His name was initially included in the list of applicants, but his application wasn’t complete.

The six-member council put together a list of six questions for applicants to complete, along with biographical information.

The seventh member could become a crucial swing vote for both voting blocs on the council, which are generally split by their views of how tightly to regulate growth and development in Petaluma.

The vacancy was created when David Glass was elected mayor in November, halfway through his council term. The appointee’s term will run through 2012.

Applications can be viewed at: http://cityofpetaluma.net/cclerk/vacancy.html

The council is scheduled to review the applications, question applicants and possibly vote to appoint one at a special meeting next Monday. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 11 English St.


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One Response to “If I was appointed to the Petaluma City Council …”

  1. A few good choices says:

    Several applicants did a very good job responding to the questions on the application form. There certainly is no need for this to go to a costly special election.

    Please work on this together city council. You should be able to agree on someone here, even if it is not your first or second choice.