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VIDEO: An interview with Mike Kerns

Mike Kerns, who was first elected in 1998 to represent southern Sonoma County on the Board of Supervisors, leaves office next month. In a Nov. 30 video interview with the Petaluma Argus-Courier, he muses on his biggest accomplishment during his 12 years in office, his biggest disappointment, the controversial vote on the Dutra asphalt plant, his advice for his successor, David Rabbitt, and his plans for retirement.

What do you think was Kerns’ biggest accomplishment – and what disappointed you most about his stewardship in office?

6 Responses to “VIDEO: An interview with Mike Kerns”

  1. GoodbyeKerns says:

    Here is Mike Kerns’ real legacy:

    Coming to Petaluma City Council meetings perhaps 4 times in his 12-year run (and none in the past 4 years). Reportedly, he NEVER attended a Cotati City Council meeting during the past 12 years.

    Pushing an Open Space District that’s really farm subsidy. Almost all of the money he spent on conservation easements is on properties with no chance of development. ALL of the properties both protected and purchased were grossly overvalued on their appraisals. The Tolay Creek property is a white elephant that will likely never be fully open to the public. He worked on this behind closed doors for three years on this fiasco and only went public when he was about to lose it all. I wish he had lost it.

    Placing roadblock after roadblock after roadblock to keep the City of Petaluma owned Lafferty Park closed to the public on behalf of one (yep, just one guy) now deceased sociopath.

    Doing absolutely nothing to fix south county roads with the sole exception of repaving Stony Point Road.

    Keeping the Dutra asphalt plant planning hidden behind closed doors for the first 4 years of it’s planning. kerns NEVER held a public meeting on it. Then when it became public, even though it blew up in his face, he continued to shove it down our throats despite the incredible amount of opposition.

    Mike Kerns is a DINO – Democrat In Name Only. He is about as moderate as Ronald Regan was. And david rabbit is his political clone. This makes three non-representing representative in a row on the Board of Stupidvisors. The status quo remains unchanged just as Sonoma County political powerbrokers want. They certainly don’t care what the people want or need or deserve.

  2. be smart says:

    For Wayne Clarke, as you have no personal agenda, and are interested in telling the truth about the behind-the-scenes politics, I hope all read your comments and take them to heart.

    I agree about Mike McGuire – let’s see him disavow the Rabbitt campaign tactics, clearly supported by Mike Kerns, since he endorsed Rabbitt and stayed quiet on the racist bigotry employed by his friends running the Rabbitt campaign. Also – watching the relationship with Sonoma County Alliance, agree wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for the drink offer – I don’t imbibe. I will raise a cup of tea to your continuing to tell the truth.

    I heard, when you went into the Rabbitt campaign party at Graziano, you were approached almost immediately by someone who asked, “What are you doing here?” I’m wondering if that’s true and if you could disclose who it was. I imagnie it would add to the understanding of the people who were supporting Rabbitt for Supervisor, with Kerns and his friends, to maintain the status quo and keep non-representation at its norm.

    Thanks, Conscience.

  3. Remember Lafferty says:

    Yes, Kerns… The fellow that screwed Petaluma on the lafferty access ight, the guy that totally ignores Petaluma’s needs as far as Dutra, the fellow that ignored the Roblar area folks and turned the rock haulers loose… I chased him off my porch when he first ran, and remain as opposed to everything he has ever done… Although he did generate a lot of money for his opponents…

  4. BZZ says:

    Kerns’ “legacy” is an embarassment. His December vote on the Dutra project, shortly before the new supervisors are sworn in, will be his last middle finger salute to his constituents. His departure cannot come soon enough.

  5. Wayne Clarke says:

    @alternativenewz – Waiting for your truthfulness and critical thinking skills.

    @be smart – Buy You A Drink, Sailor?

    I will not be posting (even though I am dying inside) till certain:

    “PESKY BICYCLE RIDING LEFTIES” weigh in on this very “PLUMP AND RIPE” topic.

    It is not fair that I weigh in right now, because I have been MIKE KERN’s “Worst Nightmare”, or at least one of many “Nightmares”. I just want to know, with the laws of probability, and all; how can anyone be wrong 80% of the time?

    PAUL KELLEY, his Comrade to the north, has only been stuck with Moi, for just 14 of his 16 years in office. Again, how can anyone be wrong 80% of the time. Well, I guess it is perspective, such as, being a Winery Owner; where in that context, PAUL KELLEY, would be considered right 80% of the time. Very Perplexing!

    Paul Kelley’s replacement as the North County Supervisor, Mike McGuire, I know will make for an excellent Supervisor. I attended a town hall of Mike’s and was totally won over by style and substance.

    My biggest worries with Mike McGuire are three fold:
    1. Repudiate the “Willie Horton” style of attack ad that was used against Pam Torliatt (just like Chris Snyder of Operating Engineers #3 did when he loudly disavowed the horrible “BE VERY AFRAID” nature of the “bottom feeding flyers”.
    2. Distance himself totally from one, LISA SCHAFFNER, who is completing his 20010 term on the Healdsburg City Council (hopefully he had nothing to do with her selection).
    3. Get out from under the SONOMA COUNTY ALLIANCE’s Influence, which is also headed up by one LISA SCHAFFNER, who is the Exectutive Director. The ALLIANCE was one of the major funders of the “Despicable Attack Ads” (approx. $90,000.) that was used against Pam Torliatt in the South County Supevisors race. The rest is history!

    MIKE KERN’s replacement, DAVID RABBITT, has already received enough INK from me regarding how I think about him. I have caused a “MAJOR FIRE STORM’, in the Petaluma area, when I caught, AIMI DUTRA and EFREN CARRILLO Yukking it up, knee to knee at the DAVID RABBITT Celebration Party, on Election Night. You can check out the craziness and the many denials of DAVID RABBITT, in the front page article from the November 18th Argus-Courier(Rabbitt reaffirms his opposition to Dutra plant) and the ongoing banter on WATCH SONOMA COUNTY related to the article: Rabbitt: I didn’t invite Dutra to my party.

    And the Beat Goes On!

    Wayne Clarke “Conscience”

    Peace Out!

  6. be smart says:

    Kerns’ so-called legacy is:
    1. He knows nothing about the environment. He has promoted both the Dutra asphalt plant and the Roblar Rock quarry from day 1 – and was demeaning during public hearings toward members of the public.
    2. He is not a moderate. He just does not know how to take a position that is other than his good ole boy network. So he didn’t. And called himself a “moderate.”
    3. Sure, he’s supported the Open Space District – everyone else’s projects and all our South County tax dollars going to every other District’s desires – with a few favors doled out in conservation easements to his buddies or something that might make him look good through his realtor friends.
    4. He supported his successor, Rabbitt, and all those who know the real story in South Sonoma Co. know that the good ole boys and girls are thrilled.
    5. More of the same, more of the none, for South Sonoma Co.
    6. Kerns could never have achieved the Tolay Lake Regional Park without environmental advocates coming on board with him to do it – it never ever would have happened. Now, to protect real threats to South Sonoma County and our environment in the form of an asphalt plant adjacent to Shollenberger Park and the public wetlands and marshes and a rock quarry that would blow all of the wildlife to bits and ruin the lives of farmers and ranchers in the Roblar Road area, he tries to shove this down the throats of South Sonoma County citizens.

    He has no positive legacy to leave, although the Argus-Courier newspaper editorial staff would love to try and portray him as havnig one.

    People should remember Kerns for the do-nothing, non-representative elected official he was and prepare for more of the same.