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Zane: Woolsey basically stabbed us in the back

Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane is fuming today over a vote by Rep. Lynn Woolsey supporting legislation Zane says will “open the flood gates to us becoming a Northern California Las Vegas.”

Tucked into a huge spending bill,the controverisal legislation, known as the “Carcieri fix,” passed in the House on a 207-206 vote on Wednesday. Rep. Mike Thompson voted against it. Woolsey supported it. Zane says if the bill passes the Senate, it would essentially free up more reservation shopping and tie the hands of local government to put any limitations on casinos and other projects.

“Woolsey basically stabbed us in the back,” said Zane. “It basically passed by one vote. As far as we were concerned, she was the deciding vote.”

The Carcieri fix essentially is a work-around of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that denied a Rhode Island tribe special trust status that would have exempted the tribe from paying state and local taxes on that land and abiding by other regulations.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is an ardent opponent of the measure. It’s unclear how Sen. Barbara Boxer would vote. President Obama has repeatedly said he supports the land trust measure.

Zane was part of a group from the California State Association of Counties that went to Washington to urge Woolsey and others to oppose the quick fix. “This is exactly what we have been campaigning against, counties across the country,” Zane said. “And she basically stuck a huge knife in our back. It’s unthinkable. And I’m furious about it.”

She said the legislation would essentially allow officials from the Department of the Interior “to take land out of environmental protection and establish a trust for tribes whenever they want it. That means casinos wherever they determine a trust should be.”

She’s particularly concerned about the impact in Sonoma County which has five tribes. She fears it means local cities and the county would be hampered even more in their ability to stop casinos and/or in obtaining mitgations and settlement agreements regarding local impacts from such projects.

- Paul Gullixson

24 Responses to “Zane: Woolsey basically stabbed us in the back”

  1. Josh Stevens says:

    Follow the money,

    Those casinos will make heap big profits.

    campaign cash will flow like waterfall.

    Woolsey and democrat influence will soar like hawk.

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    Lynn Woolsey never saw a spending bill that she didn’t like, unless it was for funding our military.

    Woolsey previously claimed that she was tricked by the tribe promising her that they would not seek to build a casino on Sonoma/Marin county land purchased by them, yet now she votes for this.
    Who’s fooling who?

    She will probably retire after twenty years of voting for more entitlement programs, exsessive spending and quick, temporary “fixes” and leave the next congressional representative and the taxpayers holding the bag.

    Here’s an idea-Stop adding pork to all these bills, and cut back on government spending! Listen to your constituents and respond to them-not just special interest groups.

    P.S. @ Arnie Hopper- you obviously have never tried to get Lynn Woolsey to respond to a direct question.
    Your “progressive” candidate won, yet you continue to bash Jim Judd and those who supported him, voted for him, and volunteered for his campaign.
    Isn’t that a little negative and lacking in origional thought or productive ideas?

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  3. Skippy says:

    The concept that Indians are still being discriminated against; scalped and driven across the wind-blown prairie to desolate distant reservations is just so much range-fuel.
    Indians perpetuate the tragic we-were-here-first-so-you-owe-us-forever jive, and it works everytime.
    The descendants of settlers carry a huge amount of unearned guilt over actions by people long dead against others also long gone. It’s disgusting to see an entire class of people treated and acting as though they were incapable of wiping their noses without financial help from The Great White Brother in Washington.
    Enough with the guilt and sorrowful dependency! Grow up; assimilate; stop whining and act like adults.
    The entire Indian casino debacle has worsened their lot in life, as they are now dependent on Asian gamblers to finance their monthly dividend checks.
    Gambling is poison, but try to open a casino if you are a white guy!
    Truly, some are far more equal than others.
    Shirley; welcome to Progressiveville!
    The knife in your back comes from your kindred sister.

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  4. Lyn Cramer says:

    The issue here isn’t complicated. The federal government presumes the right to force a casino on a community that doesn’t want one. Local land use issues will no longer to be settled by local citizens. How far is that from the government intended in our Constitution?

    That California voters passed a measure to give the tribes a monopoly over casino gambling further complicates the mess. But, the bottom line is that political appointees in the Department of Interior will decide whether a casino is built in your community. And our elected representative voted for that.

    Unfortunately, this is the price paid when the public confuses democracy with a spectator sport.

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  5. Carleen says:

    Well good for the tribes.
    At least they are not living off of the State any longer as they did years ago.
    They were in poverty and the most had to live off of welfare.
    What Zane should be concerned about is what our County and State is paying out on the illegals.
    The tribes are our people born here like thier ancestors before them

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    Woolsey, the con artist! She should have been thrown out of office!

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  7. bill me says:

    Sounds like a local politician is setting the stage for a run at Woolsey’s seat. Maybe she will do better than Judd with the local voters that refused to vote Woolsey out Nov. 2. Bottom line-Woolsey has done nothing in 18 years to help us around here. Anybody would be better than Woolsey-Go Shirlee!

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  8. NickS says:

    The reason this matters to local government is that the tribes are not required to fully mitigate the impact of the casinos they build (e.g. increased traffic and crime).

    The reason this should matter to you is that you will be paying for it.

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  9. bear says:

    Let’s remember the basics. Native Americans deserve compensation and gambling is the way America has chosen to do it. Insane. I would appropriate any sane amount of money to compensate in some other way.

    That said, let’s also remember that hundreds of other Congressfolks also voted for this. What can we learn from that?

    In general, I guess all anyone wants is some control over casino locations and some payback for impacts.

    Remembering that we have state lotteries and casinos because we – as voters and legislators, have CHOSEN those paths to cheaply address serious problems.

    At least the very wealthy and the Native Americans will be celebrating something this Christmas. And the unemployed victims of 30 years of bad economic and foreign policies may not starve this month.

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  10. How our reps vote, is controlled. The Progs work as a team. Rep. Mike Thompson voted no because he was told to vote no – and the same with Rep. Woolsey’s yes vote. Woolsey can take any heat her constituents throw at her. She is like rubber – nothing sticks to her.

    Supervisor Zane is also inside the prog circle. Shirley is playing her role. Her job is to be the good cop in this ‘Good Cop – Bad Cop’ scene.

    The stage is set by the Progs. They are pros at this type of manipulation and have been working the sheeple for years.

    Supervisor Zane stands up in defiance, and references her DC lobby visit; clear evidence that she was against this legislation. Or, maybe not.

    Every marketing student learns that “Perception is Reality”. That is, that which your client believes to be true, is true – regardless of the truth. If your product is believed to be trash, then it is trash.

    Now, after reading this story, what do you believe to be true? Is the PD reporting the truth? Is your belief based on that which is reported to you by media?

    Be Smart Sonoma County. Do not be played.
    Do your own research on the common thread that runs through the players on the stage in this story.

    Challenge Yourself
    and Trust Your Own Gut.

    Research > Progressivism

    PS: Woolsey endorses Zane> click > scroll

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  11. gg johnson says:

    All the talk about “…their own land…” is a crock. They go and claim that a piece of land is theirs and buy it, with the help of gambling interests from Nevada most likely, and now it’s supposed to be the reservation. Then we have to deal with the increased traffic and crime that a casino brings. Because weak minded people think that gambling is going to make them rich.
    As far as Lynn Woolsey goes…quit complaining. You had your chance to vote her out and decided to keep her in. I voted for Jim Judd.

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  12. Tom says:

    Maybe we should re-open that whole ‘lets just give them back their country and go back to where ever our ancestors came from’ thing.

    Growing up, I always thought Indian land was like a sovereign nation, that they had total control of what they did on their land.

    Has that been taken from them too, or am I not remembering it correctly?

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  13. Liz D. says:

    God Forbid Brown people make any money!

    Native American issues fall under the dept of interior–a federal branch—local gov has no say & should not have any say!

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  14. Arnie Hopper says:

    Zane should pull back the comment – she can express disappointment without making a backstabbing claim. And why Kearney would echo the comment via Twitter is also strange. Let it go and let Woolsey explain the rationale for her vote – why not ask her rather than turn this into an exercise in self serving politics. Does Woolsey at least get credit from Zane and other Sonoma Democrats for standing up to Republicans on the Bush tax cuts? Enough of the Democratic infighting and posturing. You’re just fanning the flames for people like Judd and his ilk to get on their high horse again – after losing by a landslide in a campaign with no new ideas but plenty of negativity.

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  15. Welcome to the world of Lynn Woolsey’s constituents! Good luck getting the knife out your back….Lynn is brilliant at ignoring the pain and suffering she is causes.

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  16. Mike says:

    Unbelievable! She knows how this county feels about increased Indian casinos! We haven’t voted for Woolsey since the Graton Rancheria fiasco. Too bad she didn’t get booted out. We voted for Judd, and we’re Democrats.

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  17. Sandy says:

    Lynn W could care less what the people of her district wants. She got into office because of the Unions and she will stay in office because of the Unions.

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  18. Jim Judd says:

    Two cars, two homes, two wardrobes, two casinos or more….having fun yet.

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  19. Steve Klausner says:

    Pot farms and gambling…the jobs of the future.

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  20. cyclist says:

    Can’t just blame Woosley. As far as I am concern Thompson and Woosley’s votes just canceled each other out. Zane want to make it a big deal for the purpose of self-serving as most politicians do.

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  21. Drama! “Stabbed in the back”? I don’t Zane understands the term.

    To explain, it would have meant Rep. Woolsey had expressed explicit support for her cause before suddenly turning on it.

    People rallying behind the idea of stopping Native Americans from developing private enterprise on their own lands should be profoundly distasteful to all across the political spectrum.

    Has Supervisor Zane ever explained the reasoning behind her position?

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  22. mark says:

    As we tried to tell you apethetic Sonoma County voters….”What has Woolsey accomplished in Congress”? At least the hated Pelosi made her way to the top but Woolsey has done NOTHING for our district. In fact, she is noted as being the dumbest member of congress and the irony is she represents one of the most wealthy districts in the country.

    The next campaign slogan:


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  23. Meg C. says:

    Shoulda voted Woolsey out years ago. You had a chance in November this year to make her irrelevant…and you wasted it. Sucks to be you.

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  24. JackC says:

    God forbid the Indians be able to do anything they want with their land that would effect local governments… maybe they can offer the local government shiny beads or blankets in exchange.

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