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Memorial Hospital ready to bargain with new union


The National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C., has certified the National Union of Healthcare Workers as the bargaining representative for some 700 technical, service and maintenance workers at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, according to the hospital.

The decision comes a little more than a year after a majority of workers voted in a labor vote to be represented by NUHW, a spin-off of the Oakland-based health care workers’ local affiliated with the Service Employees International Union.

Workers include radiology and respiratory technicians, nurses aides, housekeepers and dietary workers. Those who voted had the choice to vote between NUHW, SEIU or no union at all.

The NUHW received 283 votes, while SEIU got only 13. The choice of opting for neither union — supported by the hospital administration — won 263 votes. The NUHW need a single vote greater than 50 percent to win.

Hospital officials said they would abide by the federal labor board’s decision and begin bargaining with the union. After the election, hospital administration called for the election to be “set aside” because of alleged election irregularities.
Hospital attorneys had brought their objections to the NLRB.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the hospital’s executive leadership said, “Based on the law and the facts we presented, we remain steadfast in our belief that calling for the election to be set aside was the just thing to do for our employees, all of whom deserve the right to a free and fair election.”

The statement said that hospital administration was ready to begin “negotiating with the NUHW — constructively and in good faith — in the coming weeks.”

5 Responses to “Memorial Hospital ready to bargain with new union”

  1. SEIU Member says:

    The NUHW received 283 votes, while SEIU got only 13.

    Sorry people…..you got SEIU anyway and here is what you are in for….(this is from the SEIU-UHW Constitution and Bylaws) Article XII Committees and Central Labor Council Delegates, 2 Standing Committees, C Committee on Political Education (COPE) 1. Interviewing candidates for political office; 2 Reviewing requests for campaign contributions for endorsed candidates; 3 Developing fund raising and other support activities or events; 4 Voter registration programs and “Get Out The Vote” activities; 5 Reviewing and monitoring legislation of interest to the Unions members and making recommendations to the Executive Board on the Union’s position. D Organizing Committee ……..recruiting larger numbers of members to organize the healthcare industry.

    READ all of the literature you receive from your new union…..your union dues are not being used for your good….they are being used for POLITICAL reasons. They is not a Union as you would expect it to be…..they are a political force that is damaging to our Nation!

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  2. Connie says:

    Just remember, almost half of us voted against any union. It was certainly no landslide victory. Now we need to put all that aside and work as a cohesive unit – staff and management together. No more “us and them”. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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  3. Chris says:

    Unions – 1
    Taxpayers – 0

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  4. Mike says:

    When management fails, unions prevail. Unions are not the answer for employee problems. Too often management believes in is easier to deal with a union than through dealing effectively with their employees.

    Memorial Hospital and their employees will come to regret the day SRMH came to represent the employees.

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  5. John G says:

    SRMH is going to be run so much more efficiently now!!! If only the State of California employees could collectively bargain we would operate on a surplus, customer service would be great, there would be no furloughs, and it wouldn’t take me two hours to renew my license at the DMV… oh, wait…

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