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County vehicle license fee fails


Measure W, a measure that would add $10 to vehicle registration fees in Sonoma County, was defeated Tuesday.

The measure, which needed a simple majority to pass, was supported by only 42 percent of the voters and opposed by 58 percent with all precincts reporting.

“We are disappointed, we won’t be able to provide the additional services, infrastructure improvements, safety improvements, all of that,” said Suzanne Smith, executive director of the Sonoma County Transportation Authority.

“That is disappointing, but it is not totally surprising given the state of the economy and everyone feeling the pain,” Smith added.

Under the measure, 60 percent of the $5 million it would have raised was for Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Petaluma and Healdsburg bus systems, for employer or school-sponsored transit and transit for seniors.

Another 23 percent was for streets, pothole repairs, paving, street lights, sidewalks, bus turnouts and bike lanes, and 12 percent to Safe Routes to Schools, a program to improve safety and encourage students to walk or bike to school.

3 Responses to “County vehicle license fee fails”

  1. John says:

    I guess we rather pay the 1/4 cent sales tax instead.

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  2. Ray M. says:

    The citizens driving legally have decided that public transit users should pay their fair share. This measure would have passed if 100% of the funds went to road repair, not 23%. Sorry public transit folks, maybe Sen. elected many times over Boxer will get funding from Washington for your raises and pet projects. Or maybe not.

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  3. Dave Madigan says:

    So sad…..too bad!
    With gravel roads, this tax wasn’t necessary!

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