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No. 2 administrator in Rohnert Park asked to stay


Rohnert Park’s interim assistant city manager will stay through April to focus on economic development and other issues.

John Dunn, whose salary caused a stir when he was hired in May as interim city manager, said City Manager Gabe Gonzalez has asked him to stay the full length of his six to 12 month consulting contract.

John Dunn

A veteran city administrator who came out of retirement to join Rohnert Park, Dunn said he will concentrate on the city’s fledgling economic development efforts, educating residents about the need to raise sewer fees and developing a labor relations strategy to get those costs under control.

“Those three things are important components of our long-term plan to correct the ship, to restore stability,” Gonzalez said Tuesday.

Last month, Dunn helped launch a low-interest loan program that allows businesses hoping to open or expand to pay their sewer fees over several years. He also has led a citizens group to review sewer rates.

His salary remains the same: $15,900 a month plus a $2,000 monthly housing and car benefit, or about $4,000 a month more than Gonzalez gets. Dunn held the top administrator’s spot for two months until Gonzalez came aboard and he stayed to assist the transition.

“He’s going to bring us so much more money than what he costs us,” Mayor Pam Stafford said. “It’s absolutely vital to have him doing what he’s doing.”

10 Responses to “No. 2 administrator in Rohnert Park asked to stay”

  1. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    No way John Dunn brings anything near what it will cost the city taxpayers to the table. Woo-hoo, lost cost interest loans and making an argument for residents to pay more for sewer-rates… for $18k a month, including $2k for a car allowance? What an outrage. Take the bus, ride a bike, drive one of the cars you already own or carpool with another city employee that’s also driving a city vehicle home at taxpayers’ expense… his monthly car allowance alone is more than what most of us earning working for an entire month, just trying to support our families.

    No wonder RP is bankrupt; for all those that voted ‘yes’ for higher sales taxes, well, now you know, one way or another, how our tax dollars are really spent.

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  2. RP Mom 1 says:

    Pete Callinan retirement package from RP is a pension of a 100K per year…..

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  3. Graeme Wellington says:

    I’d be happier if they pulled Pete Callinan Sr. out of retirement and paid him that kind of scratch to help out Rohnert Park. At least we could be sure he knows what he’s doing and would actually DO something.

    “Educating” people about the need for a sewer rate increase? Please. His salary represents nearly 4000 sewer bills a month. This sounds a lot like Obama’s failure to “communicate” his policies.

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  4. Argus Panoptes says:

    John Dunn is being paid $258,700 for one year. Add PERS Retirement and other perks and Gabe Gonzalez costs us $307,200 for one year. Together, the two cost RP taxpayers about $565,900 yearly.

    Thank goodness the city eliminated 20 Public Safety employees, including both Commanders and sworn Officers of all ranks. Thank goodness taxpayers voted for Measure E, the sales tax increase.

    Why would the Federated Indians want to donate another $500,000 knowing how they spend money in RP?

    Reminds me of an old joke: A guy standing in front of the casino is begging for money to buy medecine for his kids. A passerby tells the beggar he knows any money he gives will just be spent in the casino, to which the beggar replies “Oh no, I have money for gambling”

    Hey Tribe, we need money to continue employing a Sergeant and three Officers vital for community safety. Hey taxpayers, we need a sales tax increase if you want vital city services. Hey emloyees, we have to fire you and, those remaining gotta take a wage and benefit cuts or the city will go bankrupt.

    Now they have to raise the cost of city services or go broke. Time to raise those sewer fees again too.

    Demand an answer and I bet you hear “Oh no, we have other money to give Dunn and Gonzalez.”

    Hey Jeremy Hay, why no mention of the $180k PERS Retirement Gonzalez gets when he walks away? Oh, you just ignore that unless an evil cop or firefighter works 30-years to earn it. I dare you to write about this.

    Where is Stutrud when we need him?

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  5. Michael Sheehan says:

    Ron: Ford did not take any bailout money – they refused it and the company has done quite well.

    Nobody had to bail anyone out despite the “too big to fail” fiasco, and GM actually might have done even better had it filed for bankruptcy and renegotiated with its union workers – the bailouts were a decision made by the Federal government. Once again, they misused taxpayer money, which is par for the course.

    Government is more often the problem, not the solution.

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  6. Ron Burgundy says:

    @ Michael Sheehan, I believe private companies do run their operations into bankruptcy. Since we had to bail them out like all the banks, ford and gm. So not matter what, we cant win.

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  7. Michael Sheehan says:

    Mr. Dunn may be a good guy and city employee, but based on the salaries mentioned it will cost Rohnert Park residents $190,800 for the two city managers over the next 6 months. And it appears one of his primary jobs will be to “educate residents about the need to raise sewer fees.” In other words, to squeeze more money out of everyone who lives here. Does the city really need to waste thousands of dollars “educating people” when the rate increase will happen anyway?

    If private companies ran their operations like cities do today, bankruptcy would be even more common than it is.

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  8. Guard Dog says:

    Hes also Brainwashing residents about the need to raise sewer rates, not this dog.

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  9. Guard Dog says:

    Repeal Measure E now, This waste has got to end now!!!

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  10. I should not have voted for Measure E says:

    RIDICULOUS!!!!! What a waste of taxpayer money. Especially after they conned us into paying more taxes with Measure E.

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