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Woolsey aims for 20 years in Congress


Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey, an election juggernaut since she entered Congress 18 years ago, is seeking a 10th term in the Nov. 2 election.

With a win, the former Petaluma city councilwoman would serve at least 20 years on Capitol Hill, matching the tenure of Republican Don Clausen, a Santa Rosa resident who represented the North Coast district for two decades until 1982.

Her 6th Congressional District includes all of Marin County and most of Sonoma County.

Woolsey, who will turn 73 the day after the election, said she has no plans to retire. “I’ve got the health, the energy and the desire,” she said.

Despite a 54 percent Democrat to 21 percent Republican voter registration advantage in the Sonoma-Marin district and a track record of crushing Republican opponents with an average majority vote of 66 percent, Woolsey said she takes nothing for granted.

“This is my two-year performance evaluation,” she said. “I just hope they (voters) like what I’m doing.”

Republican Jim Judd, a Rohnert Park businessman making his first run for public office, said he offers voters a clear alternative.

“She doesn’t represent the majority of her constituents, meaning those of us in the middle,” Judd said. “She’s far to the left.”

The district, however, sent Democrat Barbara Boxer to Congress for 10years until she was elected U.S. Senator in 1992 and Woolsey took her seat in the House.

Libertarian Joel Smolen and Eugene Ruyle of the Peace & Freedom Party also are on the ballot.

In the past three general elections, Woolsey — known for her early opposition to the Iraq war and as a leader of the House Progressive Caucus — has garnered 70 percent or more of the vote.

The lingering economic slump, with rampant home foreclosures and double-digit unemployment, dominates the election year, Woolsey and Judd both say.

“Right now it’s (time to) stop the spending,” said Judd, a registered independent for 30 years who switched to the Republican Party for his campaign. “To me, you look at everything.”

Pressed for specific spending cuts, Judd said he would target the Department of Energy, which he called “a huge joke” for maintaining the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and the Department of Education.

“I don’t think the federal government belongs in education,” he said.

Woolsey said that “people have every right” to be dismayed by the federal bailouts of banks and big businesses. Many taxpayers have seen no personal benefit, but without those steps, Woolsey said, economic conditions “would be far worse.”

Woolsey said she wants most U.S. troops and contractors out of Iraq and Afghanistan, saying the two wars will ultimately cost the nation $3 trillion.

In Afghanistan, the U.S. should shift to “smart security,” offering economic aid and assistance “if they want us,” she said.

High on her legislative agenda, Woolsey said, are expanding a marine sanctuary to protect the Sonoma Coast from oil and gas development and creation of a government-funded public option for health insurance, which was left out of the Democrat-approved health care law.

Repeal of the health care overhaul, a campaign issue raised by many Republicans, won’t happen, Woolsey said, because the GOP won’t be able to override a presidential veto.

Woolsey thinks Democrats will cling to a House majority “so slim that we’ll hardly know we’re in charge.”

Woolsey said she supports President Obama’s plan to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

The argument that wealthy people would create jobs with their tax savings is “baloney,” Woolsey said. “They will sit on it.”

Judd said he supports withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, saying he is “tired of the United States being the police force of the world.”

He opposes offshore oil drilling on the North Coast because “District 6 voters don’t want it,” Judd said, but he favors oil extraction from Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife refuge and calls for greater development of natural gas resources.

The health care bill should be repealed, Judd said, and replaced with health care cost controls, including tort reform and interstate competition for health insurance plans.

Judd, president of a Cotati manufacturing company, said he is livid over both political parties’ failure to extend all the Bush tax cuts.

“We need to get as much private money back into the system as possible,” he said.

Smolen, a San Rafael investment adviser and entrepreneur, said he was an early member of the Libertarian Party, founded in 1971.

Describing himself as a “social liberal and an economic conservative,” Smolen, an Army veteran, said he supports allowing gays to serve openly in the military and women’s right to abortion.

On economic issues, he wants to eliminate trade barriers and subsidies worldwide and promote transparency in government and business.

Banks and big businesses should have been left to file for bankruptcy rather than receive federal bailout funds, and the economic stimulus package “didn’t work,” Smolen said.

The U.S. response to the Sept.11, 2001, terrorist attacks “wasn’t strong enough,” he said, but it’s time now to pull troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ruyle, an avowed socialist, is a retired university professor who lives in Oakland. “I see my campaign primarily as educational,” said Ruyle, describing Peace & Freedom as a “working class, socialist-feminist party.”

Ruyle said he was initially optimistic about Obama, but said the president “hasn’t shaken up the status quo” and has continued Bush administration policies on war, global warming and state-sponsored torture.

Democrats have generally been a disappointment to progressives, Ruyle said, calling Woolsey’s vote for the health care bill something “most of us see as a sellout.”

Ruyle advocates a government-owned-and-run health care system like England’s, “getting rid of health insurance companies completely.”

His campaign is focused on walking one precinct in San Rafael, Ruyle said.

You can reach Staff Writer Guy Kovner at 521-5457 or guy.kovner@pressdemocrat.com.

83 Responses to “Woolsey aims for 20 years in Congress”

  1. NOTUTOO says:

    I think that the liberal/Progresive victory reflects how many Californians actually depend on the government for subsistence. A large percentage of the population is dependent on the government for major parts of their income, including teachers, soldiers, bureaucrats, and other government employees; welfare and Social Security recipients; government pensioners; public housing beneficiaries; and people who work for government contractors. Heck, even 33% of all welfare recipients in the USA live right here in California. Nope, change will never come to California. With Boxer, Pelosi, Woolsey and Brown running the show, what will change? They’re the masterminds of where we are now… And Californians just told them, “keep it up, we like what you’re doing.” Pathetic, but I guess California leads the way…again

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  2. Where's Jimbo? says:

    Thank the lord we won’t have to hear any more boasting and arrogance from the Jim Judd “Team”. Let’s see…Mr Judd lost by…. oh.. about 50,ooo votes. I hope he can now see that his right wing tea party nitwit ideology is a bad fit in Sonoma County and that the only person he’s going to ‘retire’ this year is his campaign manager or any other idiot who told him he could beat her. Not Even Close.

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    By reelecting Lyn Woolsey once again, democrats prove that they have no critical thinking skills or ability to reason and try thinking outside the box here in California.
    I don’t want to hear any liberals complaining about the state of our schools, roads, parks, lack of jobs, high taxes or border security.
    Lyn Woolsey’s solution to everything is to spend more of our hard earned money on her progressive agenda that doesn’t work.
    You who voted for her deserve the failure she brings unfortunately to all of us.
    Keep funding her with your public union dues money until the system collapses, the state declares bankruptcy and there is nothing left, then see how much you complain about the “greedy corporations” that used to be here and fund this nonsense.

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  4. Numbers says:

    Told yous. Can’t beat her numbers. She seems to have 60+% YET AGAIN.

    Math. Numbers. Woolsey.

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  5. Cherie Maria says:

    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Woolsey , Lynn Dem 93,619 65%
    Judd , Jim GOP 44,612 31%
    Ruyle , Eugene PFP 3,134 2%
    Smolen , Joel Lib 3,070 2%

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  6. Told Ya says:

    @Full Steam Ahead

    Told ya! Can’t touch this.

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    @ Danger, Will Robinson,

    Wow, You were at a tea party and someone there told you to check out Jim Judd’s web site and you did it?

    There is hope for you yet.

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  8. Mike Fink says:

    Lynn Woolsey has been stuffing her face at the taxpayer trough for almost 30 years. Welfare queen, to Congress with a pit stop on Petaluma’s City Council just long enough to vote for the really cool electronic billboard for the Hansel Boys multi-million dollar auto dealerships.

    Another in a long line of overeducated nincompoops who believe the way to solve government created problems is with more government–as long as it is her and her fellow socialists solving the problems.

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  9. Danger, Will Robinson! says:

    Well, I did as one of these tea partiers suggested and went to Judd’s YouTube videos to check him out a little more. Oh, my god! Ultra right winger. May Woolsey stomp once again!

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  10. Brass Tacks says:

    “Lynn Woolsey Represents our values in Northern California”

    I have voted for Lynn Woolsey every term and I am proud to do so again. She is the first representative I ever had who actually represents me and not the usual business/developer corporate interests that dominate politics in most states.

    Lynn has served us with courage and fidelity, and I look forward to her serving what will likely be her last term.

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  11. Maguid says:

    NY Times Projected Vote
    Margin of Error: ± 7.9%

    Woolsey 67.5%
    Judd 29.9%

    Jim, don’t give up your day job.

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  12. Woolsey was not to be seen last summer when the Obamacare fiasco was ready to be pushed down our throats. Judd is our ONLY hope to get government back for the people and do only the things the Constitution provides for them. This is America’s last stand to get control again or forever lose our individual rights to the Congress and the Obama Czars who are right now writing policies and rules to “nail” any American they wish to in the future. Help get Judd get to Washington DC!

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  13. Brian Brown says:

    I understand. I’m aware of loyalty. But it’s not working. It isn’t. Let’s try something different. That’s all …different.

    Just give it another look. You could be a part of something incredible November 2nd.


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  14. Full Steam Ahead says:

    Again, this constant posting of past percentages have no bearing on the current tidal wave that will come crashing down on Democrats, come November 2nd.

    Look at ’94 if you will, at a time when anti-incumbent sentiment was similar, but not the same. Michael Nugent lost by only 20.6%, and the campaign was NOTHING compared to what Jim Judd and his volunteers have been able to pull off. While that still counts as a loss, if you want to talk percentages to try and scare away the Republican and Declines to State vote, you should first look at a time when the approval ratings of Congress were similar.

    Lynn, in ’94, was only in office for 2 years and could exclude herself from all the anti-incumbent sentiment. Well, now, she is the problem, and let November 2nd serve as the start of her round trip ticket, from district 6 to DC, back to district 6.

    I hope your bags are packed Jim, November 2nd is 5 days away!

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  15. Numbers says:

    Gotta beat this first.

    2008-229,672 votes (71.7%)
    2006-173,190 votes (70.3%)
    2004-226,423 votes (72.7%)
    2002-139,750 votes (66.7%)
    2000-182,166 votes (64.3%)
    1998-158,446 votes (68.0%)
    1996-156,958 votes (61.6%)
    1994-137,642 votes (58.1%)
    1992-190,322 votes (65.2%)

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  16. Michael Sheehan says:

    A new study has concluded that ideology is not just a social thing, it’s built into the DNA, borne along by a gene called DRD4. Tagged “the liberal gene,” DRD4 is the first specific bit of human DNA that predisposes people to certain political views, the study’s authors claim.

    Hmmm….I wonder if there’s a left-wing insanity gene that would explain Lynn Woolsey, Boxer and Obama?

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  17. VoteOutWoolsey says:

    Let’s not forget Wall Street Woolsey voted to bailout her banker buddies. Yet another reason to throw her out.

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  18. john bly says:

    @Political Scientist– with respect, if someone opposes a “do-nothing career political placeholder” like Woolsey, they are a “tea-party” member? NOT! I oppose her and I am not a tea-party member.

    Woolsey says that if we get out combat troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan money will magically appear to make things better. What she doesn’t get is the projection from her own party that without combat troops, the cost of aid to Afghanistan and Iraq will continue to be about the same as with combat troops. Whoops-there goes her theory-now what? Tax us some more. Woolsey has no answers other then to tax and spend. And she wants a raise for her second wardrobe. NO TO WOOLSEY!

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  19. Joan says:

    If a person is for Woolsey, that person is not paying attention to the damage she has done. We have to wake up before it’s too late.
    Jim Judd will give us refreshing change in the right direction.

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  20. Chris Larsen says:

    I feel we have gone too long without a represenitive in our district that cares about the average family, the working folks, those of us who pay the taxes.

    I don’t feel we should re-elect Lynn Woolsey again, after she simply put us on ignore for 18 years and voted against our wishes so often. In my opinion, her voting record has lost our community jobs and oppertunities.

    Jim Judd is a hard working member of our community, not a jet-set career polititian working for special interest groups.

    I’m voting for Jim Judd!

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  21. Ron says:

    Gail Woolsey who voted against the stimulus package only to vote for it when more pork was added, 150 Billion.
    Why can’t Californians change, same policies, same bloated government, same higher taxes, same politicians over and over again, just look, Gail 20 yrs. Barbara 18 yrs. Diane 20 yrs. same mistakes same lobbies supporting them. Same problems, come on. VOTE FOR NO INCUMBENT. Get another group, throw them out also if they can’t get it done. We have to have new leadership, not old re-treads, AKA Barbara, Diane, Gail, Jerry,
    and on and on. They have never gotten it right.

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  22. David says:

    Lynn Woolsey’s goal is to serve 20 years as an extreme left career politician. The result of nearly two decades of her style of politics is debilitating unemployment, lost jobs, home foreclosures and a rapidly shrinking middle-class.
    I have 2 to 3 times the number of young qualified high school and college age students applying at my store than I did just 3 years ago while our profits have dropped and my taxes have gone up -way up.
    Save us from the type of policies that have driven us to this place where we will all soon need to rely on the gov’t because they have left us no place else to go.
    It is time to retire Lynn Woolsey now. She needs a rest and so do we- from her! Vote for Jim Judd for a fresh start and a citizen legislator.

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  23. Dayle Buschkotter says:

    We need new blood in Washington. Jim Judd offers a superior opportunity to inflict some common sense from a working man. Jim is not a career politician riding campaign promises and bogus rhetoric. He speaks and acts from the heart and from a genuine concern over the district and the country. A vote for Jim Judd may actually get some of that change everyone was interested in.

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  24. Political Scientist says:

    Rodger: That is a bald faced lie, as are most of these comments. Woolsey held town hall meetings- you can look them up on youtube if you would like.

    Also, Gail, do you REALLY expect us to believe that a Representative of 18 years would have been dumb enough to say she has done nothing to spur on jobs at an event? I call shenanigans.

    I’ve heard both Woolsey and Judd speak on more than one occasion, and I can tell you which one has the real answers and which one panders to the crowd of tea party lap dogs. My vote, and the vote of roughly 60% of Sonoma County, goes to Representative Woolsey.

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  25. RodgerV says:

    Woolsey is old and does not represent this District. Last year she would NOT hold town meetings on ObamaCare and avoided this district. Now my medical insurance is up 15% my prescription drug plan is up 20% and I will need to buy only from selected agencies to get reimbursements. Who runs the selected companies? Al Gore and other anoited ones? Judd is a fresh face and knowledgeable to work for Jobs, and this district!

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  26. @Wayne Clarke “Conscience”

    You may be surprised at the outcome of this election.

    We need citizen representation and not a career politician who does nothing for her constituents.

    Why would anyone want a career politician to continue lining their pockets and ignore our needs? We need term limits so this will not continue! Our Country should be governed by us, not career politicians.

    A vote for Jim Judd on November 2, 2010 will mean we are represented in Washington!

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  27. Gail Flatt says:

    I was at a luncheon a few months ago where Lynn Woolsey was the guest speaker. One of her statements was that we needed more private sector jobs. During the question and answer part of the program I asked what she had done to encourage the growth of private sector jobs in the 6th Congressional District. After a long pause her response was ,”well, nothing, I guess.” That’s not good enough for me.

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  28. Very Dismayed says:

    It is time we had a Representative to the House Legislative body who does not work for the “Government” but for her constituents. I’m dismayed over not being heard or represented: oh,that’s because I’m not a “Progressive”! Jim Judd has “the fire in the belly” to represent all his constituents in our 6th District, not just a hand full on the Left.

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  29. In the late 1930s a movie starring John Barrymore did not win an Oscar but it should – it reflected the feeling of many of the populace at the time in regards to local “Career Politicians” and their corruptness. The name of the movie was “the Great Man Votes.” If you can find it – go rent it — it speaks volumes of how most of us feel.

    Ms. Woolsey once answered my letter in regards to Congressional pay hikes which was not like we in the working sector get (50 cents more a year, maybe $2 more – if possible) but over a thousand a year and I asked her to refuse it as the economy was not that great and the housing bubble had burst at the time – people were losing their homes, businesses were shutting down and yes some major businesses went out of state. Her response by the way was – “We in Congress deserve the raise.”

    When she responded with that and with the debackle of having Cindy Sheehan come not dressed appropriately to a State of the Union speech by President Bush – that was another proof in the pudding that this “representative” does not represent her constituents. Look at her voting record favoring our enemies and you can believe that this liar (that she knows what it is like to live in a car and be homeless) has been in Congress too long. She should retire to her not-so-secret villa in Dubai and leave us alone. In fact the road in Felton which is called Woolsey should have a name change.

    Vote for anyone but this one on November 2nd — I sure am. We, the People have spoken!

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  30. Rose says:

    Lynn, Lynn, Lynn! You find it so easy to spend other peoples’ money. You’ve never run, let alone owned, a business. Unlike business owners and private sector employees, you weren’t forced to take a pay cut when the economy experienced a downturn. You actually gave yourself a raise while people in Sonoma and Marin Counties have been losing their jobs and homes. You’ve been following 45-year-old policies whose efficacy has been disproven. Thank you for your eighteen years of service, Lynn, but your Flower Power ideas do not represent me. Perhaps you can put them to use in your garden when you retire, enjoying the nine pensions you must certainly believe you deserve.

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  31. just doing the right thing says:

    I have read the articles, participated in the town hall meetings and watched the Woolsey campaign. All I have seen is a woman who is completely out of touch with her constituents, out of touch with the areas that she is suppose to be helping and just basically out of control with reality. She has been bought and paid for by the special interests for so many year she doesn’t even know what our counties need…Let this “lady” take a vacation…forever!

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  32. D. Scott says:

    The definition of insanity is to keep doing something over and over again hoping for a different outcome. The country, and this district is drowning. And this district keeps hoping Woolsey will be the lifeguard to save it.

    Are we sheep or insane?

    We need jobs and my opinion is that we need a pro-business candidate like Jim Judd to bring a fresh approach to D.C

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  33. Dave says:

    Yes, we need to retire Woolsey!!! We need someone (Jim Judd) who will preserve the principles our great country was founded on.

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  34. @Mary

    You misspelled my last name, it’s Clarke

    Wayne Clarke “Conscience”

    Most people know me in Sonoma County, since I speak at City Council, Supervisor, Planning Dept. and School Board Meetings.

    That is my real name, ask anyone.

    I don’t even think Lynn Woolsey even reads these forums and blogs, since she has more important work in Washington, DC

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  35. Roger from Santa Rosa says:

    Lynn Woolsey is not “an election juggernaut” because of her abilities and accomplishments over the past 18 years. It’s because she is the incumbent and receives $$ from the majority party in the 6th Congressional District. But that majority party no longer holds the same values as it did in the past. The people in that party need to re-evaluate what is important to them and this district.

    Being elected to a 10th term, “matching the tenure of Republican Don Clausen,” is not a reason to vote for her, either. This is not the Guinness Book of Records we are concerned with here, but the future of our state and our country. A bankrupt America will be a no-longer-free America. It is time to return to the values that made this country great: self-reliance instead of relying on the government to solve our problems; lowering taxes that punish those who risk and succeed; taking back control of government and restoring more power to the local level where it belongs.

    Jim Judd believes in the values I have just mentioned. He also has promised to serve no more than 6 years if he is elected to Congress. He doesn’t want to be a “juggernaut;” he just wants to serve the people in Marin and Sonoma Counties and help restore sanity to our government.

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  36. Mike says:

    Woolsey is a progressive juggernut that has run out of gas after 18 years of tax spending, deficit spending years in Congress. Her overwhelming public union support has paved her way to Congress for years and it will come to an end with this election. She is tired, has no programs for her district except create more deficits and authorizing trillions of wasted tax dollars.

    She has not created jobs, improved the economy or done anything in her last two terms except campaign for reelection using public union monies.

    It’ time to end her tenure.

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  37. Kirstin says:

    Jim Judd’s blog has a detailed reply to the article above: http://jimjudd2010.com/press-democrat-lynn-woolse/. Get more facts and further perspective on the issues.

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  38. Donna says:

    Lynn Woosley hides behind closed/locked doors in Marin. She is not accessible to her constitients. If one were to give here a performance rating it would be the other side of an F+. Did you see her performance on the floor of the House on the morning after the passage of the Healthcare Disaster??? She certainly looked to me like she needed a healthcare disablility check up. She was disgraceful. Her speech was so slurred and her thoughts so incoherent I had friends from all over the country calling to tell me how embarrased CA must be to have a representative that performed so poorly. Lynn Woolsey is so out of touch with her constitients that she does not even understand how the healthcare/poor economy and the fiscal instablity of this country is impacting her counties. RETIRE HER NOW!!!!

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  39. CommonSense says:

    @Don Steward
    I apologize if my point was not clear. In fact, my point was that the only real comments in support of Ms. Woolsey on this board were ones name calling in regards to the Tea Party members. I did not mean to infer that one has to be a tea party member to oppose Ms. Woolsey. In fact, I stated that I myself (like you) do not support her for reasons I stated and I’m not a tea party member. So I belive my statement was not wrong headed and was quite similar to your point of view actually (but thank you for the substantive comment).

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  40. Michelle Kralovec says:

    Wayne you must be very very worried. Jim Judd is going to beat Woolsey period. He has a good head for busness, craeting jobs and balancing budgets, Woolsey doesn’t. She herself says she needs two of everything, why? No suitcase? Jim Judd speaks to people and listens to them, Woolsey doesn’t. Jim has run a business and an honest campaign and has what it takes to do a great job in Washington and he will. Woolsey doesn’t and by the way she had no experience either, and still doesn’t for getting things done and won by default. There you and your cronies go Wayne!

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  41. S. Pearse says:

    @Wayne Clark

    Mr. Clark, For your information, I am not a member of either group that you opened your comments with.

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  42. E.B. Hanlein says:

    Lynn Woolsey is totally out of touch with her constituents. She believes creating more government jobs and passing regulations that intrude in our personal lives is the job of the federal government. Elect Jim Judd who will bring fresh, constructive ideas to Washington and has a resume of success! RETIRE WOOLSEY!!!

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  43. Mary says:

    ” Woolsey said she takes nothing for granted”….with the possible exception of the constituents in district six.

    Question #1
    Lynn Woolsey, why do you hide behind the screen name “Wayne Clark “conscience”?

    Question #2
    Why did Lynn Woolsey pave the way for a casino to come to Rhonert Park?

    Question #3
    What good has come from the “Department of Peace” that Sebastopol mayor, Sarah Gurney, credits Woolsey with implimenting in Washington D.C., whose job description includes resolving conflict arising from the “maldistribution of wealth” and resources? How much does the Dept. of Peace cost us? Is this federal department run by members of CODE PINK ?
    Why is it modeled after our military?

    Question #4
    What happened to the 26 billion dollars that Woolsey rushed back from recess to D.C. to pass “for the schools”recently?

    Question #5
    On April 1, 2010 at the “jobs fair” hosted by Lynn Woolsey, she said we had “turned the corner” on unemployment, yet few of the employer groups present had any job openings and unemployment has increased. Was this an honest mistake or intentional misdirection?
    Where are all the “green jobs” that Woolsey promised us would bring us out of this recession?

    Question #6
    Woolsey says that the reason people become terrorists is because of poverty and desperation, and that we just need to send more humanitarian aid to them.
    What protection would Woolsey propose for the civilians that provide such aid to avoid the terrible fate of the aid workers in Afghanistan that were killed for their beliefs? How do you explain Osama bin Laden becoming a radical when he had loads of money and opportunity?

    Question #7
    How can Lynn Woolsey claim that her “greatest fear is that only the wealthy will be able to run for political office” and supports public financing for political races, yet keep adding to her own hefty war chest with union dues and still charge $2000.00 per plate for an event with Bill Clinton?
    If she wants to level the playing field, give half of that money to the Judd campaign and lead by example.

    Question #8
    How many campaign contributors to Woolsey received grants from the stimulous bill in the past two years?
    Why was Tort reform kept out of the “health care” bill? Why did she abandon her stand regarding not voting for a bill that did not include a public, oops make that a ROBUST public option?
    Why does she try to obfuscate the fact that she wants a seperate and superior health care plan than she deems good enough for her constituents?

    Question #8
    Does Lynn woolsey want to stay in congress until she is like the unfortunate Pat Wiggins, or win the election, then step down and endorse Pam Torliatt in a special election?

    Question #9
    Why does Lynn Woolsey ignore our kids and address only the adults when they come to Washington D.C. and visit her office?

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  44. Doug says:

    The people who control this website are clowns! They have not posted 3 of my comments, just think how many of other peoples they have not allowed! Just another leftwing propaganda outfit trying to squash free speech!

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  45. Don Steward says:

    Response to Common Sense

    Be assured, that contary to what you implied, all of us opposing Ms Woolsey are not tea party members.

    Being raised in a democrat/union home, it’s my belief, the party has been high-jacked by left leaning groups, of which Ms Woolsey – as noted by 18 years of her recorded voting record – is a proud member.

    For those of us who believed in the visions of President Kennedy, congress people who believe like Ms Woolsey, leave us no choice,but to reject the party of our youth and to actively support those who oppose her and the ill advised beliefs she supports.

    Again, to imply that one has to be a member of the tea party, to oppose Ms Woolsey, IS SIMPLY A WRONG HEADED CONCLUSION, you are correct, in the fact we should all look at her record and thats the very reason why we need to vote for JIM JUDD

    Don Steward

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  46. Tina M says:

    @ Wayne Clark “Conscience”: It would be in your best interest to educate yourself about the US Constitution and/or the founders of our government. They NEVER INTENDED U.S. CONGRESS (or senators for that matter) people to MAKE A 20- YEAR CAREER OUT OF SERVING, if that is in fact what Woolsey is doing (serving). She serves her own interests as a career politician and socialist, NOT the interests of the people who she professes to represent. Many who support Jim Judd are educated people who recognize the dangerous direction our government is heading: away from a Democratic Republic towards a Socialist regime. Let me ask you, When Lynn Woolsey began her political career, what great experience did she have? Did she own a business? Did she know the ins-and-outs of politics in D.C.? Our government needs the freshness of new blood and ideas to stimulate real change. We do not owe Lynn Woolsey anything. But we DO owe ourselves representation that will effect change.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 5

  47. Jim says:

    @Wayne Clark

    So anyone who votes against the establishment is painted as a “tea party type”? How obtuse.

    Thumb up 40 Thumb down 5

  48. john bly says:

    Woolsey has nothing to show her constituents for 18 years of service. No ideas. While we are paying for her 23 staff people locally, she is asking for another raise. Not the kind of job creation and fiscal restraint we need today. Say not to more taxes and more spending-Vote for Judd!

    Thumb up 41 Thumb down 5

  49. S. Robison says:

    Wealthy people (?) I guess Lynn Woolsey would fit in that category since we heard at the debate her comment about having 2 residences,2 cars, and 2 wardrobes just to do her job. Meanwhile her constituents are losing their jobs, homes to ever increasing economic struggles in her district. Voting for herself a raise was unconscionable. These elite polititans have to go (Reid, Boxer, Pelosi & Lynn Woolsey). Lynn, your job approval rating in my opinion is a minus-0. Vote Jim Judd! Some one who understands the needs in district 6!

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 6

  50. CommonSense says:

    Really, the best response to this boards comments on Ms. Woolsey are to “accuse” them of being tea party members. I have noticed not one person who commented in support of Ms. Woolsey had one objective fact regarding an alleged accomplishment of hers’. That is quite telling in and of itself.
    I will tell you that I’m not a tea party member, but I support their right to voice their opinions and I respect them for doing so in a time of general passivity. I will NOT be voting for Woolsey and for a very simple reason, I want real change in government. In fact I will not be voting for any incumbant this year as I believe they’ve all been there a little too long and gotten a little too comfortable with doing what they think is best, not getting input from their communities and doing what the community thinks is best.

    Thumb up 34 Thumb down 5

  51. Don Steward says:

    A comment and a question for Ms Woolsey.

    Comment – If it wasn’t so serious – as to the future of the citizens of Marin and Sonoma County, specifically to the detrement of Jobs and our Health Care – Ms Woolsey’s belief that’s she’s in concert with the people of our counties, would be Joke.

    Her rational on these issues are simply beyond the pail of truthful reality and clearly puts into question the clarity of her thinking on these major issues.

    Question – How does Ms Woolsey, justify her votes in favor of Obama Care and other major Obama issues ?? When (a) she hasn’t even read the bills, before voting on them and (b) when every poll, shows depending on the issue 60 to 75 percent of the people are opposed. It would seem, she defines being in touch with those she represents differently than the rest of us.

    Lastly, hasn’t the majority of the last 20 years of tax and spend, without representation for the people of district 6, enough ??

    It’s, time for that change Obama’s has promised us and it should start with retiring Ms Woolsey.

    Don Steward

    Thumb up 38 Thumb down 6

  52. VoteOutWoolsey says:

    One more thing…Jim Judd doesn’t need two houses, two cars, two wardrobes, two of everything, and a pay raise in order to represent you.

    Thumb up 38 Thumb down 7

  53. @Charles Legoll Becker
    @Full Steam Ahead
    @S. Pearse
    @Michael Sheehan
    @Paul Roger
    @Lynn Fleck
    @Fed Up Editor
    @John Bly
    @Roger Hanes
    @a c wood

    Question #1 – Do you folks refer to yourself as “TEA PARTY TYPES”, “TEA BAGGERS” or “TEA BIRCHERS”?

    Question #2 – Reading Assignment: The New Yorker Oct. 18, 2010 issue, “COME BACK, JOHN BIRCH by Sean Wilentz (The Tea Party’s Cold War Roots & Tea Party Founding Texts).

    Question #3 – JIM JUDD, why do you hide under the “Retire Woolsey” screen name?

    Question #4 – JIM, I just can’t imagine that you think your capable of being a Congress Member, with absolutely no experience in government. You are just one of those “CRAZY ZOMBIE” candidates that are running for public office all over the country that have no clue. I know one thing, you folks are ruining the Republican Party and driving out the few “SANE MODERATE” Republicans.

    Question #5 – JIM: I will give you the opportunity to back out of the race for the 6th Congressional District, right here on WATCH SONOMA COUNTY. I gave MIKE MARTINI the same opportunity approx. 8 years ago; he at least had local government experience, as City Council member and Mayor of Santa Rosa. Poor Mike still only garnered 19% of the vote to Lynn’s 81%.

    JIM JUDD, please use your own words and “RETIRE” from the your campaign for 6th Congressional District.

    Peace Out!

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 55

  54. VoteOutWoolsey says:

    I want to preface my comments by saying I am a former Democrat who has voted for Lynn Woolsey multiple times and who has never voted Republican for a federal office before this eletion. Lynn ”Two of Everything” Woolsey represents the status quo. The Marin Independent Journal says she hasn’t changed since 1992. In other words, last century. She’s had 18 long years to serve us, but unfortunately, her accomplishments are next to nothing, and the quality of life for the residents of Marin and Sonoma Counties have steadily declined. She is ineffectual, and lacks the leadership and vision needed to see us through these tough economic times. We can’t afford another two years of Lynn Woolsey. There is too much at stake to throw it all away by re-electing the very people who have not only caused our situation, but stood by and done nothing as it happened. Career politicians like Woolsey (18 years) and George Miller (35 years) bring no solutions or new ideas to the table, and neither has a plan for economic recovery. I’m voting for Jim Judd because we can’t afford two more years of the same failed policies of taxing working class Americans into poverty, while spending money we don’t have and passing the bill on to a generation of Americans who aren’t even born yet. I’m voting for Jim Judd because the federal government requiring Americans to buy heath insurance against their will is wrong. I’m voting for Jim Judd because a child born when Lynn Woolsey first took office bore a $17,000 share of the national debt, but is now responsible for a $43,000 share of the national debt. I’m voting for Jim Judd because regardless of whether you believe the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan are wrong or right, it’s never okay to cut funding to our troops deployed overseas in a combat zone. I’m voting for Jim Judd because amnesty and sanctuary cities aren’t the answer to the complex illegal immigration problem. I’m voting for Jim Judd because the front door to America works. It just needs a little oil on the hinges. I’m voting for Jim Judd because he’s pledged to only serve six years at most, and because he has no desire to become a career politician. I’m voting for Jim Judd because he’s a successful small business owner with 27 years of experience who knows how to balance a budget and who understands that small business and the private sector in general are the heartbeat of our economy. I’m voting for Jim Judd because he knows what it takes to create jobs. With Sonoma County facing unemployment over 10%, (when Obama told us it wouldn’t rise above 8% nationally) I’m voting for Jim Judd because he is the only one in this race with a plan to turn our economy around. I’m voting for Jim Judd because I want to help bring closure to a courageous young woman named Tina Phan who was brutally raped by the son of a Woolsey staffer. With an incredible lack of judgement and compassion, Lynn Woolsey wrote to the judge in the case on official Congressional letterhead asking for a light sentence for Tina Phan’s rapist.
    I’m voting for Jim Judd because I refuse to vote for someone who would hold a rapist in a higher regard than a rape victim. And most importantl, I’m voting for Jim Judd because he represents me.

    This is an open challenge to anyone planning on voting for Lynn Woolsey…give me one good reason why you’re voting for Lynn Woolsey. Just one.

    It seems to me that Lynn Woolsey must be getting desperate. I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid the Press Democrat to write this favorable article for her.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 3

  55. Dan Hanlon says:

    “When right, I shall often be thought wrong by those whose positions will not command a view of the whole ground.” –Thomas Jefferson

    Let us not rest these last few days before the election. Let US send Jim Judd to Congress.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 2

  56. Cynthia Lee says:

    Lynne Woolsey has no new ideas. She is a rehash of years gone by. She represents the very far left of this area, and that is not the group I want to make decisions for me. Her demeanor at the Santa Rosa debate was pitiful. She drones on about the “public option” and then flip-flopped on it when the leadership told her to shut up. Sorry, Lynne is just another puppet operative. She does not represent me—never has. I want true leadership–someone who listens to others, not pay lip service. Jim Judd’d the guy. My one concern—that the Washington slime will wipe off on Jim. Perhaps this election will lower the slime factor.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 2

  57. Roger Jack Young says:

    I am not at all pleased with professional politicians of either strip. I believe that they become too self-serving and are beholden to special interests. We the people should be the only “special interests” of our elected politicians. I say throw the bums out! Let some new blood take over.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 2

  58. Daphne Schulz says:

    Well people at least they are consistent!!!!! ALL ABOUT WOOLSEY!!!!!!! And sprinkle in a little about the opponents…… But hey at least there is a common theme here…… Woolsey is all about her FAR LEFT SELF-SERVING IDEAS AND SHE SPRINKLES IN A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT SHE THINKS WE WANT(even if we tell her we don’t)!!!!!!! You know what we want Lynn? You could try responding to your constituents….. but we know that is too hard for you!!!!! Hopefully, on November 2 you’re constituents come together and send you a message loud and clear!!!!! TIME TO RETIRE WOOLSEY!!!!!! Vote Jim Judd if you want your voice to be heard!!!!!

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 2

  59. Liz says:

    Once again an article from the PD supporting Lynn with overwhelming comment support for Jim Judd. I guess the PD can’t read.

    As to Lynn not supporting the Bush tax cuts, I will tell you exactly what that will mean, because I know first hand.
    It means that we will no longer be going out to dinner to support the local restraunts (meaning they make less money). We will be shopping less ie: no new cloths or items for our home (meaning they make less money). People will be cutting back their businesses not able to hire as many employees because they have less money.

    Here it’s this easy, When the rich have extra money they spend it, when they have less money they cut back and stop spending. When they stop spending it cuts the income of the businesses they used to go to forcing them to cut back and spend less, and so on and so on and so on.
    Now that’s not hard to understand.
    There has to be a fine balance between tax too much and tax to little.

    A vote for Lynn is a vote fore more of the same what got us into this mess in the first place.
    A vote for Jim Judd is a vote for change to move forward and bring America back!

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

  60. Olivia says:

    @all of the above:

    Read Robert Reich’s “Aftershock.” You’ll realize that it’s the concentration of 25% of the nation’s wealth in the hands of a few percent that are responsible for the Great Depression and Great Recession.

    As many of us discovered w/Reagan’s voodoo economics, the “trickle down” effect didn’t work then, nor will it work now.

    Reading the PD, the Argus Courier, and their associated forums won’t provide you with sound economic information to guide you to make educated choices during elections.

    It’s a small book with objective, facts and figures, not biased opinions, half-truths, and outright lies.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 26

  61. Roger Hanes says:

    Lynn Woolsey is a shamefully self-serving autocrat of the highest order. So she wants to \serve\ twenty years, so what has she ever done to deserve a seat in Congress? When she does make a public appearance she does nothing but ramble on with platitudes and self-aggrandizing claptrap. She is as inspiring as watching paint dry and has no passion for the people and their interests she is supposed to be serving. Retire Woolsey is to kind. Better to Fire Woolsey.

    Thumb up 28 Thumb down 4

  62. a.c. wood says:

    If you like unchecked, runaway government spending, vote Woolsey!
    If you like unchecked, infiltration of illegal aliens, vote Woolsey!
    If you want massive growth of public sector unions (card check), vote Woolsey!
    If you want to see a VAT tax implemented on top of all your other taxes, vote Woolsey.
    If you want to see a massive tax increase on Jan. 1, 2011, vote Woolsey!
    If you want the government to take over the Health Care system, vote Woolsey!
    If you want to pay for a “sharp dressed” representative who is part of the entrenched Washington elite, vote Woolsey!
    And don’t forget to vote on November 3!

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 4

  63. Debbie Lawson says:

    It’s time for a change! Woolsey has been in office WAY TOO LONG!!! almost 20 years!
    It’s time to vote in JIM JUDD! He’ll represent my values – my views!

    Thumb up 28 Thumb down 4

  64. Christine says:

    Lynn (\2 Wardrobes\) Woolsey is out of touch and an economic illiterate. You have to wonder what the agenda is at the Press Democrat that makes the editorial board so obviously favor her. I have contacted Woolsey many, many times with concerns and IF I get a response back, it is ALWAYS says the same thing, \Thank you for your support.\ This is particularly interesting since most often my comments are not supportive. I went on Woolsey’s web site to find forums that she should be holding to meet us voters and there are NONE! Jim Judd seems to have multiple forums a week. When you go to one of his forums, you can meet him face to face and ask any question you want.
    As for \not extending the tax cuts for the \wealthiest\ Americans\, Woolsey is just rubber stamping the talking point set forth by Obama. If you are a small business owner, you could easily take in more than $250,000., which apparently makes you rich. Well, i am one of those people and by the time I get done dealing with my inventory and other business costs, I can barely buy gas and put food on the table. RETIRE WOOLSEY!

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 4

  65. SonomaBogey says:

    Lynn Woolsey is an embarrassment. Listen to her speak – rambling, incohesive, condescending, etc. The nation is headed towards bankruptcy like Caifornia because of irresponsible Progressives. 12% of the population here, and 1/3 the welfare payouts. HELP!

    Thumb up 31 Thumb down 6

  66. Cecelia says:

    Woolsey has been there long enough that she believes she knows what we want better than we do. When you have been in congress long enough to know more than your bosses, you have been there too long. She is so totally out of touch she needs to go somewhere else.

    Get a grip, Lynn Woolsey, and retire.

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 6

  67. Lynn Fleck says:

    Lynn Woolsey has had 18 years. Please check out Jim Judd. I no longer trust what I read about anyone running for election. For this election I sought to get to know Jim Judd and Lynn Woolsey so that I could make my decision on who to vote for “first hand”. In regard to Lynn Woolsey the only response that I got was in the form of a “form letter”. She would not meet with me personally or even write back to me personally. With Jim Judd he has made himself available EVERY TIME I have a question. I have talked with him literally over a dozzen times and even met with him personally 5 times. We must wake up and take the time to get to know the candidates personally before we make a decision on voting for them. I would venture to say that if you take the time to get to know Jim Judd you will like what you see and vote for him. If you take the time to TRY to get to to know Lynn Woolsey you will not be successful other than receiving tax payer paid for form letters and the like which these days I certainly wouldn’t even trust.
    Please America get serious — we better!
    Jim Judd for Congress. Check him out at JimJuddForCongress.com where you can contact him and even set up a meeting with him! Hoping you will.
    Lynn Fleck

    Thumb up 31 Thumb down 6

  68. Paul Rodgers says:

    Lynn Woolsey has spent 18 years collecting a pay check. Her only “claim to fame” is that she is the first welfare mother elected to the House of Representatives and that she snuck Cindy Sheehan into the State of the Union address.

    Her party is responsible for the housing collapse which, in turn, has brought the economy to a screaching halt.

    If you are enjoying the 12.4% unemployment rate here in California send her back to Washington to do nothing for another 2 years.

    I would also ask you to consider why the 18 year incumbent would not have a free and open debate with Jim Judd if she had accomplished anything during her tenure.

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 5

  69. David Randolph says:

    Woolsey needs to take out her life savings and buy a clue. If she weren’t in this gerry meandered 6th congressional district, her chances of being reelected would be slim and none. If she were actually working for the taxpaying 9-5ers who pay her bloated salary and lifetime of benefits you and I don’t have, she would at least have made an effort over 18 years of getting the funds needed to widen the Hwy. 101 “Narrows to bring this road into the 21st century.” However, her priorities are socialist “feel-good” programs that accomplish nothing but raise the deficit and add more government workers, who produce nothing. She rates a big fat zero in my book, and I’m embarrassed to ever say she is my representative in congress. She is a big part of the problem, not the solution.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 6

  70. Gary says:

    Seen any campaign posters or signs for Woolsey? I now understand why she doesn’t campaign; the Marin IJ does it for her. But even the IJ’s “impartial” reporting can’t eliminate a feeling that we’re being taken for granted. It seems our vote isn’t worth her effort.
    Woolsey has nothing original or creative to offer. New ideas evade her. If Lynn truly has our best interests in mind, she would realize that retirement is the best move she could make for us. This election feels like an intervention. The voters need to step in and bring her back to reality.
    Thank God we have someone ready, willing, and able to offer true representation, to think creatively, and to remain at arm’s length from special interests.
    Go get ‘em, Jim!

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 6

  71. Really Big Fish says:

    It also time to retire the PD, at least the editorial board, which are haphazard journalists, following the unions. Woolsey, Brown, Pelosi, Boxer and the unions espexially CTA will only drive the state into total failure. They are absolutely unconcerned about representing the people. All but Woolsey are extremely wealthy who just want control.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 8

  72. Angela says:

    Her comments just show you how out of touch she is. I am considered “wealthy”, and in Sonoma County that’s not saying very much. Our family will be hit hard by the Bush Tax Cuts expiring. You know where my extra money goes Lynn ? We don’t sit on it, we are one of those families who dumps money into the public school system ALL THE TIME, as well as a lot of other charities. It means less going out to dinner, less weekend get-aways, cutting back on kids activities (gymnastics, dance, etc.) You’ll never understand that Lynn, you’re just an idiot. Give people more money and they’ll spend it and other small businesses will thrive and that’s where you can get additional tax revenues. You do not represent the majority in this county. And, don’t forget everyone, while we are all taking pay cuts and working less hours, benefit reductions, etc : LYNN VOTED HERSELF A PAYRAISE ! ! !

    Jim Judd is a stand up guy, will represent this county well and understands what’s really going on out there and that more government isn’t the answer.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 7

  73. Michael Sheehan says:

    Once again, the PD editorial board shows is true, ugly colors by endorsing a shrill, self-serving, out of touch, left-wing extremist incumbent. What a joke.

    By the way, good one Retire Woolsey! I laughed out loud. Looks like some people didn’t realize that the election is November 2nd and voted “thumbs down” by mistake.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 6

  74. S. Pearse says:

    Welcome back to… “Political Jeopardy!” Our next question is a challenge for all you Lynn Woolsey fans out there:

    “Can you name ONE piece of legislations that she herself wrote and carried through to passage during her entire 18 years?” (Jeopardy song plays in background)

    Sorry but your time is up because…..there isn’t one.

    Can I ask you why then are YOU voting for her???

    You wanted change in ’08 and it has not happened. Now is the time for change, vote for Jim Judd.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 4

  75. Independant Voter says:

    She brags about bringing home the pork, but that is our money she’s trying to bribe us with. She’s just further bankrupting our country like all the other congressmen who are taking money from the treasury. She doesn’t support small businesses. She is more concerned about illegals and giving them a sanctuary. Every day I see more and more “for lease” signs in Marin and Sonoma counties…folks these businesses are not coming back. Woolsey is a tax and spend congresswoman who doesn’t care about growing our economies in Marin and Sonoma.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 4

  76. Kirstin says:

    It’s good to see the PD interviewing the candidates, but why no questions about immigration? That is a hot issue both nationally and locally and unlike local politicians who make statements but really have no offical power regarding immigration law, members of Congress do.

    Lynn Woolsey is an open border politician. She usually earns extremely low scores from organizations that score Congressional votes on that issue. She voted against building the fence between Mexico and the U.S. She votes for any bill that favors illegal aliens over the rights and security of Americans. She is for amnesty for illegals.

    This is something that ought to be brought out, particularly as we get ready for Election Day.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 4

  77. Josh Stevens says:

    Lynn Woolsey’s 18 years in office,by definition,makes her a career politician and part of the problem.If you like the state of our economy vote for the incumbent,and you will surely get more of the same.Use your vote as a protest and send a message!

    Thumb up 36 Thumb down 4

  78. Proof positive the media is in the tank for the democrats.

    Woolsey? All that time and just one law on the books: the law that allowed casino gambling. Have you ever watched her anti-war screeds when they play the special orders on CSPAN? She could not figure out the dosage to one-a-day vitamins, let alone represent us in Congress.

    The voters in Sonoma County really are that dumb, aren’t they?

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 4

  79. FedUpEditor says:

    Is it really a test of a representative the length of time they have been in office? How about what they have done? Can anyone say Lynn Woolsey has improved their lives?

    With unemployment going up in District 6 I would think people might be afraid of another two years of these misguided spending policies.

    Rest assured, the money will run out. It already has. She and her Democrat cohorts in Congress can print as much as they want, but inflation will soon follow. In fact, it is knocking on our door right now.

    Congress, run by Democrats, have put our country in peril of tipping over. Maybe that’s okay with some of you, but without jobs who will pay the bills?

    A vote for Woolsey is a vote for same old same old. A vote for Jim Judd is for a breath of fresh air and sanity. You make the choice.

    Thumb up 39 Thumb down 4

  80. Full Steam Ahead says:

    Woolsey has banked on the superior voter percentage for the entirety of her tenure. These next 9 days are critical in proving to her that her base has shrunk, and will no longer be the majority.

    Also, instead of ripping off yard signs and stealing the road signs, how about putting your time into trying to beat Jim on the facts and issues rather than putting your time into vandalizing.

    Thumb up 35 Thumb down 5

  81. Lynn Woolsey fans & Prop 19 supporters, don’t forget to vote on Nov. 3rd

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 25

  82. truth in news says:

    She is out of touch with the pain most people feel economicly. As her if she is willing to embrace the health care program she has chosen for the rest of us over the one congress has, or how about the pension she will recieve, while she works to reduce others pensions. Vote for someone, anyone but this tick on the neck of the american people.

    Thumb up 39 Thumb down 7

  83. Eighteen years, Woolsey’s ideas are stale and her organization is clearly tired. She is running on momentum guided by habit. It is time for fresh ideas and fresh energy.

    Jim Judd is a common sense moderate who has been actively living in this community for the past 27+ years, not faraway in the distant federal capital. He has everyday experience here with the challenges facing the people of the 6th district. He doesn’t hear about it from his “staff” or from the “elites”. And he has built and energized a tremendous campaign organization.

    He will be a pivotal player in the new Congress. His ideas, his energy, and the fact that he isn’t already solidly committed to the most extreme ideas will insure a powerful role for him in representing the 6th District in Congress.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 12

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