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Teachers plan show of support Wednesday

With Election Day next Tuesday and the first competitive race in six years, the Santa Rosa teachers union is planning to greet students and their parents at the driveways and sidewalks of Santa Rosa City Schools campuses Wednesday morning with signs supporting their slate of candidates for the school board.

The union has backed incumbents Bill Carle and Frank Pugh, as well as retired teacher and political newcomer Ron Kristof.

“Given the hard decisions that will have to be made in the coming year, it will take leaders who understand classroom dynamics to craft a plan for success,” union president Andy Brennan said in a statement.

Wally Lowry, an incumbent who has served since 2002, questioned the union’s endorsement explanation in an interview last week, saying he has spent decades as a business and economics teacher. He is a retired SSU professor.

“I have 32 years of classroom teaching,” he said.

Last week, teachers sent out 35,000 postcards highlighting their candidate recommendations, according to the union.

– Kerry Benefield
The Press Democrat

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4 Responses to “Teachers plan show of support Wednesday”

  1. Let's Not Let Facts Get in the Way of Our Opinions says:

    “We need a school board that will bring history, math, science and English back into the school system.”

    Ever heard of standardized testing? Mostly English and math are tested, so much so that many schools don’t even have science and history, because it’s not tested.

    If the teachers “controlled the schools,” there wouldn’t be this much testing.
    Parents wouldn’t be able to sue a school to change a test score to an A. Kids would have to do their homework. Kids wouldn’t be allowed to have cell phones on in class.

    Always good to see the “experts” chime in.

  2. Hating teachers is a regular pastime for these conservative tea partiers. The fact is they don’t support public schools and would abolish them if they could. They have been bleeding California schools dry for the past twenty years and then they complain about the results and blame the teachers. This is like breaking a person’s legs and then criticizing the way they walk. If this state had not fallen below 45th in the amount of dollars per pupil because of anti tax proposition 13 supporters, we would have the great public school system that California used to have when many of us were kids.

  3. Andy Brennan says:

    It was a tough decision about whom to support for the SRCS School Board this year. We have five candidates who are all willing to devote their time and energy to help making our district a success. We appreciate the efforts of each and every one of them.

    However, with five candidates and only three positions, a choice had to be made.
    We went through a lengthy process that involved interviewing all the candidates and discussing the leadership they could offer. Our guiding principles the entire time was who would have both the extensive experience with the challenges of education and the ability to make decisions that would promote success.

    In the end, we chose Ron Kristof, Frank Pugh and Bill Carle. They demonstrated through their actions and our interviews that they understood the necessity of keeping our district successful despite the ongoing economic crisis. They all showed the commitment to; ensuring that we are attract highly qualified teachers, ensuring teachers have the time to prepare quality lessons, maintaining small class sizes, providing adequate resources and ensuring accountability that assess real learning as opposed to rote memorization.

    We ask you to join us in voting for Frank Pugh, Bill Carle and Ron Kristof.

  4. Mary Bradford says:

    We need a school board that will bring history, math, science and English back into the school system.

    The teacher’s union has controlled the schools for years. And what has this brought us? A failed education system. Too many students not graduating. Too many graduate without the skills to function in the world of work. Too much time in class spent on PC US history. Too many students graduate and have to take remedial classes at the community college level to prepare them for real college courses.

    What is the purpose of school? To educate, not indoctrinate. Schools have to get back to basics. It certainly not to beef up the paychecks and pensions of teachers. But that is the goal of the teachers union. Educating students has taken a back seat.

    In this election there are no really good choices but I will be voting for Lowry, Hawkins and Carle and hope for the best.