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VIDEO: Oct. 11 Sebastopol City Council debate

Sebastopol Park City Council candidates Ron Basso, Colleen Fernald, Sarah Gurney, Michael Kyes, Maureen Shea and Patrick Slayter participated in a debate on Monday organized by the League of Women Voters of Sonoma County and co-hosted with the Sonoma-West Times and News and the Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce. The six candidates are vying for three seats on the council.

Which candidate made the strongest case? Watch the debate and post your comments below.

2 Responses to “VIDEO: Oct. 11 Sebastopol City Council debate”

  1. Reasoner says:

    Umm, that pot club has become one of the largest taxpaying businesses in Sebastopol. I have no idea what type of “litigation” you are alleging the city spends money on because of the too liberal for you but fine for voters council members,but city services is where the city money goes to. If you have specific info on wasted money, then this would be a good place to express that.

    But if you are simply throwing up right wing smokescreens because you are unhappy living in our progressive city, Bakersfield might be the kind of place for you to hold your tea party.

  2. COURT WATCH 2010 says:

    Sebastopol needs new direction, new leadership. Let’s return to basics, city police, fire, ambulance services. Streets and public highways… also events and things to do in Sebastopol. Forget about the pot clubs, group hugs, and some insect in a field or whether the USA should be in Iraq. Take care of the 9000 people that live in Sebastopol first. Also, get a council that will listen to their City Manager and especially the City Attorney. Doesn’t matter what they advise, the council members just shoot from the hip and keep wasting tens of thousands of dollars in litigation vs just doing the right thing. VOTE OUT ALL the current earth muffins and fine new leadership!