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Spotlight: Cotati City Council race

George Barich


If one election-season moment has captured the differences in how the three Cotati City Council candidates view the state of their city, it came in the 40th minute of a Sept. 30 debate.

The candidates were answering a question from the audience: “How would you make Cotati a healthier place to live?”

Councilmembers Mark Landman, a former fire captain, and Pat Gilardi, an advertising saleswoman, spoke about better pedestrian and bicycle routes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pressing Caltrans to make safety improvements to Highway 116.

Challenger George Barich, a video producer, said “our children and grown ups … have to urinate and defecate in the bushes or go down to the police department” because the city locked many of its park restrooms to cut costs.

Pat Gilardi

Such statements are signatures of Barich’s candidacy, in which he has cast himself as a “moderate” alternative to “five far-left progressives,” and again make him a focal point of an election.

The former councilman — he was recalled in 2009 after a year in office — often uses dire language to describe the city’s condition.

He says Cotati is balancing its budget on overly rosy sales tax revenue projections and so it faces fiscal “disaster.”

(Revenues from the city sales tax measure passed in April are now estimated at $533,000 a year for the next two fiscal years, down from the $600,000 to $900,000 a year officials projected earlier).

Barich, 52, also says that what he describes as the city’s lack of responsiveness to public correspondence and concerns is “a travesty, an embarrassment.”

Plus, the council, he says, has endangered the public by delaying repairs to the roof at City Hall.

Mark Landman

By contrast — and predictably — incumbents Landman and Gilardi say the city is moving on with renewed vigor.

They point to this year’s balanced city budget — the first one in six years. They highlight recently signed contracts with the city’s police officers and police management that lowered the cost to the city of employee pension and medical benefits.

They contend that the half-cent sales tax measure they successfully pushed for, and that Barich opposed, has stabilized city finances, buying them time to build a firm footing for the future, and allowing them to hire another police officer.

“I think you’ve just begun to see some of the good work we will be able to do for you,” Landman, 56, said at the debate.

The campaign so far has been marked with the same acrimony that dominated the recall campaign against Barich, and most of his council tenure.

A website launched last week uses public documents in an attempt to rebut Barich’s campaign claims. The website carries no identification and its registrants’ names are blocked. Landman and Gilardi said they have nothing to do with it.

Barich and his supporters call it a last-minute smear campaign.

As a councilman, Barich was at the center of controversies ranging from his refusal to declare the city in a fiscal crisis — a declaration that needed to be unanimous for the city to seek a sales tax — to his posting a photograph of himself in blackface on his personal website.

Those actions haven’t been significant issues this election cycle. Instead, Landman and Gilardi have spotlighted other issues in Barich’s past, including his 1996 arrest and later conviction on charges of growing marijuana for sale, a crop that police said had an estimated street value of $2.5 million.

At the Sept. 30 debate, the incumbents each pointedly noted that they’d never been arrested. They made the same statement in responses to questions from The Press Democrat’s political website, WatchSonomaCounty.com.

Barich pleaded no contest to the charges and received a three-year probation term. He said that tenants in his home and business had been growing the pot but wouldn’t reveal their names to police.

Barich said bringing up the issue was a hypocritical dirty trick that illustrates how “desperate” his opponents are.

He pointed out that when he ran for council in 2004, Landman signed his nomination papers. And he said nothing he’s done is equivalent to what Landman and Gilardi have done, which he describes as bringing the city “to its knees.”

Landman this week said he didn’t know in 2004 that Barich had been arrested.

“This points to exactly why it’s so important for people to know about their candidates. Because if my neighbors and I had known who he really was, we would never have signed his petition,” said Landman, who was appointed to the council in 2009 to fill the seat vacated by former Mayor Jon Guardino.

Gilardi, 51, said voters should know about the arrest.

“I think that the integrity of the individual who’s running is important and that is certainly something that differentiates me from my opponent,” said Gilardi, who has served on the council since 2000.

32 Responses to “Spotlight: Cotati City Council race”

  1. Ken Coleman says:

    To all those who don’t know, its not a crime to vote for one canidate not two. Therefore that is how i am getting 38% for George Barich. His followers are only voting for one, not two.

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  2. Political Scientist says:

    Ken: I’m willing to bet you’re wrong.

    The read I have on the race is this: the people who like Barich really like him. And most of the people who don’t, really don’t like him. The people who don’t, by your estimation 62%, will vote for both of the other candidates. Some may split the ticket, but that’s going to be pretty rare. Of the Barich supporters, almost everyone will have to split the ticket with their second vote.

    Good luck beating that.

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  3. Ken Coleman says:

    I am making a prediction. George will be first with 38% of the vote. Pat will get 32% and mark will get 30%.

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  4. Ken Coleman says:

    Okay all, we are not allowed to reference Bloggers anymore. I suggest you stick to the subject and stop calling out people by name.

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  5. Ken Coleman says:

    Just ask him yourself, then atleast you will have your answer! Come down to Cotati City hall tomorrow at 7:00, he will be waiting for your question. Just don’t hide behind a fake name, you sound pathetic that way. Don’t be scared of George, he won’t bite.

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  6. Know the difference between you and you're says:

    Ken: You still didn’t account for why George Barich hasn’t refuted these claims himself.

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  7. Ken Coleman says:

    Diogenes Sinopen, News Flash, your wrong again! Upon further review and speaking the Court clerk and DA, he doesn’t have to say he is a Convicted Felon, and furthermore, he can own guns and ammo.
    Strike one

    The hard Copies you provide that lies of a website don’t have the convition on it, just the charge. You have links to documents but have no real solid evidence which is a conviction and the termination from the courts. You are full of half truths.
    Strike two

    George has made enemies only becasue they don’t see where he is comming from. If they got off thier pedistal, George could have saved the city from going broke. Check your facts and maybe you will see the light in front of you. Ohh, and by the way, l will know in 2 days who owns that site you Claim you somehow came across of, lol.

    Strike three, your OUT!

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  8. Diogenes Sinope says:

    If you go to the Penal Code section mentioned on the mailer I received today, you’ll find that “expungment” doesn’t mean that criminal records and files are totally obliterated. Just go online and check the Penal Code section referenced (like I did) and you’ll learn that for the rest of his life George Barich has to admit he is a convicted felon and he can never have guns or ammunition- just like every other convicted felon. Plus, if he’s ever arrested again his “expunged” record can be used against him.

    So there’s no “disrespect” to the legal system by whoever owns http://www.whoisgeorgebarich.com in publishing those documents. It’s not my site but I really commend whover put it together. If Ms. Garcia and the rest would start getting their info from hard copy documents instead of from their friend GB (who clearly has a vested interest in preventing the truth from coming out), they’d realize how gullible and uninformed they’ve been.

    Ms. Garcia is right about one thing however. The truth will always come out- and apparently has already done so via the mentioned website. Note-there are 19 links to official documents covering 5 different topics on the website and yet George Barich himself has failed to publicly refute a single fact contained on it.

    As for that reap,sow thing. George has made many enemies in many arenas through the years – political, personal, and business. He has apparently sown plenty of pot seeds (see his “no contest” pleas at http://www.whoisgeorgebarich.com), as well as discord. Perhaps he should think about that before he breaks any more laws, thumbs his nose at city ordinances and resolutions or attempts to spread slander about the innocent.

    Remember the lantern is always lit- night and day.

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  9. @ Diogenes Sinope, the publication of those documents are proof that that site is nothing more than an attempt to destroy George Barich. That case was expunged! Period! To post it as proof is not only irresponsible, but extremely vengeful. I guess they don’t have any respect for our judicial system. People can twist things the way they wish and it may even get people to believe the distortions and lies, but eventually the truth does come out and we really do reap what we sow.

    Great comment Truth! It’s clear common sense is not a stranger to you!

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  10. Diogenes Sinope says:

    If you really believe that the Truth will set you free, you should applaud the publication of the documents at http://www.whoisgeorgebarich.org. The official records about a candidate for public office speak for themselves- the public doesn’t need any interpretation or explanation about what they mean about George Barich’s history or character. The public can and will decide whether it’s relevant or not.

    And FYI- the FPPC website clearly states that it only posts cases received since September 2010- not older cases like the Barich investigation.

    I guess some of us are better at reading comprehension than others.

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  11. @ TheTruthWillSetUFree, I received that letter from the Sonoma County Republican Central Committee recommending George Barich too. And you hit it on the nose about that attack site…I don’t know how those people can sleep at night!

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  12. TheTruthWillSetUFree says:

    I went to the link Diogenes Sinope posted and it looks like the same old people are doing the same old thing….which is quite frankly….OLD! These evil tactics will eventually bite them in the rear!

    The Republican Central Committee couldn’t endorse a non-Republican, George is a registered Independent, but they DID give George Barich a recommendation and it was formally sent to every registered Republican in Cotati. (Lie squashed!)

    Go to the following link:


    You won’t find anything regarding George Barich….it was expunged! The site you refer people to is misleading and it’s only purpose is to trick people into believing Barich was prosecuted and convicted and its intent is to damage this man.

    I hope George wins his seat back because he is the only one who has any respect for the Brown Act, our Constitution and for the people of Cotati~

    Here is another vote for George Barich!

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  13. Should I take those little thumbs down as a sign that I’m not missed this campaign cycle?

    “The more little thumbs down I get, the greater my success.”

    Very well said Phil! ;o)

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  14. Dispersed Mammal says:

    I looked and that website, but have a few questions that I was hoping someone could answer. Instead of calling the FPPC, their website that lists all their current investigations through 9-9-10 is
    I didn’t see George Barich’s name listed.

    Another thing I was curious about was the difference between an endorsement and a recommendation. It looks like the Republicans recommended him, but since he’s not a member of the party, can’t technically endorse him. How does that work?

    It also looks like he completed his sentence and probation and had the cases expunged. I know this doesn’t make the records go away, but if the court saw fit to close the case so he could go on with his life, who are we to question them? His crimes might not put him in the best light, but he did pay his debt to society and we all have things in our pasts that we’re not proud of, but how does this really affect his character and ability to lead?

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  15. Weary Already says:

    Throughout the many years I’ve lived in Cotati, it’s never ceased to amaze me how we always seem to have the same tired faces and names so aggressively coming down on one side or another in this town’s politics. I can’t get beyond wondering what one side is afraid of losing and the other hopes to gain. It’s great that you’re all so passionate and involved, but election season has become a dreaded and disturbing time for the rest of us locally. Your visceral dislike for one another is evident, and really gets in the way of trying to make the right decision. It’s really a turn off that makes me wonder why I should bother at all. Maybe it is time for a change.

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  16. Dispersed Mammal says:

    Since everybody here loves links


    Another real eye opener

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  17. Ken Coleman says:

    Cotati politics at its worse when they try to show you a painting of a cow and it’s really a pig. I know the political realm has passion, but really, I just want Cotati to move forward. I suggest we just try to save Cotati from going under. Can we get some agreement?

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  18. Diogenes Sinope says:

    Good point Poli Sci guy. Have you seen http://www.whoisgeorgebarich.org yet?
    I went lookin’ for the truth about his character and I found the mother lode there.

    You know, it ain’t gossip or dirty tricks when you got hard core documents to back up your claims. Then I believe the judge calls it “factual evidence.”

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  19. Phil Maher says:

    And just so everyone knows- I could care less about any of this. If my comments upset you, I’ve done what I set out to do. The more little thumbs down I get, the greater my success. Guess what? Cotati is doomed to fail, and I think it’s not only humorous, but deserved. You people can dance around and fudge numbers and pray till the end of time, it won’t do a thing but buy you a bit of time. The once pending recovery is now the four year plan, soon to become the 10 year plan, then the new economic reality that you’ll be hard pressed to even recognize, much less deal with. I might chime in from time to time, but right now I’m comfortably retired in the country, contemplating my next vacation, but dreading the next visit to your Podunk little town that I once took pride in. Enjoy the ride.

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  20. Phil Maher says:

    @Political Scientist- Well said. I may be opinionated, but I do try to be as fair as possible. Come on! $2.5mil for clones? Back in a day when they weighed the entire plant, roots, stems and all, then projecting a value that’s about as credible as the Measure A revenues seem to be? I would put a market value on a few hundred plants at well under $10k, and yes, they’re a market unto themselves, always have been. Whether he was directly involved or not, you should know enough about history to fully understand the political basis for the prohibition of marijuana…and the fear mongering and hysteria that ensued- much like the reaction of many in Cotati to George himself.

    @Mario- Are you the same Mario Lewin that’s on the board of the Chamber of Commerce? The same organization that views George as a sworn enemy and threat to their status as an appendage of the Council? Yes, Mark has really poured it on the last year, but what about the previous 32?…many of in which George has been a prominent figure that’s championed for more causes in Cotati than either of us can probably remember. You do know, retiring after 30 years of service on 90% of a Fire Captain’s salary is a pretty cushy deal, right? One can certainly afford to continue giving (and should) with a paycheck like that.

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  21. Ken Coleman says:

    Mario Lewin, here are the accomplishments George has done, you could have gone to http://www.barich2010.blogspot.com to find it out, but here it is in black and white. I hope this satifies you. :)

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010My Accomplishments on the City Council, 2009

    During my term on the council:

    1. I never missed a city meeting, was never late for a meeting, was thoroughly prepared for each and every meetings and city workshop. I never raised my voice, was never argumentative, was always civil and polite from beginning to end. Although I was often interrupted by others at the dias when I had the floor, and harassed after I casted my vote, I acted with dignity and class representing the citizens of Cotati.

    2. I made a motion before the city council in January 2009 to place the issue of term limits for council members on an upcoming agenda. The motion failed for lack of a second. As the city budget problems began to worsen, I recommended that the city council eliminate 100% of our salary and benefits but received no support for this cost cutting measure.

    3. I was the first and last city council person to ever start a personal web blog as recommended by many other city council members from California cities.

    4. In response to the Cotati City Council signing onto a letter from County Supervisor Mike Kerns to President Obama begging for massive amounts of federal aid to Cotati and the County of Sonoma over my vocal opposition in January 2009, I wrote a very personal letter to our President (and shared it with the entire council for their consideration) asking the President that rather than borrow money from the Chinese and printing money to bailout cash strapped cities and states, that the President instead institute more tax cuts to stimulate the economy. My letter was well received by city council members from many other cities around the country who read my letter and made similar attempts to reach our President on this issue.

    5. I was the first council person to hold regular office hours each week at City Hall on Monday nights with an open door policy for all who walked in. My office hours were 5:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m where I met a lot of residents in Cotati who came to me with their issues with the City.

    6. I was the first city council person in Cotati to post the official city logo on my personal web blog as many city council members do all around the country. This is the same logo that was printed on my official city business cards that I was asked to hand out and on my self made city stationary. Later, I posted photos of my Halloween costumes on my personal website that lead to some people claiming that this was shameful and politically incorrect. The unintended result of this public lynching was exposing the real racists in Cotati and within The Cotati Chamber of Commerce who contacted the press and disgraced our town by publicly exposing their hateful and racists views before the press and the entire world. Hundreds of money totting people swore to never set foot in Cotati again as a result of these racists and threatened to boycott our town. A Code of Conduct for council members was soon implemented and no charges of improper conduct were ever lodged as a result of this incident. Later, multiple charges of ethics violations were filed against Mayor Coleman, one of which is now a year old and yet to be heard by the city council, a shameful reminder that cronyism is alive and well in Cotati.

    7. I pushed for the first balanced city budget in many years and argued that the city retain the entire city staff at 100% of current staffing levels and denounced the elimination of the Recreation Department and proposed reductions in our police department. Balancing the city budget could have been achieved, according to Cotati’s Finance Director Jone Hayes, by implementing a 20% across the board salary and benefit cut for all Cotati employees. This reasonable alternative was rejected by the council which led to severe cuts in both the police department positions and the entire Recreation Department.

    8. I advocated a citywide outreach for more city volunteers and a solid commitment to citywide emergency preparedness. However, I was ridiculed by Councilman Coleman that “…Until volunteers are breaking down the doors at City Hall, I’m not interested in pursuing this option…”

    9. I voted against the ridiculous Cotati Code of Conduct for the city council which was designed to violate First Amendment Rights of free speech, freedom of expression, and was a huge waste of thousands of dollars in staff time and legal fees from Cotati’s General Fund which was already running a half million in the red.

    10. In 2009-10 budget talks, I argued for a 20% across the board salary and benefit reduction from all bargaining units which would have balanced the city budget immediately and placed over $40K back into the city reserve account ( which had been empty for over a year ). I also made this recommendation on the record during a public meeting for all to hear.

    11. Working without a budget in August 2009, I voted against declaring the City of Cotati in a fiscal emergency claiming the city had no idea what kind of financial shape the city was in without first adopting a budget. I could not vote for something so blatantly irresponsible and deceptive.

    12. I voted against the ill-fated $73 million dollar Downtown Specific Plan the City to bring three story buildings to Cotati that the City had absolutely no money for, and I gave a six minute speech explaining all the reasons why we had wasted a million dollars already on this project and needed to put it on hold until we had some way to pay for it. Putting the cart before the horse never works and it never will.

    13. I voted against begging the federal government for ARRA bailout money to pave our city streets as simply shameful and irresponsible. Once Cotati received the federal money ($400K) , I voted to go ahead and spend that money on a huge street repaving project at the end of town rather than sending the money back to Washington DC.

    15. I spoke against placing a sales tax measure on a special election in November 2009 ballot not only because we did not have the money to spare for a special election, but because there was very little public support for a special election. I argued that Cotati consulted with no economists who could offer us any advice that a tax increase would be advisable during a severe economic recession.

    16. I voted against giving a non-profit corporation a massive amount of free office space in City Hall for many years to come for a museum when we desperately were looking for legitimate revenue sources to help balance the city budget.

    17. I cast the lone vote against the 2009-10 city budget which eliminated vital police positions and risked the safety of our town.

    18. In 2009, I went on three police ride-a-longs with different Cotati police officers as recommended by the City Manager, only to learn that she accused me of using up more city staff time than any other city council member. All the current council members have refused to go on any police ride-a-longs because I believe they are planning ultimately to outsource the police department to another outside agency and are distancing themselves from the Department.

    19. In 2009, I submitted numerous citizens concerns and complaints that I received in my office and via email directly to the City Manager, only to be later accused of taking up staff time to the tune of 231 staff hours which to this day has yet to be verified through a formal public records request.

    20. In 2009 during my entire term in office, I refused to accept my city paychecks while the City was running a serious budget deficit. However, I did take the health care coverage that was offered to all council members because the job was slowly burning a hole in my stomach.

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  22. Political Scientist says:

    It’s odd to read how people try to condemn a candidate for what he may or may not have KNOWN regarding what another candidate DID.

    Actions speak louder than words, no?

    (Though, if actions speak louder than words, why is the pen mightier than the sword? hmmm)

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  23. Mario Lewin says:

    The TRUTH about Mark Landman:

    After a lifetime of service to the public, serving as a paramedic and retiring as Captain from the Novato Fire District, Mr. Landman knows what it means to provide services to the public.

    In the year since he was appointed to the council to fill the seat that John Guardino resigned, Mark Landman has stepped up to serve as Cotati’s representative on the Water Advisory Committee, protecting the City’s interests on issues relating to the Sonoma County Water Agency. He serves as our City’s representative to the Russian River Watershed Association, the Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA), the Subregional Wastewater Policy Advisory Committee and as an alternate representative to the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). In his spare time, Councilmember Landman acts as council liaison to both the Chamber of Commerce and the Design Review Committee.

    Business is important to the health of a community. Mark has shown that he knows this. He pushed successfully for getting Peet’s Coffee into the Northern Gateway of Cotati, supported the grant requests that brought $1.1 million for our Northern Gateway and $1.5 million for Cotati’s Smart Train Depot.

    What did Mr. Barich accomplish in office?

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  24. Ken Coleman says:

    Here is George Barich’s Website so you all can make an informed decision. http://www.barich2010.blogspot.com. There are only facts on this website, not misleading ones. The other side wants you to look at lies and deceet. We are looking foward to the future, not backwards people. The time is now for change, send the party of no a wake up call. Tell them you don’t want a sanctuary county. Don’t vote for Pat or Mark! Vote only for George Barich for City Coucil

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  25. Phil Maher says:

    I believe that Mark Landman is lying, and that he previously knew full well about George’s arrest. Mark has lived on the West Side for 33 years, the PD ran the news, the Community Voice ran the story on the front page, George had had many discussions with Mark throughout the years when he visited his home soliciting for various ballot measures. Also, from what I understand, the two of them even openly discussed the matter at the time that Mark signed his petition for candidacy in 2004, wherein, from what I’m told, he pronounced it “no big deal”. As for the neighbors: A woman that was once a friend of his, but was one of George’s most vocal detractors during the recall, and resorted to outright lies and character assassination to validate her own personal hatred for him at the expense of factual and moral fairness to the voters of Cotati, for reasons that have nothing to do with his politics or ideology, one who even signed the same petition for his candidacy, also knew. No chance at all that she didn’t…period. She might currently claim otherwise in a hypocritical attempt to save face, and say that her signature didn’t convey any form of support whatsoever, but yet she freely chose to sign a document that gave George the right to run (Personally, if I don’t support something or agree with the candidate’s positions or their abilities, I invariably refrain from giving them my signature, which, to most, would imply my approval and support). But now it’s politically convenient for them to feign surprise and disdain at something they falsely claim as some new revelation, while using the information to further their own agendas of either their own election or simply personal hatred.

    Mark is right about the importance of people knowing their candidates, but since that’s his angle, let’s talk about his efforts in the recall. Stop by and have a word about his personal visits when it came to the owners and managers of a number of local businesses as they related to them daring to display George’s No on Recall signs. What Mark may describe as merely a “suggestion” that such signs might prove unpopular, and that they allow him to “remove them for you”, ask the business owners such as Miller Driving School, Star Restaurant and Cotati Market what they thought about it. From what I gathered, I can tell you that they were intimidated and upset by the fact that he even felt it was appropriate to enter their establishments for such a reason, much less his tactics, but when someone tells you (in person, or through anonymous phone calls from both men and women) that your business that’s already hurting in a recession is going to be boycotted and shunned, what else can you do but comply? Let me also put forth my take on Mark’s original emergence onto the political scene in Cotati- before he was rewarded with his nomination to the council for being a good soldier- the case of the disappearing signs. Everybody’s signs were being stolen, they always are during “silly season”, but Mark took it upon himself to become the bean counter solely for the Yes on Recall camp. When I first read about his efforts in that regard in Jud Snyder’s Community Voice article, I took it upon myself to call him immediately and directly to offer my support for getting to the bottom of things…regardless of politics or sides. I made my non-partisan offer, but I had no reply. I then took the time to introduce myself in the hallway during a break at a later City Council meeting. There, I again offered my support and asked him for his in return. My proposition was that we patrol the streets in an effort to see if we could identify the culprits, not confront them, just to do a little recon in the hopes that we could put an issue to rest, once and for all. He refused, and I was left with the very distinct impression that he wasn’t looking for a solution, but merely wanted to find a problem that he could pin on George for the furtherance of his chosen cause. Then let’s move forward to the efforts to ramrod support for Measure A, wherein Mark and Bob Coleman allegedly told downtown business owners that they wouldn’t have any police response if the measure failed. Historically neutral businesses that had never been willing to take sides in local elections suddenly became the most fervent supporters of a measure that had the very distinct possibility to damage them economically. Again, what do you do when your very safety and welfare are concerned?

    As far as George voting his conscience and what he thought was truly the best thing for the people of Cotati, being the lone dissenting vote on the declaration of a “fiscal emergency” that required a virtually unheard of unanimous vote of the council to pass, with no other purpose than to pave the way for a sales tax vote, when no solid budgetary figures were in front of any of them, go ahead and ask Pat Gilardi to give you an honest answer about whether she knew it required a 5-0 vote at the time. From my own personal conversation with her, it was clear to me that had no idea. I can’t fault her for that, but it goes to show that George wasn’t intentionally trying to deprive anyone of “their vote” on Measure A, just that he voted for what he thought was best, and that, as usual, the rest of a demonstrably hostile and one-sided council would pass the declaration with a 4-1 margin in their myopic desperation. We have some evil and angry people in the fiefdom we call Cotati, and maybe some would consider me one of them, but differences of opinion that reflect the will and character of the whole of the community should be the expectation of everyone, and not, as they are now, viewed as a threat to those who currently hold the voice and the power that affects us all.

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  26. sheryl judge says:

    I find it amusing that George’s detractors can only slam him personally. I’d like to here from them, exactly what they would do for Cotati, as opposed to what George is saying. I’m not talking about green energy BS, but REAL ideas on what to do to bring Cotati out of the hole the current council has dug.

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  27. Ken Coleman says:

    Diogenes Sinope wants you to believe her. I can only take one guess who is responsible for the website, don’t worry, i will find out. Even though it say’s private, l know people at Go Daddy.com, lol. The half truths the other side doesn’t want to talk about is that they themselfves signed the petition in 2004 for George. George has never bent for politics, he never has changed like the wind blows. What you see is what you get. He isn’t in a click unlike his opponents. I would invite the citizens of Cotati to come down to a City Council meeting and watch your voice get tossed to the circular file. If you want a sancuary county and more spending and future taxes, vote for Pat or Mark. If you want equal repesentation and a voice that will be heard, Vote for only George Barich. God Bless the United States of America, just not Diogenes Sinope.

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  28. Greg Karraker says:

    @ Diogenes Sinope –

    I find it interesting that nobody involved with the hodgepodge of half-truths, innuendoes and outright lies called whoisgeorgebarich.com has the courage to put their name in print.

    As you know, I am a supporter of George Barich and am proud to put my real name on every statement I make.

    Incidentally, you might want to look up Diogenes of Sinope on Wikipedia to see how amused I am by the name you are hiding behind. The following is a direct quote from Wikipedia about your idol, Diogenes:

    “The most shocking feature of his philosophy is his rejection of normal ideas about human decency. Exhibitionist and philosopher, Diogenes is said to have eaten in the marketplace,[38] urinated on some people who insulted him,[39] defecated in the theatre,[40] masturbated in public and pointed at people with his middle finger.[41] Sympathizers considered him a devotee of reason and an exemplar of honesty. Detractors have said he was an obnoxious beggar and an offensive grouch.”

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  29. The petition against George Barich is exactly why I jumped on board and became one of George’s supporters! People, are you going to sit around believing the gossip others spread around or are you going to go to the source and ask their side? Get both sides of the story and make up your own minds.

    I find people usually point fingers elsewhere because they don’t want you to see their true face. I’ve gone to Council meetings and see how these people work and I can honestly say they only care about keeping their so called power and titles. It has nothing to do with you, the citizens of Cotati! Do a little research and find out when Landman stepped in the picture, take a look at Gilardi’s record, listen to the podcasts of this Council, go to all sources, including the accused and ask questions then make up your minds.

    My vote will be for George Barich….ONLY!

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  30. Greg Karraker says:

    Phil —

    I wish you had been at the Candidate’s Forum. All three were asked a simple yes or no question:

    Did you remove any signs which supported a candidate or a cause which you opposed?

    All three, including Mark Landman, in a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters, answered “No.”

    Know your candidates.

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  31. NOTUTOO says:

    Please, enough already of the \ reducing green house gas emissions.\

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  32. Greg Karraker says:

    According to this article, when the incumbent councilmembers were campaigning for Measure A,they claimed it would raise up to an additional $900,000 annually.

    Now that they have your vote, they have revised their estimates down to $533,000, and Measure A has been in effect less than two weeks. If my math is correct, that’s a 41% drop, I wonder how low that figure will go next.

    Only George Barich stood up and said those rosy predictions were a farce.

    It’s important to trust the people you vote for. So who do you trust? Someone who tells you the hard truth about your tax money? Or incumbents who will say anything just to take more money from you?

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