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Petaluma council, mayor candidates to debate again

Petaluma residents have another opportunity to compare their candidates for City Council and mayor side-by-side in the next two weeks.

The Sheraton Sonoma County is hosting two candidate forums, one for the nine candidates running for three open city council seats, and one for the four seeking the mayor’s seat.

On Tuesday, candidates for council will be asked several questions and each allowed opening and closing comments. Candidates for mayor will face off on Oct. 5 in the same format.

Both events will run from 6 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m. in the ballroom at the hotel, at 745 Baywood Drive, off Lakeville Highway.

The event is hosted by the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce and the Argus-Courier newspaper.

– Lori A. Carter
The Press Democrat

5 Responses to “Petaluma council, mayor candidates to debate again”

  1. Junebug says:

    Fact is that there have been a couple of debates scheduled already and Torliatt has backed out of them both. She mentioned that the first one, to be held at St. Vincent High School, was not professionally coordinated so she wouldn’t participate. She backed out the morning of the debate. Rabbitt has said that he will meet anywhere, anytime. Pam was quoted in the PD as saying that she had “other campaign committments” that conflicted with the two debates. I would think that a healthy debate for voters to participate in would be most important.

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  2. Concerned says:

    The forum between Torliatt & Rabbitt needs to happen soon. Are they waiting until after the absentee ballots go out? That’s a little too late. Let’s get moving on this.

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  3. Several points here:

    Please don’t let any of the “THREE Bs” moderate from the Argus (Burns, Bennett & Balshaw) or Mike Kerns (Outgoing south county supervisor).

    Do not use the “League of Women Voters” type of format. They insist that you fill out these silly 3 by 5 cards with your question and then they decide which cards (questions) gets selected. The same person (probably the moderator) reads aloud the selected questions with little passion or style.

    Have two microphones or a portable mike and have questioners line up (like at the board of Supervisor meetings). The actual questioners can deliver the question to the candidates and actually communicate back to the actual person if they so choose.

    Please let the public know ASAP:
    1. Name of moderator(s) & their affiliation(s)
    2. The Chamber & Argus are obviously slightly “Right of Center” in their historical political stances.
    3. Who or what person(s) will be there to represent the slightly “Left of Center” contingent?

    Wayne Clarke “Conscience”

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  4. Mike says:

    I sure hope the burning issue of the proposed Mighty Midget and its targeting by North Korea leads the debate. Petaluma needs to make this part of its foreign policy statement. Then they can spend two hours talking about the enviromental hazards of SmartMeter.

    Finish off the evening debating the wisdom of why Petaluma needs Petaluma Woolsey to be supported for several more terms.

    Don’t go negative and discuss the budget crisis in Petaluma what can be done about it. Why spoil the evening?

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  5. Time for change says:

    Great, two mayoral and council forums within one week. Where and when is a supervisor forum for the 2nd district candidates?

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