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Boxer stumps in Santa Rosa


Sen. Barbara Boxer used a gathering of local Democrats Saturday to hone her campaign message, stressing that her record on the environment, jobs and abortion rights makes her to the go-to candidate this November in a tightly contested Senate race.

Sen. Barbara Boxer spoke to Sonoma County Democrats during the annual Democratic Party barbecue held at Doyle Park in Santa Rosa on Saturday. ( CRISTA JEREMIASON / The Press Democrat )

In a quick appearance at a barbecue put on by the Sonoma County Democratic Party at Doyle Park, the three-term California senator and former congresswoman from Marin County took aim at her Republican opponent, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

She said Fiorina represented “a return to the failed policies of George W. Bush,” citing the former president’s handling of the Iraq War, his support for oil drilling and his responsibility for the economic woes that occurred on his watch.
“My opponent wants to go back to those days,” she said. “Which is so yesterday.”

The comment, which drew laughs and applause from the crowd of about 200, was a jab at Fiorina’s off-microphone comment during a June television interview when she said Boxer’s hair was “so yesterday.”

The barbecue, now in it’s fourth year, served as a kick-off to the campaign season and drew dozens of local Democratic party leaders, elected officials and candidates.

Boxer’s visit marked the second high-profile campaign event in Santa Rosa within a week. Jerry Brown, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state attorney general, spoke to hundreds of party faithful Wednesday night at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Hall.

Saturday’s casual outdoor event featured live music, hearty plates of food and plenty of campaign buttons, bumper stickers and signs.

Several local candidates gave quick rallying speeches before and after Boxer’s appearance.

Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane noted Saturday was the 47th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

“Today Democrats are about fulfilling that dream,” Zane said, without mentioning Saturday’s large tea party rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., the same site where King gave his speech.

“We need to be unabashed liberals,” Zane added. “About jobs. About immigration. About education. About health care.”

Boxer’s stump speech, while emphasizing the need for job creation, also stuck to popular subjects among North Bay Democrats: support for environmental protection and abortion rights.

Fiorina “is against the regulation of climate change; she doesn’t believe it exists,” Boxer said. “And she’s against a woman’s right to choose. She wants to go back to yesterday.”

The Fiorina campaign quickly fired back.

“Barbara Boxer is so desperate to distract voters from her 34-year career as a politician supporting job-killing policies, including $1 trillion in higher taxes and sky-high debt, that she will say or do anything to distort Carly’s record of success as a proven business leader,” said Andrea Saul, the campaign’s press secretary.

A poll last week by Rasmussen Reports found the two candidates in a dead heat, with Boxer leading 44 percent to Fiorina’s 43 percent among likely voters.

“We’ve got a job ahead of us,” Boxer said to the crowd Saturday, thanking them for help on the campaign trail before heading off to another event in Mendocino. “Will you help us send a message on Election Day?”

7 Responses to “Boxer stumps in Santa Rosa”

  1. Norman Clint says:

    Apparently Boxer is not only yesterday but today as well. Congratulations on your fourth win Senator Boxer.

  2. Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

    Notice that I said,…”Politicians”.

    Have you ever wondered,
    if both sides of the isle
    are against deficits, inflation and
    high taxes, then why do we have them?

    You and I don’t have the authority to vote on appropriations, or write the tax code, or set fiscal policy.

    Politicians spend much of their time convincing YOU that what THEY did – is not their fault.
    The Politicians cooperate in this marketing ploy (2 card monte), regardless of party.

    They, and they alone, should be held accountable by YOU and ME, the people who voted them in.

    Have courage to break your party ties, and join in the FIRING of Congress.

    You are the boss, know how they play the D against the R and visa versa.
    Own your vote. Retire the lot, and if the next bunch falls out of line, fire them too.

  3. CommonSense says:

    I’m no fan of GWB’s spending habits, but to ignore the facts is just asking for more of the same. The facts are that Ms. Boxer was right there with him and all you need to do is look at her voting history and in fact most of the democratic controlled congress in his last four years was right there with him, spending like crazy and are still spending. So, I’m going to vote all spending crazy incumbants out and hope that others do the same, regardless of party affiliation. Hopefully, that means Boxer and Woolsey will be joyfully retired come this time next year…

  4. Concerned citizen says:

    All you bleeding hearts democrats have got to be joking.

    Boxer and the Democrats have essentially ruined the State and the Country with their spending policy.

    The real and important difference between Carly and Boxer is real world business experience. Carley has real world business experience (good or bad) boxer has none – she is a career politician.

    Voters its not about Republican or Democrats its about who has the better experience that will get the country back to work.

    Vote for Carly and Whitman as strong business woman.

  5. Brian Brown says:

    It’s about spending Laura Gonzalez. Spending. There in lies the entire problem. ‘W’ was included in this problem.

  6. Dan Delgado says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t draw a bigger crowd. 200 is hardly worth boasting about.

  7. Laura Gonzalez says:

    So does Andrea Saul live in this place that most of us call reality? “…job-killing policies, including $1 trillion in higher taxes and sky-high debt…” are supposedly all Barbara Boxer’s fault.

    Well, which PRESIDENT left us with a surplus, which president spent it, got us in debt, and into a war built on lies? Does Ms. Saul think Mr. Bush, a REPUBLICAN, had nothing to with our recession and debt? How come all these LOW TAXES, in place for almost 10 years, still haven’t pulled us out this hole we’re in?

    OTOH, Carly Fiorina was FIRED from her job. She has defended the outsourcing of American jobs, as quoted in the SF Chronicle & Business Week. She kept HP profits overseas to avoid taxes. She went around US foreign policy to try and open markets in Iran. (I guess their US dollars are fine, even if their social structures aren’t.) McCain didn’t like her and she embarrassed his campaign. She says the Iraq war has nothing to do with the recession. She has a spotty voting record, indicating she really isn’t interested in supporting our democracy when it’s not convenient.

    You can can me a liberal all you like, as if’s a bad word, but I won’t vote for someone as ridiculously inept as Carly Fiorina. (And the same goes for Meg Whitman.)