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Letters Extra: Readers speak out on checkpoint policy


EDITOR: I had to do a double-take when I read Sunday’s front page article about checkpoints (“Clash over checkpoints”). Is there something I’m missing here?

First, these people are here illegally. They snuck into this country uninvited. Second, they are driving without a license.

An undue hardship? What happened to common sense in this country? This is not about racism, they could be Poles, Frenchmen or whatever. They’d still be here illegally. Impound their cars, assess a fine for driving without a license, then turn them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. Let them get in line with other honest would-be immigrants if they want to live here.

One more thing, the so-called activists holding up signs warning of the checkpoints should be arrested for interfering with the police.


Redwood Valley


EDITOR: That was an interesting article about how the police are going to enrich tow-truck operators. By giving them lucrative tow and impound fees, they put big chunks of money in the pockets of American citizens and take it away from illegal immigrants. Sounds like Robin Hood in reverse: take from the working poor and give it to the rich.

Those are your tax dollars at work, — using the police to generate business for tow-truck companies and impound lot operators.




EDITOR: I work in an industry that brings me in contact with many Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal. They work hard, often two or more jobs, to make ends meet. They have to feed, clothe and house their families just like I do.

I’ve noticed that many ride their bicycles to work and others hitch a ride with family or co-workers. I’m certain this is due to the increased public safety effort by local law enforcement. I believe that’s as it should be. Those that have no license or insurance don’t have papers. They have no papers because they did not immigrate legally. They should not drive. Statistics show they are four to five times more likely to cause an accident than properly licensed drivers. They have no insurance to cover the medical and property damage that they cause.

I work hard, too. Two jobs at times. I have a license and insurance. I pay more for both of them because of those who skirt the law. I’ve been a victim of their inability to drive safely. I paid for that, too.

I believe they should follow the law here, like I do, or go back where they came from. Period.


Santa Rosa


EDITOR: Doesn’t saying “loss of cars creates undue hardship for illegal immigrants driving without a license” say it all?


Santa Rosa


EDITOR: Who is smoking what here? The last time I checked, it cost $500 to get a driver’s license for a 16-year-old (classroom instruction plus road instruction). Then, there is the additional insurance. So there is about $2,000 per year.

How is it that a person who sneaks into our country, doesn’t have a driver’s license, doesn’t have insurance, can’t vote, has warnings in Spanish of impending roadblocks, has any right whatsoever to demand his or her car back?

The car should not be impounded. It should be sent to the junk yard, stripped and crushed. Driving without a license, without insurance, without citizenship and then complaining about the car being impounded for 30 days? Come on, what has happened to America? Do this in Mexico, and see how far you get. Do this in any other country in the world, and see how far you get.

Thank God, I am only visiting this state.


Simsbury, Conn.


EDITOR: What part of illegal immigrants driving illegally without a license and illegally without insurance do “local activists” not understand? It’s dangerous enough out there with licensed drivers on the road talking on a hand-held phone while driving.


Santa Rosa

38 Responses to “Letters Extra: Readers speak out on checkpoint policy”

  1. to:No ideologues on our school board says:

    To: No ideologues on our school board,
    Thanks for the posting, I was not aware that Laura Gonzalez was a member of the Santa Rosa School Board.
    That explains a lot of her stuff she posts. She’s a politician, not a ‘normal’ citizen.

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  2. lookcloserdammit says:

    Michaele, gimme a break. Of course you are proud of her. She shares your ideology. Outspoken members of the school board are fine by me. But, she could spend her time talking about the myriad of issues facing the public school system in Sonoma County. Glad she has moved on to other problems since she has it all under control.

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  3. Kay Tokerud says:

    No one without insurance and a valid driver’s license should be driving on our roads. Illegals driving cars should have them seized and then sold to pay to have them sent back to where they came from. About 40% of Mexico’s workforce is in the United States. Is it any wonder why the economy in Mexico is so bad? They often leave the women, children and the elderly down there to fend for themselves. They should go back and get their country on the right track by participating in their local communities.

    There are plenty of unemployed Americans that would do the jobs being done by Mexicans and other illegals. Deporting illegals in large numbers would help solve our unemployment problem. A minimum wage job is still a job and can support a person although modestly. Is it better to have more Americans receiving government entitlements and not working at all?

    Until our government cracks down on hiring illegals we will have this problem of uninsured, illegal drivers that are not held responsible for their actions. If the illegals don’t want to be caught or have their cars impounded, they should walk, ride their bikes or take public transportation. Driving a car while unlicensed, uninsured, is a serious crime and sometimes a deadly one.

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  4. Laura Gonzalez says:


    I thought you were done with me. If so, why do you keep “responding” to my posts *and* following me on Twitter?

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  5. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @ No ideologues on our school board

    1 : an impractical idealist : theorist
    2 : an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology

    “If you have serious concerns about a person who espouses the viewpoints she has here making decisions that affect the education of our children…”

    Point of order, school boards don’t make decisions on immigration.

    I’m curious exactly as to what viewpoints I espouse that are contrary to my serving on the SRCSBoE? In your humble opinion. That I advocate we license illegal immigrants? It seems like a no-brainer because we employ them and want them around for low wage labor, so we have to throw them a few bones.

    I am a staunch advocate of strongly fining employers who hire illegals.

    What I am against, are draconian laws that are designed to not merely punish “law breakers,” but to denigrate them and treat them as if they’re less than human. I am against laws that punish the rest of society (licenses) yet do not address the core issue.

    If all that makes me horrible, then so be it.

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  6. Michaele Morales says:

    To the last poster, yes, we know Laura is a SRCS board member and many of us agree with the viewpoints she \espouses\ and are proud to have her on the school board. We need more people like her who are not afraid to state their opinions
    using thier real names, unlike you.

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  7. No ideologues on our school board says:

    Some of you may not be aware that Laura Gonzalez is a member of the Santa Rosa School Board.
    If you have serious concerns about a person who espouses the viewpoints she has here making decisions that affect the education of our children, she will be up for re-election in 2012.
    The more informed voters are, the better.

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  8. bats555 says:

    What it boils down to is this: If you are a sober, responsible, law abiding citizen, that has a valid driver’s license and auto insurance what’s to worry about. If you are not sober or not a citizen of the U.S. or do not have a valid driver’s license nor insurance which means you are not a responsible person, your breaking the LAW plain and simple and deserve what you get.

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  9. lookcloserdammit says:

    Laura, Wikipedia is not fact driven. That’s my point. I could add anything to Wikipedia, that doesn’t make it real. I would expect more from you, but after reading your twitter posts, I should know better. What facts are you looking for. I told you earlier I can find websites that offer conflicting information on any subject.

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  10. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @ lookcloserdammit

    “You, in your expansive knowledge, have made wide sweeping generalizations about the Irish culture “you’re probably not a cop or firefighter or union organizer” why don’t you come join me for a beer since I must be a drunk too.”

    Um, you missed the point, but I’m not surprised. Are you denying that the Irish found upward mobility through the police force, firefighter’s union, or unions period?

    “I’m not going to waste time with someone who appears incapable of an original thought…”

    But does supply facts, where you don’t. Ray managed to supply a fact, with a link no less!, but you, alas, have not even managed to do that.

    You have given nothing but lies and made up crap and what you “believe” to be true.

    You remind me of Stephen Colbert’s roast at the Press Club. When speaking of himself and President Bush, he said something along the lines of ” We’re not members of the nerd patrol, or members of the factonistas. We go straight from the gut. Truth lies in the gut…truth unfiltered by rational argument. I call it the ‘No Fact Zone.’”

    Keep using your gut Dammit. Don’t let factonistas get you down!

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  11. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @ProLEGAL,ENGLISH SPEAKING Residents or whoever you are dammit.

    If you read my responses, you will see that I addressed the border issue.

    “Those ‘Irish’ ancestors that came to this country most likely came here LEGALLY. I know mine did, along with the other ancestors of mine.”

    What does “legal” mean to you? As I stated before, immigrants before the 20s got their passage fair together and came. No paperwork. How is that “legal?”

    “You say to have those employers that hire them, stop hiring them. Well, how do you propose that we get them to stop hiring ILLEGALs when they hire them and pay them less than LEGAL residents would get??”

    Use your noggin. I already touched on national IDs and such. Most illegal workers use fake ss#s, and then file taxes using taxpayer ID#s provided by the IRS. No more of that.

    I’ve tried to keep this short for your consumption.

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  12. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @Ray M. I stand corrected.

    And if you noticed, I have used the term “illegal alien” plenty of times.

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  13. lookcloserdammit says:

    OK Michaele,

    These checkpoints catch people committing crimes. Nobody else but criminals seem to mind the minimal delay of their daily routines. If the police say they are “high visibility deterrents” who are you to say they aren’t? If you, and others, are so concerned that illegal immigrants are being unfairly targeted, why are the signs only in Spanish? Why not Chinese? Why not Russian? Do you (or the equality minded people holding the signs) only care about illegal immigrants who speak Spanish?

    Seems like a fair question to me.

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  14. Michaele Morales says:

    To the last poster, Are you yelling when you type illegal in all caps? People seem to be getting off the topic which are Retens (checkpoints). As I said before the points of these so called checkpoints are not to deter or pull over drunk drivers, if they were they would put them near the bars, clubs and themore often the wineries. Just a few weeks ago a young woman killed two other women while driving drunk after wine tasting. Where were the checkpoints?? The only reason for the Retens (checkpoints) is to generate money for the cities in inpound fees, and for the overtime local law enforcement are making by having these Retens.

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  15. ProLEGAL,ENGLISH SPEAKING Residents says:

    Laura Gonzalez, People that are here ILLEGALLY and get caught doing ILLEGAL things such as driving without a license &/or insurance should pay the concenquences.
    Those ‘Irish’ ancestors that came to this country most likely came here LEGALLY. I know mine did, along with the other ancestors of mine.
    From what I see and hear, there is only one border that people come here illegally across (and it is not the Canadian border). The people that cross that border ILLEGALLY, 9 times out of 10, do not speak any English.
    You say to have those employers that hire them, stop hiring them. Well, how do you propose that we get them to stop hiring ILLEGALs when they hire them and pay them less than LEGAL residents would get??
    Oh also, quit with the long boring bs responses that you write.

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  16. Ray M. says:

    Sorry Laura, per 18USC922, illegal aliens, you know, the folks in this country illegally, are forbidden to possess firearms or ammunition. Just because you change the label of an illegal alien to “undocumented resident” does not change the law.

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  17. lookcloserdammit says:

    Laura, you asked me to say something nice about the church to prove I didn’t have prejudicial notions of the Catholic church then bag on me when I do just that. I know you have a habit of just cut and paste from Wikipedia and call it your very own thought, how original.

    Slap away on your forehead, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    You, in your expansive knowledge, have made wide sweeping generalizations about the Irish culture “you’re probably not a cop or firefighter or union organizer” why don’t you come join me for a beer since I must be a drunk too.

    I’m not going to waste time with someone who appears incapable of an original thought or thinks because salsa is the number one condiment, means illegal immigrants have contributed to US society.

    Ps- I’ll celebrate Halloween, you have fun with your Dia de los muertos, it would seem even our skeletons aren’t good enough for you.

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  18. Laura Gonzalez says:


    *pulling out soapbox*

    You still have nothing. No facts. Nothing. You’re not even consistent.

    I mean, first you say no one else goes to the RCC except Latinos, and now you offer nice words on the good works of the church. Hmmm…

    I have posted facts and backed them up, and yet I get ad hominem attacks: I’m “self righteous.” Hmmmmm…..

    That’s very nice about your Irish family, but what’s the point? Most Americans are descended from immigrants. Most Americans’ ancestors worked tirelessly to become American. Whatever that means.

    Oh, wait a minute! (slaps forehead) Are you insinuating that today’s immigrants don’t work tirelessly to become American? Why, yes, I do think that’s what you’re saying, based on the next sentences: “They stopped speaking Gaelic and embraced the American culture. They wanted to be Americans.”

    But something is not right here. (I know lots of Irish and used to teach US history.) A quick check tells me that by the time of the mass Irish migrations, only 15% of the population actually spoke Irish. Either your family was very rare in its use of Irish over English, or you’re lying, or you don’t have any idea.



    As for “embracing the American culture,” the Irish actually brought many customs with them that we now consider American, Halloween for example. On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody’s Irish! Immigrants don’t just “embrace” their new culture here, they add to it.

    (What’s the number one condiment in the US?)

    Of course, the Irish, like other ethnic immigrants, banded together and created their own ghettos, because there they found acceptance, others of their own kind, Catholic Churches, etc. The Irish, in response to the fierce hatred directed at them, also bolstered the union system in this country, helped by their propensity for violence, as their critics claimed.

    I would guess that you and your Irish American brethren, many generations removed from your immigrant ancestors, have assimilated fairly well. You probably don’t live in an Irish ghetto, you probably don’t associate only with Irish, you are probably not a cop/firefighter or union organizer. OTOH, you proclaim yourself to be Irish, seem to take pride in it, yet consider yourself an American. Hmmm, do you think other immigrant groups might end up having a similar history?

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  19. lookcloserdammit says:

    I am a Catholic. I’m sure most people have varying opinions on lawyers.

    My opinion on the Catholic church is that it is an institution that allows people to connect with a God of their choice. It provides people and opportunity to celebrate weddings, baptisms, remember lives past and “heal souls”.

    Lawyers are a fundamental piece to the American judicial process, prosecuting criminals and protecting rights of American citizens.

    Illegal immigrants. ….. I got nothing. My family members immigrated from Ireland and worked tirelessly to become Americans. They stopped speaking Gaelic and embraced the American culture. They wanted to be Americans.

    I could dispute about every one of those 15 “myths”. You are calling them “myths ” they are excuses and not backed by a single fact, not one. Illegal immigrants work jobs that would be filled by others, it would just cost more to the employers. They bleed welfare dry and show up in droves to emergency rooms so taxpayers will pay $130 so they can have two aspirin for their headache. I’ve seen this. I could go on….

    Get off your self righteous soapbox. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

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  20. Laura Gonzalez says:


    Happy to oblige! Hmmmm, where to begin?

    My replies are all one-sided? Aren’t most people’s opinions? Please post something positive now about illegals, lawyers & the Catholic Church. You know, to show us you’re not one-sided.

    Enough snarkiness. The 15 myths aren’t something this Catholic lawyer pulled out of his butt, they’re based on observation & facts (polls, surveys, etc.). To discount his assertions based on *your* ore-conceived & prejudicial notions of lawyers & Catholics is ridiculous.

    Post some *facts* to refute him! Eagerly awaiting your reply!

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  21. akr says:

    While everyone is getting all excited about this issue, I’m going to recount a very reassuring issue from a couple of years ago.

    I was rear-ended, in my small car, by a woman originally from West Africa driving a Ford Econoline. This could have been a disaster. I’d made a borderline decision to stop for a red light, one of those ones where do you have time to go through or not and you have to make a snap decision. On that one, I decided to stop.

    She realizes as her vehicle is not stopping that there’s a problem, and veers off to the side and only hits my car a little although it cost considerably more than $1300 to fix. The question of whether my car had been totaled was raised for a month with the insurance company.

    Her guess at the time was that because she was wearing high heels she’d missed the brake pedal (straight off the bit, no denying guilt). We exchanged phone numbers and insurance information and all that but she said she hoped we could do this without calling the police or the insurance company so that her rates wouldn’t rise. The damage didn’t seem all that bad, and we were both mostly relieved that it had turned out more or less ok, so I agreed.

    The next day I called and gave her the estimate, though, and we agreed we’d have to use the insurance companies. Mine paid nothing, her very kind insurance agent who had the exact same West African accent handled everything, and then I sweated it out while they decided whether my car was totalled or not.

    Also, she immediately confessed in the phone call the next day, the brakes didn’t work on the next red light, either, so she pulled over and called her brother to come pick her up. She realized it wasn’t the heels, but that her brakes had failed, and so it wasn’t safe to keep driving.

    Happy to have her as a citizen, couldn’t have gotten into an accident with a nicer person. Still made me scared and sore for a while, though. I still watch my back window for people following too close more than I used to; if you’re too close, I’m probably going to have to slow down so I can watch both front and back and adjust if something happens in front.

    And when I go through that intersection I still can’t figure out how she got past me on the left without tipping her van over and killing me. There wasn’t room. I guess her maneuver shunted my car to the right, which was better than a straight hit from behind pushing me into the intersection with the drivers coming off the freeway. Scary.

    So: immigration, good. Well-managed, no. Mixing up driving issues with immigration issues, probably a waste of time unless it’s about trying to manage a problem we all know is there. This is Sonoma County, folks, most people have to drive to get to work because of the way the towns are designed. So find a way to get people who are trying to do the right thing to get some sort of license and get insured, and fine, once you’ve done that, if you’ve got a road where you’ve got a problem, check for said license and proof of insurance.

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  22. lookcloserdammit says:

    Laura, thanks for all the wonderful information about the 15 myths of illegal immigration. What BS! First off it is sponsered by the Catholic Church. They would lose millions without all the visits from the Hispanic members (some but definately NOT all are illegal). Who else goes to church nowadays??

    The person who wrote that article…. yeah he is an IMMIGRATION LAWYER from Arizona! No bias there I’m sure. All your replys completely miss the mark and they are completely one sided. You are not making a good argument here.

    Waiting paitently for your return message….

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  23. Laura Gonzalez says:


    Try again. The Constitution doesn’t apply to citizens/non-citizens. It applies to the government and what the federal govt can or can’t do its people. “People” refers to those living within its borders, so even illegals can own guns, for instance, and are guaranteed a trial by jury, etc.

    “Where exceptions were meant to apply, they are specifically stated. And there are no exceptions stated for any type of guns, for any type of speech, for any specific crimes, or for crimes where non-citizens are involved.” http://www.lewrockwell.com/browne/browne27.html

    Read up “Smart Cookie,” because you got an “F” on this. Shame on you for not knowing important American info.




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  24. smartcookie says:

    I really wanted to know, so I looked it up. The constitution of the US protects it’s CITIZENS!. The 4th amendment doesn’t apply to someone without legal right to be here. So anyone throwing the 4th amendment at you for an argument needs to know,illegals aren’t protected by OUR constitution.

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  25. Laura Gonzalez says:


    But what about the first article? “The men were heading to work at an Occidental vineyard…” “The men were employees of Mid Valley Labor Services, a labor contractor based in Madera…”

    Anyone write to Mid Valley Labor Services and demand to know why they hire illegal immigrants? How about the Occidental vineyard (when named)?

    Anyone still drinking wine even though over half of all ag workers are undocumented? We need consistency here people!

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  26. Laura Gonzalez says:


    “Is it really asking that much for people to immigrate legally and follow the law?”

    Yes and no.

    But first, let’s not hide behind the stand “what part of illegal don’t they understand?” What part of “against the law” do most people not understand? Like the BMW on the Sausalito grade that passed me at probably close to 100mph? Or the many people who seem to think the CA law is that at least two but no more than three cars may pass through an intersection after the light has turned red? Or all the people who let their dogs roam off leash w/in city limits or don’t pick up the pooch poop? Or all the people who lie on their taxes? Or all the employers that knowingly hire illegal immigrants? Many people can be holier than thou when it comes to talking about following the law, but it’s more like do as I say and not as I do.

    Back to your question/implied question.

    Yes, every sovereign country has the right to control its own borders. (And let’s not compare ourselves and our laws to those of third world countries, please.)

    No. If we look at why people immigrate, it comes down to financial need. If I have nothing and I know that my kids will have nothing, you bet I’m going to look at my possible options, of which emigrating is the most likely to get me better results. This is human nature.

    I have no easy pat answers for a complicated situation because there are none. We are a first world nation with a third world nation on our southern border. We offer job opportunities for these people; we want their low cost labor, yet we don’t want them to be part of our society. Well, my fellow Americans, as (perhaps) Marie Antoinette learned, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Comprehensive immigration reform would likely include heavy penalties for those who hire the undocumented. We might have to have a national ID card. The IRS would have to stop accepting taxpayer ID#s in place of a valid ss#. Consumer prices would probably go up.

    As for the 11M illegal immigrants here, well, that’s another question. What of their children? Perhaps Reagan had something right when he gave amnesty those many years ago.

    Either way, what we’re doing now isn’t working. And isn’t the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over, even when you know it doesn’t work?

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  27. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @ What Are The Cities and County Doing? Your post is kind of incoherent and not easy to follow. And it’s LAURA GonzaleZ.

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  28. Jim says:

    @Laura Gonzalez

    Is it really asking that much for people to immigrate legally and follow the law?

    And how would giving illegals licenses in any way guarantee they register and insure the vehicles they drive.

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  29. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    Well, to all those that feel that checkpoints are unfair to illegal Hispanic immigrants drivers (but apparently checkpoints are okay for the rest of us) here’s your answer to my question, per the Press Democrat.

    Driver who fled fatal Santa Rosa crash arrested-

    “Laureno Terrazas, 19, is being held for suspicion of felony hit and run, vehicular manslaughter and driving without a license, CHP Officer Terry Muñoz said.

    Terrazas, an undocumented resident, was arrested at his girlfriend’s Santa Rosa home Tuesday night and taken into custody, Muñoz said.”

    Sleep well, Ms. Roman.

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  30. What Are The Cities and County Doing? says:

    Hold on fancy pants Lorena Gonzales when did I talk about immigration status or the 14th amendment or language? Please do not read into and read what I wrote; I said cities “to nab people who don’t have licenses or insurance”! If they don’t have insurance I don’t care if they are Chinese, Koreans, Irish, dogs, chicken or cartoon characters they need to be off the streets.

    Although you brought it up Señora Gonzales I used to be a Raza sensualist Chicano (Neither from here nor there) then I moved away to a border city which at that point I my eyes were opened that I was an American and not Mexican-American. I realized I have an investment in this county (United State of America) because I didn’t want it to looking like what is going on over there (Beheadings, the poor suffering and a small group of rich elite dictating everything). After more than a decade of being there I had clearer understanding of people’s agendas of coming here. Simple economics there is more opportunity here than in Mexico and lawful order to obtain that success (The justice system here is not perfect but it’s something).

    Since you live in a bubble Señora Gonzales I don’t think you understand there is a rift going on in our Sonoma County Hispanic community which on one side your ideology “Huelga, anything goes for the migrant” and then on the contrary Latinos who grew up here who are feed up with this kind of behavior from our Compadres and everything else getting out of hand.

    I read your blog responses and just because you have a Spanish sure name you do not speak for the Hispanic community that I grew up with that’s been here for generations.

    My points are; First God, 2nd my family then my Country and guess what Senora Gonzales? My Big Latino-Insurance paying-license driving family lives in this Country. It would be nice to have some laws followed so my friends and family can live in peace and safety the “American Dream”.
    That is not too much to ask for!

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  31. Ricardo Sorentino says:

    I wonder what the facts are going to be in this case; can’t wait for the Press Democrat to update this story.


    I wonder if attorney Alicia Roman held up a “Reten” sign for this driver sometime in the past and allowed him not to go through a checkpoint. If so, congratulations on your goal.

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  32. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @ What Are The Cities and County Doing?

    “Stop posting here and call your county and city Representatives. After a few hundred phone calls they will get the hint.”

    Exactly! Tell them that businesses who hire the illegal should be fined HUGE fines and their names published in the local rag. No hiding behind, “But I didn’t know!” If AZ police can tell by “looking at shoes,” I’m sure business owners can tell too.

    Also tell our elected officials to dump the 14th amendment to the Constitution (although Native Americans might try and get everyone else deported. Better be careful on this one.).

    In the meantime, please stay away from the ag industry as it has been reported that over 50% of ag workers are illegal. There are also high numbers in the hospitality industry (hotels) and the restaurant business.

    Also, you should not frequent any business establishments that advertise in languages other than English, such as Wal Mart, KMart, Home Depot, Safeway, AT&T etc. This kind of pandering only encourages illegals.

    In fact, staying at home in your bunker may the only way to avoid these sneaky border-crossing law breakers.

    On another note, does anyone think it is possible to have a conversation on illegal immigration without hypocrisy and hyperbole?

    Or irony?

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  33. Laura Gonzalez says:


    It’s very unfortunate what happened to your wife, but that is an excellent example of why we should license everyone.

    Our state has not licensed illegal immigrants since 2003. I have not seen any corresponding drop in their numbers as if they got fed up and went back to their countries of origin. In fact, I’m sure the numbers have increased.

    So what we have done is cut off our noses to spite our faces and make sure we live up to our principle that “illegal is illegal.” With that line of reasoning we’d never allow teens to have access to birth control because that would only condone bad behavior.

    If you read the original article, it said that at least one woman was off to her job. As long as they have jobs, they will drive to them. And believe me, they have jobs. In the meantime, people like you lose and are the victims of our well-intentioned law.

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  34. Laura Gonzalez says:

    @Jay Doesn’t the 4th amendment address this? Darn that ol’ pesky Constitution.

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  35. What Are The Cities and County Doing? says:

    The City of Petaluma is at least doing something but what is your city and county doing to nab people who don’t have licences or insurance?

    Stop posting here and call your county and city Representatives. After a few hundred phone calls they will get the hint.

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  36. Chris says:

    So from what I remember from the article, it’s ok for an AMERICAN CITIZEN OR LEGAL RESIDENT IMMIGRANT to have their cars towed, if they have no insurance, no license…but an illegal who, by all means, ALREADY BROKE THE LAW COMING HERE ILLEGAL…should get their car back or allowed to drive it home…I don’t think so.

    The State of California needs to disbar this lawyer and make it a crime because in all actuality, you’re helping a criminal.

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  37. Joe Holcomb says:

    My wife was rear-ended over a month ago by an “unlicensed” driver. The lady that hit my wife tried to show her an ID card (instead of DL).

    She had just bought her car (still registered to old owner), no insurance, talking on the cell phone…and Wham! Rearends my wife’s car.

    $1,300 to fix the car. My wife is still out of work and in bed in pain.

    …and you want to give them their car back?

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