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Windsor may cancel November election

Windsor is considering canceling November’s Town Council election.

Because no one stepped forward to challenge the three incumbents by last week’s deadline, the Town Council is considering simply appointing them to new, four-year terms.

The incumbents are Steve Allen, Robin Goble and Sam Salmon.

“This is the first time in the history of the town, since 1991, when the first council ran, that the council incumbents have ever gone unchallenged,” said Town Manager Matt Mullan.

By cancelling the election, he said it would save the town as much as $26,000. But it would also preclude the possibility of anyone running as a write-in candidate.

The matter will be considered Wednesday at 6 p.m., when the council will either make the appointments, or direct the election be held.

— Clark Mason
The Press Democrat

5 Responses to “Windsor may cancel November election”

  1. Zuma says:

    Why not just appoint a “commissar” with absolute power and thus we can have on leader and do away with the council?

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  2. Zuma says:

    Once again our civic leaders show a total disresect for the “Democratic” form of govt the US is based on!

    Most citizens wont have anything to do with the cesspool we call city govt here, but they must be given an election!

    The SMART train, a train that lacks funding to be completed and is incapable of being self supporting and yet is progressing is an example of why we need elections!

    Can the people of the United States pass an amendment to our state or federal constitution that is “Unconstitutional”!

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  3. Bob Winters says:

    Apathy has really set in. I bet someone would have run if Fudge was on the ballot.

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  4. Dan says:

    Let’s be realistic. How often does a write-in candidate make a difference? Everyone who wants to run has been given more than adequate notice and opportunity to file the necessary paperwork. Let’s not waste money to accomodate someone who procrastinated or failed to plan.

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  5. Really Big Fish says:

    What a waste of funds but it would also indicate that the town council is not giving every possible opportunity for some one to enter the race evne if an 11th hour write-in. This is America.

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