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Santa Rosa’s interim city manager comes through with pay cut

Wayne Goldberg, Santa Rosa’s interim city manager, has for months pledged that his executive staff would take a 5 percent compensation reduction requested by the City Council to help balance the budget.

Wayne Goldberg, center.

On Tuesday, Goldberg makes good on that pledge by offering to take two unpaid furlough days between now and early October, when the new city manager takes over.

The concession meets that 5 percent figure, and based on Goldberg’s salary of $15,890 a month, amounts to about $1,500 in pay.
City officials continue to negotiate with most of the unions representing city workers in an effort strike similar concession deals.

15 Responses to “Santa Rosa’s interim city manager comes through with pay cut”

  1. john bly says:

    This offer by our Acting City Manager is pure baloney-it is only a paycut if you work as much and take less in pay. Taking a few days off and not getting paid for those days is not a pay cut.

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  2. Mike says:

    This acting City Manager should be nominated for sainthood. What a guy! Earning $15,890 per month and willing to give up two paid days off between now and October. Wow, he has probably already penciled this in on his golf schedule. Too bad these arrogant executives don’t see things from the point of taxpayers and the common people who pay their salaries.

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  3. Dan says:

    A furlough is not a pay cut. It’s simply a reduction in hours. As soon as the hours are restored, the pay goes back to previous levels. I’m tired of being told how various employee groups (management or otherwise) are taking pay cuts when they’re not. These furloughs do nothing to address long term financial problems and provide only illusory relief at best. I’ve got no problem giving credit where credit is due and employees who accept a reduction in hours should be acknowledged. But don’t lie to me and say you’re taking a pay cut.

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  4. The Real Crime says:

    As hidious as it is to be skewered by our own kind in a style remaniscent of Animal Farm, the deeper betrayal lies at the feet of the Press Democrat, who first failed to investigate and report on the swine in our midst, then continues to dress them up in articles like the one above.

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  5. Scott P says:

    What Pay Cut? Only a Public Servant would suggest that taking two unpaid days off is a pay cut. Big Whoopee.

    Keep working the same amount of time and get paid 5% less. That would be a little pay cut.

    These people are like spoiled children.

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  6. Laura Gonzalez says:

    Wow, he’s making more than county supervisors. Who thinks up these salaries anyways?

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  7. Dan Brown says:


    The progressives may have “installed” him, but they didn’t set the salary, did they?

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  8. Cedric says:

    What do you expect the CEO of a large organization to make? Yes, he is paid from taxpayer dollars, but the CEO of a private company is also paid from your dollars. I do think that, if the City is asking for pay cuts from the staff, the executives should set the example and take the first cut. Presumably they can afford it better than an administrative assistant making $32,000.

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  9. bill says:

    The comments here tell a better story. Certainly, pay cuts are in order. The significant money is being made at the top. So it is easy to see that the savings are going to come from huge reductions in those earning the most money not the rank and file who barely make ends meet.

    Government is like all the other addictions.

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  10. Dave Gladstone says:

    @More Progressives Please,

    Thanks for being pragmatic and realizing that this is a joke.

    However, it’s your “progressives” who installed this guy and adore him. And you want more progressives?

    Please no. Let’s just get some smart people in there PERIOD.

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  11. Lyn says:

    Would the PD please end their deceptive description of public officials who take “pay cuts”?

    In common vernacular a person who accepts a pay cut does so and continues to work the same number of hours. Less pay, same amount of work. Taking an unpaid day or two off from work is hardly the same sacrifice.

    We’re also always treated to hearing of public employee unions who “give up” wage increases, when if fact they’ve postponed them. To be sure, credit should be given, but the two things are not the same.

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  12. More Progressives Please! says:

    I agree. These high management salaries are way out of line with what they are askng rank and file workers to sacrifice. I think 15k a month is outrageous and if city council members don’t see the differnce between asking workers who are making 60-70K to take 5% and managers who are making three or four time that to take a %5 cut they are so out of touch with real people’s lives. If I was Mr Goldberg I’d be embarrassed to be getting that ouch when other workers are being laid off.

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  13. Cedric P says:

    How much, exactly, should a person who is essentially the CEO of a large, 1200 employee organization be paid? Perhaps $15K a month seems like a lot (it does to me – I don’t make that much!), but let’s look at the level of responsibility. Forget that taxpayers are paying these salaries – in reality, any time you do business with a private sector company, you’re paying that CEO’s salary, too.

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  14. Voice of Reason says:

    That’s so generous, for the outgoing interim city manager to give up two days pay. Wayne Goldburg is making $750 per day to do a job for which he had no experience. Folks, here’s our problem.

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  15. The Real Problem says:

    So, in the last two weeks we’ve seen big leadership from the top.

    First, Healdsburg’s City Manager gives up her health benefits, even though she’s already covered by her husband’s health benefits from the City of Santa Rosa.

    Next, Goldberg gives up “5%” of his $15,000/month salary, which he gets ON TOP OF THE RETIREMENT HE’S ALREADY COLLECTING!!! Plus, he’ll go ahead and take a couple extra days off for his trouble (right in the middle of a transition to a new manager).

    In the meantime, Wysocky is asking for real 5% concessions from every other city employee, even those who barely make enough money to live in Sonoma County in the first place!

    Thanks for leading from the front, folks. Big sacrifices.

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