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Look up your polling place and more

This is what the widget looks like. Go to the WSC home page for one that really works.

Want to be a smart voter?

It’s easier than you may think, thanks to a Web site created by the League of Women Voters California Education Fund.

The group’s SmartVoter site offers personalized, nonpartisan information about local and state races on the June 8 ballot.

We’ve added a widget to the Watch Sonoma County home page that allows you to look up your polling place and retrieve detailed information about the candidates and measures on your individual ballot, simply by entering your street address.

To find the widget, check out the handy illustration to the right (hint: it’s waaay down the page in the center column).

The award-winning SmartVoter site was created in 1996 for two South Bay counties and expanded in 2000 to include races in Sonoma County and 20 other California counties.

The site is the result of a collaboration between government, nonprofit organizations and the media, coordinated by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund.

It seeks to provide voters with nonpartisan information about the contests on their individual ballots, with summaries of each ballot measure, links to candidate profiles in many (but not all) races and other information.

Check out the widget on WSC or go directly to the SmartVoter home page for more information.

— Ted Appel
Watch Sonoma County

One Response to “Look up your polling place and more”

  1. Brian Brown says:

    Democrat or Republican, you are an American. This is a beautiful thing. Get out and vote! You are proud owners of this great country! Hold your head high, march in to your voting place, and let your voice be heard!

    Brian Brown