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Cotati wins $1.1 million grant to spruce up downtown

Cotati has won a $1.1 million grant to spruce up a section of its downtown, officials announced Friday.

The grant, awarded by the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, will be used to revitalize the section of Old Redwood Highway that runs through Cotati between Highway 116 and the city’s downtown La Plaza Park, said City Manager Dianne Thompson.

An aerial view of Cotati from Bing Maps

Although the transportation authority awarded the grant, it is funded by a federal program, Transportation for Livable Communities.

The project, scheduled to begin in 2012, likely will include building wider sidewalks and creating decorative features with trees lining the street and a redesigned city gateway.

“This grant goes a long way toward achieving Cotati’s goal of economic growth in our community in a responsible, sustainable and transit-oriented manner,” said Councilwoman Pat Gilardi, a member of the transportation authority’s board of directors.

Public meetings about the project will be held this summer, Thompson said.

— Jeremy Hay
The Press Democrat

One Response to “Cotati wins $1.1 million grant to spruce up downtown”

  1. Noah says:

    We are cutting bus routes and county parks. County workers are being told they have to make concessions. we’re cutting schools and fire and police. And SCTA gives Cotati 1.1 million for beautification?

    This is why people are yelling, “no more taxes!” The people in charge of our money are deaf or have weird priorities. Did I say weird? Perhaps self-serving or political would fit better. Apparently, they think we’re not watching.