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Mo’ Money

Access to money is crucial as candidates try to get their messages out during the final stretch of their campaigns. Today we find out who’s winning the money race with Election Day just 12 days away. It’s the filing deadline for county and state candidates to submit campaign finance statements, which show how much they have raised between from March 18 though May 22. Below, you’ll find a snapshot of each race. Press Democrat reporter Clark Mason will update the numbers in real time as each candidate files their disclosure.

CLICK HERE to drill deeper, including a rundown of notable donors to each candidate.

District Attorney
Stephan Passalacqua     $121,265
Jill Ravitch                         $78,782

2nd Supervisorial District
David Rabbitt                     $53,802
Pamela Torliatt                  $42,761
Mike Healy                        $28,870
John King                          $2,780

4th Supervisorial District race
Mike McGuire                   $90,670
Debora Fudge                   $50,882

2nd Senate District
Noreen Evans                    $173,167
Joanne Sanders                 $44,877
Tom Lynch
David Rosas

Lawrence Wiesner          – $37

7th Assembly District
Michael Allen                     $121,131
Michael Wilson                 $42,961
Lee Pierce                         $12,627

Doris Gentry                      $7,915

Kathryn Moore


Office 1
Nancy Shaffer

Office 2
John LemMon                  $50,365
Patrick Broderick              $24,587
James Patrick Casey        $11,404

Office 3
Jamie Thistlethwaite         $72,057
Chris Mazzia                     $13,529

8 Responses to “Mo’ Money”

  1. rockysoco says:

    @bbadinov – It is obvious to me that anyone who thinks it is somehow reasonable to raise/spend 177K to 351K (our money leaders for assembly/senate) to get a job that pays an annual salary of 95K must have some other motivation than “being able to retire.” There are many individual reasons to run, but I do think most of our elected leaders are dedicated public servants.

    In the immortal words of Natasha, “but Boris, what about Moose and Squirrel?”

  2. Lee Pierce's Conflict of Interest says:

    While His campaign Manager Victoria Hogan is all over these boards defending Chevron and attacking Michael Allen, you will notice that she says nothing about her candidate’s possible conflict of interest as a paid lobbyist for Industrial Carting who lobbied the city council against the North Bay Deal while he was running for office. I guess Pierce feels if he has his attack dog Victoria Hogan sling enough mud at Michael Allen, no one will ask him any questions.

  3. Chevron=Maldonado says:

    This silly issue over Chevron is brought to you by Lisa Maldonado who organized a protest last summer against Chevron with the help of Michael Allen. No wonder the company wants to give some token amount to his competition. While Maldonado is whining over Chevron’s $1500 to Wilson, Allen is pulling in hundreds of thousands from unions to buy the seat.

    Maldonado should have been declared on the Allen payroll.

  4. Special Interests Behind Allen says:

    The Secretary of State’s office has the reports showing which special interests are forming IE’s and how much they are spending and right next to Michael Allen’s name. You should take a look.

    It’s $28,000. There are two IEs both spending money for slate card mailers for Allen.

    IE’s report too and they disclose who they are spending their money to elect.

  5. Christian says:

    Hey, Special Interests,

    Not sure where you’re getting your information, but Independent Expenditures can’t “donate” to candidates. The whole reason they’re called IE’s is because they’re independent of the candidate. In fact, it’s illegal for them to coordinate with campaigns at all.

    Friendly suggestion to get your facts straight before your next post.



  6. Wilson = Chevron says:

    Michael Wilson has taken money from Chevron and other big business PAC’s. Read his report and you can see he’s funded by real special interests. Michael Allen is funded by League of Conservation Voters, Teachers, Nurses, Young Dems,and Progresive Dems, Engineers and Firefighters- I call that the PUBLIC INTEREST. Lee Pierce doesnt seem to be running for anything…except dirtyest and (crazyist) campaign Manager with a vendetta!

  7. bbadinov says:

    Buying a career is expensive nowadays. Mr Allen only needs a few years and then can retire,
    What a nice system!

  8. Special interests behind Allen says:

    Speicial Interests have poured over $100,000 into the Allen campaign in just in April and May. That pays for a lot of brochures and all those consultans, employees in the field and online.

    But another factor that’s important to look at is how much independent expenditure committees invest in a candidate. Two IE’s have donated $28,000 to Allen, zero to Wilson, zero to Pierce.

    The special interest money is betting on Allen. The only candidate who hasn’t acceopted any PAC money is Pierce.