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Paging Congressman XX

I’ve written before about robo-letters, the pre-packaged letters to the editor pumped out by groups like moveon.org and Organizing for America.  We try to screen them out, and they’re usually pretty obvious.  But I love the one that started showing up this morning. It asked the ersatz authors to take an extra step beyond signing their name to someone else’s words, and the first half-dozen missed the directions.  Pay special attention to the second and third paragraphs:

“Health care reform has been a long time coming, and the battle this time around has been fierce …

“But Congressman XX was smarter and stronger than to fall for their lies and scare tactics …

“I am proud to be represented by Congressman XX. His YES vote means he listened to us, not the insurance companies … ”

Well, I’ve searched my Almanac of American Politics and surfed the House Web site, and I can’t find any “Congressman XX.” But he (or she) must an X-traordinary American.

–  Jim Sweeney

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  1. Victoria Hogan says:

    This is great stuff for Jay Leno’s Headlines segment and Jon Stewart too.

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