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More law enforcement support for Ravitch

Jill Ravitch, trying for the second time to unseat District Attorney Stephan Passalacqua, has added to her passel of law enforcement endorsements.

The Rohnert Park Public Safety Association — which wields some hefty influence in Sonoma County’s third-largest city — announced its endorsement this week.

“Based on our interview with Ms. Ravitch and her overwhelming support within the law enforcement community we believe she has the experience and ability to bring positive change to the District Attorney’s Office for the next four years,” Dale Utecht, president of the association, said in a statement.

The endorsement battle between the two candidates shows the split in law enforcement in the race.

Ravitch, who lost a close race to Passalacqua in 2006, has already won the support this election of Sheriff Bill Cogbill, who in 2006 endorsed Passalacqua. She also has endorsements from the 250-member Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and the 140-member Santa Rosa Police Officers Association.

The seven-member Santa Rosa City Council has endorsed her. And Supervisor Shirlee Zane, an early Passalacqua supporter, switched her endorsement to Ravitch.

Passalacqua is supported by the four other Sonoma County supervisors and by Attorney General Jerry Brown, and has the backing of former Sheriff Mark Idhe.

He also has the support of the 500-member Sonoma County Law Enforcement Association, which represents correctional officers, dispatchers, park rangers and some investigators.

In a far less high-profile race, the Rohnert Park Pulbic Safety Association this week also handed James Casey, a deputy district attorney, an endorsement in his campaign for Sonoma County Superior Court judge. He is one of three candidates vying to replace Judge Lawrence Antolini, who is retiring.

— Jeremy Hay

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  1. Karla Sofen says:

    I think there is a very simple reason why so many officers support Ravich over Passalacqua. When officers show up in court for a case Ravich is handling, she is prepared and aggressively pursues prosecution. She’s tough on the criminals. When Passalacqua was an ADA the officers show up in court and Passalacqua has not even read the case and his first question to the officer is “Tell me what this case is about?” Followed by a proposal to plead it down. Passalacqua always gave the impression of wanting to do the least work and make the most minimal effort. This has transferred to his role as DA – always taking the path of least resistance. Passalacqua in the eyes of Somoma County cops does not diligently pursue justice. It’s just that simple. Cops look at Passalacqua with incredulity every time he renders a decision. Ravich is respected by her deeds and actions. Her courtroom skills are similar to Vincent Bugliosi. Cops love that. They have nothing but disdain for a political weasel like Passalacqua.

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