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Empire Report shuts down

Empire Report is closing its doors.
The online news site, founded in July 2008 to provide an alternative to mainstream media coverage of the North Bay, has run out of momentum, founder Jake Bayless said in a post today.Empire Report's Twitter bug
“The unfortunate demise of Empire Report has come to pass, I’m afraid,” Bayless wrote. “I’ve got bills to pay, a family to raise, and there simply doesn’t seem to be the necessary momentum to sustain Empire Report in a manner consistent with the long term vision. That being the case, I have no alternative but to turn it off.”
The Web site, empirereport.org, featured stories written by its readers.

“Empire Report is challenging the centuries-old notions that news professionals best know which issues should be addressed, when the reports should be published, and how the issues should be described. ‘Empire Report’ does not decide these matters. You do! We like to think that we’re part of a long-time-coming seachange that is converting ‘news consumers’ into ‘news participants,’” Bayless wrote in a January post.

On Twitter today, Bayless expressed confidence that the news report would be reincarnated in some form. He will continue to post on Twitter under the handle @honyocker.
— Ted Appel
The Press Democrat

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