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Koire the face of shadowy SR coalition

Rosa Koire


Rosa Koire said members of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition are all about exposing wrongdoing and questionable governmental policies.

But they aren’t willing to expose much about themselves, say critics of their group who contend its members have hidden in anonymity while stirring controversy on several fronts.

Koire said her group “represents a full spectrum of people from left to right to center. Our main focus is to have the truth come out about our elected officials and local policies.”

It was Koire’s complaint to the state Fair Political Practices Commission that has prompted the agency to open an ethics investigation into Michael Allen, the former Santa Rosa planning commissioner who is a Democratic candidate for the state’s 7th Assemby District.

Koire said she is the face of the Neighborhood Coalition, although she indicated her partner, Kay Tokerud, also is involved.

“I am the only person who has their name in public,” Koire said, contending the group has 14 “hard-core” members who prefer anonymity “for political and personal reasons.”

Koire, a commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain acquisitions, and her partner, a general contractor, aren’t anonymous to the city or other neighborhood leaders who’ve tangled with the pair over the past several years.

The two women sued to block city efforts to form an 1,100-acre redevelopment district along the Highway 101 corridor, a lawsuit they eventually lost last year in a 1st District Court of Appeal ruling.

In 2007, the Santa Rosa Junior College Neighborhood Association members voted to oust Tokerud as its president just six months into office after learning of her lawsuit against the city and labeling her a “disagreeable character.”

“The so-called coalition? As far as I can tell it’s just Rosa and Kay,” said Jim Wilkinson, chairman of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Alliance.

He contends the coalition adopted a name similar to his group’s to confuse people and create anonymity.

“There isn’t a single individual name on their Web site that would take responsibility for its content. But if you look are at our Facebook page,” Wilkinson said of the Neighborhood Alliance, “you’ll see the names and phones numbers of people to contact.”

That includes the leaders of 16 neighborhoods that are participating members, he said.

The coalition site — www.santarosaneighborhoodcoalition.com — has only an e-mail address, with no individual’s name attached.

“As far as I’m concerned their anonymity calls into question their motives and reliability,” Wilkinson said.

Judy Kennedy, a former leader of the Burbank Gardens Neighborhood Association, said Koire and Tokerud used “scare tactics” and misinformation to convince the Juilliard Park neighborhood, particularly businesses along Santa Rosa Avenue, that the redevelopment area would be bad for them.

“They can’t be trusted,” Kennedy said. “They want people to be confused.”

Still, Wilkinson said he’s not willing to dismiss the group. “I don’t want to say they are totally inconsequential. They pick issues people get excited about, I don’t deny that,” he said.

The coalition’s Web site has taken on the city over development of a proposed but current dormant green building retrofit program and the Humboldt Street bike boulevard and continues to battle any effort by the city to include the Juilliard Park neighborhood into its Highway 101 redevelopment corridor plan.

Besides the complaint against Allen, it also questions the competency of state Sen. Pat Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa, to remain in office.

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  1. Ric Roderick says:

    I am so grateful to these two women who are exposing Agenda 21. Instead of looking at what the agenda is people blast the ones trying to expose what the global government is doing, has been doing and will do. I’m a conservative who sees that the globalists have encouraged the left/right paradigm through eternity and I want to make peace with Democrats because we all basically want the same thing, one being liberty. The globalists will have us enslaved and I’m on board with taking these evil people down. Sign me up, Rosa and Kay.

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  2. Jason Valez says:

    Oh, really, Juvenal? You mean like Lisa Maldonado? You mean like Judy Kennedy? You mean like all the little toadies who run around trashing anyone they have orders to trash?
    I guess the Fair Political Practices Commission is just a political operative too, right? And I guess Michael Allen didn’t really get fined for a conflict of interest, right? And I guess Michael Allen has a pattern of slimy behavior but the Grand Jury is a political operative too, right? And I guess that Michael Allen was caught sneaking around selling his votes but had no idea it was wrong, right?
    Is that what you mean?

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  3. Juvenal says:

    These two are clearly political operatives, not concerned citizens.

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  4. Jason Valez says:

    Now that the FPPC has found Michael Allen guilty, it looks like the PD owes Rosa Koire an apology.

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  5. Kay Tokerud says:

    Thank you John Galt for acknowledging all our hard work. It’s been a difficult experience though and for the most part thankless. I also apreciate the apology by Michael Aparicio. My comments about running for city council were made before Mr. Wilkinsen died. If I thought I had enough support I would run for city council but it’s pretty difficult when the Press Democrat runs hit pieces against me and my partner. To make matters worse, Mayor Gorin has sent out e-mails disparaging us and encouraging others to do the same. Vice-mayor Gary Wysocky dropped in, uninvited, to people’s homes encouraging them to not associate with us. The JCNA board members spread vicious rumors about us after I was elected president of the neighborhood association.

    The latest hit piece against us came out the same day as the Michael Allen FPPC story. It was not the SRNC that made the complaint. Rosa Koire made the complaint against him. The PD chose to make a broad sweeping condemnation of everyone we associate with to make them afraid to support us. The PD editors and Mike McCoy should be ashamed of themselves.

    The comments about what happened when I was president of the JCNA were false. There was no vote of the membership against me, the members voted to elect me. I resigned as president but stayed on the board after an immense amount of harrassment. A similar thing was done to the president of the West JCNA neighborhood association because he supported the JC parking garage. Tactics such as harrassment and slander are used against real neighborhood leaders who won’t be bullied.

    Citizens need to arm themselves with the truth about what is happening in our city and county before it’s too late. The people’s interests are not being represented by our government anymore, the special interests have gotten into positions of power and they are voting to give money to themselves. We get left holding the debt.
    Please visit our website.

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  6. John Galt says:

    I am in support of Rosa and Kay. They have put themselves in harms way for the benefit of all Sonomans, not just Santa Rosans.
    The vicious assault on their personal and professional lives is unacceptable, and I am grateful for the Press Democrat providing a forum for truth.
    Those of you who throw stones at these two brave people should look in the mirror and question your morals.
    Count me as a supporter of the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition.

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  7. My apologies, I made one mistake. I just realized the claim I challenged was written before Jim Wilkinson’s death. So, the allegation is not as implausible as it originally seemed. Nonetheless, the claim that Jim was expected to run for office but was afraid of another candidate not only was speculative, but counter-intuitive. Let’s try harder to avoid hyperbolic claims, personal attacks, and misrepresentations of others; and let’s be committed to being informed (by researching rather than speculating, and by admitting mistakes when one happens to make one). Thanks.

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  8. When reading Watch Sonoma County’s comments, I’ve become used to encountering hyperbolic claims, personal attacks, and gross misrepresentations of others’s beliefs; but today is the first time if come across someone claiming that a dead man is “expected” to run for city council even though the deadline for filing has passed. Let’s take this as an opportunity to remind ourselves to try to be informed commentators: http://michaelaparicio.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/who-should-rule-santa-rosa/ Thanks!

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  9. Alex says:

    I applaud these women for taking a stand against the Inzane progressive movement in SR. If you want to see groups that are non-transparent, for God’s sake, check out the SRJC neighborhood association. Between them and the Sonoma Bicycle Coalition, there is more fraud and deception and non-transparency than the years of Bush-Cheney. The sickening part is that you see how Gary Wysocky, the city council member, is pushing their special agenda through the city with the cowards of the the other council members not doing anything but standing by slack-jaw. Take the one million dollar Humboldt Bike Boulevard which is the most pork laden public spending ever in the history of Santa Rosa and yet Mayor Gorin is supporting it..even though most of the residents in the JC are against it…yes, there are actually over 600 residents who have signed a petition against it! However, the Press Democrat does no NEWS reporting on those groups. Just goes to show you, corruption is on the right and very much so on the left.

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  10. Rosa Koire says:

    You’ve been referred to this article to distract you from the real issues: the investigation of Michael Allen by the FPPC for conflict of interest/corruption charges, and the involvement of the Accountable Development Coalition (Allen’s group) in shady ‘community benefits agreements’ where they get developers to pay them not to object to projects.

    The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition is not a ‘shady group’, but not all of our members want their names in the paper. Isn’t that their right? I have been on TV, the radio, in print, and in public, and so have others of our group. This kind of slanderous attack is designed to discourage others from reporting corruption, and it hasn’t worked. The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition will continue to investigate, report, and publish information vital to the community.

    On our website we have the proof for our claims that Michael Allen took payments from the SCWA to rezone their property while he was on the Santa Rosa Planning Commission voting on the issue. This is a clear violation of the FPPC law.

    Please click on my name above for a link to our website. We welcome your participation.
    Rosa Koire

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  11. Anne says:

    The hypocrisy of these two (it’s obvious there is no “Coaliton”) takes the cake. They choose to guard their privacy while slinging mud and attacking others but don’t want anyone to question their members or motives. This is why American politics is in the shameful hateful state it is right now (witness the Sherrod story) People like this make meanspirited and partisan attacks with no basis in facts and then try to hide behind their anonymous website. Thanks to the PD for revealing their lack of morals and credibility.

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  12. Sheila Jackson says:

    The fact that the PD wrote such a slanderous article about a group that exposed a crooked politician says a lot about how messed up things have gotten in Sonoma County. I think these women have courage and are the kind of people we want in our community. Obviously they’re not shadowy since the woman’s picture and name are right here in the paper. Printing some rude comments by her enemies is not what a newspaper is for. Exposing a candidate for office who is under investigation is what a newspaper is for. These women are doing a public service and my family and I appreciate it.

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  13. Kevin says:

    BC Capps,

    The Delphi Technique has been used in the education system for years. Charlotte Iserbyt, who wrote “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, told how she went to a meeting in 1970, where Iserbyt, and others were trained as facilitators to control and influence people, like herself that questioned the incoming policies for education.

    You have to incredibly naïve to believe these meetings aren’t controlled in some way. Have you ever gone to town hall meetings? I attended one meeting where they told me to write down my comments and questions. And then they only read the parts they wanted, so that my points and questions were mitigated.

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  14. Anthony says:

    You can see Rose Koire and her shadowy group are politically motivated because their anonymous website attacks only democrats. It also is telling that Rose is all over these boards attacking Michael Allen for an alleged conflict because he voted against Lowes while belonging to a progressive environmental group that opposes big box stores, but she makes no mention of planner David Paulson (a republican) who voted against Lowes and OWNS STOCK in Lowe’s competitor Home Depot! If their “coalition” really cared about good government wouldn’t she be complaining or even MENTIONING his conflict, instead of relentlessly attacking Allen for the last 6 months?
    If you go to her website you can see it’s nothing but a crackpots haven anyway with anonymous postings and ravings about “Adelphi” and “envisioning” and bicycle lanes. She and her girlfriend Kay Tokerud are obsessed with Pat Wiggins and Michael Allen…creepy and scary…but not credible.

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  15. Stop the stalkers says:

    Welcome to the 2010 electoral season. It is now clear that the well-planned scheme of the right-wing forces in the county is getting implemented according to plan. The abuse of official bodies like the FPPC and the grand jury as a vehicle for partisan attack is a key element of this strategy.

    Michael Allen has been the primary target for this campaign, but he will not be the only one. Allen was singled out for the first round of public mugging because he is recognized as the leader of a local progressive coalition which organized under the auspices of the ADC (Accountable Development Coalition). The shadowy pack of haters that colluded on the grand jury complaint and the FPPC allegations have stated their intent to mis-use any offical body they can rope into service to destroy Michael’s career. They have recently threatened to expand the scope of their witch-hunt to include an IRS audit and an FBI investigation.

    Folks, this is political stalking. Is this how we want to do politics in Sonoma County? I call on the decent, sane people who want our politics to be about issues rather than a cesspool of dirty tricks and malevolent character assasination to reject these tactics.

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  16. Jonathan says:

    You can drop a flyer by my house anytime ladies.

    Keep up the good work. Don’t let the backstabbers and naysayers get you down. They have agendas and don’t give a damn. Thank god you do. The politicians in this town just cover for each other and show little leadership. Judy Kennedy will find little support if she runs again. We need fresh faces and ethical neighbors to run for office.

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  17. coral says:

    The negative comments directed at Rosa and Kaye, regarding Michael Allen’s unethical performance,are proof that many citizens are either losing their ability to,or never developed the ability to discern. Facts which are proved with documentation cannot be ignored. There is less and less transparency and accountability in our local governments.There is more control over the citizens and taxpayers. Thank any citizen who steps up to the plate to confront unjust abuse by any one or any group of our local government. Thankyou to Rosa and Kaye

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  18. Jude says:

    Well, hopefully the “shadow city council” can get something done.

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  19. Chris says:

    Fair enough. I will announce on this forum that I am starting a new group, the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Confederacy. We, too, respect the anonymity of our members and the transparency of our elected officials, therefore we will meet online under pseudo-names so no one’s the wiser. (Mine will probably end up being Mrs. Haberdasher)

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the selection process for admitting neighborhood leaders, but we already (while typing this) have had enough responses to my email (Darkhorseinitiative@gmail.com) to where we are confident we represent the entire Santa Rosa community.

    Oh, and we use Twitter.

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  20. Rosa Koire says:

    Our experience with the Neighborhood Alliance was that Kay Tokerud found out about it when she had been president of the JCNA for about 2 months. She asked former president Jenny Bard where the meetings were and said that she wanted to represent the JCNA since she was clearly a ‘neighborhood leader’ and this group purported to be made up of such people. Jenny Bard refused to tell her and said she wanted to continue to represent the JCNA. John Sutter was the chair of the NA at the time. I called him and asked where the meetings were held and he intially refused to tell me, saying that the meetings were private. After I talked with him for a while he said proudly that the NA was ‘the shadow city council’ and finally gave us the address. They met in a back room at Keller-Williams Realty offices over on Stony Point.
    Kay and I went over to the meeting and were coldly brought into a room with John Sutter, Jack Swearingen, Jim Wilkinson, Judy Kennedy, Fred Kruger, Jenny Bard, Denise Hill, Karen Macken, and a couple of others. They decided that we could be there for the first couple of items on the agenda but would have to leave. Then Kay was attacked systematically by each person for as long as that person wanted to speak. Kay objected saying it seemed to be a trial of some kind, a kangaroo court. She and I were each given one minute to respond, and John Sutter as chair, took off his watch and placed it in front of him on the table so that he could be sure not to give us more than one minute. We spoke calmly and articulately about our concerns, Kay’s as a neighborhood leader, and mine as an American. After we spoke we were told to leave and we were escorted out and the door was locked behind us.
    This group was not open to the public and was not open to all neighborhood leaders. It was a travesty and a shameful embarrassment to all who participated. I was stunned that such a group purporting to represent all neighborhoods in Santa Rosa could operate in this country.

    The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, as our website states, is a group of citizens:
    who agree that citizen participation is vital to developing a good community and good government. We are active in identifying important issues that affect Santa Rosans and encourage our neighbors to take action. We alert all citizens to pending actions by the City Council, Planning Commission, and local groups, and work together to develop independent thinking and leadership in our city.

    We are a non-partisan, eclectic, supportive group from a wide range of economic, social, and political backgrounds. We stand for property rights, for the right to privacy, the right to dissent, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. ‘Of the people, by the people, and for the people’—not just words to us, but a defining element of the American experience. We require our government to be responsive to its citizens, and we hold it accountable for its actions.

    Rosa Koire

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  21. FED UP says:

    Lawrence: First of all, reading your response gave me a massive headache. I’m fairly certain that you just typed whatever came to mind as you sat there instead of actually thinking about it. “Whistle Blower” laws are for people blowing the whistle on the company or organization they work for. NOT to protect someone from due criticism.

    Also, “I would suggest you use this as the pretext to your reason to send the attack on you to the FPPC”…really? Do you understand what the FPPC does? It investigates violations in election law, not making sure someone’s feelings don’t get hurt during an election. Further, Michael Allen supporters have the same right to free speech that Rosa claims to be using.

    Second: There is absolutely NO WAY the Press Democrat is pro Michael Allen. Have you read their criticisms of Wiggins that they slap his name to? This “machine” you mentioned is of his many many many supporters. Which brings me to statement three:

    Third: Do you really think he would be able to confuse or lie his way to being supported by EVERY GROUP OR ORGANIZATION he and his opponents have tried to get to endorse? Teachers unions, police unions, lawyers, fireman, sierra club, etc etc. The list goes on and on.

    I am a staunch Michael Allen supporter. I don’t work for this fictitious machine, I don’t work for his campaign, but I will be casting my vote for him in June. And the thing that sickens me is that people like you, who are so narrow sighted that you choose to cry foul at a forum for criticizing an individual, but don’t cry foul that this group is using Guerilla war fare attacks on a good candidate and not allowing him to respond directly to his attackers.

    He has ONE person. Either he should have the opportunity to respond to all of them, or she should rightly be criticized as the loon that she is.

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  22. Lawrence says:

    What would be the perception if instead of the Sonoma County Water Agency Michael Allen’s Client had been a large land developer. Would his supporters have responded that Allen had worked for years supporting workers and that he should get a pass on voting for a zoning change on property owned by his client giving him tens of thousands of dollars?

    May I suggest to Ms. Koire that you print out the PD hit pieces on you and all the blogs to show Allen’s supporters are attacking the person who filed the complaint and the connection to Allen they have. I think this is material because it shows that being caught red handed Allen has the machine, NOW as a nobody, to muster the New York Times/Press DEMOCRAT???, to attack with their combined might a group of citizens who outed him on an obvious violation.

    There might be a violation of laws protecting people for filing criminal complaints. This would be against the PD. The PD has gone out of their way to turn their media into a personal attack machine against a witness in a potential crime. There is a thing called a Whistle blower law, that protects people who report serious wrongs. The FPPC will know about this and if these people are close or over the line. I would suggest you use this as the pretext to your reason to send the attack on you to the FPPC. Ask their opinion of your rights as a citizen not being targeted, as you were, being a violation of some law. This will get them to look into all the supporters’ crazy and coordinated comments.

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  23. Richard Canini says:

    Ms Kay Tokerud and Ms Rosa Korie have worked for years for the benefit of the citizenry, at their own expense of time, money and stress. They’ve worked on issues where there was no direct benefit to themselves. They have worked for the benefit of us all. They are principled, conscientious, hard working citizens with a strong spirit of civic duty. We need more citizens like them.
    Not knowing the facts of the issue involving Mr Allen I will not write about that. However I do know, he works hard and is responsive to the constituents he serves as a state senate employee.
    Let us reason together, name calling does not help. If it’s too much to ask that – we love one an other; how about we try to not hate one an other?

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  24. Tom Lynch says:

    Thank you Rosa and Kay for your watchdog efforts and I would encourage you to continue. If you are ever out Guerneville way I would love to buy you lunch.

    Part of our conversation would be to explain to you how redevelopment is working along the Russian River and how it could be very helpful for Santa Rosa if done the right way, i.e. lots of oversight with an elected committee, with veto power, that would reccommend to the council projects that the citizens want.

    I also know other members of your coalition, who do live in the JC neighborhood, and though I disagree with many of your positions I feel a healthy debate is intrinsic to making democracy work.

    Best wishes,
    Tom Lynch

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  25. Rosa Koire says:

    I’d like to express my thanks to the many people who have supported our efforts to bring Michael Allen’s conflict of interest to light. As an appointee of Gary Wysocky he has cast a light on the vice-mayor. Wysocky was appointed by the JCNA board to be president after they had harassed Kay Tokerud for months. Wysocky needed a platform from which to run for Council. He didn’t run against Tokerud in the actual election. After he announced his candidacy for council it became clear to us why he’d been pressuring to get Tokerud out of the presidency — He need to be able to call himself a ‘neighborhood leader’ and wanted the position for himself. The board forced Tokerud to make a deal and let Wysocky take the presidency. She remained on the board for her full two year term.

    The previous president, Jenny Bard, appointed a vice-president, Susan Adler, but she quit and no one stepped up. I assisted Tokerud for a couple of months in organizing a drive for historic neighborhood status. It was a temporary appointment and that was clear.

    The facts speak for themselves regarding Michael Allen. We have the contracts, the invoices, and the law on our website. Nothing shadowy about it. Members of our group have a good reason for not wanting their names in public as is clear from this article. Why should anyone want to expose themselves to that? I am not a public official, I am a private citizen. Our public officials are held to a standard of scrutiny and a body of law that they must adhere to. Michael Allen has violated that law. Attacking me is a smokescreen and the voters are smarter enough to see through it.

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  26. Catherine Boyd says:

    Kay Tokerud, once again, fabricates stories about anyone who disagrees with her. She really should write fiction. And now she throws in the “homophobic” card for good measure. Nice. Attacks and lies are the only thing they know how to do. Their lawsuit against Michael Allen may indeed be valid, but their motivations and their legitimacy deserve scrutiny.

    Oh, and after failing to tell the neighborhood about her lawsuit against the city before being elected, guess who Kay installed as her vice president without a vote or any consultation with the neighborhood – Rosa Koire! And she wonders why the neighborhood found that disagreeable, and the board wanted to remove her.

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  27. Richard Canini says:

    Correction to last:
    “last year” should be changed to 2008

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  28. Mike says:

    Wow! This woman and her group really nailed it this time. Who the hell cares what happened on some other issue? Can we please just focus on one story or subject at a time? I just went to their website and they have all the documentation laid out very clearly that shows Commissioner Allen was on the take. That’s clear corruption in my book. Why shoot the messenger? She’s not accused of wrongdoing. Without Koire and her formal complaint, this unethical conduct by a public official would have been covered up by all Allen’s political cronies.

    Thank god she had the courage to step up and do the research needed to document it all. It’s not difficult to find critics of anyone but it’s not Koire who took taxpayer money, it’s Allen. Since the early posters here think names are important, what the newspaper has missed so far is that “Michael” Allen legally changed his name a couple years ago. A reliable source told me his real name is “Herbert.” He’s a phony. What name a neighborhood association chooses is not relevant to any issue.

    The important thing is the Koire complaint was accepted by an independent state agency for a serious investigation and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. I’ve been to the website and it looks well documented to me. The FPPC doesn’t care about other unrelated issues or personalities, they care about the facts. Clearly Ms. Koire has presented them with a factual complaint they deem worthy of their time.

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  29. Karla Sofen says:

    I really hate the tabloid reporting style of the Press Democrat. It would be so easy to print a story with the facts people need to decide the issue. Yet, this is a story about accusations and manufactured controversy. Why can’t the PD investigate and report the facts to settle the dispute? Too much work I guess.

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  30. Richard Canini says:

    Let us reason together. Name calling does not help. We may have more in common than it seems.
    Having studied redevelopment, I offer this for your consideration. Has redevelopment been good for our city? Some believe it has been good, others do not. That is opinion here are facts:
    City’s redevelopment agency lost $3,002,302 in 2008.
    City spent $2,000,00 last year alone to improve Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel.
    The city’s redevelopment debt is about $50 million. It is to be paid back form increased property values/taxes.
    Redevelopment payroll in 2007 was $593K, in 2008 it was $923K.
    Redevelopment assisted private development eg White House Site, AT&T and affordable housing.
    Redevelopment contributed to the completion of fire station number 10.
    What do you think, has redevelopment been good or not?
    Having heard for years several sides of this issue, it seems there are good intentions and misunderstandings on several sides. Let us reason together.
    Richard M Canini Civil Engineer

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  31. Marion Aird says:

    The editor of the Press Democrat should give Mr. McCoy a D – on his recent piece, March 30, 2010, regarding the FPPC complaint filed against Supervisorial candidate Michael Allen. I would advise Mr. McCoy to go back to journalism school. He has taken a subject, political collusion, which is of prime interest to all Sonoma County residents and turned it over to an individual, Mr. Wilkinson, who obviously has a personal axe to grind.

    Rather than address the transgressions of a public official, Michael Allen, the Press Democrat provided Mr. Wilkinson a platform to sling mud on a citizen who has filed a serious and valid complaint to the proper regulatory agency. Mr. McCoy has some serious crow to eat and many public apologies are due.

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  32. BC Capps says:

    Run, Kay, run!

    At least then the public could debate these issues with you in an open forum, as opposed to the unattributed, fear-mongering, and misleading flyers that the Neighborhood Coalition seems to use as their main method of outreach.

    As far as I can tell, the Neighborhood Coalition seems to be AGAINST a number of proposals that are designed to make Santa Rosa a better and more ecological place to live (Humboldt Street Bike Boulevard, Green Retrofit Program, re-design of Santa Rosa Avenue Corridor, Gateways Redevelopment Project, etc.)

    I completely agree that none of these proposals are perfect, and many could use sustained citizen-watchdogging, but what exactly does the Neighborhood Coalition stand FOR? Or do you exist purely to spread hate and fear of any government-led local program designed to improve our city? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  33. Kay Tokerud says:

    I’m happy the Press Democrat finally covered the Michael Allen ethics investigation. It was worth the accompanying character assassination. Rosa Koire and I expected them to attack us. I must point out the gross factual errors in the article. The Junior College Neighborhood Association members voted to elect me president in 2007. There were no subsequent votes by members after that. I wasn’t ousted at any time, but served on the board for 2 years. A few people including Judy Kennedy and Jim Wilkinsen started a harassment campaign against me which included sending me homophobic hate mail. Kennedy and Wilkinsen are not in our neighborhood. After being harassed for 6 months I voluntarily agreed to just serve on the board instead of being the president. The Board wanted to install Gary Wysocky as president so that he could say he’d had experience as a ‘neighborhood leader’ when he started his candidacy for City Council a few weeks later. The JCNA members were never told about the board actions and certainly were never given another opportunity to vote on my presidency.

    Wilkinsen asserts that its just the two of us doing all the work which he knows is false. Kennedy repeatedly makes baseless claims against us which I never take seriously as she is somewhat of a laughing stock in the city. These two obviously support Michael Allen’s unethical behavior and don’t think he should have to play by the rules.

    Wilkinsen, and Kennedy are members of the Neighborhood Alliance. That is a truly shadowy group that privately refers to themselves as “the shadow City Council”. The residents in the neighborhoods they claim to represent don’t even know they exist for the most part. Our group in 6 months time has done more to inform citizens about important issues than they have in years. The Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition is all about protecting citizens from the abuses of government. Their group is just the opposite. They support the unconstitutional mandatory green building retrofit program.

    As the lead plaintiff on the $427 million redevelopment project’s lawsuit, I am proud to have blocked that for 3 years and consider the lawsuit a success. If I had to do it over again, I would. If we hadn’t sued, the City would have indebted itself to the tune of tens of millions in bond money that I believe would have been impossible to pay back. The City of Santa Rosa could be in bankruptcy right now with holes in the ground where projects failed.

    Wilkinsen and Kennedy, who are both expected to run for City Council, are afraid that I might run against them. I hadn’t planned to run but now I’m reconsidering after their meritless assaults. It’s funny that a story about Michael Allen’s behavior gets twisted into a personal attack against the people who reported his actions. I hope the voters will look at the real story and vote for someone who is not charged with ethics violations.

    It is my belief that Michael Allen’s ethics violations are just the tip of the corruption iceberg and that he and his disreputable hit team are desperate in their attempt to keep their house of cards from falling apart.

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  34. Carole Quandt says:

    I e-mailed this “group” after receiving a flyer of my doorstep in February that lambasted the Humboldt Street Bike Boulevard. I was pretty livid that “they” could claim to represent my neighborhood yet did not mention a single individual member by name on either the flyer or the group’s website. I asked in my e-mail who they were by name and where they lived–giving both my name and residence location.

    here is the sum answer, sent from the “administrator”

    We are also real persons living in the neighborhood. Thank you for your comments.

    which encouraged me to contact the Bicycle Coalition immediately. I may not agree with everything the Bike Coalition is trying to accomplish, but that group is made up of very real people who have names, faces, addresses, and tangible, constructive agendas. Everything the “Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition” lacks.

    oh….just as an aside: my letter was never posted on the SR Neighborhood Coalition website. go figure……

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  35. BC Capps says:

    I am amazed that the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition continues to be given any coverage for their fear-based and nefarious actions.

    1) They intentionally chose an “organizational” name eerily similar to an existing neighborhood coalition that actually represents a wide range of individuals and opinions.

    2) They have distributed false and misleading flyers on the Green Retrofit Program and on various issues around Julliard Park the neighborhood.

    3) They even accuse the City of Santa Rosa and local groups working with the City of using the Delphi Technique to engineer “citizen consent.”

    IMHO, these people are crackpots and the sooner they disappear (or or at least exposed for what they are), the better for everyone living in Santa Rosa.

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